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Mia’s owner has more additions now

Just in case any of the cats get lost, at least I will be able to recognize them….

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Is this ethical!

Feeder asks a caregiver to rescue and sterilize cats at her friend’s working place at Senoko. She asked the caregiver to release the sterilized cat at blk *17 Area 2 where she is feeding.

I strongly objected when I came to know about this! This is the area where many cats have been lost due to relocated by pest control! told her that I never even considered releasing the 3 Novena kittens (Fruits) in one of my areas… as I think it would be unethical.

By “saving” this one cat , the caregiver may indirectly kill many others! Old Lora could be the next victim of relocation… then what good did she do???

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Dumy is a sweet boy

Dumy is very quiet now. He must have been so frightened, first abandoned then caught by Pest Control.

Poor little Dumy!

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Missing on the 6th of May, Lau-Hei was found 30km away!

Lau Hei was relocated from the North to the East!

This is a very friendly old cat of at least 12 years. His only disadvantage is that he is BLACK!

The lady who looks after him all these years suspected that a resident complaint to the town council simply because he is black. There is no reason to find fault with this cat who is clean, do not make noise, do not scratch or bite anyone, do not breed, do not sleep on cars, do not need rumage dustbins for food, BUT he is simply BLACK!

Is the complainant some big shot that the town council officer decided not to inform the caregiver of the complaint as it would definitely be deemed unreasonable but activated the pest controller to relocate the cat so that there is NO record. After all, pest controllers are contracted to work for the town council and they will want to be on good terms with the officers to ensure that their contract is renewed. So it is highly likely that such pest controllers will be in cahoot with such unscrupulous town council officers!

more here:

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First batch of Fruit Enzymes

It’s been a long time since I made fruit enzymes…. hope I remembered correctly.

I used raw sugar as I couldn’t find those Chinese brown candy sugar blocks so it looks a bit dark. Pineapple and unripe papaya are layered with sugar.

Here is more info on fruit enzymes:

Supposed to let it ferment for 3 weeks

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Twisty discharged

Now I have stereo “Twisty & Rocky” 🙂

Twisty has 5 deep bite wounds at her back, close to each other.

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New young female in Area 1

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Take one return two?

It seems that the cat taken by Sita Pest Control has been returnd… and another orange-white dumped at the same time? Dumy aka Dumb-Dumb is now at the vet to be sterilised tomorrow.


This is the new cat found at *26 (where Dumy was caught). He is very thin and has a sore voice… but he is eating and looks alert.


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Two more cats missing

Jacky’s daughter Whitie Girl is missing for 3 days now! Whitie Girl is all white except for a black patch at the right ear and the last two third of her tail is also black.

Whitie Girl with her mother Judy

King, who was sterilised only one months ago, has not been seen for 2 days. He is also form the same area.


Another cat “Lau-Hei” had been missing from Area 3 (which is under the same TC). He was found after 3 weeks… in the eastern part of Singapore!

Rocky was found relocated to another part of the estate and found after one month!

Jacky was found at the bus interchange after 2 months!

What is going on here?!

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Winny ready to be released

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First Batch of Enzymes ready!

Garbage Enzymes

+ As natural herbicides, fertiliser and to improve quality of fruits
+ Floor cleaner
+ Dish washer
+ Air purifier
+ As far as your imagination can stretch

Save on household cleaner and bodycare:

For shampoo, dish wash, laundry liquid etc; use enzyme to multiply and to reduce chemical residues.
Ratio = 1 part enzyme : 1 part detergent/cleaner : 10 parts water

Washing vegetables:

Add 30 ml (2 tbsp) enzyme to 1 litre water. Soak for 45 minutes.

Floor cleaning:

Add 30ml (2 tbsp) enzyme to moping water. To clean and sterilise.





