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Golden Lion update

Golden Lion was very popular and first one adopted at the Adoption Drive at Phyllis’ Cattery. He was adopted by a nice family with young children and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a permanent home.

On the very next day after they took Lion home, I received the bad news that both, wife and daughter suffered allergy problems…with eyes swelling up. My first reaction was to offer to take Lion back…but thanks to BC they received lots of useful advice on how to deal with allergies. BC also pointed out that these symptoms might only be temporary, as they did not have problems with the previous cat, which they fostered for 2 years while the owner was overseas.

I was very relieved when I finally received an sms update on Lion. Only the tears in my eyes made me realize how worried I had been the past few days.

sms from the adopter:

“He is doing fine. He sleeps in the storeroom behind my wine fridge in the day. Last night he was roaming the house quite a bit and meowing. So far he eats a lot and drinks a lot. He is eating Nutro Chicken. He has soft stool. The children love him. We are keeping him away from our bedrooms. He loves to climb on the sofa and sits there to watch TV?

Photo from the adopter: Golden Lion in his new home

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Update on Golden Lion

The adoption of Golden Lion is still pending because the potential adopter may not be able to install wire-mesh for his safety.


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Golden Lion adopted

Golden Lion will be going home with a family with 2 young children. I was pleasantly surprised when they told me that their condo has a TNRM programme.

I saw some tapeworm segments in his stool today and dewormed him. No wonder he has been eating triple portions without growing fat.

J. (the adopter who returned Silver & Genie) came to visit them and brought some cat food and a scratching post that she had bought for them. The daughter still considers Silver & Genie as ‘her cats who live with auntie Helga’.

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Golden Lion

Golden Lion has been sterilized and also had a check up. The vet estimated him to be about 4 to 5 years old. He is healthy, had Frontline treatment and is now ready for adoption. He will make a wonderful companion…


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The Big Catch!!!

Yes, Mohan finally netted the untrappable Sandy (mother of Hazel)!

Now there are only 2 more difficult ones left, Judy and Pearl.

I saw Big Head yesterday for the first time after his release. He is quite friendly with Sylvia now but keeps away from me. I guess he remembers how he was caught and then kept in the cage for such a long time and then his escape at the vets… Well, can’t blame him.

Took in Golden Lion as a spare cat, in case I fail to catch either Judy or Pearl tonight for tomorrow’s sterilization slot.

M and myself visited the dog (Xiao Hei) at his temporary home today. We were surprised to see a group of people there. J and other residents were also visiting her and taking photos J

The place is not ideal for long-term and hopefully she can soon be adopted or transferred to a boarding facility.

Photos: Sandy and Golden Lion

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Photos of Golden Lion

Golden Lion is a new abandonee. Will sterilize him next month and then get him ready for adoption. He is a very friendly cat. At first Golden Lion was quite shy and would hide under the cars…but I guess he has adapted to being homeless now and made friends with Louis and Jade.


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