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Update on the Bin-Center Cats

Met up with Penny and Rashida yesterday morning to discuss some matters, then we decided to go and see the TC Property Manager, as it was already the deadline for removing all but 5 cats from the bin center.

The Property Manager readily agreed to work with us and not to have any of the cats rounded up… as long as the number of cats doesn’t increase. She also explained to us that the mistake occurred because the block number where the pest control was supposed to go to in Woodlands that morning was similar to the block number where the cats were actually trapped.

We even mentioned the idea of a cat cafe on that little hill… we will have to find out how to go about it.

Just received an sms from Penny that one of the cats, a black-and-white was killed in an accident. Sadly, our community cats are exposed to many dangers…

I hope that more people will be aware that hit-and-run is a crime even if the victim is merely a cat or a dog. Note down the car licence number if you witness such an incident and of course bring the injured animal to a vet if possible or at least call the SPCA.

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Survivor aka Caramel has been adopted

A family came to view Caramel yesterday and they liked her. They have another young female cat who has just been sterilised, so Caramel will have company. They actually wanted to take her straight away but then agreed to put up the wiremeshing first. Better to be safe…

I am so happy for our little SurViVor going to a good home!

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Sister of Marmalade Boy found

This little frisky fellow just wouldn’t keep still for a second…

all the other shots were a total blur.

Alice is really very cute! Purring away like a motor! The Auntie found her at blk *11 while feeding Sophus yesterday night. She said the kitten kept following her and then she carried her accross the road to Billy Boy’s place. Sylvia carried her to *30 where Mohan was trying (unsucessfully) to trap the Romeo.

Romeo had recovered from his previous injury but has now a big wound at the side of his face. He is still eating well so Mohan advised Juliana to get some medication to mix into his food.

Mohan then dropped the kitten off at my place on his way home. Beauty had just been released today, so I put her in the bathroom rather than on the balcony with Jade. Ivy’s will be taking her soon, because Penny has no more space left as she just took in a mother cat with 4 tiny kittens. She had a tippoff that pest control was trapping at *38 (which is an area where there is no caregiver) then she found out that actually this cat and her kittens outside a flat on the upper floor of *37 were the target.

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Babu cat-napped again?

Sylvia came to know who took Babu. They are students from China staying at a nearby block. They said that they had to return to China for 3 months and didn’t know what to do so they released him back to where they took him.

Now it seem they have taken him again… with the Auntie’s approval. Hope Sylvia and myself can talk to them to find out what they plan to do with Babu when they return to China….

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Two kittens at upper floor staircase

I am Marmalade Boy

Anyone to take me home?

Ivy came to know about 2 kittens at the staircase between 7th and 8th floor of blk *11 Area 1 and went to look for them.

By the time she reached there, they were gone. Later she managed to find one of them at the 10 floor… very frightened and hungry.

I also searched for the other one later and put up posters…hoping for a witness to come forward.

Msg from Ivy:

I popped him into my handbag. He’s under foster care for hopefully a month, or till he’s due for his sterilisation with my friend.Bald patches here & there.Very tame, okay with claw trimming and uses the kitty litter perfectly!

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More abandon pedigree dogs


As number rises to alarming levels, SPCA calls for action

Thursday • February 28, 2008

Leong Wee Keat

AS THE number of abandoned pedigree dogs shot up alarmingly last year, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has urged the authorities to tighten the import, commercial breeding and sale of such dogs.

Three years ago, about one in four lost and unwanted dogs was a purebred. This number rose to “alarming levels” last year, with one in two unwanted dogs a pedigreed. Overall, the SPCA received an average of 250 lost or unwanted dogs each month last year.

The trend shows no signs of abating. Last month, the SPCA received 125 lost and unwanted pedigreed dogs alone. Some reasons cited by owners giving up their canines included leaving the country, moving house, expecting a child and — a frequent excuse — no time to look after it.

In light of this, SPCA has written in to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) asking for curbs to be placed on the import and commercial breeding or sale of pedigree dogs.

“It’s time to take stock of the number being bred, sold and imported annually and to see if there are enough homes for them,” SPCA executive officer Deirdre Moss told Today. “There is definitely a surplus (of pedigreed dogs) and too many people buying on the spur of the moment.”

