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Ran into Patches’ owner at the pet shop


Old photo of Patches


Joanne told me that patches is dying. She has refused food for the past 7 days. According to the vet it’s because of old age.

Whatever the past story and doubts 5 years ago… in the end I think Joanne really loves her cats!

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Patches catnapped

Let’s hope there is a happy end to this one… will just wait and call her again in a month or so.

From Dawn’s blog: http://catwelfare.blogspot.com/


I spoke to a mother and daughter last night because one of the caregivers wrote to say that she had been caring for a community cat. Apparently the cat had some dental problems and she brought the cat to the vet. The mother and daughter then put up notices saying they lost their pet and so the caregiver got in touch with them. The mother and daughter reimbursed the caregiver for the vet fees. They said they had to put their cat out as someone had complained to the HDB about them. However, at some point, the mother and daughter decided to take the cat home again – the caregiver was also pleased as the vet said that the cat might have FIV.

This is the point it gets complicated. The caregiver wanted to visit the cat and the mother refused. When I spoke to the mother she said that their family situation did not allow for visitors right now. The caregiver on her part was worried as she said that she heard the mother and daughter caged up their own cats most of the day. The mother and daughter were upset as they thought that the caregiver was accusing them of ill treating their cats.

The mother also said that she had been caring for this cat for many years. She said that the caregiver’s depth of emotion could not match hers as she had a long history with this cat which the caregiver did not.

I spoke to the mother and daughter for an hour. When I told the mother that I thought the caregiver was just concerned about the cat, and that the length of time she had been caring for the the cat was irrelevant, she agreed to let the caregiver visit the cat in a few weeks. I hope that they do allow her to do so. I’m sure it’ll reassure the caregiver and certainly if the cat is well looked after, I am sure all parties will be happy.

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Found Missing Cat

Joanne was glad to see her cat, who is still eating triple portions and has put on some weight. It seems that Patches aka An-An was left behind when the family moved to another part of the estate. They used to have 10 cats until neighbours complained to HDB… Patches was also once caught and sent to AVA, but Joanne claimed her back and finally had her sterilized.

Joanne is keen to take Patches in, but she has already 2 cats who are caged while she is at work, as they ‘go wild and break things’. Perhaps they go wild because they have been kept in a cage all day? Anyway, I suggested that she has Patches tested for FIV first, and meanwhile I will also keep an eye on her and feed her on my rounds. It’s good to have a home, but being kept in a cage…? Hope that she will reconsider…she does seem to love the cats… just not well informed about their needs and care. Joanne has also kindly offered and reimbursed me for the vet bill.


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Finding for Missing Cat…

…saw the notice pasted at one of the blocks where I am feeding the cats.

Someone is looking for the female sterilized cat that is always around the Indian shop. “…It’s teeth were badly hurt by someone, but now I heard that this cat was adopted by a kind auntie. I am the owner of this cat 6 years ago. Since I found it was lost, I miss it very much…?

I explained to the owner that I brought the cat for urgent medical treatment and would release her back in a few days. She will come by to visit Patches tomorrow.

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Ginger, Patches, Lilly and Little Sky

Ginger’s stitches were removed today and Patches recovered well from dental surgery. She had 3 teeth extracted and was put on i/v drip. Patches has ulcers in her mouth and throat and the vet suspects FIV, as her immunity is low… but she seems to be much better now and ate a good portion, though still with some difficulty. I will keep her in for 2 weeks, to give her antibiotics and hope to get her to put on some weight.

Lilly and Sky are both doing well. Little Sky had a slight fever, but her appetite had improved and she has put on some weight since last month, so she was finally sterilized today.

Photos: Sweet Little Patches after surgery

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