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Ivan sporting a tipped ear

Ivan came back to my area. He was sterilised by Ivy a week ago.

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Mia has been found

The guardian who asked Maxiejane and myself to help look for Mia (Marra)after she went missing again, did not inform us that she had been found. I just happened to come across this post at

They also have a new addition. I worry that Mia may now be pregnant and will not be sterilised.! Read some of the older posts and they had previously a cat that became pregnant and there was also talk about wanting to let his previous cat breed… sigh!

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A simple vegan lunch

How often have I walked away form a vegetarian stall because lost my appetite when I saw only the same one or two choices of soggy overcooked vegetables…and the meal would cost $3 plus.

May as well buy some organic veggies to cook my own meals and still spend less! Even a simple dish as the above, when there is nothing much in the fridge, still tastes good and is a healthy balanced meal with the tempeh and stir-fried chillies.

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For the People. For the Planet. For the Animals

We are all interconnected

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(AU) RSPCA reformers push vegan diets

A RADICAL push has been staged within the RSPCA to endorse vegan diets
as the best way to prevent cruelty to farmed animals.
One of the supporters of the push has been elected to the board of the
RSPCA SA branch and will stand for the presidency.

A motion to the taxpayer-assisted body’s annual general meeting on
Wednesday called for it to adopt a range of controversial policies,

RECOGNISING egg, milk and chicken, pig and rabbit meat production
“inflicts high levels of physical and psychological suffering on tens
of millions of animals each year”.

ACKNOWLEDGING a vegetarian or vegan diet was “the most effective way
to significantly reduce cruelty to animals farmed for meat, eggs and

ASKING RSPCA members to consider changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Vegan diets exclude any animal product, including dairy food.

The motion was put by a “reformer” – one of a group within the RSCPA
that aims to make the organisation more proactive on animal rights.

full story:,22606,24412988-5006301,00.html

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Pema has been sterilised

… and tipped and tattooed (the excess ink will come off in time)

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Update on Heidi and Yeshe

Did not bring her to the vet as I think the wounds can heal on their own with help of antibiotics. She can poo and pee and she is eating well.

A scab had formed on the nose but it came off. There are also injuries on her paw pads… and also some scabs came off but no bleeding or infection…

Noticed a lot of tiny black dots on the liner but I am quite sure that I applied the Revolution after she was sterilised…

Yeshe is doing well and doesn’t look so skinny anymore. He enjoys a treat of Tender Liver Feast whenever I visit. The open part of the wound getting smaller. The vet said that he will let it close on its own.

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