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Whitie Girl missing

Whitie Girl, seen here with her mother Judy has gone missing. She is the daughter of Jacky who had been relocated to another part of Yishun by someone… twice! Both times he was found and returned.

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Photos of Judy and Whitie

Mother Judy (right) and daughter Whitie Girl from Area 1 Blk *30 bin center.

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Judy, Jenny and Bella

Judy and Jenny are both at the vet for sterilisation.

Mohan came by to have a look at Bella and gave me some ointment for her eyes. Her third eyelid is covering part of her eyes. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious as there is no inflammation. fever of dehydration and she is eating well.

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Mohan finally netted the very difficult Judy!

I would be overjoyed if my heart was not so heavy because of the survey and the fate of the cats at block 875…and the passing of Leo…and little Mala has been lost for 5 days now.

Judy will be sterilized tomorrow. I caught a “spare� cat earlier, the new calico female “Jenny� from *24 area 1. Will have to keep her until the next slot on Thursday.

One of the 3 kittens, Dark Pearl, has been adopted. They have another female kitten of the same age. I will remind the adopters to get the kittens sterilized at the age of 5 months to be on the safe side.

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Giving up on Judy and Pearl…

…for the time being.

Another fruitless netting attempt… Judy ran off when she saw Mohan. Then I managed to hold Pearl by the scruff…and let her escape…forgot the part about pressing down instead of lifting her up.

So this two pregnant ones will be left to give birth again…sigh. Both of them had given birth about 3 to 4 months ago but we never saw any kittens…

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Big Head

I went early to look for Judy…but was too late, her belly looked saggy. I fed her and then looked for Sandy. She was rolling about…probably on heat. Her 2 kittens are about 3 months old now. Sandy was also very suspicious of Mohan. He finally made one attempt to net her but failed. Have to try again next month…

We then went to look for another cat and saw the black Big Head at *78. Mohan managed to grab him and drop him into his carrier. Big Head went wild but calmed down later on.

Mohan also had a look at Anna’s sick ginger cat. He was still sleeping on the canvas but jumped down when Mohan came too close. We could see a small; wound at his neck and there also seemed to be something wrong with one of his front paws and Mohan said that he also has mites.

On the way back we drove by the petrol station and Mohan pointed out the spot where the black-and-white cat was killed.

At about 1am Sylvia called me…on her way home she passed by blk *78 and found my carrier and Mohan’s net there…

Ooops…what would I do without Sylvia 🙂


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