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Beware of Cat

I was told that this little kitty was shy and would probably hide under the bed all the time.

Okay, so I tried to ignore her and just go about my work…but suddenly there was this fierce little mini-tiger slowly walking towards me…sideways, hair all standing up and growling. I grabbed a towel and the fishing rod toy and managed to distract her. Later she calmed down and actually played and touched her nose to my finger…I think that’s good enough for the first day.

She is really brave… ready to defend her home against any intruder 🙂

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Novena Cats

The security officer who covers for Lily during her leave, said that he hadn’t seen any of the cats…but he saw the 3 kittens. He grumbled that he had to cycle very far to buy the can food. I am afraid he is not feeding them.

I gave all the dry food I had to the 3 kittens and the mother and another Torty, and also water. Always carry these items wherever I go… later I got some can food and went back one more time.

I was very relieved to see that the kittens are alright, and I like the mother cat very much… she let me stroke her today.

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Kitten fell from 6th floor

The seven-month-old kitten was rescued by Penny and had been adopted by a family staying near her place. They meshed their front gate but DIDN’T MESH THEIR WINDOWS.

Penny called at 8.30am as she didn’t know what to do. She said the kitten’s paws felt cold and as she was also supposed to bring another cat with kidney failure for x-rays to Mt. Pleasant (Springside) this morning, she decided to bring both cats there.

The kitten has a fractured jaw and was hospitalized. According to Penny the family refused to pay any part of the vet fees and suggested to let the kitten die. Later on they said they would pay half of the medical expenses…

Penny will not return the kitten to them unless they wire-mesh all their windows.

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Another new Siamese…

This young cat appeared in Area 1 about a month ago and has now settled at blk *28. He is beautiful , in looks and temprament, with a very long straight tail and blue eyes. His fur is brown like the cat named Chocolate, but a little lighter.

He was sterilised today and has been eating well. I will probably release him tonight. Couldn’t take any photo of Sapphire as it was a rainy day… too dark for my camera.

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Searching for Princess

Didn’t see the little Princess yesterday morning and I started to get worried when she still didn’t turn up at night for feeding. I went looking for her at the surrounding blocks and even across the main road, in case children carried her there as had happened with Silver.

After my feeding round at about 1 am I decided to search all the corridors of *23 area One. At last I found her on the top floor sleeping on a chair outside one unit.

I am sure she did not go up there by herself…

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Cat-Sitting Max

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Novena Cats

Two of the cats at the condo

The mother of the 3 kittens

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Update on Novena cats

Yesterday the security guard tried to catch one of the cats for sterilisation by luring them into the carrier with some food… but it was unsuccessful.

I passed her the trap today and tomorrow will show her how it works so she can trap one of them tomorrow night. A Japanese caregiver who had earlier borrowed the trap brought it down to Novena MRT station, as she was going there anyway to put up photos of two abandoned puppies for adoption at the Cold Storage noticeboard.

We have also received some sponsorship towards the sterilisation of these cats and they are getting better food now. The caregiver readily agreed to order a better brand of dry food when she noticed that the cats liked the dry food I gave them. In the end she will still save money because buying the food in bulk is so much cheaper than getting it from the supermarket.

Sadly, the lives of 4 older kittens under her care have been lost recently. They were trapped by the next-door church management and sent to AVA to be killed. The caregiver pleaded with the Executive to release the kittens to her but there was no mercy…

Another reminder here to please sign the petition, for those who have not yet done so and also forward to others :

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Sugar has been adopted

Sugar, one of Penny’s kittens, has been adopted.

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Kinky has returned

Kinky was back at his usual place with his friends Beany and Midnight. He looks fine…wonder what happened? He had been missing for 5 days.

Old pic of Kinky

The Auntie saw Black Bushy Tail. He is much better now, no need to bring him to the vet.

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Cats at Novena area condo

Yesterday I noticed one skinny cat following the guard. It turns out that there are several unsterilised cats there, all females except for one male. There were three kittens hiding in the bushes, they look about 3 months old. The skinny torty is their mother.

The security guard, told me that she is feeding them and that there are no complaints because the residents also like the cats. We discussed sterilisation because surely there will be complaints if numbers increase. Her idea was to get the one male sterilised then the females wouldn’t get pregnant. Told her that wouldn’t work and better to start sterilising the females.