Concentrated enzyme

Bath (add in bath water to improve skin condition)


Keep overnight

Washing machine (clean and soften laundry)


Soak and wash

Toilet bowl (prevent blockage & purify sewage)


Pour and wash

Toilet cistern (purify water)

20-50cc (two caps)

2-3 times/ weeks

Garden pond & water tank (purify water)

1/10,000 litre water

Add occasionally

Leather sofa (clean mold and stain)

Appropriate amount

Spray and wipe every 10 days

10-50 times

Carpet & tatami mat (deodorise & antiseptic)

Slightly moist

Spray 1-2 times/month

Shoe, inside the car (deodorise & antiseptic)

Appropriate amount

Spray occasionally

Kitchen sink, stove, cooker hood(clean oily stain)

Appropriate amount

Soak and wipe occasionally

Black mold (antifungal)

Appropriate amount

Soak and wipe occasionally

Pet excretion, pet house (deodorise & antiseptic)

Appropriate amount

Spray occasionally

200 – 500 times

Air-cond room (humidifier, deodorise & antiseptic)

Appropriate amount

Spray occasionally

500 times

Bathroom sink (clean)

Appropriate amount

Soak and wipe occasionally

Cabinet and refrigerator (deodorise)

Appropriate amount

Spray occasionally

Drain (prevent drainpipe blockage)

Appropriate amount

Flush occasionally

Pet (bathing, deodorise & antiseptic)

Appropriate amount

Upon bathing or brushing

Toilet (clean, deodorise & pest control)

Appropriate amount

Spray when wiping

500-1000 times

Indoor (purify air, deodorise & pest control)

Appropriate amount

Spray frequently

Closet, clothes (deodorise & antiseptic)

Slightly moist

Spray occasionally

1000 times

Seeding and planting (fertiliser)

Appropriate amount

Rinse once

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Sadness as a Meditation

Sadness as a Meditation

Sadness can become a very enriching experience. You have to work on it. It is easy to escape from yours sadness – and all relationships ordinarily are escapes; one simply goes on avoiding it. And it is always there underneath… the current continues. Even in relationship it erupts many times. Then one tends to throw the responsibility on the other, but it is not the real thing. It is your loneliness, your own sadness. You have not settled with it yet, so it will erupt again and again.

You can escape in work. You can escape in some occupation, in relationship and society, this and that, in traveling, but it is not going to go away, because it is part of your being.

Every man is born alone – in the world, but alone; comes through the parents, but alone. And every man dies alone, again moves out of the world alone. And between these two lonelinesses we go on deceiving and fooling ourselves. It is good to take the courage and enter into this loneliness. However hard and difficult it may look in the beginning, it pays tremendously. Once you settle with it, once you start enjoying it, once you feel it not as sadness but as silence, once you understand that there is no way to escape, you relax.

Nothing can be done about it, so why not enjoy it? Why not go into it deeply and have a taste of it, see what it is? Why be unnecessarily afraid? If it is going to be there and it is a fact – existential, not accidental – then why not come to terms with it? Why not move into it and see what it is?

Whenever you feel sad, sit silently and allow sadness to come; don’t try to escape from it. Make yourself as sad as you can. Don’t avoid it – that’s the one thing to remember. Cry, weep… have the whole taste of it. Cry to death… fall down on the earth… roll—and let it go by itself. Don’t force it to go; it will go, because nobody can remain in a permanent mood.

When it goes you will be unburdened, absolutely unburdened, as if the whole gravitation has disappeared and you can fly, weightless. That is the moment to enter yourself. First bring sadness. The ordinary tendency is not to allow it, to find some ways and means so that you can look somewhere else – to go to the restaurant, to the swimming pool, meet friends, read a book or go to a movie, play a guitar – to do something, so that you can be engaged and you can put your attention somewhere else.

This can be remembered – when you are feeling sad, don’t loose the opportunity. Close the doors, sit down, and feel as sad as you can, as if the whole world is just a hell. Go deep into it… sink into it. Allow every sad thought to penetrate you, every sad emotion to stir you. And cry and weep and say things – say them loudly, there is nothing to worry about.

