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The new bathrooms

Not your usual lampshade

We like!

Water-saving toilet

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Rope Work

Patched one scratching post , added rope to the washboard… the cat tree will be next

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New preloved scratching post

A stack of egg trays also makes a good scratching post

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Home or cattery?

Looks more like a cattery than a home but what to do when there are so many…

The two gates will make for happier cats, actually giving them more freedom… from fights and from being bullied. With my last two additions “Darly & Beany” part-time caging had become necessary as they are both fighters.

The original idea was to just have some simple wooden screen doors with mesh… but contractors told me that the cost would be the same as it would involve more work. I had already given up on the whole idea when I had a big surprise… someone offered to sponsor $500. With that I dared to go ahead ($1.200 for two gates). Thank you for making our dream come true! No more caging for Beany & Darly!

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Vacuum effect

No boxes or carriers shall remain empty…

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Bags for cats

These bags came with the tree and tunnel. The smaller bag is just nice for Peaches.

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Nush & Mirko groomed

This was long overdue.

Found a groomer who makes house-calls… less stress for the cats!

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Two Heavyweights


Hope the hammock will hold…

Orange Boy

The swelling is all gone now

Nush has inflamed gums again…and Ashley has the urinary infection again. Hope Nush will get better with some antibiotics and I have been syringing Ashley with water and cranberry juice.

Mirko went for shaving yesterday…and Nushi will be done next week if she is better by then.

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Three Boys and a Fountain

Orange Boy, Mirko & Ashley

checking out the new fountain

Just got this fountain from a cat-sitting client 🙂 They found the dome-shaped one difficult to clean and bought a different type (see below).

Orange Boy was the first to drink… naturally 🙂 The rest haven’t figured it out yet. Ashley was pawing, scratching, biting the water… for about an hour.

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Mirko all dressed up

Penny has bought a whole bunch of these t-shirts in different colours and sizes. She gave me this one for Mirko.

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Mirko’s Extreme Makeover

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Ashley caged for observation

Ashley had a piece of poo sticking to his fur. We cut it off and then saw something sticking out from his backside that looked like hairball…
I gave him a dose of Nushi’s hairball remedy and will leave him in the cage until his next poo… hopefully not another blockage.
Ashley has this habit of “grooming� me when I am sleeping…he thinks I’m his mama. When I get him out of my hair he will then happily snuggle up in my arms. Always worry that he might ingest some of my hair and it could entangle in the intestines.
Nushi has a bit of runny nose…that and the gums is probably what keeps her from eating. Mirko also sneezes once in a while…but still has good appetite.

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Finally the ‘cattery’ is empty! For the first time since I took in the 3 Pearls…there were always some cats to nurse back to health…injuries, abscess, tumour, in addition to the sterilisations and temporary housing of kittens for adoption.

My cats are more relaxed, too. We can enjoy the cool breeze with the balcony door now open. The cats can lie in the sun, watch birds and sleep in the hammock. Yesterday Dawn aka Fatty-Boom-Boom, surprised me by climbing up the ‘tree’ right to the top…and she remembered how to climb down, which is quite tricky. Dawn and her sister Sky are the only tree climbers. Ashley and Orange Boy staring up in disbelief… Orange Boy making some strange noises.

Ashley had started a spraying habit, He really disliked some of the temporary guests. Sometimes I had to cover the glass door with newspaper.

The remaining plants now have chance to recover….the creepers were destroyed by the kittens and Bella shredded the leaves of the iron tree.

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Photos of Mirko

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Mirko doing well on Joint Suport Formula

Mirko has been taking the supplement for almost a month now and I haven’t seen him limping lately…he is running around and playful like a kitten 🙂

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Photos of the rest of the family

Sky, Dawn, Nushi & Mirko

Photo 1: Sky is less shy now and has a better appetite

Photo 2: And here is our heavyweight champion! Look at that belly

Photo 3: Grandma Nushi and newly adopted Grandpa Mirko

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