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Pema & Silverine


wishes for a good home

Video here


wishes for a good home

Video here

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More complaints…

This complaint is near Ivy’s area. As I was cat-sitting nearby I went to have a look. Ivy had just given me the block number but it’s usually not hard to find the right staircase and right unit 🙂

Saw a cat go up the stairs and simply followed. There were 3 units on the second floor and it seems that the complaints had come from 2 of the units.

While I spoke with one of the complainants at least 3 or 4 cats walked up and down the stairs. This complainant had installed a metal gate to keep the cats out of his part of the common corridor and to prevent them from defecating in his flowerpots… of course that didn’t work. He even contemplated cementing glass shards on top of the metal gate or getting a bulldog. In the end he was willing to try the mothball and vinegar method.

His upstairs neighbour, an elderly Chinese man, said the cats (7 of them, sterilised and tipped) belong to him. His gate was meshed but left open. He wanted the cats to have their freedom…. and also that they could find herbs to cure themselves when sick. When told about the complaints he said that her would consider keeping the cats indooors.

Ivy will follow up in a few days time.

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No more Fussy Cat Tuna for my cats

The cats love tuna but I worry about the heavy metal such as mercury which is concentrated in the dark meat. Have been picking out those big chunks of dark tuna but there is quite a lot of it in tuna meant for cats…

Thanks to a cat-sitting client, I came to know that there is a canned tuna in mineral water without added salt available from “Ayam” brand (for humans). I think this makes a healthier treat and the cats love it! It’s quite dry so more water needs to be added.

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Bad Town Council Posters have been removed

No objection to these 🙂

Only that Ivy’s poster would look much nicer in colour

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Stitches has flu

Mild so far… just sneezing a lot but still good appetite. One of the Novena Kittens (the female) is now also sneezing and has watery eyes… sigh! I am giving both Lysine as it can reduce de amount of viruses if it’s FHV (herpes virus) but from what I read it could likely be FCV (calicivirus) which is usually the milder form. The symptoms of Chlamydia would be eye infection, red eyes…. so I guess that is out.

Nothing more that I can do except trying not to pass it to the home cats. The 2 boys will probably also get it… Billy Boy may have resistance. I am not too worried as long as they are still eating. Will get some Vapex.

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Outlawed Inside, Stray Outside

Read what Nushi thinks about the HDB ban on cats…..

in Pets Magazine Nov/Dec 2008 issue

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Worst Town Council Poster

This is pretty bad…

But this is much worse !!!

Do Not Feed the Stray Cats

Do you know that…

1. Cats carry diseases which can

cause birth defects?

2. Cat faeces contain eggs of para-

sites which are harmful for


3. Cat bites and scratches

cause us to fall ill?

4. Cats can spread

pneumonia, meningitis

and inflammation of the

bladder, through the

bacteria in its mouth?

Why risk it? Your life and

the lives of your family

members are much more


I went to meet a new cat-sitting client who happens to stay at Ivy’s area. When I mentioned that there is a caregiver in her area she told me about these posters at the Town Council notice board of her block.

I went straight to the TC office… calling Ivy and Penny on the way to join me. TC seem to be agreeable to remove the posters… blaming it on a new staff. Ivy also brought along the Responsible Feeding Poster which she designed.

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Joe done and Mario next

Noisy Joe has been released after sterilisation

Mario seems to be a free-roaming home cat

He has been around Blk *18 Area 2 for a long time

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The difficulty of working with other caregivers

The problem is that we all are already stressed to the limit… so tempers fly easily.

Yes, I am a little sensitive… and my usual coping mechanism is to simply retreat into my shell when hurt by people close to me. I know that the anger is due to their own frustration but sometimes I do not feel strong enough to be at the receiving end.

Hmmm…need to do some reflection. Am I very unforgiving or unfair by retreating instead of speaking up and setting limits?

One caregiver was angry and frustrated with CWS and then demanded that I call them as her phone-bill is already very high. I will not do such thing, as I know they are all just volunteers who are also working.

Then there was a miscommunication with another caregiver… If I had known that they would trap the noisy cat at 6am then I would have taken him in straight away but I didn’t see the sms until later in the morning.

