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Cat in the Bag

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Beautiful Tara

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December 30, 2010 · 1:07 pm

Poor Oki is licking his wounds

Sick with flu and beaten up by someone 3x his size! I am really angry with that Big Bully Boy !

Oki was sleeping in the hammock when Billy Boy cornered him in the cage. Poor Oki could not escape until I managed to open the top of the cage and block BB.

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Ike & Oki have flu! Sneezing, fever, watery eyes… but both are still eating so hopefully they can recover on their own. The other cats seem to have pretty good resistance. It started with Mirko sneezing a bit then Stitches… but both did not really get sick.

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Stoney back to square one

His sore had improved but never fully closed…. and now it’s worse, has even spread to the chest. Vet closed for holidays… sigh!

Put on the E-collar and started antibiotics and prednisolone. He meows very pitifully… pain, itch or dislike of collar and cage?

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Nush not eating again

No choice… need to syringe-feed! I have been trying all the tricks to get her to eat.

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Hope is ready to be released

with a heavy heart!

Will wait until Jan 2nd… so he won’t be frightened by the noise. His leg is okay now and he has put on some weight.

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Cat in the tunnel

Good girl… let me trim her claws today!

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Temple Kitten

The caregiver had told me that the kitten was about 1 to 2 months old… relieved to find that she/he looks more like 3 to 4 months old.

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Cat Tree

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December 26, 2010 · 8:08 am

Christmas surprises

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December 25, 2010 · 8:09 am

Cat in the Box

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December 25, 2010 · 7:59 am

Copper & Steel

Checked on Copper today:



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Two little dogs on the loose

Too friendly

Heard loud barking coming from the staircase…and next I saw these two little dogs in front of my gate. They were very excited… I suspect they had been chasing Shiny up the stairs! Went downstairs to look for the irresponsible owner, the dogs followed… there was no owner around.

They were friendly (towards humans) did not look scared or hungry so I guess more likely a case of escape rather than abandonment.

Lost sight of them as they ran off. Hope they will find their way home soon before they get into trouble… running up to every stranger.

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Oki and the three bears

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Hope limping

Was supposed to release Hope today as his diarrhoea has stopped… then he suddenly started limping (right hind leg). How can he have injured his leg when all the time confined to a small cage??? I am really puzzled!

Or is it something that comes and goes? Was it due to his leg that he seemed to be unable to jump out of the drain that time? Natasha had mentioned that sudden limping could be a sign of a heart condition!

Anyway I have no choice but to keep him for longer… have applied Revolution and transferred him to the bigger cage in the hall… and also started him on antibiotics.

Copper has been released… she is still thin but has been eating very well. Hope that the feeder will feed her 2x a day until she put on more weight!

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Long time no see

Surprised that she still remembers… was just cycling past and suddenly Suzy came running.

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Hope tipped and tattooed

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December 14, 2010 · 5:44 am

Something is very wrong with the cats!

Ashley is the worst…. throwing up any syringed liquid or food and also dehydrated, I think. Growling!

There was some vomiting during the past few days… but didn’t know who and everybody was still eating.

Sasha and Damy have not been eating today and both vomited.Sasha meowed loudly when I placed the food in front of her and didn’t even sniff the food. Damy feels a bit warm.

Will bring Ashley to Whitley Road Hospital tomorrow…

Anyone has any idea what could be wrong with them? I thought Ashley might have a blockage but now with the other two having symptoms this seems unlikely.

All 3 cats are now caged for observation.

I feel very panicky and can’t think straight! Could it be the food? But all the cats have been eating the same things…

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Copper not eating again…

Hope passed only a small amount of watery poo today after his dinner. Will stick with chicken and oats diet for him.

Copper ate half a can of Liver Feast with antibiotics and prednisolone mixed into the food. Surprised that she ate, …must have been starving! She is very thin again… will have to bring her to the vet for another steroid injection.

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Hope going for his snip tomorrow

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Hope rescued from drain

Hope kept crying yesterday night but seemed unable to jump up. When I opened the grill he jumped but didn’t make it… and it was starting to rain! Luckily two guys came to the rescue. Both went into the drain and cornered him… then he finally managed to escape from the small hole at the side and went under a car. Fed him and then continued my feeding round. I had been very worried that the rain would get heavier and he would be swept away!

Today he looked fine.. no injuries… quite manja now and not that skinny anymore. Can be sterilized soon… but no more voucher.

Hope is very vocal… even while eating he can’t stop meowing and goes “wrou ou ou…”

Have not seen Happy since his release. Several other cats from * 26/*27 had also disappeared right after being sterilized…

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