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Boy Boy killed by stray dogs

Rest in Peace Boy-Boy!


Received e-mail from CWS that a black cat was killed by a pack of stray dogs in the early morning hours of August 9th, at St. 81. Called Sylvia and mentioned that I hope it’s not “Lightning Boy”, as she calls him. Sylvia reminded me that St 81 is a large area. I couldn’t stand the uncertainty and called the lady who had contacted CWS. She had witnessed the incident at Blk *76 and had sent Boy-Boy to Mt. Pleasant Hospital…. but he could not be saved. She had been feeding him for 3 years. The location, the slight limp and the zigzag tail leave no doubt that it is Lightning Boy.

Lightning Boy was caught by Pest Control and sent to AVA in Oct 05. He was released with microchip. In Sept. 06 he had shoulder repair done… thus the slight limp.

We miss you so much, Lightning Boy!

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Boy Boy

Sylvia calls him Lightning Boy because of his kinky tail. He is doing well… except for a slight limp. Started him again on glucosamine to keep his joints healthy. Boy Boy had shoulder repair surgery 2 years ago.

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Silver missing

Have not seen Silver since Thursday. She is pretty and friendly…could someone have taken her home?

Anna’s Clover (the cat with the broken front leg) has been missing from area 3 blk *52 for more than 2 weeks. Yesterday Sylvia found him just a few blocks away, he was hungry but otherwise he seemed alright.

I noticed that Boy Boy is walking with a slight limp. Will get the joint support formula for him…maybe Anna had stopped giving it to him.

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Boy Boy is scared…

Right after being released Boy Boy was chased into the drain by broken-leg Clover. Even the next day he appeared only after the Auntie called him. On the third day, they found him only after Sylvia heard the sound of his bell. Gave him a (loose) collar with bell, though Anna said “no use…people will take it?

Sylvia told me that he seems to be afraid of people now. Could the vet have been wrong…could he have been ABUSED? Why this change of behavior? Really hope he will settle in time…Anna now feeds him some distance away form the other cats. That he is weary of humans is actually not a bad thing…just hope the other cats will accept him back.


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Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ashley

Boy Boy will be released back to Blk *52 area 3 tonight. We worry for him…he is just too friendly and timid…and Orange Boy will surely miss his friend. Boy Boy didn’t like my cats though…there would be lots of howling and growling if any of them went near the balcony door.

Orange Boy had one ‘relapse’ on Sunday and needed to be squeezed but after that no more problem so far…. most of his poo also ends up in the litter box now…he is regaining control.

Ashley has also recovered and been reunited with the rest of the gang. He didn’t pee for 5 days!!! There must have been some blockage…The vet said to give him 200ml of water a day but I managed only about a quarter of that amount and added some vit.C to it.


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Ashley, Onyx, Boy Boy and Orange Boy

Ashley looks a little better now. He was still very feverish and lethargic last night and during the day. Sylvia, Anna and the Aunty helped me with feeding the cats today, as I was worried leaving Ashley alone…so I just needed to feed the cats at the area 1 and some at area 2. I was very happy when I saw Onyx back at his usual place.

Boy Boy’s hair has started to grow back. There were some pees and poos in the litter box on the balcony and no poo on the floor today 🙂 Felt Orange Boy’s bladder, just to make sure… it was quite small 🙂


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Boy Boy slipped…

and fell..hope he did not hurt his shoulder joint.

Boy Boy liked to sleep in this little basket all day. I have removed the basket and also the table and chairs to prevent him from climbing up again.

He has also developed some bald patches on his head and under his chin…maybe fungus or allergy. I am applying neem oil…


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Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ga-Ga – a busy day…

Anna helped me this morning to bring Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ga-Ga to the vets. First we dropped off Ga-Ga, a female from *30 area 3, at AMK for sterilization then we went to Pet Clinic to have Boy Boy’s stitches removed and also to give Orange Boy his morning ‘squeeze’.

Boy Boy is recovering well and according to the vet, he can be released back in 2 weeks time, which is much earlier than expected.

Two more trips to the vets in the evening, by bicycle this time… first to collect Ga-Ga and then to bring OB for his second squeeze… after I made a halfhearted attempt and got some bite marks from an angry OB. His urine is clear today, no more blood. Will bring him for acupuncture treatment tomorrow…

I have also put up the posters offering reward…. all over the coffee shop, one on each pillar.

