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The gentle lion has passed on

Leo passed away yesterday night…he is free now. Only we who are left behind feel the loss. He was loved by humans and cats alike.

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Lao Huang

Yesterday his condition was about the same as the day before. I syringe-fed him liver and chicken broth.

Today A had him transferred to ICU because it is quieter there. He looked better to me…moved around a little and tried to scratch his ear. I gave him a good scratch… and also had his long front claws clipped.
His glucose level and urine is now more normal and no more ketones…but there is bad news. They did an ultrasound test and found that he has chronic pancreatitis…and also some liver problems. The vet explained that they can’t give him any food now – to let the pancreas heal…but this will worsen the liver. Implanting a feeding tube to bypass the pancreas is not possible because of his weak condition…he wouldn’t be able to take the anesthetic.

After hearing this I feel there is too much suffering and too little hope and perhaps we should let him go…but this is for A to decide.

Lao Huang is a very special cat, a gentle giant…I will try to get a second opinion tomorrow

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Update on Lao Huang

Visited Lao Huang at the hospital today and had a great shock to see him reduced to skin and bones. I sat with him for an hour and he responded to the stroking by moving his head and opening his eyes a little. When A’s mum came, we placed a thick soft towel under him…he had been lying on the bare metal grid.

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Lao Huang hospitalized

Just received sms that Leo aka Lao Huang has been hospitalized…lost a lot of weight, blood in his urine and no appetite.

Have not seen him for a long time as A took him in to keep him safe from bullies. He was quite overweight when I last saw him.

Old photo of Lao Huang:

Lao Huang be strong and recover!

Update: Lao Huang has terminal diabetes and is in shock. The vets are trying to stabilize him.

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Abortions, Flu, searching for Lau Huang…

Crystal had an abortion yesterday and was also spayed and tipped. I was worried, as the pregnancy was at an advanced stage and furthermore she had just recovered from flu, but all went well.

Clover has also been coughing and is still on antibiotics. Now Sky is looking a little unwell…

Little Garfie has been reunited with her family. She too, had been pregnant but in the early stage.

Shadow ‘s wound is healing and he is due for sterilization on the 8th. He has a bad temper, so I can’t let him out of the cage, but I do talk to him and stroke him often, hoping he will change his ways. Such a handsome Siamese… could surely find a home for him.

Leo was released after 10 days. He responded well to the antibiotics and the swelling of his cheeks went down. Later, I came to know that a neighbour had been looking for Leo aka “Lau Huang?. He contacted CWS and even sent an angry letter to Town Council. I am glad to know that there are more people who care about our community cats.

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