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Mother with 3 Kittens

3 tiny kittens were dumped at a bin center. A domestic helper witnessed it and informed the caregiver. When we arrived she told us that the kittens were now back with their mother. After the older son of the family who dislikes cats had thrown them out his 12-year-old sister went to take them back. However, the mother and kitten are not allowed into the flat the reason being that a family member has asthma. So their home is a litter box outside the flat.

Hope that the kittens can find real homes before they will be abandoned again or removed from the corridor. They have a very unique colour, an unusual kind of dark grey with tabby markings. All have long straight tails. The kittens are 4 weeks old.

Photos taken with my brand new camera! Thank you Maxiejane 🙂

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Mia needs a good home

Mia, a beautiful and sweet-natured little kitten, less than 3 month old, was just dumped at a void deck., lost, frightened and hungry…

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Good days & bad days

Today is a good day, Panda seems relaxed even pawed at the feather toy and rolled on her back when I rubbed the tummy. I left the cage door open but so far she did not venture out. About once every few days she will scratch at the wound and I can see that she feels uncomfortable (pain or itch) She will move around, change position and shake her head. Last Friday it was quite bad with a lot of bleeding…

Time to ask the vet about pain management…

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Responsible Feeding Poster

This poster was designed by Ivy

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Complaint at Block *33

There was a complaint about defecation on the common corridor. Bought vinegar and mothballs and met with Penny to check it out. We spoke to the residents, a cleaner, a feeder and a caregiver.

As suspected, the cause of the defecation is a free-roaming home cat. The owner denies it saying that the community cats come up to fight with her cat. But in any case keeping their cat in the house would solve the problem of the community cats coming up. According to the cleaner there is no defecation on any of the other staircases or at the void deck, just this one staircase which serves two units on each floor. the defecation is always on the 2nd or 3rd floor.

We cleaned the poo and the complainant was eager to try the mothballs and vinegar. She even asked us to place more mothballs near the neighbours door… she will explain to them. She will also call us if the problem persists.

We saw quite a number of tipped ears while waiting for the feeders. There are responsible feeders and caregivers in this area.

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Moonlight a Russian Blue-X

Moonlight is a new abandonee *28 area 1. He looks a bit grumpy right after being steriilised but Moonlight is actually very manja and handsome and has a long straight tail. He is also very friendly towards other cats.

Is there any home for him out there?

Sad to see him go back to the street and get bullied….

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Update on Panda

Panda has been transferred to the big cage. She is the only cat in the mini-cattery now. All the kittens have finally found homes and Pebbles has been released back. Pebbles is her usual self….running along my bicycle.

Found this musical mobile… someone had discarded their unwanted stuff at the void deck. Hope Panda enjoys the lullabies. She now also has a litter tray and uses it. There is not much improvement in her condition… I think the tumor is growing bigger. The urine is rust colour… at one time it was dark brown. She is eating well and drinking water. She takes the antibiotics mixed into the food and now I have also added a multivitamin (B-complex, E, C and zinc) to help wound healing. I tried one tablet and it tastes very sour… no way to mix that into her food. So I cut both parts of an empty capsule until its just a tiny round ball filled it with the vitamin and hidden in a spoonful of wet food… she will just gobble it up 🙂

Capsules are really very useful for unpalatable meds… but don’t try using a pill popper for capsules…. it won’t work. When you place the capsule at the back of the tongue it will be very hard for the cat to spit it out because once wet it becomes sticky. Empty caps (number 2 size is best) can be bought from some Chinese medical shops at about $1,- for 100 pcs.

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