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Stoney wants to be a home cat

Was supposed to bring Stoney for sterilization today but then he had dirrhoea… Luckily Damy managed to trap the new male cat at Novena and use up the last SPCA voucher for this month. So there is no rush to do Stoney…

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Xiao Huang

Xiao Huang’s wounds have improved tremendously thanks to Ivy’s good care. On one side it has now shrunk to the size of a 5 cent coin on the other side it’s about the size of a postage stamp. The fur has grown back nicely so it looks like there won’t be any scars.

XH had to move to my place yesterday due to unfortunate circumstances. She is not happy and has not touched her food. The worst part is her loud piercing screams whenever one of the cats comes close to her cage. Really hope she will adjust soon. The other cats are also a bit jumpy because of the screaming. It will probably take a few more weeks for the wounds to close completely… then she will have to be returned. It’s sad because we know there is an abuser… and he may strike again.

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Cleo & Ike moved to a slightly larger cage

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November 28, 2009 · 10:49 am

Ike looking much better

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New Tipped Ear in Area 1

Also saw a ginger-white kitten about 4 months old at the same place. It was very scared and went into the drain. The tortie is tame.

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Yoyo sighted

Yoyo came running when I called him

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New black male in Area 1

Saw him again at *23 but minus the collar. He is less shy now.

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