Will talk to her more and hopefully a plan can be worked out. She said she could keep the cats in the store room to recuperate after the surgery. I could lend her a cage and hopefully have some spare SPCA vouchers next month.

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I have arrived

I Have Arrived

I have arrived.

I am at home
in the here, in the now.

I am solid.
I am free.

In the ultimate I dwell.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Walking with Peace and Presence

With each step I have arrived…I am home

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Rumors of cat shootings

A cleaner told the caregiver that he saw 5 cats being shot at Yishun yesterday at 3pm. I advised her to accompany the cleaner to the NPP to make a police report. Can’t really believe that this truly happened….surely there would have been more witnesses to take photos and report this to the Police.

Another caregiver said that some school children told her they saw cats being shot at Eunos last month. She informed SPCA but they will not investigate unless there is a witness.

Kinky was missing yesterday night. I called AVA and was told that they could not check all the cats that came in from various areas….and that I would not be allowed to see the cats. Then he said that only 3 tipped-ear cats came in and they were from private estates and none ot them being a tabby. I will look for Kinky again tonight…if not found I will have to go down to AVA on Monday morning…. sigh!

The Auntie told me that the Black Bushy Tail was limping with a swollen leg… but we couldn’t find him. It looks like someone ‘adopted’ him as he is wearing a collar and bell now. He has not been sterilised. We will also look for Bushy Tail again tonight.

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Please Stop the Free Loan of Cat Traps for the Purpose of Killing Cats

Sign the petition:

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Update on Caramel and Twinkle & Sparkle

Penny and myself visited them on Sunday. We brought two carriers along just in case…

Both adopters stay in Jurong and within walking distance from each other.

Caramel aka Survivor is happy in her new home and the family seems to love her a lot. She is quite active while the other kitten is more quiet but both can get along. Caramel has grown and looks beautiful with collar and bell.

Twinkle & Sparkle are also well. They also get along with the other cat but mostly play with each other… really hyper, especially the boy! Trimmed their needle-sharp claws while we were there.

We were satisfied that all were in good hands and also getting good quality food.

Others are not so lucky…we saw 4 young cats at that block, 2nd floor corridor, thin and hungry and not sterilised….we just gave some food.

Two blocks away we saw a cat sitting outside the kitchen window of a 2nd floor maisonette and then we saw another one doing some climbing at the ledge of the balcony. It looked like she could fall any moment. We went up, the gate was wire-meshed and there were several cats and kittens inside. They told us the cats were sterilised… but we doubt it. There was poo on the common corridor near their gate. They were not concerned about the cats falling from window/ balcony …”oh they always climb”… sigh!

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Photos of the One-Eye Cat

Finally photos of the cat that Penny brought to the vet to have the badly infected eye removed. It cannot be seen in the photo but the remaining eye has a large opaque patch.

This cat has now found a permanent shelter at Rashida’s home… unless someone is willing to adopt him. He will not be returned to the bin center because we don’t know how much vision he as left and there is also the risk of him becoming blind eventually if the cataract gets worse.

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It is night.
Rain pelts the roof.
The soul awakens
to a flooded Earth

a sea of storm
then passing.

In that short moment,
shifting lines and shapes,
barely seen.

Before the passing moment tilts
and falls to melancholy,
laughter sounds
in quiet raindrops.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Olympics clean-up Chinese style: Beijing 2008

Olympics clean-up Chinese style: Beijing 2008

propagate death camp for cats and dogs

To the gallows

Sign the petition to stop the slaughter of cats and dogs in China

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For Warmth

Pen and ink drawing of Thich Nhat Hanh

by Jacob Bowley

For Warmth

I hold my face between my hands
No   I am not crying
I hold my face between my hands
To keep my loneliness warm
Two hands protecting
Two hands nourishing
Two hands to prevent
my soul from leaving me
in anger

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

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Old Penny missing today

I searched for her a long time, also checked on the second floor but couldn’t find her. There is a funeral wake at the void deck… perhaps that could have scared her. Will look for her again tomorrow. Always worry about her because she is old and sickly…eats only little and very slowly.

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Vegan Poet

There is even more cruelty in milk and eggs than in meat. The cows and hens suffer more and longer in the factory farms before they too, are being slaughtered.

Because I’m Female

Because I’m female, my body and breast
feel for a cow and her life of unrest.
Because I’m female, I’m filled with disdain
at using sisters for financial gain.

Because I’m female, I’m upset at how
insemination is forced on a cow.
Because I’m female, it’s awful to see
cows impregnated artificially.

