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Special kitten needs home urgently

A young boy found this little kitten and simply brought her to the vet.

The kind vet treated the kitten but her hind legs may be permanently paralysed. Otherwise she is healthy and very active…using her front legs to move around.

The vet will keep her at the clinic for a while…hoping for that slim chance that someone will adopt her.

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Update on Lora

Took Lora home yesterday. The fur on her neck, lower half of her body and tail has been shaved off. Her right back paw is swollen. I didn’t attempt to wash the wound or apply the cream but managed to sprinkle some antibiotic powder. I have to be very careful as the bathroom door is not secure.

Lora has a huge appetite and will take the antibiotics mixed into her food. I can stroke her and change the newspaper while she is eating… after that she will start hissing again.

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Ali is still hospitalized at the clinic. Hope Penny can take him home soon.

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Stitches back in the cattery

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Lora splashed with paint and limping

There is a smell…probably infected wound on her hind leg. Will bring her to the vet in the morning.

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Cheerful Christmas

No, I am not celebrating Christmas… but somehow this year I ended up with some pine branches, lots of gifts for the cats and even watching a nice old christmas movie at a friend’s home πŸ™‚

Hmmm… at least I am left with a picture of the pine branches. Seems Ashley didn’t like the fragrance or perhaps he just wanted to be helpful by watering them…or the pine smell reminded him of the cat litter πŸ™‚

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Peachy Peaches

Peaches is eating very well and putting on some weight. Only her left eye is still the same (red eye lid and some swelling) seems the ointment is not working… I will ask the vet for a different kind tomorrow.

Finally had Billy Boy de-wormed today… Mango and Orange are more active and playful now and Stiches is doing well back at the cattery.

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Pema & Silverine waiting for a good home Two videos pf Pema Video of Silverine

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glut and brutality

from Animal Family’s blog:

my heart sinks when i see my feline brothers and sisters caged like this to be bought, sold, weighed and finally eaten. then i remember our friends in poultry, cattle and other farms who suffer the same fate and i am not sure i have the right to complain.

but i say this for all of us who are lesser than the mighty men. i can understand if a starving person had to catch us to fill his family’s stomach. i can even understand if someone had no other livelihood but to farm us. because they are careful with what they have and they are grateful for what they are given.

for the rest of you, why are you so hungry? so hungry you have exchanged your natural abhorrence to glut and brutality that is shark’s fin soup, foie gras, veal, fur coats and on and on, and for what? for that bloated esteem of living what is a good life. that is what it is. i hope you are happy.

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Two more cats abused?

The elderly Indian feeder found this two injured cats near his block. The Ginger is a community cat while the Tabby-White with long tail is new and un-tipped.

He and his neighbours, a Malay family, are caring for the 2 cats now. The Ginger has injuries at the mouth and paw but no swelling. They just gave him water as he was not eating. Showed them how to syringe-feed and he is swallowing the food without much of a struggle.

The other cat is eating but she has a broken or sprained hind leg… also no swelling. I brought a cage as they had only a small carrier for her. Hope both cats can recover with the help of some meds.

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Update on the cat with chemical burn

This cat needs a name!

Visited him today. The wound looks good… no infection. Bad news is that he is quite fierce. If he stays at the clinic for another 3 weeks as the vet suggested then the bill will be huge… about the same as for Yeshe. So Penny will have to take him back soon. She is quite good in handling fierce cats. He has been hospitalized for 10 days now and the bill is $350.- so far (before stray cat discount).

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Time to revive Stray Cats Rehabilitation Scheme

Time to revive Stray Cats Rehabilitation Scheme

I AM writing to urge the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority’s (AVA) Centre for Animal Welfare and Control and the town councils to revive the Stray Cats Rehabilitation Scheme and step up awareness among the public that offenders caught abandoning pets are liable on conviction to a maximum fine of $10,000 and/or 12 months’ imprisonment.

The presence of stray cats and dogs is the result of irresponsible pet owners abandoning their pets. These strays end up scavenging at food centres and rubbish bins for survival. Like humans, they mate and multiply. As their numbers increase, we complain of their defecation, noise from cat fights, caterwauling and scratches on cars.

If we can set up old folks’ homes to house elderly folk abandoned by their children, if we can run campaigns to raise awareness for Aids and yet continue to permit the oldest trade in the world, why can’t we make a humane effort to control strays rather than just cull them and teach the public responsible pet ownership.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the AVA put down 10,000 to 15,000 stray cats a year. Since 2002, the AVA has, on average each year, impounded some 3,500 dogs and 5,700 cats and received 4,000 and 5,000 calls complaining about stray dogs and cats respectively. SPCA receives some 700 abandoned pets every month but fewer than 20 per cent are successfully found new homes.

Controlling the population of stray cats and dogs requires a multi-pronged approach. As stated in the AVA’s media release dated June 13, 2003, culling of strays is one necessary method to control the population. But when will such a cruel exercise be stopped?

The Stray Cats Rehabilitation Scheme sterilised some 3,000 stray cats before it was stopped in 2003. These sterilised cats would have remained at 3,000 to this day, if they survived road accidents or illness. A pair of cats can mate and produce up to 324 progeny in about two years. Assuming an equal number in sexes and using only simple mathematical calculations, the scheme has effectively saved at least 486,000 homeless cats from being born in 2005. This naturally translates into fewer public complaints for the AVA and the town councils, and savings in costs incurred rounding up and culling these cats.