Another animal welfare group, Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), supported SPCA’s call. Over the last six months, ASD president Ricky Yeo said the society has seen a 20 to 30 per cent increase in pedigreed strays being picked up.

Even more worryingly, he notes, this trend means that the chances of rescued local mongrels being adopted have also eroded, as pedigreed dogs are seen as being “superior”. At ASD, the adoption rate for pedigrees is on the rise, while that for mongrels has been slipping, said Mr Yeo.

An AVA spokesperson said the authority understands SPCA’s concerns but reiterated that Singapore operates on “a free market system”. He said: “It would not be appropriate to restrict the number and type of dogs imported or bred and sold commercially as long as the pet business is legal and complies with the regulations and applicable conditions.”

With the revision of the Animals and Birds (Licensing and Control) Rule last September, the spokesperson said AVA has also introduced several measures — such as compulsory microchipping and introduction of a differential fee for sterilised and unsterilised pet dogs — to discourage abandonment. Tighter controls on breeding dog populations on dog farms were also put in place.

Ms Moss urged would-be owners to think long-term before getting a dog. “Dogs require a lot of attention, socialisation and training,” she said. “Your part of the bargain also has to be fulfilled — you have to spend time with them and communicate with them. It is not unlike having a child.”

Under the Animals and Birds Act, a person found guilty of abandonment of an animal could be fined up to $10,000 or jailed a year, or both.

Please write to TODAY at

with full name, address and contact telephone.

Call for a BAN on import of dogs as well as the breeding of dogs. Many of the dogs come from hell-hole dog breeding mills overseas as well as in Singapore. Just pop by Pasir Ris farmway and look beyond the nice sale front into the back of the breeding farms and see the bad conditions the bitches and studs are in – many have terrible skin conditions.

Is AVA more concern of offending “dog” business people than the welfare of dogs?

There are enough abandoned dogs in shelters to satisfy the need of genuine people who care about dogs. Why is there a need to meet the need of people who buy dogs like they buy Gucci bags! And discard them like they discard things they lose interest in after a while. These are selfish people who do not deserve the love of a loyal dog! They are the ones who should be abandoned to suffer!

Speak out for these animals because only we have the voices to do that for them!




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Jade is much better now

Jade is eating now and she is much more lively. Today the urine is back to normal colour and her eyes are less watery. Still syringe-feeding her with chicken broth to make sure she gets enough liquid. Strangely, she only eats dry food now…perhaps she knows that she needs more concentrated food after being on liquid diet for so many days.

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Beauty is recovering well. Will probably release her tomorrow.

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Ruthlessness of Town Council


A blow to Pasir Ris residents

Felled old trees were pride of quaint neighbourhood They were healthy – why cut them down?

Tuesday • February 26, 2008

Letter from Ong Siew Khim
Letter from David Law Kah Hock

I AM shocked and utterly disappointed at the felling of several old handsome casuarina trees along Elias Road (pictures).

We have been staying here for about 15 years and my family and neighbours take a lot of pride in these majestic willowy trees, which add a lot of character to the quaint neighbourhood.

Even visiting friends and relatives often comment about how beautiful they are. Very often, I look out of the window and spot various breeds of exotic birds resting and feeding on the fruit. They are one of the main reasons why we have chosen to stay here for many years.

So, imagine our horror on Saturday morning when we discovered a team of workers chopping down the trees.

When I approached them to find out why, they asked me to contact the Pasir Ris Town Council, which is closed during the weekend. They also told me they were going to chop down all the casuarina trees.

My family and I are upset that this has happened and hope to hear the justification for this insensitive action. As we are a green garden city, we should have more respect and consideration for residents and our surroundings.

I hope that through this letter, we can prevent more of these trees being felled. It takes just minutes to cut them down, but decades for them to flourish.

I AM dismayed by the Pasir Ris Town Council’s decision to cut down mature and healthy casuarina trees in the area.

For many years, these tall and graceful trees have provided residents shade and comfort. One gets a sense of peace and calm just by looking at them.

Now, two of these gentle giants, each about 14 storeys high, have been cut down.