Because I’m female, I see why they mourn
when somebody steals their cherished new born.
Because I’m female, I’m saddened to think
that veal is part of the dairy we drink.

Because I’m female, I naturally know
cow’s milk is meant for a young calf to grow.
Because I’m female, my belief is strong:
Dairy consumption is sexist and wrong.

~~ M. Butterflies Katz ~~

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Twinkle & Sparkle went to their new home

They went to a nice family with an existing young cat. We both had a good feeling about the adopter and their sincerity and experience, so the contract was signed and the two kittens went to their new home.

There is a one week trial period and we will also pay a visit in perhaps one week time.

I think I have to guide Penny on how to handle adoption. The first time she forgot to let them sign the contract and didn’t even get the address. That’s when I became worried and wanted her to arrange for a visit… but at least we were able to take them back.

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Story of an abandoned cat

May you rest in peace, Minnie

Last October during my feeding rounds, a Chinese woman with her 2 teenage kids waited for me

with a carrier at one of my feeding spots. Minnie was in her carrier.

She told me they could no longer care for the cat & wanted to release Minnie there cos there are feeders.

I stopped her from doing it & I asked if the cat was spayed with a tipped ear. She replied yes.

A week later, a frightened Minnie appeared at the very spot and I soon found out that her owner told a lie

cos she wasn’t spayed nor with tipped ear. I sent her for sterilisation and this picture of her was taken at the vet clinic.

Early February, Town Council sent me an email to inform that a resident had complaint that Minnie had been resting on top

of his car and the Town Council officer instructed for the removal of Minnie from the vicinity, or the pest control will be sent in.

We were given a time frame to have Minnie removed. There was NO room for any mediation.

We tried to relocate Minnie to few blocks away but somehow, she managed to find her way back within half an hour.

Desperate, a feeder suggested to put Minnie at a farm for the time being. Unfortunately, Minnie could have caught virus at

the farm and she was ill. Two weeks later, the same feeder decided to release Minnie back onto the street.

Throughout, I was being kept in the dark that Minnie had been very ill and wasn’t eating. It was only last Saturday afternoon

that the feeder called me up to inform that they found Minnie’s dead body near their carpark.

I told the feeder I could have sent Minnie to the vet for treatment if only she were to tell me earlier that Minnie was sick. She replied it was

a deadly virus & there is no point to send to the vet, so she decided to release Minnie so that the cat can eat grass and get cured by itself.

As someone has rightly mentioned, – Anger – will not bring Minnie back …

Minnie had been an active and healthy cat … THANKS, to her heart-LESS owner, the UNreasonable complainant + the Town Council officer

and last but not the LEAST, – the Feeder… Minnie’s young life was abruptly ended, for all the wrong reasons.

I want to believe she is in a better place now, away from this harsh earth …

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Twinkle & Sparkle returned

It seems the adopter did not want to allow the fosterer a visit and told her that she could take the kittens back. The foster went immediately to collect them.

The kittens were not upset by the short-lasting adoption.

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New photos of Stitches

Photos courtesy of Vegancat


Caught by pest control thrice

Sent to AVA twice

Both times rescued in the nick of time

Indeed a cat with good karma

Now he is safe in the cattery

Waiting for that special person

To take him home

All this happened within a time span of one year. The first time I rescued him from AVA with a letter from TC. Then he disappeared about 6 months later, most likely relocated by pest control.

As I later found out, he was caught again 2 months after his disappearance and sent to AVA again, starving and sick. He was rescued once more and nursed back to health, then after another 4 months I finally found him… healthy and well-fed at the cattery.

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Two 19kg bags of “F” brand dry food

The Lady form Shanghai, Ms Lu, had ordered them to be delivered to the Auntie’s home. She is probably not aware that we all avoid the “F” and “W” brands as they are really bad for the cats in the long run, as the high salt content can lead to kidney problems. There are already many residents who feed the cats with these two brands. So at least we caregivers must not feed them with unhealthy junk food.

An exchange was not possible, so with the approval of the Shanghai Lady, we gave one of the bags to Mohan for some poor feeders. Mohan assured us that as an occasional snack it wont do much harm but not on a regular basis. I will order a bag of APD for the Auntie. Ms Lu even offered to reimburse me. I have also just changed from Prism brand to Advanced Pet Diet and find that the community cats like it better.

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