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A little sunshine

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Disappointed in quality of kibbles

Trying NutraGold Finicky for the first time. The cats like the taste of the kibbles… but won’t eat them when they are covered with powder. I tried sieving… but the sieving and shaking just made it worse… more kibbles disintegrated!

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Ike & Oki have flu! Sneezing, fever, watery eyes… but both are still eating so hopefully they can recover on their own. The other cats seem to have pretty good resistance. It started with Mirko sneezing a bit then Stitches… but both did not really get sick.

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Undercover Cats

Ike, Oki and Tommy Undercover!

Me making my bed is the cue for these 3 to jump up and play wrestling. I ended up just ignoring them and proceed making the bed.

Sasha thinks this is more fun then the Undercover Mouse.

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Cats at home

Stitches has not had gum infections for some time… he looks well and happy and is also quite playful… but naughty – see those marks at his nose and Damy has a big wound at his tail… wonder who did that!

Damy grooming Ike! Strange… all the orange-white cats get along well with each other.

Nush has gum infection again and is not eating… giving prednisolone and syringe-feeding her.

The wound at Damy’s tail is already drying up… but getting some powder on it is not easy… he cannot keep still for a second.

Worse with Lora… have to wait for her to stretch out her leg and then quickly sprinkle some powder all over hoping some of it will get into the wound, but she takes the antibiotics mixed in her food… no problem!

Muddy won’t… he smells a rat when there is something in his food… but he doesn’t mind taking the meds by syringe.

Dawn is now sneezing but her appetite is back.

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Home-Cats relaxing

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Oki suspected of having HCM


See moavellous’ comments here:





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