I do not see a need for such action. Many visitors have said that these beautiful trees give this estate a distinct feel.

I spoke to the contractor in charge and he attested that the trees were very healthy. He, too, is at a loss as to why he was instructed to cut them down.

I am disappointed with the National Parks Board for allowing this to happen. I am sure that without their approval, these trees could not have been felled. Can someone explain why these trees were cut down?

Reply from Meow Meow 3:

Whether trees or community cats, they “belong” to the residents! Town Councils have no right to act dictatorially and remove them based on “some” complaints!

Sometimes town council officers forget that they are paid to serve ALL the residents and not just cower in fear to a few residents act aggressively or if they belong to RC or hold some PBM titles!

So do not be afraid to exert your right as a resident, no more and no less that the complainant!

If complainant says… too many cats.

What is to stop you from saying… too few cats!

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Beauty sterilised

Beauty is a new abandonee who has now settled at *26 Area 1. Nowadays Nora and Frosty also come over to *26 where I fed all 3 together. Beauty is a Black Beauty with a half-length tail that has a little hook at the end. She has a tiny white spot at the throat area and a triangle-shaped white spot across the chest. Going to pick her up from the vet now…

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Maxiejane brought Oliver to hospital

Oliver was improving while on antibiotics but after completing the 10 days it became worse again so Maxiejane brought him to the clinic this morning.

The vet said that it was fungus at the jaw and that he also had fleas and mites. He was given an injection and was sprayed for the fleas and mites, and the vet also prescribed the same antibiotics.

A few hours later he seemed dull and kept his eyes closed. Later at night I couldn’t find him. Then close to midnight Maxiejane found him and his head felt very hot. First we tried to syringe him with water but he resisted so Maxiejane brought him to the Hospital. I think he has a high fever.

Could it be an allergy to the spray or the injection? Actually we already suspected that he has fleas/mites but we wanted to get him well first before applying the Revolution.

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“Pregnant” cat euthanized

The ‘very pregnant” cat that Penny passed to me this morning, was not pregnant but had cancer. From what the vet explained (unable to remove all the growth and the belly all filled with pus) we agreed to euthanasia while still under anesthetic…I remembered Fury who had the tumor removed and then started to look unwell soon after and then disappeared. Don’t want her to slowly die in a drain somewhere…

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Very unhelpful AVA staff

At 6 am this morning Penny arrived at my place to pass me a cat to bring for sterilisation today then she met up with a Malay feeder and took taxi to AVA. She told me that this feeder cried when he heard that the 2 cats were caught. The Pest Control people also went there to explain their “mistake” and claim the cats back. AVA refused and still insist on a letter from TC! All left in frustration, then Penny called me and I asked her to turn back…

At first AVA said that a faxed letter was not acceptable as they are now very strict, until I managed to speak to someone from the Welfare side. TC was also very hard to reach…but finally Andrew agreed to fax the letter…. hopefully Penny will soon be able leave with the 2 cats. At first they even refused to let her see the cats but later she saw and identified them as the 2 missing cats.

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Pest Control “made a mistake”

After several calls to the Pest Control Company, they finally called back to admit that their employee “made a mistake by catching the two cats at the bin center” and that they were actually supposed to catch cats in Woodlands that morning. Luckily there was a resident who had seen the trapping going on and later informed Penny. So the 2 cats are now at AVA (one ginger boy and a tortoiseshell female). The pest control company (and caregivers) will try to claim them back on Monday morning. No wonder I was told there are no cats from our area at AVA, because they were recorded as being caught at Woodlands.

Two more tipped-ear cats had gone missing from the bin center earlier… but no one saw what happened. They probably were the victims of another “mistake” and it will be too late to save them now because AVA will keep the tipped-ears for only about 3 days before they are killed.

I guess many such ‘mistakes’ happen on a regular basis and it seems we caregivers have to make a trip down to AVA whenever any cat goes missing.

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Two sterilised cats rounded up by Pest Control

I am still trying to verify with TC…so far have not been able to contact Ms Veron or Andrew.

The agreement was to give us until end of this month! AVA will call me if the cats come in and we will try our best to claim them back. I was told by AVA that lately more cats are being rounded up and that it will be very, very difficult to claim any unsterilised cat back.

