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Genie now

Time flies . More than half a year has flown by since Genie was found severely injured at the foot of a block .

This feisty one has since recovered well , though not 100% her before self , but much better and has become quite a rascal . Keeps popping by upstairs to the bedrooms where she shudn’t be ‘coz of the dog . But her persistence and her being able to not attack the dog has won us over and let her do wat she wants . Aka spoilt brat and baby of the house . -_-‘ Till the other cats and the dog gets jealous .

Anyhow , Genie wants to thank again all kind donors who loved her and made generous donations when she was in her ill state . She remembers all of U in her heart and wishes the best of health to all of U . And she wants everyone to see how contented she is , now that she’s no more a community cat . Pictures show her roosting comfortably on my bed . Haha . Very manja also , but very lovable .

Hope all cats are lucky like Genie and find good homes . 😀


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Friendship Rekindled

Photo and video update from their guardian

Together again

Silver & Genie holding tails 🙂

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Genie in the hammock

Found Genie in the hammock yesterday…no idea how she went up. We had not removed the 2 hammocks because we were so sure that she wouldn’t be able to climb up.

Later I placed the box there to help her climb down.Genie went up and down several times and also changed from one hammock to the other… although she still can’t walk properly (crawling with body touching the ground). I think this is good exercise to get back her strength.

Genie went home with Maxiejane this afternoon. She is now in a slightly smaller cage but also with hammock. Genie will be transferred to a big double-storey cage, once she is stronger…

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New Pics of Genie

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Genie discharged today

Genie was no longer on drip so I thought might as well nurse her at home where she will be more comfortable. The only medication that she is taking now is antibiotics. We will bring her back for review on Friday and then decide regarding the acupuncture treatment. Dr. Oh thinks that he can help her and also do something for the liver.

Genie still needs to be syringe fed. No special diet required so I give her Avoderm. Maxiejane will make fish and chicken soup for her. She cannot get up but manages to turn herself from one side to the other. We also noticed that she curls the right her hind paw when stretching her left leg. Ranztan suggested giving her B complex and I am thinking that adding a little

liver would be good for her as she is also anemic…

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Update on Genie

Photo by maxiejane

More bad news… her right side is paralyzed.

Maxiejane visited Genie in the afternoon and I went in the evening. If I understood correctly, she had another visitor in the morning.

The hospital bill so far is $ 400 plus…. If anyone would like to sponsor part of Genie’s medical expenses, please send a cheque directly to Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital 232 Whitley Road S-297824.

The vet says that she won’t fully recover and since nothing much can be done for her at the hospital we will probably take her home after the weekend. I will ask Dr. Oh if acupuncture could help her…

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Genie hospitalized

Maxijane found her this morning, bleeding and unable to move, and they quickly sent her to the hospital. The vet says that she has head injuries and a 50% chance of recovery.

She can move but can’t get up and seems not fully conscious. One of her pupils is dilated.

I syringe-fed her and was surprised that she eagerly ate about 30ml of food. Both sides of her tongue were dark red and there was also blood at her chin and a small wound at the hind leg.

We suspect that she had fallen from the 4th floor as we found some food there. Could she have been thrown down or did she manage to crawl to spot where she was found?

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