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Bags for cats

These bags came with the tree and tunnel. The smaller bag is just nice for Peaches.

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Orange Boy unwell

Orange Boy has not been eating or drinking yesterday and was vomiting foamy liquid. He was also growling and hissing and hiding under the cupboard. Brought him for a check up this morning. The vet gave 2 injections (one of them was vitamines) but he could not really determine what was wrong with OB.

Will observe him for 2 days…

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Bunny – wire removed and teeth done

Brought Bunny to MPVC for removal of the wire today and thought might as well do the teeth at the same time. He had one upper fang pulled and one tooth filed down. Seems he is still not able to close his mouth completely… but it’s much better!

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The proliferation of stray animals in our communities is a human-created problem. They are here as a direct result of human-driven activities – a thriving live pet trade, irresponsible breeding and pet abandonment.

An average of 10,000 cats have been put down every year for the past 10 years. Yet we continue to let breeding and abandonment go unchecked year on year, killing the excess when it becomes embarrassing.

Isn’t it time we face up to the root cause of stray proliferation?


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Ike tipped and tattooed

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New toys

Lots of useful cat stuff was given to me by another caregiver. They love the 3-way tunnel. The cat-tree went straight into my bedroom… before Ashley’s could spray on it!

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Fifi sighted at *21

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Another failed adoption for Lala

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see!!!

They called to confirm that they wanted her! Asked me to keep her in until the weekend so that they could get everything ready…. and then never showed up!

I do not want to deal with people anymore…

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Novena Lucy

Lucy is a very sweet girl! She looks small but should be 5 to 6 months old now. Will bring her for sterilization tomorrow.

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Bonding over a “community cat”


inter-racial harmony

Bonding over a ‘community cat’

Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee

FIVE YEARS ago, when I moved into my block of Housing and Development Board flats, I noticed a tri-coloured cat at the void deck.

She was easily placed into a carrier and taken to the vet for sterilisation.

She was then returned to the void deck bearing a surgical cut on her left ear, a symbol of her neutered status.

Ginger (picture) — as she was affectionately called — became a mascot of the block and is cared for by several families.

One day last week, a Jewish neighbour told me that Mr Ali, a Malay resident on the third storey, was concerned that he had not seen Ginger for the past few weeks.

I went to his flat and we chatted about Ginger and cat-related things. Most importantly, a friendship was forged.

I then went to the second storey and knocked on the door of a Chinese family whom I knew was very fond of Ginger too.

Sure enough, the cat was safe and sound in the flat.

I walked up to convey the good news to Mr Ali who said he would pay a visit to the Chinese family to see our “block cat?.

I then took a lift to the 11th storey to inform the Jewish lady.

It is time for Town Councils to stop automatically? assigning “cat nuisance? to any feedback about cats.

What Ginger does to bring about inter-racial harmony and neighbourliness is akin to what some community events can achieve.

That is why cats like Ginger are aptly called “Community Cats?.

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Lala, Ash & Snoop

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Fifi & Fufu

Fifi & Pinky

Fifi’s brother Fufu

Snoopy Feb. ’06

My first photo of her just after sterilization 4 years ago. Snoopy seems afraid of people now, always hiding under cars.

Fifi was back at the same place today and she has a brother… named him Fufu.

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Aminah’s cat Lucky passed away peacefully

Rest in peace, Lucky

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New Kitten at *26 Area 1

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Lala came running

I was prepared to search for her through the night and then take the first bus back in the morning but still had not much hope of finding her.

Alighted from feeder bus at block 819 and saw a black-and-white community cat at the back of the block. Thought might as well start the search here. Shook my bunch of keys once and the next moment she was running around my feet and meowing loudly. Dirty fur, a bald patch on the back and hungry but otherwise she seems fine…

Still can’t believe that I found her immediately upon arriving… and several blocks from where she was actually lost!

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The apathy of human beings

Helen Keller

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Adopter lost Lala!

Lala escaped from the adopter’s home at

Block 813 Tampines St. 81

According to the adopter, she ran out when a family member opened the gate. I am puzzled how this could have happened when she was supposed to be confined to a room…

Anyone staying in this area please help to look out for Lala! According to adopter, she ran down the stairs and went under a car and scratched him when he tried to get her out and then went into the drain.

