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Three Kitties

Russel, Simba, Esky 001

Russel, Simba, Esky 002

Russel, Simba, Esky 003

Russel, Simba, Esky 004

Russel, Simba, Esky 005

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Both cats limping

Stitch Stoney 001

Stitch Stoney 008

Stitch Stoney 007

Both like to start fights… Stoney will go after Damy and Stitches will bully Stoney. Now both are limping Continue reading

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Pebble on medication

Pebble 003 

Pebble 005


Pebble had to take 5 pills and a liver tonic. I was worried, but she takes it all with her food…. no fuss at all!



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A Burmese named Suu Kyi


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November 28, 2012 · 5:53 am


He had a lucky escape! Saw him running in the middle of a busy road last Sunday near the Polyclinic causing traffic congestion. Before LK arrived with a carrier a couple with a JRT stopped to help. We all thought that he was abandoned as he was not wearing any collar. They had a carrier in their car and took him in. We forgot to exchange contact numbers with the couple… but I did suggest putting a “Found Dog” Ad in the papers.

Hope to see the ad in the papers tomorrow… so that Lucky and owner can be united.

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The new bathrooms

Not your usual lampshade

We like!

Water-saving toilet

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The wound is where the light enters you

I said, “What about my EYES?”
God said, “Keep them on the road.”

I said, “What about my PASSION?”
God said, “Keep it burning.”

I said, “What about my HEART?”
God said, “Tell me what you hold inside it.”

I said, “Pain and sorrow.”
He said, “Stay with it. The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

~ Rumi

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