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One cat has returned

One of the two cats has returned.


I asked about his condition:

“He was dirty and stinky, worn out and now he is a very scared cat. Will hiss at anyone.”

He must have been through hell! It kills me to think what Nora, Roxy and the other missing cats went through…

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Seeking help from MP

One of the families who lost their cats, went to see their MP yesterday.

Sms: “She refused to help at all and told us to go to HDB to ask to remove the ban. As long as there are complaints, cats must be removed, no matter house or community. She also did not want to reveal the pest control company.”

Was told by the cat owner that the MP made a call to Faith from TC and was told that one black-and-white cat had been caught and released…

According to the cat owner, they were not given any warning or told that their cat caused complaints.

The owner is now on her way to Ubi, to paste up posters of her missing cat… acting on a tip-off.


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Suspected Trapping of Cats by Pest Control

Feeder F called me at around 2pm saying that the Blk *28 Feeder saw the cleaning supervisor and a Malay man with a metal-coloured trap which contained food.

I went down and saw the Supervisor and TC officer Joseph. The officer claimed that they only engaged the pest control to take photos and count the cats and to check them for tipped-ear.

Later received call from M that a resident of Blk *27 saw pest controllers catch 7 cats. Met the TC officer and supervisor again on my way to meet M. I told him and asked him to come up to the 4th floor with us to speak to the man. He said he had to rush off to catch someone who pasted up posters. The other man who was with them mentioned something about the trap being stolen.

M and myself went up to the resident’s unit. The elderly Indian man says he saw it from his window and that the men were wearing white T-shirts and that the TC officer was with them. He described the van as being the same colour as the trap.

Later I met the Supervisor again and he also mentioned that their trap had been stolen….

My question is…. why would they bring a trap if they are just taking photos???

So far we cannot be sure that cats are missing… will check tonight!

A worker doing painting at *26 told me and Feeder F that he saw a black-and-white cat being trapped this morning.

Will update tonight on missing cats.

Feeder F also mentioned that a house visiting by MP is coming up.

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Sita Pest Control seen removing cat

A reliable source saw an orange cat removed from Blk *26 Area 1 yesterday at about 9.45pm. The cat was in a cage and was placed into the SITA Pest Control van. Then the van drove off.

The feeder says that this new abandonee had been around for a few days. It must be this new cat since Rose and Benny are still around and there is no other orange cat in this area.

There is always a Sita van parked in front of this block, I will later check the vehicle number. A resident pest controller doing some business on his own?

Also this same feeder has seen Jacky from *30 (who was presumed dead) at the bus interchange.

The cat recognized her and she confirmed that it was Jacky after I showed her a photo. Will be meeting her at 2am to search…

Jacky is shy and will need to be trapped. Only someone with trap or net could have relocated him! Blk *30 is next to *26!

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Trust betrayed

I went to town for a free student haircut with a fellow caregiver today… to relax and be pampered for 2 hours…or so I thought. Ended up spending the whole time on the phone…my friend had to give the instructions on what to do with my hair because I was more concerned about getting a cat back from AVA.

A few days ago another caregiver IK had messaged me that the town council said there were complaints about caterwauling and too many cats at the bin center of this area: http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/299/A_bad_estate

She checked the area and agreed to sterilise the cats after one of the feeders (the owner of the hairdressing salon) offered to pay for the vet fees. She sent an email to inform TC.

Today IK smsed that the pest control came this morning. Luckily the hairdresser had noticed and managed to get the cat released. The caregiver called her property officer, who denied having called in the pest control ! Saying that they are only trying to trap one black cat which defecates on the common corridor.

AVA confirmed that they had an unsterilised cat from that area. The cat was caught by the TC’s Pest Control service yesterday.

I advised IK to go down to AVA… I had learned my lesson on betrayal the hard way. Penny also went down to assist and support… while I spoke to the property manager, who first told me the same story about trying to trap only that particular black cat until I confronted him with the fact that the trapped non-black cat is at AVA right now. Then he said there was a complaint and he had to be fair. Okay, so the complainant (who sent some emails without even giving his address to tc) is promptly served. The caregiver, also a resident of that area, is not even told the truth that the cats are being trapped.. Is that a way to treat people who spent much time and money to control the cat population in a humane way. When I requested for a letter to be sent to AVA the TC manager even suggested “to let this one go”. I said ” No Way!” IK said the same thing when I told her.

In the end the cat was micro-chipped at AVA because of miscomunication between Penny and myself… I had assumed she would request for TC letter. IK had to pay $80 before the cat was handed over to her. She will get him sterilised tomorrow with the help of SPCA voucher from Penny and then release him in a safer area. She will still make arrangements to get the remaining cats sterilised.

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New photos of Stitches

Photos courtesy of Vegancat


Caught by pest control thrice

Sent to AVA twice

Both times rescued in the nick of time

Indeed a cat with good karma

Now he is safe in the cattery

Waiting for that special person

To take him home

All this happened within a time span of one year. The first time I rescued him from AVA with a letter from TC. Then he disappeared about 6 months later, most likely relocated by pest control.

As I later found out, he was caught again 2 months after his disappearance and sent to AVA again, starving and sick. He was rescued once more and nursed back to health, then after another 4 months I finally found him… healthy and well-fed at the cattery.

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Very unhelpful AVA staff

At 6 am this morning Penny arrived at my place to pass me a cat to bring for sterilisation today then she met up with a Malay feeder and took taxi to AVA. She told me that this feeder cried when he heard that the 2 cats were caught. The Pest Control people also went there to explain their “mistake” and claim the cats back. AVA refused and still insist on a letter from TC! All left in frustration, then Penny called me and I asked her to turn back…

At first AVA said that a faxed letter was not acceptable as they are now very strict, until I managed to speak to someone from the Welfare side. TC was also very hard to reach…but finally Andrew agreed to fax the letter…. hopefully Penny will soon be able leave with the 2 cats. At first they even refused to let her see the cats but later she saw and identified them as the 2 missing cats.

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