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Pema & Silverine


wishes for a good home

Video here


wishes for a good home

Video here

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More complaints…

This complaint is near Ivy’s area. As I was cat-sitting nearby I went to have a look. Ivy had just given me the block number but it’s usually not hard to find the right staircase and right unit 🙂

Saw a cat go up the stairs and simply followed. There were 3 units on the second floor and it seems that the complaints had come from 2 of the units.

While I spoke with one of the complainants at least 3 or 4 cats walked up and down the stairs. This complainant had installed a metal gate to keep the cats out of his part of the common corridor and to prevent them from defecating in his flowerpots… of course that didn’t work. He even contemplated cementing glass shards on top of the metal gate or getting a bulldog. In the end he was willing to try the mothball and vinegar method.

His upstairs neighbour, an elderly Chinese man, said the cats (7 of them, sterilised and tipped) belong to him. His gate was meshed but left open. He wanted the cats to have their freedom…. and also that they could find herbs to cure themselves when sick. When told about the complaints he said that her would consider keeping the cats indooors.

Ivy will follow up in a few days time.

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No more Fussy Cat Tuna for my cats

The cats love tuna but I worry about the heavy metal such as mercury which is concentrated in the dark meat. Have been picking out those big chunks of dark tuna but there is quite a lot of it in tuna meant for cats…

Thanks to a cat-sitting client, I came to know that there is a canned tuna in mineral water without added salt available from “Ayam” brand (for humans). I think this makes a healthier treat and the cats love it! It’s quite dry so more water needs to be added.

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Bad Town Council Posters have been removed

No objection to these 🙂

Only that Ivy’s poster would look much nicer in colour

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Stitches has flu

Mild so far… just sneezing a lot but still good appetite. One of the Novena Kittens (the female) is now also sneezing and has watery eyes… sigh! I am giving both Lysine as it can reduce de amount of viruses if it’s FHV (herpes virus) but from what I read it could likely be FCV (calicivirus) which is usually the milder form. The symptoms of Chlamydia would be eye infection, red eyes…. so I guess that is out.

Nothing more that I can do except trying not to pass it to the home cats. The 2 boys will probably also get it… Billy Boy may have resistance. I am not too worried as long as they are still eating. Will get some Vapex.

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Outlawed Inside, Stray Outside

Read what Nushi thinks about the HDB ban on cats…..

in Pets Magazine Nov/Dec 2008 issue

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Worst Town Council Poster

This is pretty bad…

But this is much worse !!!

Do Not Feed the Stray Cats

Do you know that…

1. Cats carry diseases which can

cause birth defects?

2. Cat faeces contain eggs of para-

sites which are harmful for


3. Cat bites and scratches

cause us to fall ill?

4. Cats can spread

pneumonia, meningitis

and inflammation of the

bladder, through the

bacteria in its mouth?

Why risk it? Your life and

the lives of your family

members are much more


I went to meet a new cat-sitting client who happens to stay at Ivy’s area. When I mentioned that there is a caregiver in her area she told me about these posters at the Town Council notice board of her block.

I went straight to the TC office… calling Ivy and Penny on the way to join me. TC seem to be agreeable to remove the posters… blaming it on a new staff. Ivy also brought along the Responsible Feeding Poster which she designed.

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