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Both cats limping

Stitch Stoney 001

Stitch Stoney 008

Stitch Stoney 007

Both like to start fights… Stoney will go after Damy and Stitches will bully Stoney. Now both are limping Continue reading

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A simple solution

No more rashes

October 2010

Nothing worked… tried all sorts of meds from the vet and even gave him melon juice and applied chinese herbs. Neither E-collar not long-sleeved shirt could stop him from licking or rubbing the sore until it bled.

Until a few weeks ago when I thought of changing his diet…. reducing the amount of fish! He still gets a little just for the taste but the bulk is now a chicken-based can-food. Improvement was almost immediately and the sore has now completely closed.

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Long-sleeved top

T-shirt from Daiso sleeve extensions done by LK

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Soft edges

I made this… too heavy!

Made by LK… just perfect!

Stoney uses the edge of the E-collar to rub the sore on his leg until it bleeds. Also applying some Chinese herbal powder.

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Naughty Darly!

Some of the stitches came undone and bandage was chewed… so Darly has to wear the E-collar! Seems the wound has shrunk a little…

Giving Darly Propolis with flax-seed oil and Appelin every day. Nushi and Stoney get the same cocktail. Stoney also still has to wear the E-collar. Maybe the rash is not healing because every day I remove the collar for some time to let him do his grooming? Stoney has just completed another course of antibiotics, pred and a different cream.

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Stoney got a bigger cone

Stoney’s leg looked so bad that I rushed him to the vet on Monday just before closing time. New E-collar, new meds…

Nushi is has been coughing for some time and is eating very little. Giving her Curam and Doxy.

Mango did not eat for 3 days and had diarrhoea…. and later also started coughing. He seems to be getting better but still not eating on his own. He is also on antibiotics.

One-Eye Jack has recovered from flu and has been released.

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Trying something else..

He kept ripping the bandage off! E-collar not much use…

Now if this sleeve made from an old sock and attached to a harness doesn’t stay on than I really don’t know what else to do…

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Sleeping Beauties

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Stoney is too clever

Poor Stoney still has to wear the E-collar… it’s been almost one month! His sore was starting to heal but then he figured out how to reach the upper part of his front leg. Saw him do it… very clever! Now it’s bleeding again. The only thing I can think of is to bandage the leg. Bought some elastic bandage today…

There are also some sores starting under the tail and at the back of his hind legs. He is also able to reach these areas…sigh! And I have no idea what is causing it… as the vet found neither mites and nor fungal infection.

At least the chest part, where he can’t reach, is healing.

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Stoney back to square one

His sore had improved but never fully closed…. and now it’s worse, has even spread to the chest. Vet closed for holidays… sigh!

Put on the E-collar and started antibiotics and prednisolone. He meows very pitifully… pain, itch or dislike of collar and cage?

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Stoney sneezing and feels warm

Again a cat with flu symptoms about a week after visiting vet!

Took off Stoney’s E-collar on the 2nd day because his ears turned red. I think some kind of fungal infection, similar too what Tommy had… his left-over creme worked for Stoney’s ears, too.The leg is also healing but that was not a fungal infection.

Tip: Try melon juice for allergic skin conditions! Squeeze a little piece of watermelon in your palm and syringe 3ml for at least 10 days to see results. Actually I gave Stoney 6 to 9ml twice a day. This method was recommended by a Chinese physician

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Manja unlikely to make it


Received Dr Bryan’s call while on the way to the clinic. He doubts that Manja will make it… said that he is breathing heavily. The blood tests didn’t show anything. Manja’s tail still responded but his eyes didn’t…

Cali is doing better… she ate some Liver-Chicken Feast.

Brought Stoney to the vet… no mites, no fungal infection. Actually the Watermelon juice may have worked. Dr. Bryan commented that the wound is dry and the colour has changed… which means there is granulating tissue. Stoney will have to wear the E-collar for two weeks and also taking antibiotics.

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Tara Tipped and Tattooed

Snoopy is not happy that Tara is in “her” cage… it’s the place where she usually eats her meals… controlled portions!

Had change of plans…

Didn’t bring Stoney to the vet… trying the watermelon juice method first.

Instead, I finally went to a clinic for my ear infection… which had been dragging on and getting worse. Had acupuncture and taking herbs for the ear and also herbs for hypertension and insomnia. Was told that I should come back for acupuncture 2 or 3x a week for at least 10 sessions. Have to try make time for it. Before I never new from which direction the fighting sounds came from… now sometimes I cant even hear the cats fighting 😦

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Stoney will be going to the vet on Monday

Stoney’s skin condition is getting worse.

