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Fish bone again?

This male appeared at the same time as Fifi. He has not been eating for 3 days. I suspect fish bone. He is at the same block as Beauty who had 4 fish bones removed from her throat! http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/735/Beauty_unable_to_eat He has not been named and sterilized yet…

Lala went to her new home today.

Brought Oki downstairs today for a while… where he met Fifi, Coco and Jumpy.

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Her way of clearing…

I know it’s her, the one who had been fined… same paper plate. I have told her several time that this is not the way to clear… sigh!

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Two days ago a very indignant feeder called me… Her English is very limited so I am not sure who actually asked for her IC but it must be either the cleaning supervisor or a Town Council officer as it was not an NEA officer. She asked me to find the newspaper article where it says that feeding is not against the Law so she could show that man… 🙂

I assured her that she would not be fined if she clears the left -overs after feeding and ‘No!… It is not alright to place the food directly on the floor!’

The other feeder was also warned and had her IC particulars taken.

Finally the TC took some action to discourage irresponsible feeding! For years my words and even threats of reporting both of them were ignored. Yesterday for the first time there was no mess of left-over food at the void deck of blk *30 and next to the lift of *28!

Met the 2nd feeder yesterday night and asked her about the incident. She said that she is scared now…

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Cat food litter

Every time I pass block *25 area 1 (the end next to *30) there will be a mess to clean up!

Usually it’s 4 large heaps of dry food and one portion of wet food.

I have put up posters on responsible feeding in 3 languages…the latest one is still there with the mess right below it.

The 4 bin center cats (Judy, Jacky, Whitie Girl and Blackie Girl) will not eat such large portions…they are never really hungry and probably have many feeders

There was a previous complaint about these cats from a resident of *30…almost causing all the cats in this area to be rounded up.

I hope to catch the person in the act and report him/her to NEA. A warning letter or fine for littering will get their attention. Telling those irresponsible feeders that they will be causing complaints and getting the cats killed doesn’t work. Although some of them at least now use a piece of paper, making the clean-up easier. Some have also changed to a better quality dry food after I told them that F & W brand are junk food.

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Update on The Bad Estate


I called one of the feeders today, she is not helpful at all… she doesn’t have the contact of the Indian feeder and says that she has already her hands full with the 10 cats at her block, which are all sterilized according to her.

Have been looking out for the Indian feeder who leaves 6 to 9 paper plates at the void deck of 638 every night, with plenty of left-over food in them…but only managed to talk to the Chinese man in singlet. One day at about 9pm, I saw him feeding bread to the cats. on the void deck of blk 638. He said that he didn’t speak English, but he understood very well what I was saying and motioned to me that he would pick it up and put it back into the plastic bag. When I passed by again at midnight the bread (several slices torn up into smaller pieces) was still there!

I will try to get these cats sterilized if I can get the feeders to clean up their mess. Hope Sylvia can talk to the Chinese man. The helpful resident said he would look out for the Indian man and call me when he sees him.

Seems now there are only 6 instead of 8 cats around… with one young ginger pregnant.

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A bad estate

Went to the area again last night, hoping to ‘catch’ the feeder, but I was too late…saw only the paper plates left behind.

I have a strong feeling that the feeder is the same man who caused the complaints at Blk *10 area 2, which resulted in the death of one cat, with Stitches being rescued from AVA just in the nick of time. Did he not learn his lesson?

From the feedback I get from the helpful resident, it seems that none of the feeders is willing to sterilize.

A resident took this photo of one of the feeders:

From Dawn’s blog:


A bad estate

I spoke to Veganmeowie this morning. She heard that there were some cats from a neighbouring area that were in danger of being caught. She walked around last night and met someone who is looking after one cat there as she was trying to warn them of the trapping that may be happening.

I just spoke to the man she met last night. We spoke for almost an hour about the problems in the estate. It seems that there are at least three people feeding, but none of them are sterilising. He said that there is food left all over. The population is growing, and the number of cat fights is getting worse because the colony of one of the feeders is fighting with a second colony over territory. I asked how many sterilised cats there are and there are two.

He said that in addition there is a family that likes to bring cats in from another area and keep them for a while. Once the cats get older they dump them. One of the women in the estate arranges food delivery to her place and then she distributes food to everyone else but no one is sterilising. He said that the woman complained that her favourite sterilised cat had been caught once so she never bothered to sterilise after that. I asked if she had called the TC or the AVA and it seemed that she did not.

I explained to the man that the TC has no idea whom the feeders are in the area unless they are told. Even if they want to say return the cat, whom do they return it to? What if the cat is causing the nuisance?

The man said that another problem is that the feeders only like to feed their ‘favourites’ – ie they have cats that are theirs and whom they love but they’re not interested in the rest of the cats. The rest of the cats are in pretty bad shape as well. He said some of them are quite ill.

He has offered to speak with the feeders, all of whom he knows and will explain sterilisation and the programme to them and see what they say. He was a bit reluctant to speak with the TC though as he says he has a bit of a history with them. He says though he’s not very hopeful the feeders will listen. I offered to come and speak with them and to hold a workshop too if there is any interest.

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Block *30 Area 3

This Block is a cat feeder’s nightmare!

I started going there because a town council officer mentioned that there were too many cats at this block.

There is cat food everywhere, in the corners of the void deck, in the drain, on the grass, behind bushes, trees….

I have put up notices in 3 languages, talked to some residents…but nothing works.

Sylvia and myself have to scoop large portions of rice out of the drain where the mother cat hides with her 3 kittens. Then there are usually two to three portions of rice and some fish heads placed directly on the grass between the roots of one of the trees… there is rice on sheets of newspaper and biscuits on plastic bags…

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