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Both cats limping

Stitch Stoney 001

Stitch Stoney 008

Stitch Stoney 007

Both like to start fights… Stoney will go after Damy and Stitches will bully Stoney. Now both are limping Continue reading

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A simple solution

No more rashes

October 2010

Nothing worked… tried all sorts of meds from the vet and even gave him melon juice and applied chinese herbs. Neither E-collar not long-sleeved shirt could stop him from licking or rubbing the sore until it bled.

Until a few weeks ago when I thought of changing his diet…. reducing the amount of fish! He still gets a little just for the taste but the bulk is now a chicken-based can-food. Improvement was almost immediately and the sore has now completely closed.

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Long-sleeved top

T-shirt from Daiso sleeve extensions done by LK

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Soft edges

I made this… too heavy!

Made by LK… just perfect!

Stoney uses the edge of the E-collar to rub the sore on his leg until it bleeds. Also applying some Chinese herbal powder.

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Naughty Darly!

Some of the stitches came undone and bandage was chewed… so Darly has to wear the E-collar! Seems the wound has shrunk a little…

Giving Darly Propolis with flax-seed oil and Appelin every day. Nushi and Stoney get the same cocktail. Stoney also still has to wear the E-collar. Maybe the rash is not healing because every day I remove the collar for some time to let him do his grooming? Stoney has just completed another course of antibiotics, pred and a different cream.

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Stoney got a bigger cone

Stoney’s leg looked so bad that I rushed him to the vet on Monday just before closing time. New E-collar, new meds…

Nushi is has been coughing for some time and is eating very little. Giving her Curam and Doxy.

Mango did not eat for 3 days and had diarrhoea…. and later also started coughing. He seems to be getting better but still not eating on his own. He is also on antibiotics.

One-Eye Jack has recovered from flu and has been released.

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Trying something else..

He kept ripping the bandage off! E-collar not much use…

Now if this sleeve made from an old sock and attached to a harness doesn’t stay on than I really don’t know what else to do…

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