Phyllis Tan (Ms)

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Peaches getting better

Peaches ate quite a lot of dry food and some chicken today. Still syringe-feeding her… but less. Her back is still very bony, her sides are hollow and she wobbles a bit when climbing in and out of the hammock… but looks like she won the fight πŸ™‚

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Chemical Burn

The feeder called Penny to tell her about an injured cat at a car park. As Penny was in the middle of trapping cats she called me. I was out feeding… so I messaged Clodya and Jaime who are staying very close to the location. Clodya responded but couldn’t find the cat. In the end Penny managed to trap him at midnight. The feeder said she would give her $50.-… when she gets her salary… sigh!

Why is it alright to push everything to Penny who doesn’t even have a salary?

At first Penny tried to care for the cat herself but he would scratch the wound and did not allow her to place an E-collar. The vet said it was a chemical burn… abuse?

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Billy Boy, Mango & Orange

Peaches’ brothers Mango & Orange are well except for the occasional sneezing and a bit of loose stool. I guess vaccination and deworming will have to be delayed for a while just to be safe.

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Update on Peaches

Peaches sniffed at the tuna several times today… followed by a sneeze – but at least it’s a sign that she may start eating soon.

I will not be bringing her for the review tomorrow but simply continue with more of the same medication.

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Heino & Kitkat

The new kitten, named Kitkat, has moved … from Lizzy’s block to Sweety’s and now he has settled with Heino, Winny and Sophus.

Seems Heino has adopted this little newcomer πŸ™‚

Kitkat is probably around 4 to 5 months old.

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Betty missing for 2 days

Just hope she is alright and will be back….

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Peaches is home

Discharged against vet’s advise….but as long as she can be fed and medicated I will try home care.

The vet thinks that in addition to flu she has panleukopenia (parvovirus FPV). This is a really nasty virus that causes the low platelets and could also cause internal bleeding.

Today I noticed the eye-lid infection, so I am applying eye ointment in addition to giving her the medication prescribed by the vet. I am also adding Lysine to her food. She is on 2 antibiotics (Baytril and Zithromax).

There was some bleeding on her nose and chin (sores, ulcers). Used cut-stop pads to stop the bleeding. There is also a swelling under her chin.

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A sweet cat amongst human garbage

Sweety says : “I did not create this mess!”

“Wonder who is the nuisance?”

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Maxiejane brought Orangee to the vet

Orangee aka Windy had a big lump behind his ear…luckily not a tumor. It was filled with pus just like Rocky’s. Sorry, no photo of Orangee. He is in the care of Maxiejane now.

Maybe they fought with the same cat…could it be Joe? He keeps en-croaching into Rocky’s territory.

Rocky & Noisy Joe

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Peaches improving but still in serious condition

Little Peaches a little scared…

but some stroking and a towel made her comfortable

Peaches is all skin and bones… but more lively and stronger. Instead of getting worse day by day she is now improving…. no regrets about transferring her. She even stood up and arched her bony back and trying to roll over when I stroked her πŸ™‚

Peaches was purring and kneading away at my hand. A bit of stroking and a towel to curl up in where all that was needed to make her feel safe.

Managed to feed her several syringes of food. The technician said they would feed her every 2 hours. I think there is no need to insert a feeding tube now… actually thinking of bringing her home tomorrow even though the vet advised against it… saying that the blood count is still too low and too little platelets and that she could suddenly die from internal bleeding…

I was surprised when the vet told me that the blood transfusion would cost only $50.- but from the bill it looks more like $260,- (maybe that was just the cost of the blood?) Anyway, she really needed that… but now the total medical cost is already more than $1.000,- so I have to take her back asap.

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Not just flu….

Transferred Peaches to Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital today. I think this is her only chance as they have better equipment….

Blood count was done and it’s very low. The vet said that it is not just flu… she is immune compromised…could be FPV. They will give her Zithromax as Clavulox and Vibravet are not working. She is also getting a blood transfusion. Peaches is too weak now to have a feeding tube inserted… may not be able to take the sedation. They will do that once she is stabilised.

First I went to another clinic nearby – When I called up to enquire about feeding tube, they said it could be done. However, when I reached there the vet explained that for cats feeding tubes could not be inserted through the nose as the passage was too narrow. Peaches would have to go under general anesthetic and have an opening created at the throat area. She didn’t believe they could do it at Mt. P. Hospital. However, the vet there confirmed that it could be done…

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Peaches looked worse when I visited her today… all this black stuff around her mouth and nose.

The vet thinks it is not full-blown flu yet and may get worse for one or two more days. She is on clavulox and diazepam (to stimulate appetite)

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Greyee Boy, Pema & Silverine



Greyee Boy

wishing for a good home

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Dawn, Orange Boy & Stitches

Dawn on top of the fridge

Orange Boy in his new bed


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Novena Kitten to the vet – hospitalized

Little Novena Girl

Billy’s wound healing

I was thinking let them all get through the flu naturally… without any antibiotics but this morning the little girl was coughing badly and she felt really hot. I was worried about pneumonia….

She had a high fever.. and is now on 2 antibiotics. One of her brothers has running nose and is not eateing… the other one just sneezes a little. Stitches is much better… still sneezes occasionally.

Billy Boy still has diarrhoea. Gave him Dharmotil for a few days but no improvement. Big cleaning up job for me every day. He does go into the litter box but has the habit of always pooing over the edge…

Tried to de-worm him today… but he won’t have it! Billy and Stitches both are very difficult to medicate… Guess i will let them be a little hungry tomorrow and then try hiding the de-wormer in the food.

Anyone can help me find names for the 3 Novena Kittens?

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Toa Payoh kitten on her way to USA

From Jonela’s blog:

Supervising the packing πŸ™‚

Ariel must be the luckiest of those cats rescued from the hoarder. She and her new brother and sister reached Frankfurt safely and are flying on to New York right now, together with their guardian who made sure to get the best Airlines for them πŸ™‚

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