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Nushi looking better after a week of supplemented diet

She came down with flu again and was on antibiotics for 10 days. Have added lots of supplements to her food for the past week and seeing her getting better makes it all worthwhile! Followed some of the suggestions in Anitra Frazier’s book “The New Natural Cat”.

Nushi is now getting digestive enzymes, a tiny bit of potassium, some vit C, Appelin Syrup, nutritional yeast, lecithin, wheatgerm, kombu, grains, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, wheat-grass plus a bit of egg and eggshell and raw meat added to her food.

Even bought some Kampong Eggs… mainly for Nush and Rocky. I suspect that Rocky’s kidneys are not working well as he passes large amounts of colourless urine and also lost some weight even though he has good appetite. He is getting the supplements plus some raw chicken… but with more starchy food (oats) added. The eggshells are used as calcium supplement.


Eggshell Powder

Eggshells are very high in calcium carbonate. Here’s how to make eggshell powder. Wash the eggshells right after cracking and let them dry until you have accumulated a dozen or so. (Each whole eggshell makes about a teaspoon of powder, which equals about 1,800 milligrams of calcium.) Then bake at 300°F for about ten minutes. This removes a mineral-oil coating sometimes added to keep eggs from drying out. It also makes the shells dry and brittle enough to grind to a fine powder with a nut and seed grinder, blender or mortar and pestle. Grind well enough that there are no sharp, gritty pieces.

(include the membrane of the eggshell… it is good for the joints)

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Dark Tuna

The dark meat of tuna is known to contain high levels of mercury! I always remove these bits …but lately there are huge chunks of it. Time to boycott!!!

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Recall of Wellness Cat Food


The lots involved in this voluntary recall are:

Wellness Canned Cat (all flavors and sizes) with best by dates from 14APR 13 through 30SEP13;

Wellness Canned Cat Chicken & Herring (all sizes) with best by date of 10NOV13 and 17NOV13.

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Disappointed in quality of kibbles

Trying NutraGold Finicky for the first time. The cats like the taste of the kibbles… but won’t eat them when they are covered with powder. I tried sieving… but the sieving and shaking just made it worse… more kibbles disintegrated!

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Dinner for 20

Today it’s 2 cans of human-grade tuna (This is the only one with no salt added. Others have high salt content … not suitable for cats!), pumpkin, oats, wheat-grass, cranberry extract and 4 cans of Fussie Cat and some Avoderm Kibbles and Katzenflocken.

Nush wants her food served on paper and some Fancy Feast kibbles and Ocean Fish Feast have been added to her portion. I am still looking for small-sized and thin kibbles of better quality for Nush. Had a sample of Eagle Pro Chicken & Rice and she quite liked it.

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Dinner for 21

Chicken, cranberry extract, wheat-grass and papaya. A cup of oat-porridge and 4 cans of tuna will be added and dinner is ready… with some kibbles sprinkled over it.

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Trying raw food


Stoney liked the raw chicken fillet

So did Sasha, Mirko, Orange Boy, Dawn, Rocky, Stitches, Ike, Oki and Snoopy.

Nushi, Ashley, Sky, Bunny, Peaches, Mango, Orange and Damy just sniffed and looked interested but didn’t touch it. Billy Boy sniffed, then licked and chewed a little but didn’t actually eat it.

Verdict: 10 cats liked raw chicken and 9 did not

The idea is getting the cats to eat raw chicken necks and occasionally liver and heart as these are parts not usually eaten by humans… thus not creating any additional demand for slaughter of chickens.

It’s probably true that eating raw flesh and bones are good for them… but then I don’t think I could actually bring myself to go the the wet marked to buy those chicken necks…

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bonito shavings for cats?

Seems like a good snack for cats but I wonder is it a healthy snack… no salt added? Anyone knows?

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No more Fussy Cat Tuna for my cats

The cats love tuna but I worry about the heavy metal such as mercury which is concentrated in the dark meat. Have been picking out those big chunks of dark tuna but there is quite a lot of it in tuna meant for cats…

Thanks to a cat-sitting client, I came to know that there is a canned tuna in mineral water without added salt available from “Ayam” brand (for humans). I think this makes a healthier treat and the cats love it! It’s quite dry so more water needs to be added.

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Cats love this grass

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August 6, 2008 · 2:03 pm

PETA Demands That FDA Find Real Source of Pet Food Contamination

PETA Weekly E-News

Alarmingly, it appears that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may not have discovered the real source of contamination in the recalled Menu Foods items that have caused illnesses and deaths in countless cats and dogs.

A mounting number of complaints about sick and dying animals who ate only dry food that did not contain wheat gluten strongly suggest that another ingredient is causing this crisis. Evidence from reputable laboratories indicates that an excessive amount of vitamin D in pet food—among other possibilities—may be to blame. Vitamin D overdoses produce symptoms similar to those seen in animals who recently have become sick or died after consuming only dry foods.

This week we have asked the FDA to refocus its investigations beyond wheat gluten and consider other possible contaminants. For the safety of all our beloved companion animals, we must not let the FDA sweep this issue under the rug—as the agency has done so often before with animal and human health issues. We need to ensure that all available pet food is 100 percent safe for dogs and cats.

PETA has also called on FDA commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach to resign over the agency’s mishandling of the pet food crisis. It is infuriating—and so very sad—that cherished animals are dying horrible deaths because of a callous and essentially unregulated pet food industry. By not exercising its mandate and siding with Menu Foods and companies like Iams, the FDA has forfeited the public trust—to the detriment of companion animals.

We will continue to pressure corporate and government officials to get to the real source of what is making animals sick and to ensure that all available pet foods are safe. I will update you as this situation evolves. Please also visit PETA.org, which is regularly updated with late-breaking and helpful information about this and other issues.

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Cat died of kidney failure

Received an email today form J, the lady who had adopted and returned Genie and Silver. Her 12 year old cat suddenly became ill and was hospitalized. She later died of kidney failure and J suspects the Nutro food (pouches with chunks in gravy). The cat was fed with various types of Nutro pouches and Nutro dry food (salmon).

My cats are all eating Nutro dry food, mixed with a little Natural Balance, which they don’t really like much. So far no ill effects. The supplier assured me that it was safe.


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