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Stoney wants to be a home cat

Was supposed to bring Stoney for sterilization today but then he had dirrhoea… Luckily Damy managed to trap the new male cat at Novena and use up the last SPCA voucher for this month. So there is no rush to do Stoney…

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Xiao Huang

Xiao Huang’s wounds have improved tremendously thanks to Ivy’s good care. On one side it has now shrunk to the size of a 5 cent coin on the other side it’s about the size of a postage stamp. The fur has grown back nicely so it looks like there won’t be any scars.

XH had to move to my place yesterday due to unfortunate circumstances. She is not happy and has not touched her food. The worst part is her loud piercing screams whenever one of the cats comes close to her cage. Really hope she will adjust soon. The other cats are also a bit jumpy because of the screaming. It will probably take a few more weeks for the wounds to close completely… then she will have to be returned. It’s sad because we know there is an abuser… and he may strike again.

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Cleo & Ike moved to a slightly larger cage

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November 28, 2009 · 10:49 am

Ike looking much better

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New Tipped Ear in Area 1

Also saw a ginger-white kitten about 4 months old at the same place. It was very scared and went into the drain. The tortie is tame.

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Yoyo sighted

Yoyo came running when I called him

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New black male in Area 1

Saw him again at *23 but minus the collar. He is less shy now.

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Ike still has mites

Mohan came over to have a look at Ike as he was a bit feverish and also has poor appetite. Mohan felt that it was not safe to apply the Frontline Plus on him now… too much chemicals. I had earlier applied Frontline spray which actually does not kill mites… only Frontline Plus does! We dewormed him (second round). I still continue the bathing using Malaseb medicated shampoo and also the ear mite treatment. After bathing the cage will be cleaned and all the newspaper and hammocks changed. Still the mites come back… lots of brown stuff around his mouth nose, eyes the next day…. sigh!

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New Novena Kitten

The New Kitten

Two Sterilized Females

The kitten is about 3 months old, and most likely a female as male Torties are very rare! There is also supposed to be a new ginger male… the guards call him “The Rapist”. Have not sighted him yet.

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New female in Area 2


Sylvia first saw her at Blk *25 about 2 weeks ago… now she is at *12. This cat was dumped just after being sterilized and tipped.

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New cat at Area 1

He is shy so couldn’t get a better shot. It’s an unsterilized male, all black, wearing a a shiny collar.

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More photos of Chloe and her brothers

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Twins and little sister

We still like you…

even with that funny- looking cone!

Chloe formerly known as Tuna has been sterilized, vaccinated and micro-chipped… the whole works 🙂

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Small colony

Today only the two females where there. I am unable to tell which one is the mother of the kittens… but the darker one could be pregnant!

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Billy Boy has another bite wound

Billy wounded at his rear end…

… and the culprit is most likely again Stitches!

It’s at his tail area just like the last time. Can’t really see the wound but it seems to be painful and swollen. His ears feel a bit warm. Have started antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. Have not decided whether to bring him to the vet… or just try the medication first.

Had tried to integrate him with the home cats after the failed adoption. I was prepared to keep him and Ashley separate but then BB kept fighting with the others, stalking Mirko and even attacking Dawn… so no choice… he had to go back to the balcony.

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Benny injured

Benny has an injury at his right hind leg. It’s a bit swollen and looks like there is also a puncture wound at the paw.

He was lying under a car… and I really worried about him getting run over as he can only walk very slowly.

At least he is safe from cars now and able to rest.

Took his weight (6kg) so that I can give him the correct dosage of Curam.

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A small colony of stray cats

I saw 3 young adults and 3 kittens about one month old. They were at a busy non-residential area in town. At least here is quite a bit of greenery and bushes for them to hide. There are also feeders but sadly no one to sterilize them…

A young boy caught one of the kittens wanting to bring home. He said his parents allowed… but I have doubts. Another passerby stepped in and managed to persuade the boy to release the kitten. This man told me he is a caregiver himself and has 7 kittens at home right now…

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Sophus well again

Sophus had an injury (abscess?) at the tail. He was in pain wouldn’t let me touch so could not even apply the powder.

