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Rex found himself a home

M found out that an elderly couple who used to feed Rex had taken him in. He looks happy and well 🙂

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Beautiful Park “vandalised”!

These young trees have been marked, too

One of my neighbours told me that about 20 trees were cut down yesterday. He had called Town Council and also took photos but was unable to stop them…

I believe the 4 baby birds were also victims of this tree-cutting! Mynahs like to build their nests in palm trees.

Most of the few remaining trees are marked for destruction… even the young ones!

The reasons given where that the trees were leaning sideways (actually only a few of them did) the rest were growing tall and straight and healthy. Another reason was red ants!

Now this is a new one… previously it was the birds, the mossies and trees obstructing lift upgrading.

All these so-called reasons are totally unreasonable! These problems can be solved without taking such extreme measures. Can anyone please explain how the trees at the other end of the block can obstruct lift upgrading?

Anyway this morning I rushed down when I saw more trees being cut, spoke to the supervisor and managed to get the workers to hold on until Monday.

I don’t know if I am able to safe what is left… I am too worn-out for another fight! The other active resident will be out of town…. and the rest are probably too apathetic to do anything- sigh!

Don’t we cat-carers have enough on our hands… today I have to catch and abandoned female cat that gives problem on a 5th floor.. and get her sterilized. Then here is also a cat that had given birth to 3 kittens in another area (TC nuisance complaint)… I don’t know what I can do .. but will try anyway.

Searched for Rex yesterday… making my last round at 2am… looks like he has been taken ! Poor Boy, so sorry I could not protect you!

Now Stoney’s feeding is overdue…

Just a quick thank-you to all who contributed towards Stoney’s medical expenses… couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

Yesterday he was breathing quite noisily… was worried could be fluid in his lungs but today he is fine and less mucus drippping.

Please bear with my slow response and update!

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New photos of Rex

Another sweet young Kitty…

Had released him yesterday night after treating him for diarrhoea and then finally getting him sterilised.

Will he still be here today?

Rex remains trusting and innocent…

even after what they did to him!

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Twisty found

Old pic of Twisty aka Peony

Twisty was lost for about a week. M found her today at a market area (close to where Rocky was found). She is dehydrated, vomiting and has diarrhoea! Poor Twisty must have eaten all kind of rubbish…. She is now in M’s care.

Rex also had diarrhoea when found… he is ok now and I will bring him for sterilization tomorrow.

Thinking of poor Roxy… who likely also was removed by some heartless and cruel person!

Saw Sophus yesterday… his tail looked limp and he growled when I touched it. Will have to take him in if not better tomorrow… sigh!

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Rex found

M found Rex this morning. He was at the bus stop near the main road… same place where Damy had been found! The Indian feeder said he had been around for a few days and was looking for food. Strangely he wore a collar!

Will get him sterilized tomorrow and then release him back to the old place…just hope he won’t be napped again… Sigh!

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Three cats lost in two weeks

All are from Area-1 and gone missing within the last 2 weeks!

If only these people knew how much suffering they cause by relocating a cat or kitten… who are likely to suffer a slow death by starvation and sickness.

Plus the suffering caused to their fellow human beings who cared for these abandoned pets. Can they not imagine the pain of losing of a loved one? At least when we know that a cat had died in an accident there can be closure…. we know they are not suffering anymore.


Rex had arrived sickly and malnourished. M, myself and feeder F watched over him during the past months. They even kept reminding me not to get him sterilized as he may still be too weak. I always carried RC kitten kibbles and Fussy Cat tuna just for him… so he would eat more.

Roxy & Kitten

The little nameless tabby kitten was cared for by M and myself. We made sure she gets 2 meals every day. Every time I felt much joy and relief on seeing her. Too many dangers out there for a little innocent kitten!


Roxy had a growth in her eye and I brought her to the vet with M sponsoring the medical fees… then took her in and administered medication and eye drops until she was well enough to be released.

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Rex is missing

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September 26, 2009 · 3:21 pm