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Shredder stitched


Shredder needed 10 stitches

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What’s happening in Area 2?

So many cats with big wounds… all from area 2! Shredder is a senior cat, estimated to be about 13 years old now. She should not be out on the street… surely the wound would get infected! Thankfully LK is helping in Area 2! She agreed to take her in… unless Shredder makes a lot of noise, in which case I will take over. I got the antibiotics, cream, wash and E-collar… hope no vet visit needed this time.

LK’s house is also full… she just took in a newly abandoned mother with 5 kittens (3 day old)… sigh!

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Wounds are healing

Woke up in the middle of the night… strange noises coming from the bathroom. Found Doppelganger trying to pull off the e-collar…. think his claws got stuck in the collar. Had no choice but to cut the string and remove the collar.

Doppelganger is now lively and eating well. He was very dull and had to be syringe-fed for the first 3 days…

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Home or cattery?

Looks more like a cattery than a home but what to do when there are so many…

The two gates will make for happier cats, actually giving them more freedom… from fights and from being bullied. With my last two additions “Darly & Beany” part-time caging had become necessary as they are both fighters.

The original idea was to just have some simple wooden screen doors with mesh… but contractors told me that the cost would be the same as it would involve more work. I had already given up on the whole idea when I had a big surprise… someone offered to sponsor $500. With that I dared to go ahead ($1.200 for two gates). Thank you for making our dream come true! No more caging for Beany & Darly!

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Multiple wounds

Doppelganger has a deep wound at the throat, multiple wounds at one side of his body and bruises at the other side. He injured his claws while trashing about in the carrier. Still very drowsy…

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We have a home

Even though it’s a home shared with 20 more… it beats living on the street! Actually only 19 more now that Orange Boy had passed away… miss him very much!


Bunny was hit by a car and almost died after hiding with a broken jaw unable to eat and drink for many days. Nush can be seen in the background at the window. Everywhere there are steps for her to go up onto the furniture.


Nushi was abandoned at the void deck at the old age of 9. She was sitting in her own pee, too scared to move. Now she is 14 years old and the queen of the house! No one dare mess with her… not even Darly!


Hope was at risk of drowning in the drain. After sterilization he fell sick then started limping… in the end didn’t have the heart to release him.

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Thor been limping for 3 days

Hope medication will work… also ‘frontlined’ him today. Sylvia is helping by giving him the morning dose of antibiotics. At night I add B-complex. Thor is more friendly now… could stroke him while he was eating.

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