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More photos of Brenda

Brenda was in the hammok when I came in. Poo and pee in the litter tray… no leaking, hammock and liners were dry today. Expressed her bladder again…. maybe she needs that bit of help.

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Update on Brenda

Brenda is still incontinent after several acupuncture sessions. She is now taking Chinese herbs prescribed by Dr. Oh.

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Beany’s X-ray

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June 28, 2011 · 12:30 pm

Rocky and Beany both have kidney disease



Rocky has the higher BUN/CRE values but Beany’s case is even worse as there is a large amount of fluid between one of his kidneys and its lining. His intestines have all been pushed to the back. His tummy was like a tight balloon… must feel very uncomfortable. X-ray was taken and showed that it could be either fluid or tumors. In the end the vet agreed to try draining fluid…

It worked and at least this will give him some temporary relief. He is still a bit drowsy and nauseous… vomited some liquid.

Both should be on kd diet… and need frequent subcut fluid injections to flush the kidneys.

Almost lost Rocky after alighting from the bus. He escaped from the soft carrier… which I had used for the first time. Guess I didn’t close the zip properly. He went under a car and I grabbed him as he came out on the other side…. phew!

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Beany to the vet

Beany has been loosing weight and now his tummy is bloated and seems painful. He always drinks alot. Suspecting kidney failure…

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Paw back to normal size

Another tabby of about the same age has been sighted at the same location. The other one is already tipped and has a long tail. Probably siblings that were abandoned together…

Pawpaw has a short tail with a hook.

Will get him sterilized after completing his antibiotics and before releasing him.

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Two playful kitties

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