I also promised myself to feed the community cats tomorrow and to take Tara in for sterilisation on Monday… even if it is the last time and even if she is the last one… even if I feel I cannot cope…

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Home-Cats relaxing

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Rocky sharing his favourite spot with Stoney

Don’t know what is worse, the fighting, the spraying or the breakage….

Toaster oven landed on the floor, clay bowl broken…

Ah… finally a quiet moment and Ike has stopped running over my keyboard.

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Home cats

Ike and Oki are out for a short while after their bath. Most of the black stuff is gone and some of the fur too… mainly from the paws.

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New toys

Lots of useful cat stuff was given to me by another caregiver. They love the 3-way tunnel. The cat-tree went straight into my bedroom… before Ashley’s could spray on it!

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More pics of Stoney & Bunny

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Stoney & Bunny

Stoney was found with a fractured jaw on Oct 15 ’09



Bunny was found on Dec 11 ’09 with fractured jaw, broken upper and lower palate and severely dehydrated.



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Trying raw food


Stoney liked the raw chicken fillet

So did Sasha, Mirko, Orange Boy, Dawn, Rocky, Stitches, Ike, Oki and Snoopy.

Nushi, Ashley, Sky, Bunny, Peaches, Mango, Orange and Damy just sniffed and looked interested but didn’t touch it. Billy Boy sniffed, then licked and chewed a little but didn’t actually eat it.

Verdict: 10 cats liked raw chicken and 9 did not

The idea is getting the cats to eat raw chicken necks and occasionally liver and heart as these are parts not usually eaten by humans… thus not creating any additional demand for slaughter of chickens.

It’s probably true that eating raw flesh and bones are good for them… but then I don’t think I could actually bring myself to go the the wet marked to buy those chicken necks…

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This handsome guy needs a home

Stoney will climb on your lap, give massages and purr contentedly! Given a chance, he would make a perfect pet, completely fuss-free, eats wet and dry food and is litter-box trained. He just loves human company but is also friendly towards other cats.

Stoney was hit by a car and suffered a broken jaw. He had surgery and has now fully recovered.

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Bunny & Stoney

Bunny is unable to close his mouth because the jaw shifted and he may need to have his incisors removed later on. From how the vet described the broken palate it must have been really very bad…

Stoney finally had his wire removed…

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Stoney relaxing

Dr. K gave Stoney a check-up before the sterilization and noticed the wire under his tongue. I then called up the vet hospital and was told that the wire was supposed be removed 2 weeks after surgery.

Now it’s already 1 1/2 months after surgery! I do not recall the vet saying to come back for removal of wire… I went twice for recheck consultation and was told to come back for tube removal in one to two weeks time. This was also stated on the receipt… no mention anywhere that the wire was to be removed (I had assumed that it was supposed to stay in place). Now poor Stoney has to go under GA for a third time!

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Stoney has been tipped & tattooed

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December 17, 2009 · 1:17 pm

Rocky vs Stoney

How do you stop a fight on a wardrobe???

Stoney was resting in his favourite spot on top of the wardrobe when Rocky went up and cornered him. I climbed on a chair with a newspaper in my hand but there was no way to calm them down so in desperation I attempted to grab Stoney by the scuff… couldn’t get a grip and he fell – but luckily seems unhurt.

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Stoney wants to be a home cat

Was supposed to bring Stoney for sterilization today but then he had dirrhoea… Luckily Damy managed to trap the new male cat at Novena and use up the last SPCA voucher for this month. So there is no rush to do Stoney…

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New Pics of Stoney

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Two Extraordinary Cats for Adoption

…looking for that extraordinary person to offer them a loving home.


Xiao Huang was abused…and while being treated for her wounds someone who did not like her presence next to their shop called the SPCA to take her away. XH has not lost her trust into human beings. She is litter-trained and will make a wonderful companion. The wound is healing well but a scar will remain.



Stoney was probably hit by a car while crossing a busy main road. He is very strong and quietly endured all the pain. No complaints no aggressiveness. Now Stoney is on the road to full recovery… except for some scars on his jaw that will remain. He is very friendly and would love to be a home cat. Stoney is about 5 years old.


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DIY tube removal

Yesterday night I decided to bring Stoney for removal of feeding tube in the morning even though the vet suggested to leave it for another week or so. He is eating very well, so why keep the tube?

Stoney must have read my thoughts and took things into his own paws… pulled it out during the night. Trying to save himself another trip to the vet?

Now one more week “to get stronger” then one more little operation… at the other end plus a tipped ear and tattoo!

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Stoney Purrs…

… and loudly asks for his food 🙂

Tube-feeding has been reduced to twice a day only. The rest of his meals is wet food and dry food.