I simple couldn’t handle taking in another cat so I just observed and hoped he would get well on his own. Now he looks much better and can move his tail.

So relieved 🙂

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Another New Abandonee in Area 1

First spotted at *28 two days ago… now at *26

He was wearing this brown collar

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Photos from Debbie’s Guardian

Debbie is now named Lily

Tiger & Lily

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Cleo & Ike

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Caught DaBird!

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November 9, 2009 · 5:08 am

New Pics of Stoney

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Debbie has been adopted

Sms from Debbie’s guardian:

After the introduction they started playing with each other in less than 2 hours. Later in the afternoon Debbie was sleeping on my chest and Tiger on my legs. They are going to be great friends.

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More toys for the kittens

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November 5, 2009 · 12:43 pm

Homeless again but at least not alone…

Is that my brother?

These siblings were found at Blk *20 Area 2 on Oct 2nd. Two days later the female “Dewy” disappeared. Only saw her again on Oct. 27 at Blk *09. Took her straight away to be sterilised… not taking anymore chances! Her fur looked soft and clean… someone had taken her in! After sterilisation I returned her to *09 in the hope that they might take her back. Did not see her again until today… she was curled up at a corner of *05.

Decided to bring her back to *20… hoping that the siblings will still recognize each other. I think they did… there was a lot of sniffing and only a few halfhearted hisses.

Homeless again but at least not alone…

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Cleo, Ike & Debbie




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Longtail to be sterilised

Longtail is the latest abandonee, Area 1 blk *26, female

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Two Extraordinary Cats for Adoption

…looking for that extraordinary person to offer them a loving home.


Xiao Huang was abused…and while being treated for her wounds someone who did not like her presence next to their shop called the SPCA to take her away. XH has not lost her trust into human beings. She is litter-trained and will make a wonderful companion. The wound is healing well but a scar will remain.


Stoney was probably hit by a car while crossing a busy main road. He is very strong and quietly endured all the pain. No complaints no aggressiveness. Now Stoney is on the road to full recovery… except for some scars on his jaw that will remain. He is very friendly and would love to be a home cat. Stoney is about 5 years old.

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DIY tube removal

Yesterday night I decided to bring Stoney for removal of feeding tube in the morning even though the vet suggested to leave it for another week or so. He is eating very well, so why keep the tube?

Stoney must have read my thoughts and took things into his own paws… pulled it out during the night. Trying to save himself another trip to the vet?

Now one more week “to get stronger” then one more little operation… at the other end plus a tipped ear and tattoo!

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Cute Nush

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Kitty Playground

Creating more space in a small cage…

Cleo loves her hammock

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Nails on the walls of the family who trapped the kitten

Project JK – Just Kindness


Posting this on behalf of a rescuer. This kitten was trapped by a family who dislikes cats, using a trap given out by the authorities. The cage with the kitten trapped inside, was left in the hot sun for a few hours before the authorities finally arrived. The rescuer managed to convince the authorities to let them have… the kitten (after they brought the kitten back to the office). This kitten is about 5 months young, black and white male. If you are able to adopt him, pls contact Thank you.

AVA should discuss with the SPCA and the CWS on how to resolve complaints about cats by private property owners instead of offering FREE loan of cat traps that result in animal cruelty.

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Nush & Mirko groomed

This was long overdue.

Found a groomer who makes house-calls… less stress for the cats!

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Mother and 4 kittens on 3rd floor Blk *05

Went down together with TC officer this afternoon. I think a visit from TC officer has greater impact on irresponsible owners…

Looks like they are willing to keep the cats indoors… and improve the meshing of their gate. They had already sterilized the mother cat but the kittens (3 males and 1 female) need to be done, too, as they are already 6 months old. All the cats look healthy and well taken care of.

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Another new abandonee

A new young female in Area 1

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