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Mia’s owner has more additions now

Just in case any of the cats get lost, at least I will be able to recognize them….

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Is this ethical!

Feeder asks a caregiver to rescue and sterilize cats at her friend’s working place at Senoko. She asked the caregiver to release the sterilized cat at blk *17 Area 2 where she is feeding.

I strongly objected when I came to know about this! This is the area where many cats have been lost due to relocated by pest control! told her that I never even considered releasing the 3 Novena kittens (Fruits) in one of my areas… as I think it would be unethical.

By “saving” this one cat , the caregiver may indirectly kill many others! Old Lora could be the next victim of relocation… then what good did she do???

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Dumy is a sweet boy

Dumy is very quiet now. He must have been so frightened, first abandoned then caught by Pest Control.

Poor little Dumy!

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Missing on the 6th of May, Lau-Hei was found 30km away!

Lau Hei was relocated from the North to the East!

This is a very friendly old cat of at least 12 years. His only disadvantage is that he is BLACK!

The lady who looks after him all these years suspected that a resident complaint to the town council simply because he is black. There is no reason to find fault with this cat who is clean, do not make noise, do not scratch or bite anyone, do not breed, do not sleep on cars, do not need rumage dustbins for food, BUT he is simply BLACK!

Is the complainant some big shot that the town council officer decided not to inform the caregiver of the complaint as it would definitely be deemed unreasonable but activated the pest controller to relocate the cat so that there is NO record. After all, pest controllers are contracted to work for the town council and they will want to be on good terms with the officers to ensure that their contract is renewed. So it is highly likely that such pest controllers will be in cahoot with such unscrupulous town council officers!

more here:

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First batch of Fruit Enzymes

It’s been a long time since I made fruit enzymes…. hope I remembered correctly.

I used raw sugar as I couldn’t find those Chinese brown candy sugar blocks so it looks a bit dark. Pineapple and unripe papaya are layered with sugar.

Here is more info on fruit enzymes:

Supposed to let it ferment for 3 weeks

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Twisty discharged

Now I have stereo “Twisty & Rocky” 🙂

Twisty has 5 deep bite wounds at her back, close to each other.

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New young female in Area 1

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