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Cat in the basket

Stitches new favourite sleeping spot…

He has been sneezing for the past few days… hope not coming down with flu.

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Another complaint at Blk *95

This time the complaint is about a cat on the 13th floor.

Went there with Penny but we could not find the cat… what we found was a free-roaming rabbit on the 12th floor. They took him in after told that there may be a cat around.

I suggested that we go to the 2nd floor family who keeps many cats, as it could be one of theirs.

See here:

Yes, one of their cats went missing, a brown cat with short tail.

Downstairs we saw this cat:

Pregnant and very hungry. Yes, she belongs to that family… “slipped out the door”. There was no attempt to bring her back into the house… and why was she so hungry if she just slipped out?

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More photos of the kittens

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Novena Cats still surviving

Calico female

Son of Limping Tom

Limping Tom

Today was my last day cat-sitting at Novena. Lily used to pour water into an old pet carrier at the rubbish collection area which is next to Number 10 where she worked as security guard. I put fresh water and dry food there hopefully the 2 cats who are still at number 10 will find it. The guard from across the road told me he saw 2 new cats there… I am quite sure those were the two. It will be better if they move there. I walked along the fence to the back entrance of number 10 where I saw Limping Tom and son in the bushes near the church kindergarten and the calico was at the construction site across the rood. I am just glad to see them still alive. Was worried that either the condo or church had trapped them…

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Three new Tipped-Ears

Two boys in the litter tray…

…and a girl in the hammock

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Stitches & Billy Boy

Seems both are getting better. Billy’s wounds are drying up. He has learned to use the litter tray.

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3 Novena kittens trapped

These are the 2 males with me now

The female (no pic) is with Penny, as she is helping to bring her to the vet

We went down with two traps and 2 carriers. The trapping went smoothly and we were in the taxi just before the heavy rain started.

However, there is great worry about their survival. Now none one of the guards dares to feed the cats, as they know they will loose their jobs too, if going against management orders. The guard who used to feed them is not contactable. Seems some of the cats have moved on… I saw the mother of the 3 kittens at the condo across the road.

Really sad that cats have to starve in such an affluent neighbourhood!

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Novena Cats forsaken by their feeder

According to the new security guard Lily was terminated about 2 weeks ago. He also mentioned the management committee wanting to remove the cats. Supposedly the night guard is now feeding them.. but the three kittens, now all grown up, emerging from one of the thrash bins when I went there today, were really very very hungry…so were the two sterilised cats.

Lilly had earlier relocated Charlie and Mimi to an industrial estate where she works a second job as night guard.

Will be trying to trap the 3 kittens for sterilisation tomorrow.

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Billy Boy & Stitches

Had not seen Billy Boy for a long time as the Auntie is now feeding the cats in this area and Sylvia helping by always checking and clearing food left by some irresponsible feeders. She is very worried about complaints from the vegetable stall owners who “hate cats”.

Sylvia told me about Billy Boy’s wound and I took him in the next day. He is very scared… hardly eating anything. There were previous occasions when he seemed very frightened…must be either someone abused him or the pest control tried to catch him. He is from the same area as Floppy who is now missing.

Took Stitches home today so that he can rest in a quiet place until he gets better. Will bring him to the vet tomorrow…

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Pema & Silverine at the Cattery

Pema & Silverine

wishing for a good home

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Home Cats


Ash is better but still syringing him water with cranberry extract. The extract is not very sour tasting (unlike vinegar or vitamin c) and can even be mixed into the food.

Dawn & Sky

Home cats reclaiming the balcony after Pema & Silverine went to the cattery.


Nush… getting more furry

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Frosti past away this morning

Rest in Peace Frosti!

I had prepared her food, medication and fluid injection… but when lifting her up I noticed how weak she was. A few last breaths and she was gone…

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Frosti is back

There was further improvement ( a bit more lively and less yellow)…so there is still a glimmer of hope for recovery. She was given Vibravet again and also a diuretic, and B12 in addition to the Hepavite (which already contains B12). Hope it’s not too much of cyanocobalamin….I think I rather give her Nutri-plus instead which also contains B12. Frosty will also have to be injected with 100ml of liquid twice a day to keep her hydrated.