So first live sadness for a few days, and the moment that momentum of sadness goes, you will feel very calm, peaceful – as one fe
els after a storm. In that moment sit silently and enjoy the silence that is coming on its own. You have not brought it; you were bringing sadness. When sadness goes, in the wake, silence settles.

Listen to that silence. Close your eyes. Feel it… feel the very texture of it… the fragrance. And if you feel happy, sing, dance.

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The Samurai’s Creed

Sayadaw U Jotika from Burma took an early dislike to an anonymous poem from around the 14th century that’s best known as The Samurai’s Creed, he told a packed audience at a recent dhamma talk in Bangkok. (Sayadaw is a Burmese honorific for a highly respected senior monk.)

But the verses’ pared-down simplicity and unlikely-sounding combinations eventually wore down that resistance and grew to captivate the 62-year-old teacher, whose ideas are readily available in Burma on CDs, in books and even adorning the walls of the Lucky Seven Tea Shop in Rangoon.,8211,0,0,1,0

“To overcome loneliness, first learn to meditate, to live in the moment. Living like this, your mind becomes very peaceful, very calm, very strong. Mindfulness makes you very Strong. You will develop inner strength.”

The poem begins:

I have no parents

I make heaven and earth my parents

I have no home

I make mindfulness my home

I have no life and death

I make the tides of breathing my life and death

I have no divine power

I make honesty my divine power

I have no friends

I make my mind my friend

I have no enemy

I make carelessness my enemy

I have no sword

I make absence of self my sword

The Samurai’s Creed

I have no parents; I make the heaven and earth my mother and father.
I have no home; I make awareness my dwelling.
I have no life and death; I make the tides of breathing my life and death.
I have no divine power; I make honesty my divine power.
I have no means; I make understanding my means.
I have no magic secrets; I make character my magic secret.
I have no body; I make endurance my body.
I have no eyes; I make the flash of lightning my eyes.
I have no ears; I make sensibility my ears.
I have no limbs; I make promptness my limbs.
I have no strategy; I make “unshadowed by thought� my strategy
I have no designs; I make “seizing opportunity by the forelock� my design.
I have no miracles; I make right action my miracle.
I have no principles; I make adaptability to all circumstances my princ
I have no tactics; I make emptiness and fullness my tactics.
I have no talents; I make ready wit my talent.
I have no friends; I make my mind my friend.
I have no enemy; I make carelessness my enemy.
I have no armor; I make benevolence and righteousness my armor.
I have no castle; I make immovable mind my castle.
I have no sword; I make absence of self my sword.

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Jacky is alive

Trapped at Interchange

and returned to Area1

Trapped Jacky at the bus interchange in the early morning hours. He looked lost and hungry… meowed very pitifully.

After returning Jacky I kept looking for Prince and Whitie Girl…both were missing at feeding time.

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Sita Pest Control seen removing cat

A reliable source saw an orange cat removed from Blk *26 Area 1 yesterday at about 9.45pm. The cat was in a cage and was placed into the SITA Pest Control van. Then the van drove off.

The feeder says that this new abandonee had been around for a few days. It must be this new cat since Rose and Benny are still around and there is no other orange cat in this area.

There is always a Sita van parked in front of this block, I will later check the vehicle number. A resident pest controller doing some business on his own?

Also this same feeder has seen Jacky from *30 (who was presumed dead) at the bus interchange.

The cat recognized her and she confirmed that it was Jacky after I showed her a photo. Will be meeting her at 2am to search…

Jacky is shy and will need to be trapped. Only someone with trap or net could have relocated him! Blk *30 is next to *26!

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Very weak and dehydrated

Penny didn’t have a carrier with her when she saw him just lying there… so she carried him in her arms. He had lost one eye and there was infection.

The cat is now warded at The Animal Doctors and will probably be discharged tomorrow. If anyone would like to help by sponsoring medical expenses please contact Penny at 98556410.

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Twisty, Darky, Rose

Twisty aka Peony was injured and needed to be stitched (5 deep bite wounds).