We still don’t know exactly which two cats have been caught, but there were no unsterilised ones left at this bin center.

Sponsors have come up with a total of $550.- to get 10 of the cats sterilised quickly…and 10 more were done with the help of SPCA. None of the many families we spoke to wants the cats to be killed…

Are the TC officers afraid because this complainant, who wanted to call in the police because Penny mentioned “Race” when talking about abandonment, would complain to the MP if TC didn’t remove the cats?

TC denied having activated pest control…and the cats did not turn up at AVA. The Pest Control company employed by TC is Clean Solutions. I suspect they have relocated the 2 cats…

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Shanghai Lady trying to save injured cat

The lady from Shanghai called me at midnight yesterday. She had found a very sick and skinny cat in Area 2. Some problem with the jaws…unable to eat. She suspects abuse. I went down with my carrier and while we waited for the taxi she asked again about the 4 missing cats at Blk *21… and sadly shakes her head.

I think she had stayed with the sick cat for 3 hours before she met the Auntie who gave her my number, because she didn’t know any vet and didn’t have a carrier. The Shanghai Lady hardly speaks any English but somehow we manage to communicate. … She offered to pay for all the medical expenses for this Singapore stray cat… no worries about the midnight charges.

The cat was an older cat and in such bad shape that the vet advised to put him to sleep. He is not suffering anymore now but I feel sad to think how long he had been wandering around unable to eat until finally a Lady from Shanghai cared enough to bring him to the vet…

She even arranged with me to follow up and discharge him in case he was still hospitalized when she returns to Shanghai on Tuesday…

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Jade has not been eating for 3 days

I took in the Mother of Sparkle & Twinkle today, to be sterilised tomorrow, then I went back to get Jade. I just hope that this time the flu will not spread to my home cats! Jade walked very slowly and did not touch the Fancy Feast that I offered her. I just had to take her in to make sure she gets well… she has become one of my favourites.

Jade is on the balcony now and the mother cat will have to stay in a cage in the bathroom until she can be released. Jade has lost much weight and has very watery eyes. I gave her antihistamine and syringed her with Nutri-plus and food and lots of liquid. She is a good girl now, no more biting 🙂

I just bought the antihistamine today to keep sfor cats with flu and running nose, on advise of another caregiver. She said the vet charged her $1,- for each tablet…at the pharmacy you get 50 pcs for $1.50.

Sweety, Mother of Sparkle & Twinkle, has the same sweet face as her babies. She herself is only about 6 to 7 months old. She wouldn’t keep still for me to take a nice photo…

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Unreasonable Town Councils!

A mother cat from Tampines is being held at AVA for more than a week now because TC refuse to issue a letter to the caregiver who wants to sterilise the cat and board her at a cattery. All her kittens have already died at AVA.

Can someone please tell me why there is a need for such a letter in the first place when the caregiver is willing to home the cat in a cattery and is paying for all the expenses?

More closer to home, the Town Council Manager informed Penny that the (sterilised) cats will still be rounded up after end of this month because there is a complaint from a resident at Blk 172 about too many cats and that they are making noise. She refused to reveal which unit the complaint came from.

So all the families that we spoke to at Blk 165, which is even closer to the bin center must be deaf….because we asked them and they said there was no noise! Also it doesn’t matter that none of the residents we spoke to wanted the cats to be killed.

All that matters is that that the one complainant and one property officer want them removed. I wonder if the complainant is actually aware that the cats will be killed and that there is a better and humane way of controlling the cat population… probably not!

There are around 10 cats at the bin center now, 2 have been removed. A caregiver has adopted the one that had one eye removed. Another cat gave birth at a caregiver’s home, while waiting to be sterilised and she is now nursing her 6 kittens there untill they are ready to be adopted.

We actually came to know about this problem because a resident feeder named Caren contacted me… but in the end she was not willing to do anything at all. Penny then took over as it is quite close to her area… then another 2 caregivers and some sponsors came in. I am quite encouraged by such community spirit… what a shame to have such an unsupportive TC.