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Boy Boy update

Dr. Robin Au did the shoulder repair and stabilized the joint as much as possible. He told us that the dislocation was due to cartilage degeneration resulting in joint laxity. Anna and I were actually relieved to hear that, because we suspected abuse and worried that the abuser could strike again. Boy Boy is just too trusting, an easy target…

A big Thank You from Boy Boy, Anna and myself to the generous sponsors who made it all possible!!!



Joanna H.

Joanne C.


Lily T.

Kuo H.N.

Jeans G

Boy Boy will have to stay at my place for 2 to 3 month until the joint is strong enough. I have put him in the big cage, but no hammocks for him this time.

The Medical bill for Boy Boy’s operation came up to $610. – (excluding the $82,- Anna paid earlier for consultation, x-ray and medication at AMK clinic). We will have to bring Boy Boy back in 2 weeks for removal of stitches and also later for monthly reviews.

Boy Boy is quite comfortable now and eating well.

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Boy Boy after surgery

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September 29, 2006 · 1:54 pm

Update on Boy Boy

After talking to Dr. Au, who readily agreed to be paid in instalments, I managed to persuade Anna to go ahead with Boy Boy’s operation and trust that sponsors will come in to help with the medical expenses.

We picked up Boy Boy from the fosterer at 6pm, collected the x-ray and went to Dr. Au’s clinic.

It turned out that there was no fractured toe…. I must have heard wrongly over the phone. I guess the vet was talking about the splintered bone at the shoulder joint.

Dr Au explained that the socket needs to be smoothened before putting the joint back into place and that a blood test would have to be done before surgery. He estimated the cost of the operation to be around $400. -/ $500. – plus blood test $80.- and hospitalization charges.

So far I have already received $200. – from one sponsor and another also came forward to help with Boy Boy’s medical expenses. Thank you very much for your kindness and compassion for Boy Boy!

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Boy Boy crying out in pain…

The shoulder of his left front leg is dislocated and a toe of the leg is broken. According to the vet, his injuries could have been caused by abuse or a car accident. Anna only told me yesterday after she brought Boy Boy to the vet. He received some medication and is now with a temporary fosterer. When I called the fosterer I could hear Boy Boy crying in pain. The vet At AMK estimates the cost of the operation would be $500.- to 1.000.-. but it would have to be done at another clinic as they don’t have the facilities, Dr. Robin Au was recommended.

The vet said that if Boy Boy was not operated he could still move around on 3 legs but the dislocated leg would be dragged on the ground and may develop ulcers and need to be amputated.

The problem is the cost. Anna simply says that she has no money and I myself am already struggling as it is…

If anyone would like to help with sponsorship towards the operation of Boy Boy, please email me…. any amount will help, thanks!

Here is my earlier post about Boy Boy: http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/21 He was released back to 852 area with approval from Town Council.

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Boy Boy sent to AVA…

About two weeks ago, one of our community cats (Boy Boy) was caught by the pest control which was activated by town council and was sent to the AVA to be killed. I called AVA the next day when we noticed him missing and Anna went to claim him back. She had to agree to have him micro-chipped and to pay $20 before he was released. She was very upset by the sight of all the doomed cats and only one that would be saved. I kept Boy Boy with me for a week as he was not well. Boy Boy is a most trusting and affectionate cat, all black with a tiny white patch at the chest and his tail is the shape of a lightning (zig-zag). We had been feeding him for about 2 years and Anna had him sterilised. I bought a huge cage just before Boy Boy came in and he enjoyed his stay very much,especially sleeping in the hammock.

I went with Anna to see the MP on the very day that Boy Boy was rescued. In fact we brought him along as Anna was going to pass him over to me. The MP agreed that TC should not catch the sterilised cats and a letter was sent to TC. Later the property officer in charge of that area readily agreed that Boy Boy be released back and also assured us that she would inform her colleagues to make sure he would not be caught again. If he is ever brought to AVA again they will kill him straight away. No chance to claim him back again! We trusted the officer and released Boy Boy. A few days later Anna received a letter from the TC property manager, telling her that they will continue to activate the pest control and remove cats, sterilised or not, whenever there are complaints or too many cats around. Later while talking to her, she explained what she meant by ‘too many cats’: “as long as she sees more than 1 or 2 cats within an area of a few blocks, they are too many”. Dawn from Cat Welfare Society will try to help me…. while Anna is considering bringing Boy Boy to Pet Villa….

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