M brought her to the vet. Tommy is the suspected culprit.

Darky was finally revolutionized yesterday.

Rose was locked in the Pump Room (probably since yesterday morning).

She was released at 1am.

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Beautiful trees at Toa Payoh

Trees as tall as HDB blocks

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Muddy looks well again

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Meet Charlie the ‘Spider-cat’

Meet Charlie the ‘Spider-cat’

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The Flyer

Dear fellow Residents,

This Block *** Community Cat was relocated to another part of ****** and it was most probably a resident of this block who did this cruel act!

Rocky was finally found after a month, hungry, frightened and having diarrhoea. He is now recuperating.

I appeal to this person to come forward and discuss what problems this cat had caused, if any, so that a humane solution can be found.

If you know of someone who might have committed the above-mentioned act, please contact me as well so that I can contact the person to discuss the problem.

I also appeal to residents not to lure any community cats upstairs so as not to cause inconvenience to other residents! Community cats should be fed downstairs only… and in a responsible manner, which means clearing any leftovers.

Removing a community cat and then dumping it somewhere else is a very cruel act as the cat will not be able to fend for itself. Furthermore, due to the vacuum effect, new cats will come in to take over the vacated territory!

As a volunteer for this neighbourhood, working together with the Cat Welfare Society and Town Council, I will try to solve any cat-related problems. Killing of cats has not reduced the stray cat population for the past 20 years but TnRm (Trap – Neuter – Return – Manage) works in stabilizing and, in the long-term, reducing the population.

Presently, 100% cat sterilization has been achieved in this neighbourhood, making it a better place for residents too. Tame, healthy and well-fed community cats provide companionship to children and elderly. These cats also create bonds b
etween the different races as they care for and love these felines.

If you have noticed, gone are the days of frequent caterwauling and mating cries at night disturbing residents’ sleep and kittens born only to suffer and die in the drains.

Volunteers like myself spend large amounts of money to sterilize these cats and keep them well fed and healthy. We bring the cats to the vet and try to nurse them back to health whenever they are sick or injured – all at our own expense!

Please feel free to call me at ******** if any of the community cats cause any problems. Alternatively you can contact Cat Welfare Society at

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Helga ****

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Rocky & Dawn

Rocky got whacked by Dawn when he jumped on the cupboard where she was resting and Nushi gave him one of her slow-motion hisses when he jumped on the bed. Ash also chased Rocky again and was confined to the cage for a short while…Then I heard growling on the balcony… Stitches and Billy Boy again!

Went to TC yesterday to talk to the Property Manager especially about posters… my request was to give a grace-period of 5 to 7 days for lost-pet posters. I pointed out that any lost home cat if not found will only add to the stray population… and multiply if not sterilised! So it is in everyone interest that lost pets are reunited with their guardians. The same goes for community cats. I suspect that Rocky was removed by a resident probably because families on the 4th, 8th and even 12 level used to bring him up. The large vacuum left by Rocky was quickly filled by several other cats from neighbouring blocks (all sterilised community cats).

Now I will have to flyer the whole block before more community cats are lured upstairs and removed….

A TC officer from another area mentioned that there is someone feeding cats and birds leaving a mess of rice on newspaper at block *30 (Area 3). I explained that this person does not belong to “our group of responsible feeders” and I am glad that he intents to get her fined for littering… This lady had been approached by the feeders who had to clear up the mess but she still continues. Hopefully a fine or a warning from TC officers will do the trick.

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Winny injured

Winny would always come running and make a lot of noise… hungry or not. Found her quietly lying under a car and when she finally come out it was very slowly and she is unable to use her right hind leg.

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Rocky & Orange Boy

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A free AVA that is unfair to taxpayers

TODAY Online only –

A free AVA that is unfair to taxpayers

Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee

I know an expatriate who lives in a condominium in a prime district. She has several neighbours who think that the presence of cats devalues their properties. These neighbours request the loan free cat traps from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). Cats trapped, whether they are strays or free roaming pets, are euthanised free at AVA ( This does not resolve the problem as “new� cats will move in to fill the “vacuum� and hence an endless cycle of killing is perpetuated.