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Survivor moved to new foster home

We had a meeting of caregivers yesterday at the home of Survivor’s fosterer. About 12 caregivers from different parts of Singapore turned up to pool ideas on how we can better help our community cats and to stop abandonment. There were moist eyes and tears as caregivers shared their stories…

I was talking to the fosterer of Survivor and the 4 kittens about putting them up at the CWS Adoption Bulletin Board. She was reluctant and finally informed me that she has decided to keep the 4 kittens. She had mentioned earlier that she was also thinking of keeping Survivor, whom she renamed Caramel. Meanwhile she had rescued another tiny kitten that some neighbour had obviously placed on the corridor for her to pick up…sigh! I worry for her… how long can she keep on taking in kittens and cats… and then getting too attached to adopt them out. I also find that it’s not realistic to expect potential adopters to take any kitten that she chooses for them. Adopters who request for a specific colour or a long tail would be rejected. Of course such adopters would be ideal but it doesn’t mean that someone who asks for a certain colour will not love and care well for his cat.

Forgot to take a pic of the one-eye cat from the bin center. There is quite a large opaque patch on the remaining eye and it’s still a bit watery… I am glad that he does not need to go back to the bin center. This caregiver has a really big heart…

I took Survivor aka Caramel back for a viewing yesterday but she didn’t get adopted and is now under Penny’s care. Survivor had become close to the 4 kittens but I hope she will also make friends with the 3-legged Amber…

I am a little sad because I know that by choosing not to return her she may end up as a community cat if not adopted, but I just have to do what i think is right…considering the whole picture.

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Oliver not well but improving

He had not been eating and the skin on his lower jaw looks a little inflamed also noticed two swollen glands at the side of the jaw. We gave him something for inflammation and a course of antibiotics and apply cream, also force-fed him with Nutri-gel.

He looks better now, is eating well and the swelling of the glands has reduced. Hopefully no need for a visit to the vet…

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More Pictures of Two Precious Pearls

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4 more cats sterilised…

Altogether about 20 over cats have been done, those at the bin center as well as those from nearby blocks.

However the property officer still insists that there must not be more than 5 cats at the bin center by end of next week. Otherwise the Pest Control will be called in to round them up .

Helped Penny to do a survey today, in 2 hours we covered about half of the block closest to the bin center. 23 families did not want the cats removed, and none of them had any complaints. 2 people were indifferent and one family wanted some of the cats removed as they were scared of them…but even they did not want them killed. Frankly I was surprised that there was not a single complaint about caterwauling, cat fights…I mean we only started sterilizing 2 weeks ago!

Penny will talk to the property manager and show him the result of our survey.

Why must these sterilised cats (there are now about 10 at the bin center) be removed, when the overwhelming majority of residents does not want them to be removed…just because one family has a phobia?

The bin center is not even close to the first block and there is lots of greenery surrounding it…including a quite steep hill with overgrown grass…. more than enough space for 10 cats to play and hide away from human beings.

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The Year Of The Rat

Thoughts of a fellow vegan…

The Year Of The Rat

The value of its life is degraded to that of dirt –

we label it “a pest!?.

They are born with a death sentence –

to be exterminated at sight, or be used for laboratory testing.

In the Year of the Rat,

may we all see beyond the glossy symbols,

decorations and empty wishes.

may we all appreciate the good things we already have in life,

like food, sleep, clothes, money, work…

and never take these for granted.

may we all have compassion for the less fortunate amongst us,

such as the rat.

With compassion, true insight and generosity…

maybe, just maybe…

the new year will be happier.

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Sparkle & Twinkle

These adorable kittens are about 2 months old. Twinkle (with orange patches) is a girl and Sparkle is a boy.

They are available for adoption. Please email me at if you are willing to give them a permanent home and good care.

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Amber the 3-legged kitten

Penny found her with one front leg badly injured and brought her to the Animal Hospital. The leg had to be amputated, worse… it didn’t heal and later needed another operation to remove more of the shoulder part.This little kitten went through a lot but she is now safe under Penny’s care.

Anyone whishing to give little Amber a permanent home please send an email to

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A tormenting paradox

from Tipped Ear Clan Blog:

This is the reality, laid bare.

If you have friends or family who have pets and won’t sterilise them, show this to them.

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