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New cat in the house

A fellow cat feeder came across a mother cat and 4 kittens. She had taken one of the kittens home and later gave him to another family. When I went there in the evening, I found the mother cat lying outside a shop and right next to a rat trap that was armed and ready to clamp down on any unsuspecting kitten. A second trap was nearby. The kittens were nowhere in sight. I fed the mother cat and closed the traps. The next day I heard that someone had taken the remaining 3 kittens. The mother did not eat the food I offered and I noticed that her tummy was swollen and inflamed, so I took her home. We named her Shasha.

The next day we brought Shasha to the vet. She had a fever and was put on antibiotics and NSAIDs to reduce the swelling. We also gave her compresses using warm water and a towel. It seemed to make her feel better as she kept still and purred.

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