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The new bathrooms

Not your usual lampshade

We like!

Water-saving toilet

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Dawn is getting better

Lethargic and no appetite for almost 2 weeks… fever, vomiting and lost weight. Now finally starting to eat on her own again.

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Pot of grass

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June 24, 2011 · 7:02 am


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Sleeping Beauties

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Cat-Feeding Perks

Sooo comfortable!

Curved seat and back… lower back support!

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Cats can’t scratch cars!

Dawn fell off the fridge yesterday. My fault, because I disturbed her by opened the freezer door. She got up and placed her back paw where the door was supposed to be… lost her balance and started sliding down back first and desperately trying to cling to the top of the fridge with her front paws. Her claws are long and sharp.. not trimmed!

Out of curiosity I checked the fridge… not a single scratch in the smooth and shiny surface! So don’t tell me cats can scratch cars!

By the way, Dawn is fine. I managed to slow her slide a little by pressing my body against her… could probably have grabbed her by the front paws but that might have injured her as she is a heavyweight!

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Dawn in the basket

Tossed my face towel into the laundry basket without checking…tsk tsk!

House-rule No 1:

Whatever you do, remove the cat first!

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Dawn not well

Dawn had vomited a few times after eating and also had been eating less. Yesterday she refused food and vomited clear liquid after drinking water.

Slept with her next to me… actually hardly got any sleep. She was not her usual self but then towards morning she seemed back to normal… purring and going under the blanket.

She ate some soft food this morning and so far kept it in. Poor Dawn has to stay in the small rabbit cage as the big ones are taken by Storm and Muddy. I need to observe that she can pee and poo…in case there is a blockage!

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Who’s the top cat?

Ashley is the wannabe Top Cat! He likes to be able to look down on the lesser beings 🙂 But actually it was Dawn who showed him how to get on the wardrobe by jumping up from the cage which is on the floor about one meter away from the wardrobe. Dawn was the best climber and jumper as a kitten… now she is the second fattest but still the best!

Dawn can even jump from the other wardrobe onto the curtain rail… then walks 3 meter to the end and returns to top of the wardrobe by walking backwards. The curtain rail is the aluminium type – about 1cm width! I will stand there ready to catch her if curtains, rail and everything comes crashing down! Phew! … I am really glad she hasn’t done that for a while! Dawn used to be the heaviest of all the cats but has now been overtaken by Billy Boy and Snoopy.

Today Damy went onto the curtain rail… walked to the end then almost dropped but managed to jump onto the desk.

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Great Pretenders

Dawn slowly inching closer to Nushi’s special mix of kibbles while pretending not to be interested… but Nushi is not fooled!

Fussy Nushi will get whatever she will eat… and it has to be served on the mat, even the wet food!

Earlier was watching Bunny jump up onto the sewing machine not realizing that Orange Boy was sitting there. Both shocked and don’t know what to do! So both looking the other way and then OB yawning and very slowly stretching his legs and moving away a little. Normally Bunny will whack whoever comes too close… me included.

Seems Nushi and Tommy are prone to constipation. Had given laxative to both of them yesterday. Tommy was meowing and wildly digging in his litter trays… managed to topple one… but finally a big poo was delivered! Nushi walked all over the room trying to poo. I was really worried… she even vomited a little. Then finally she managed to get it out.. but it had to be on my bed… sigh! Never a dull day with cats!

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Billy Boy is back

The adopter was sad to return BB but she realized that he was lonely being left on his own for long hours and while she is away travelling which happens very frequently.

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Dawn & Rocky relaxing

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Rocky & Dawn

Rocky got whacked by Dawn when he jumped on the cupboard where she was resting and Nushi gave him one of her slow-motion hisses when he jumped on the bed. Ash also chased Rocky again and was confined to the cage for a short while…Then I heard growling on the balcony… Stitches and Billy Boy again!

Went to TC yesterday to talk to the Property Manager especially about posters… my request was to give a grace-period of 5 to 7 days for lost-pet posters. I pointed out that any lost home cat if not found will only add to the stray population… and multiply if not sterilised! So it is in everyone interest that lost pets are reunited with their guardians. The same goes for community cats. I suspect that Rocky was removed by a resident probably because families on the 4th, 8th and even 12 level used to bring him up. The large vacuum left by Rocky was quickly filled by several other cats from neighbouring blocks (all sterilised community cats).

Now I will have to flyer the whole block before more community cats are lured upstairs and removed….

A TC officer from another area mentioned that there is someone feeding cats and birds leaving a mess of rice on newspaper at block *30 (Area 3). I explained that this person does not belong to “our group of responsible feeders” and I am glad that he intents to get her fined for littering… This lady had been approached by the feeders who had to clear up the mess but she still continues. Hopefully a fine or a warning from TC officers will do the trick.

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Dawn, Orange Boy & Stitches

Dawn on top of the fridge

Orange Boy in his new bed


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Home Cats


Ash is better but still syringing him water with cranberry extract. The extract is not very sour tasting (unlike vinegar or vitamin c) and can even be mixed into the food.

Dawn & Sky

Home cats reclaiming the balcony after Pema & Silverine went to the cattery.


Nush… getting more furry

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Two Heavyweights


Hope the hammock will hold…

Orange Boy

The swelling is all gone now

Nush has inflamed gums again…and Ashley has the urinary infection again. Hope Nush will get better with some antibiotics and I have been syringing Ashley with water and cranberry juice.

Mirko went for shaving yesterday…and Nushi will be done next week if she is better by then.

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Sky & Dawn

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Dawn in the basket

Dawn in her favourite place… the kitchen sink!

Orange Boy sharpening his claws.

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Yawny-Dawny & Snoozing Orange Boy

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Photos of the rest of the family

Sky, Dawn, Nushi & Mirko

Photo 1: Sky is less shy now and has a better appetite

Photo 2: And here is our heavyweight champion! Look at that belly

Photo 3: Grandma Nushi and newly adopted Grandpa Mirko

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