Will be searching for her tomorrow night…

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John Paul II had a dream

From 66yearoldcat’s blog

Full text here:



“It was a terribly severe winter in New York, the city was completely covered with snow. Inhabitants were well-off and warmly dressed, and walking slowly along roads because cars, due to mountains of snow, could not be operated. I was happy that I could walk on top of the snow on avenues of white.

“All my physical effort was spent on walking. To this day, pictures of huge apartment houses on both sides of the avenue are instilled in my mind, and the doormen quickly closing and opening entrance doors as though trying to prevent humanity and warmth from escaping.

“On top of the snow, I noticed a brown cat emerge from a side street and walk on the snow. I looked closer, and to my surprise, saw that this big cat was being followed by six small brown-and- white kittens, all of them following the big brown cat in a perfect line. The mother cat looked back from time to time to see if her babies were there, but her main concern was to reach the entrance door. I presumed she was trying to find warmth for herself and her children, but as soon as she reached the door, a man in a well-pressed uniform, jumped at her with a broom and chased them away. I followed this procession and prepared to deliver a speech to the doorman. I opened my mouth and tried to complain, ‘Where is your proverbial American generosity? Where is your American good heart and fair play? Let them in. Let them in!!

“I tried to speak, but the words would not come out. Maybe I was afraid of the doorman with the broom. I started searching my cassock pockets for a piece of bread, found some crumbs and put them on my palms, calling: ‘Kitty, kitty, kitty.’ But the words would not come from my supposedly intelligent mouth. Instead, the wind blew the crumbs from my palm and I said, ‘what can I do? I can’t speak to the cats. I can’t speak to the doorman. But there are many hungry birds. They might pick up the crumbs.’

“Again, I walked after the cats, now with a pain in my chest, feeling tremendous cold. On the left I saw a church building and thought,’There we will find help.’ I heard singing and again, the idea occurred to me that it must be a Catholic church. The music grew louder, as though trying to convince God that they were praying to Him.

The mother cat jumped in front of me and climbed the stairs, followed by her kittens. I raised my head and saw a tall Jesuit priest chasing the cats off the steps. But as I was about to shout at the Jesuit ‘I am a cardinal!’ and give an order to accept the cats, the mother cat and her offspring ran behind the church, because from there came the appetizing aroma of food. Probably there was a kitchen there. But a second Jesuit appeared at the kitchen door and scared the cats away. They returned to the avenue and started walking north.

They walked on the same side of the avenue as the Jesuit church and I followed. Then they reached an imposing red brick church. An Anglican bishop appeared and said to the cats, ‘My dear animal children, please go immediately to the animal shelter. There is food for you there. We Anglican clergy donate lots of money to the animal shelter, every year, at Christmas time.’

“The mother cat and her kittens didn’t even meow. They knew the authoritative voice of the Anglican bishop. They walked uptown and gradually the luxurious buildings disappeared, together with the doormen, and we saw drab dilapidated apartments.

“As they walked and the buildings grew shabbier and dirty, a door was opened, not by a doorman but by an old wrinkled woman in a cotton dress. [She saw the cats] and shouted ‘Oh, little mother,’ and when she opened her mouth I saw she had few teeth. She gently ushered the mother cat and kittens inside, who jumped happily about because the warmth of the house embraced them.”

“The narrative ended as the cats found a safe haven with the woman who had little enough, herself. When the Pope concluded his dream the author to whom he related it did not make any comment on what had been said. But he did write that “I had never seen such a sad expression on the face of this man.” Considering that this was the same man who had related the horrors of his young manhood, under Nazi occupation, the author’s remark shows the deep impact this dream had on the Pope.

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The real Avatar

The real Avatar:

Mine – Story of a Sacred Mountain

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Lala has been adopted

Took her in for viewing yesterday and today she went to her new home with an existing 9-year-old Persian cat. Lala is only about 7 months old, which means that she will be quite a large cat when fully grown.

Snoopy has been released back yesterday. She gave a short high-pitched scream when she exited the carrier… and then went under a car. I feel very guilty for throwing her back on the street after all she went through. She was perfectly at home at my place, mixed with all the home cats with no trouble at all….

Ike and Oki will also have to be released soon…

This is so heartbreaking !!!

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More pics of Stoney & Bunny

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Another Water-Cat

Ashley is so funny… trying to bite the water!

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The E-collar had to be removed as the owner had stopped taking him home at night…

By the way, I just found out that this type of breed is actually called “Chocolate Burmese”.

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