This is ironic as there are people like myself who have to borrow traps from the Cat Welfare Society ( to trap cats in our estates, bring them to the vets for neutering and then release them back to the estate, all at our own expense.

However this T(rap)N(euter)R(elase) is an evidence-based method of controlling the cat population, humanely and effectively. Yet we fail repeatedly to get AVA to provide free sterilisation at its premises.

Would the AVA provide free service if the complaint is about rats or cockcroaches? If people who live in private estates feel that cats are “pests�, then they should pay for private pest controller services.

I appeal to the AVA to stop this free service that is unfair to taxpayers

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Rest in Peace Sunny

Picture taken by Q.


Rest in Peace

At least there is closure now.

A lady (Q) contacted me soon after I had put up the posters. She used to bring Sunny home. I was on the way to meet her today to discuss what else we could do to find Sunny.

On the way a neighbour of Q approached me and told me that Sunny had died and he had burried him. The man had just seen my poster. He suspects that Sunny was hit by a car.

This Malay man is actually from the same ground-floor unit where Sunny and Rainy first appeared… but they had denied that the kittens belonged to them.

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Saw Suzy today

Suzy is the mother of Ginger Boy & Tabby Girl, who have been adopted.

Had not seen her for many months and assumed that Suzy and Black Tail were rounded up by pest control because there is no caregiver in this area. I had given up calling for them and felt very sad whenever I passed by.

Then suddenly today saw her sitting at the coffee shop. Suzy still remembered me and came running. She looks well 🙂

Maybe, hopefully… Black-Tail is also still around…

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A grooming station?

I think Nushi would like this… she loves brushy brushy!

Didn’t actually see any of the cats using it…. so I wonder is this any good?

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Ringel to be sterilised

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May 17, 2009 · 1:41 pm

Rocky leashed

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Sunny missing

Received the sad news today that another cat has been missing for a week from the same area.

A caregiver (M) heard a loud scream early morning on the day he went missing. She says it was not the kind of scream that is heard when cats fight.

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Rocky has been found


has lots of grooming to do

Rocky was found this morning at 3 am in a different part of the estate…

after he had gone missing for about a month.

I have to thank several people for this miracle to happen and especially the kind Malay Lady who called in the early morning hours!

First there was the big obstacle of having my “missing cat” posters removed twice a day. I kept pasting new ones up every day for about a week. I had also passed some posters to TC and RC for their notice board… but the were not put up!

I am very saddened by this lack of compassion for animals and their guardians or caregivers…

A few days ago a neighbour who saw my poster called that he saw a cat with bluish collar at Blk 101… I searched the area but no success…

Then two days ago Cat Uncle happened to ask for another caregiver’s (W) number. I had not contacted W for a long time…but when she called me and told me that she is trying to sterilize a cat at blk 100 plus I mentioned about the missing Rocky. She said she had seen a cat with a light blue collar at around 117/118. Again we searched but couldn’t find him. We left two posters at the lift lobby of both blocks.

My phone rang at 3am but I did not answer thinking it must be a prank call. Then the home phone rang and my daughter answered. A lady said Rocky was at block 118. My daughter went but didn’t bring carrier thinking she could simply carry Rocky home… if it was him.

However, a very frightened Rocky tried to run away so she had to wait for my son to bring the carrier… meanwhile I prepared the cage for him.

Without the posters it would not have been possible to find Rocky! Another person also had called but it turned out to be a different cat. So far people responding to my missing cat posters have always been very sincere… no prank calls.

It is clear to me that Rocky had been relocated… he never ventured further then 2 or 3 blocks in the past 4 years. The location where he was found is far from his territory … at least 20 mins walking distance.

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A temporary guest

This is the cat that was left on the common corridor with her 6 kittens.

Ivy had her sterilized today and she is doing well. 4 out of her 6 kittens have already been adopted.

