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Whitie Girl missing

Whitie Girl, seen here with her mother Judy has gone missing. She is the daughter of Jacky who had been relocated to another part of Yishun by someone… twice! Both times he was found and returned.

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Two more cats missing

Jacky’s daughter Whitie Girl is missing for 3 days now! Whitie Girl is all white except for a black patch at the right ear and the last two third of her tail is also black.

Whitie Girl with her mother Judy

King, who was sterilised only one months ago, has not been seen for 2 days. He is also form the same area.


Another cat “Lau-Hei” had been missing from Area 3 (which is under the same TC). He was found after 3 weeks… in the eastern part of Singapore!

Rocky was found relocated to another part of the estate and found after one month!

Jacky was found at the bus interchange after 2 months!

What is going on here?!

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Photos of Judy and Whitie

Mother Judy (right) and daughter Whitie Girl from Area 1 Blk *30 bin center.

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Whitie and Blackie

Whitie and Blackie are Judy’s kittens. Managed to trap Whitie today. I estimate her to be just about 5 to 6 months old but do not want to wait and risk her getting pregnant. Will try for the sibling next, just in case it’s also a girl. The last one for the month will hopefully be Babu, a very cute black-and-white with a black ‘moustache’. He has been on the waiting list for a long time but it’s ‘Ladies first’.

Photo: Whitie Girl

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