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Special kitten needs home urgently

A young boy found this little kitten and simply brought her to the vet.

The kind vet treated the kitten but her hind legs may be permanently paralysed. Otherwise she is healthy and very active…using her front legs to move around.

The vet will keep her at the clinic for a while…hoping for that slim chance that someone will adopt her.

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Update on Lora

Took Lora home yesterday. The fur on her neck, lower half of her body and tail has been shaved off. Her right back paw is swollen. I didn’t attempt to wash the wound or apply the cream but managed to sprinkle some antibiotic powder. I have to be very careful as the bathroom door is not secure.

Lora has a huge appetite and will take the antibiotics mixed into her food. I can stroke her and change the newspaper while she is eating… after that she will start hissing again.

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Ali is still hospitalized at the clinic. Hope Penny can take him home soon.

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Stitches back in the cattery

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Lora splashed with paint and limping

There is a smell…probably infected wound on her hind leg. Will bring her to the vet in the morning.

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Cheerful Christmas

No, I am not celebrating Christmas… but somehow this year I ended up with some pine branches, lots of gifts for the cats and even watching a nice old christmas movie at a friend’s home 🙂

Hmmm… at least I am left with a picture of the pine branches. Seems Ashley didn’t like the fragrance or perhaps he just wanted to be helpful by watering them…or the pine smell reminded him of the cat litter 🙂

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Peachy Peaches

Peaches is eating very well and putting on some weight. Only her left eye is still the same (red eye lid and some swelling) seems the ointment is not working… I will ask the vet for a different kind tomorrow.

Finally had Billy Boy de-wormed today… Mango and Orange are more active and playful now and Stiches is doing well back at the cattery.

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