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Town Council & Caregivers Meeting

The meeting lasted almost 4 hours…. mostly going over old issues again.

I was very disappointed with responses from AVA and NEA representatives. The AVA spokeswoman sees nothing wrong with loaning traps …. even if someone traps more than 300 cats to be killed, like Mr. Tony Tan from Seletar “who is actually not the bad guy that he is made out to be�.

Isn’t he luring the cats into his garden in the first place by placing food in a trap???

The spokesman from NEA said that rinsing water bowl was not good enough; they have to be scrubbed to remove mosquito eggs.

Hmmm… mosquitoes breeding in fresh chlorinated tap water? Even if there were eggs they would still not have a chance to grow into mosquitoes as long as the bowls are rinsed before refilling with clean water.

Equally unreasonable is the rule that food must be attended to at all times… there should be a grace period of perhaps half an hour before clearing the food. For me it will take about 5 to 15 mins before returning to clear the plates and moving on to the next area.

One TC Manager suggested that we feed earlier so that the cleaners can clear in case feeders happen to forget to for some reason. That would just cause more problems, with the cats being more visible, and then who would clear up after the ghost feeders at night… if not us? It would be worse!

A summary by J:

“I will say it is fruitful, but what will actually happen in the end, only God knows.

In Ang Mo Kio’s group, there are about-20 odd cat lovers, including CWS president. AVA and NEA are present with an observer status though they’ve made some comments during the meeting. I believe we’ve reiterated our stance to the TC General Manager, Mr Goh, and to abide by the agreement – We had a similar meeting with the General Manager before during which only me and wo other caregivers could speak English. The rest were elderly aunties. As a result, we didn’t create enough presence and voices to make ourselves clear on the opposition against the removing and killing of both sterilized and non-sterilized cats.

I repeat our stance that no cats are to be removed – be they sterilized or non- sterilized. If there is any complaint, they will refer to a caregiver from the list (with addresses, tel nos and email addresses) given to them at the meeting which a copy is CC to CWS. Town council can also contact CWS directly for reference and help.

Another issue is the 7-day time frame set by the Town council regarding pick-ups. If the cat is not attended to, T.C. will refer it to another body like AVA. But we ask them to issue reminders as initial msg may be missed by the recipient. They agree.

We take the opportunity to feedback to AVA on their extremely cruel policies, to let them known how we feel about them. We cite for example in Greece, the government doesn’t kill cats. They solve the stray issue humanely – through sterilization. We also mention about the Russian animal rights groups who protest to the Gahmen against the killing of stray dogs.

We also voice against AVA of their cat-trap policy. A complainer can simply explore the legal loophole for his/her convenience. The trapped animal can be subjected to abuse. The spokeswoman cites rules and regulation as a rebuttal. She even denies an AVA van is seen in Ang Mo Kio doing its round.

The law says it’s crime to abuse animals. But the AVA spokeswoman has not answered as to why AVA can inject lethal chemicals to large numbers of animal every year. I insist the law needs a clearer interpretation.

As there isn’t time to continue, I ask for a separate meeting with AVA. The AVA spokeswoman agrees to it. They will liaise with CWS on the date. The next meeting with AVA is an important one. We want to appeal to the Gahment to reinstate the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme, a process which all unsterilized cats are placed at the community clubs and thereafter, they are transported to AVA for sterilization.â€?


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Hunger in the world

Chicken a la Carte

This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

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Muddy is slowly improving, though one eye is still a bit watery. His fur is growing back and he is gaining weight…. more lively less fearful.

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Bunny looks well again

At one time he had lost much weight and the Shanghai Lady was worried, asked me to have a look. According to the feeder he was still eating well and acting normal so I didn’t bring him to the vet.

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Prayer for Liberation

Prayer for Liberation

for Our Brother & sister Animals

May all sentient beings in the animal realm
subject to unbearable pain in labs throughout the world
be free from suffering.
May alternatives to animal experimentation and testing
be used immediately.
May Bodhicitta fill the hearts of those who imprison them.