Will probably bring him to a nearby vet for removal of the tube as it is always a long bus journey to the hospital.

The vet estimated Stoney to be around 5 to 6 years old.

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Stoney ate some tuna

… and groomed himself today

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Beautiful Park “vandalised”!

These young trees have been marked, too

One of my neighbours told me that about 20 trees were cut down yesterday. He had called Town Council and also took photos but was unable to stop them…

I believe the 4 baby birds were also victims of this tree-cutting! Mynahs like to build their nests in palm trees.

Most of the few remaining trees are marked for destruction… even the young ones!

The reasons given where that the trees were leaning sideways (actually only a few of them did) the rest were growing tall and straight and healthy. Another reason was red ants!

Now this is a new one… previously it was the birds, the mossies and trees obstructing lift upgrading.

All these so-called reasons are totally unreasonable! These problems can be solved without taking such extreme measures. Can anyone please explain how the trees at the other end of the block can obstruct lift upgrading?

Anyway this morning I rushed down when I saw more trees being cut, spoke to the supervisor and managed to get the workers to hold on until Monday.

I don’t know if I am able to safe what is left… I am too worn-out for another fight! The other active resident will be out of town…. and the rest are probably too apathetic to do anything- sigh!

Don’t we cat-carers have enough on our hands… today I have to catch and abandoned female cat that gives problem on a 5th floor.. and get her sterilized. Then here is also a cat that had given birth to 3 kittens in another area (TC nuisance complaint)… I don’t know what I can do .. but will try anyway.

Searched for Rex yesterday… making my last round at 2am… looks like he has been taken ! Poor Boy, so sorry I could not protect you!

Now Stoney’s feeding is overdue…

Just a quick thank-you to all who contributed towards Stoney’s medical expenses… couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

Yesterday he was breathing quite noisily… was worried could be fluid in his lungs but today he is fine and less mucus drippping.

Please bear with my slow response and update!

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Stoney looking good

The vet says so 🙂

The technician removed all the dead tissue from under his chin… and also gave him a good overall clean-up.

Will have to come back in one week’s time and hopefully the stitches and tube can be removed then. I can offer him water but not food, because the broken jaw still needs to rest. Stoney also got some medication for his diarrhoea.

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Update on Stoney

Stoney was discharged on Sunday. The vet said that the skin at the Jaw may or may not be viable…it could drop of. There is a lot of black stuff… dare not remove it… just dab with chlorhexidine solution and apply the Betadine ointment. There is mucus dripping from mouth and nose, which needs to be wiped frequently so it won’t obstruct his breathing.

Stoney is still being fed through the tube… supposed to be 8 times a day (every 2 hours), a total of 2 cans of Hills AD a day,which I don’t seem to manage. He has been getting only 6x (1 1/2 cans).

Hope that he is not in too much pain… he has a morphine patch. Seems the right side of his face was hit… as the right eye and ear are also effected.

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Stoney after surgery

The vet said that Stoney’s jaw was badly fractured with another fracture near the joint and also the teeth are damaged. The worry is that infection may set in…

The Medical Bill at Mount Pleasant now stands at $740,-.

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Stoney is badly injured

Old picture of Stoney

Sylvia called at around 1am that Stoney was under a car with blood dripping from his mouth. Sylvia was wondering why Clover kept looking under the car… and that’s how she found him. Auntie G had been feeding him at 11pm…. he must have been hit by a vehicle while crossing the busy main road… there was a trail of blood.

I called SPCA and their van arrived shortly. Attempt to get Stoney with just a protective glove failed… he could still walk fast and went into a shallow drain….which we managed to block off. He was caught by sling… there was no other choice.

The SPCA guy discussed the options with us … he thinks that Stoney “should last till morning”. He is now resting quietly and I will bring him to Dr Kenneth in the morning. Stoney is very tough… hope he will make it.

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Ginger Tom to be sterilised

Tried to trap Noisy Joe today… but not successful. Went to Area 2 trying to get Stoney but the auntie had already fed him. Then the auntie showed me this newbie at *14 Area 2. She managed to get him into the carrier.

The cat with the neck wound was found. The feeder says that halve of the neck has been eaten away by the maggots. Ivy managed to persuade her to bring him to the vet tomorrow… after I offered to settle the bill. I will meet the feeder at the clinic in the morning. Guess the cat will have to be euthanized unless she has been exaggerating about the extend of the injury.

Wish he could have been brought to the vet straight away but the clinic had already closed… and anyway he would have to wait until morning for any surgery because the feeder had fed him.

Really hope his life can still be saved.

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