While the vet taught me how to do the injection I felt something hard between Frosti’s shoulder blades…but the vet said there was nothing. Later at home I checked again and felt a hard lump under the skin (it can be moved and lifted up)… round longish and slightly larger than the size of a pea. Hope it’s not a tumor?

Left Frosti’s cage open so that she can go into her cat-house but she prefers the folded rug in the corner.

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At the Cattery


Greyee Boy & Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Light Pearl


Pema & Silverine

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New toy for Orange Boy

This is almost as good as a tunnel or tent and Mirko loves that hemp sack from Daiso.

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Update on Frosti

Had planned to take her home today… but then the vet said she perked up a little and suggested to wait a few more days.

I saw some improvement but her eyes look strange… she may not be fully conscious. When I call her only the ears twitch a little.

Improvised with an alu-foil tray and a roll of kitchen paper making a soft bed for her. 2 sample diapers came in handy to serve as pillows. frosty likes her head propped up on something.

Yesterday night Ashley was unable to pee. He would stay in the litter tray for a long time and looked very uncomfortable. I syringed him water and did not get much sleep. Was worried what to do next… bring him to the vet in the morning? and which vet would be best? or should I rush him to the hospital in the middle of the night. I panic easily 🙂

He passed some urine in the morning (no blood) and ate some tuna with water added. Bought a bottle of cranberry extract (powder in capsules) on my way home.

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Frosti hospitalized… last try

Visited her today and also passed the Hepavite supplement to the vet.

Frosti looks weak…but according to the technician she was able to keep the syringe-fed food down.

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Frosti may not be able to recover

The vet has no hope of recovery but suggested to keep syringe feeding and review in 5 days… then think about euthanasia.

He felt that if she were going to recover there would be some improvement by now. He advised against putting on drip or using feeding tube.

He also felt lumps in her intestines and suspects FIP (dry type).

I will still syringe-feed her but a smaller amount… as the main aim now is to make her comfortable.

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Family keeps abandoning their cats

Sylvia said that this Malay family keeps abandoning their grown cats and then taking in new kittens. The latest one was thrown out yesterday… They even asked a feeder to feed it.

Penny and myself will pay a visit later…

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Jasmine to be sterilised

Released Heino and was looking for the new female at *18 Area 2. The feeding auntie didn’t say how the cat looks like.

On the way I saw this young female at *14 and took her. Hopefully this is the *18 cat and not another new abandonee.

Noisy Joe who won’t enter the trap will be next. I can stroke him and lift him up… when he is in a good mood.

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Home cat locked out at night

This 5 to 6 months old tabby-white male kitten belongs to the Chinese family next door to Mia’s owners. Have spoken to them twice… still no mesh and probably still not sterilised…sigh!

Don’t they care that he may be killed or maimed by a vehicle, stray dogs, abused by humans or attacked by the other male cats like Puma….???

How can they sleep peacefully while their kitten is locked out and exposed to all these dangers!!!

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Kitten abandoned in Area 2

The hungry kitten came running when I placed the plate of food for Lizzy. He is about 4 to 5 months old. Will name him Kitkat.

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Frosti vomiting

Frosti has started vomiting. Often the syringed food or liquid will stay down for several hours but then she will throw up just before the next feeding…

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Sick female cats hospitalized

She was sent to the 24 hr Animal hospital last night by the kind Feeding Auntie who had also rescued Yeshe. It seems the feeder first called the caregiver of this area who is in hospital with food poisoning. Later her nephew called me saying that he thinks the cat is dying. The cat who had given birth 4 weeks ago looked weak and very dehydrated but she could still walk slowly towards the water bowl and drink a little. The feeder had not seen her for 3 days and also could not find any kittens. I saw this cat a few weeks ago while helping the caregiver trap another cat for sterilisation. I tried to persuade the feeder to allow the pregnant cat to be sterilised but she was against abortion…

Hope that both caregiver and the cat will get well soon!

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