May all sentient beings in the animal realm
subject to unbearable pain in labs throughout the world
be free from suffering.
May alternatives to animal experimentation and testing
be used immediately.
May Bodhicitta fill the hearts of those who imprison them.

May no animal be afraid or depressed.
May their bodies be free of injuries, disease and illness.
May those who need homes, or who have been driven from them
find shelter, plentiful food & water.
May there be liberation for those
tortured for fur, entertainment or who are hunted.

May those who believe they are superior to our brother & sister animals
develop perfect equanimity.
And may they realise in their hearts
that all sentient beings possess Buddha nature
And they are not ours to kill or exploit.

May the many billions of land and sea dwelling sentient beings
who are abused, exploited and killed due to greed, hatred and ignorance
be free of suffering
May they experience complete and perfect enlightenment,
through the virtue of my efforts and prayers.

May I be a voice for the voiceless.
In short, may all human and non-human sentient beings
live together in harmony, peace and equanimity
and achieve perfect Enlightenment quickly.

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Samsara sucks?

No matter how depressed I feel…

Ajahn Brahm’s talk can still make me smile 🙂

Does Life Suck?

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SPCA next?

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Petition: STOP the culling of stray cats!

Petition: STOP the culling of stray cats!

Stray cats that have been neutered are captured and culled. Why is this so?

Then what is the point of sterilizing them if they end up dead anyways?

Please stop this senseless act.

Some of the comments:


The cries and pleas of those involved in animal welfarism have often fallen on deaf ears. For a progressive country such as Singapore, i am much saddened by the relatively backward stance of our society’s views towards humane treatment of animals. The authorities have to undertake more responsible mesures to actively support and encourage animal welfarism, rather than just responding too quickly to mostly baseless complaints and employing short-term solutions such as culling.

# 231

Few realise what it takes to be truly human or what it REALLY means in the first place. In fact the word “humane” is derived from the root word “human”. Sometimes I wonder whether people realise or ever wondered how come these two words of different meanings are so similar or why they are related to each other in the first place. I propose for a world with more TRUE humans who do not need people or laws and regulations to tell them that they do not have to kill something weaker than them just to feel stronger or because of minor inconveniences which they like to make a molehill of. There are definitely countless of other solutions aside from culling available out there but people usually choose to just cull instead of working something else out. The concept of culling because of plain convenience just cultivates plain narcism and insensitivity in people even though these qualities are qualities that Singaporeans need so badly to make our local society just a tiddy bit more gracious – which we are so badly lacking of compared to the general societal cultures in other countries. Such subjects are very common discussion topics of foreigners and those who have lived overseas long enough or travelled often will know this is indeed true. I do not believe signing petitions will work or even make the slightest impact in an authoritarian country like Singapore where the country runs on a First World economy accompanied with a strict laws ruled by iron fists but a Third World “bo chap” mentality on issues like these. If people are really passionate about fighting for this noble cause, they should write directly to globally established animal welfare groups which are recognised by the United Nations (UN) to intervene in the problem here – especially on the policy of AVA freely loaning cat traps to private property owners to practise their own brand of vigilantism. The regulation in this aspect is indeed very poor coming from a government well-renowned for its efficiency with regards to imposing regulations. The concept of giving people the power to practice vigilantism is already contradicting the concept of imposing regulations to maintain order. Singapore as the leader of ASEAN in a lot of aspects should be the first country to set the good example promoting a more humane mentality and society. After all, the words “humane” and “humanity” comes from the root word “human”. Are we all not humans in the first place?

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Rocky missing


Be well wherever you are!

Too late to search…

will I ever know what happened

I miss our conversations –

you always had so much to tell

People said they liked you –

but not enough to keep you safe

They put nice collars on you –

first pink then blue

They took you home at times –

so I didn’t know when you were gone

Posters went up –

but precious time had passed

We searched two blocks –

from floor to floor, from door to door

calling for you …

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