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Update on Golden Lion

The adoption of Golden Lion is still pending because the potential adopter may not be able to install wire-mesh for his safety.


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Golden Lion adopted

Golden Lion will be going home with a family with 2 young children. I was pleasantly surprised when they told me that their condo has a TNRM programme.

I saw some tapeworm segments in his stool today and dewormed him. No wonder he has been eating triple portions without growing fat.

J. (the adopter who returned Silver & Genie) came to visit them and brought some cat food and a scratching post that she had bought for them. The daughter still considers Silver & Genie as ‘her cats who live with auntie Helga’.

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New photos of Sophia at the cattery


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More support for Xiao Hei

From Calsifer’s Blog:

SOS: Help Save Xiao Hei the Dog –

Goodbye Year of the Dog, Goodbye Blackie? –

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Sad laughter at the absurditiy of humankind

We are supposed to have intelligence and logic thinking…yet we don’t see the absurdity of our actions

From SingaporeCommunityCats Blog:


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Brownie has returned

Photo: Brownie…she is not a three-legged cat 😉

Brownie aka Mei Mei, sister of Oreo, has returned after 4 days. If she was caught and dumped by the pest control, she must have managed to find her way back…or perhaps she was just frightened and went into hiding. Brownie looks a little thinner but otherwise well and happy.

Talked to an Indian man yesterday, while feeding the cats. Just then I noticed a large can of cat food dumped on void deck of *29 area 1. I am not very polite when I see such things and explained to this young man how such irresponsible feeding gets the cats killed. Then he told me that he is with the pest control…showing me his cap with the logo. He said that they are not killing the cats just deliver them to AVA and that they are not killed there either. I did not mince my words when I explained to him what happens to the cats at AVA…and told him that he is doing a dirty job, like a butcher, involved in killing of animals, delivering them to their death. He agreed that cats were not pests and said that he was in this job for only 2 month…I advised him to look for a better job…


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Golden Lion

Golden Lion has been sterilized and also had a check up. The vet estimated him to be about 4 to 5 years old. He is healthy, had Frontline treatment and is now ready for adoption. He will make a wonderful companion…


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