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Rest in Peace


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May you leave peacefully

Be free from this ailing body

May your spirit soar up high!

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Ups and downs

Weak and dehydrated… just gave him another sub-q at 2am. Mouth ulcers and blood in his urine… started him on antibiotics. Caring for a CRF cat has been described as an Emotional Rollercoaster!

Beany is also not too good…. Nushi, Billy Boy and Stitches have mouth ulcers again. Billy has also enlarged lymph nodes… and is on antibiotics now.

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Update on Rocky & Beany

Rocky gave me another scare last week! He was resting and then suddenly sat up and started bleeding quite heavily from his mouth… fresh red blood and there were also some blood cloths. Luckily he had no difficulty breathing and the bleeding stopped after a while. He has lost much weight but lately improving a little.

Beany also lost much weight… and poor appetite.

Started them both on Slippery Elm Bark two days ago. It seems to help with the nausea. Both need sub-q almost every day now. At a time Rocky even needed twice daily because very dehydrated.

Wish I could do more for them and hope for the wisdom to know when not to prolong their suffering!

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It was touch-and-go

Dehydrated even though given sub-q twice a day, not eating nor drinking, crying when touched and very lethargic. Vet gave antibiotics and painkiller and said I should consider PTS if no improvement in a few days time.

Now he is slowly improving… started eating and drinking. Hopefully he can pull through! Be strong Rocky!

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I knew I shouldn’t and couldn’t …

But how could I not take you in?

Now I am awake at 3am

Because I have no heart to cage you or Darly for the night

You are afraid of Darly… and rightly so!

Wet the bed twice because you didn’t dare go to the litter-box.

How can I keep you safe?

So many fights…so may fighters!

Somehow I took in all the “bad boys?… sigh!

But to me they are the same… don’t love them any less!

You were also one of them, used to bully One-Eye Jack

And even bite the people who feed you

Now you let me carry you and inject fluids under your skin

Your appetite has improved and you put on some weight

You are running and playing at times when you feel safe…

You probably have not much time left…

How I wish I could keep you safe from bullies and happy!

But then Darly also deserves a home after all he went through…

though I had briefly considered returning him to the street.. .

Rocky has poor appetite and lost weight…dislikes the k/d diet now.

He is still looking for trouble but no longer winning the fights.

Meanwhile another 2 community cats with terminal illness… thankfully other caregivers took them in!

I am of no use anymore….

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Might try this on R & B… as they always get restless before getting enough fluid in.

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Rocky and Beany both have kidney disease



Rocky has the higher BUN/CRE values but Beany’s case is even worse as there is a large amount of fluid between one of his kidneys and its lining. His intestines have all been pushed to the back. His tummy was like a tight balloon… must feel very uncomfortable. X-ray was taken and showed that it could be either fluid or tumors. In the end the vet agreed to try draining fluid…

It worked and at least this will give him some temporary relief. He is still a bit drowsy and nauseous… vomited some liquid.

Both should be on kd diet… and need frequent subcut fluid injections to flush the kidneys.

Almost lost Rocky after alighting from the bus. He escaped from the soft carrier… which I had used for the first time. Guess I didn’t close the zip properly. He went under a car and I grabbed him as he came out on the other side…. phew!

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Nushi looking better after a week of supplemented diet

She came down with flu again and was on antibiotics for 10 days. Have added lots of supplements to her food for the past week and seeing her getting better makes it all worthwhile! Followed some of the suggestions in Anitra Frazier’s book “The New Natural Cat”.

Nushi is now getting digestive enzymes, a tiny bit of potassium, some vit C, Appelin Syrup, nutritional yeast, lecithin, wheatgerm, kombu, grains, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, wheat-grass plus a bit of egg and eggshell and raw meat added to her food.

Even bought some Kampong Eggs… mainly for Nush and Rocky. I suspect that Rocky’s kidneys are not working well as he passes large amounts of colourless urine and also lost some weight even though he has good appetite. He is getting the supplements plus some raw chicken… but with more starchy food (oats) added. The eggshells are used as calcium supplement.


Eggshell Powder

Eggshells are very high in calcium carbonate. Here’s how to make eggshell powder. Wash the eggshells right after cracking and let them dry until you have accumulated a dozen or so. (Each whole eggshell makes about a teaspoon of powder, which equals about 1,800 milligrams of calcium.) Then bake at 300°F for about ten minutes. This removes a mineral-oil coating sometimes added to keep eggs from drying out. It also makes the shells dry and brittle enough to grind to a fine powder with a nut and seed grinder, blender or mortar and pestle. Grind well enough that there are no sharp, gritty pieces.

(include the membrane of the eggshell… it is good for the joints)

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New mats for the cats

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Rocky UTI?

Yesterday saw a blood stain on the sofa cushion after I caught Rocky squatting there. Today he squatted in the litter tray but there was no pee! He also has loose stool and noticed a bit of blood. Appetite is less but still eating…

Caged him for observation… giving antibiotics and syringing water and cranberry. Later he managed to pee quite a normal amount and there was no blood.

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Vacuum effect

No boxes or carriers shall remain empty…

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Found a feather

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Rocky sharing his favourite spot with Stoney

Don’t know what is worse, the fighting, the spraying or the breakage….

Toaster oven landed on the floor, clay bowl broken…

Ah… finally a quiet moment and Ike has stopped running over my keyboard.

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Rocky vs Stoney

How do you stop a fight on a wardrobe???

Stoney was resting in his favourite spot on top of the wardrobe when Rocky went up and cornered him. I climbed on a chair with a newspaper in my hand but there was no way to calm them down so in desperation I attempted to grab Stoney by the scuff… couldn’t get a grip and he fell – but luckily seems unhurt.

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Reality Isn’t What You Think

Meditating Cat

Close your eyes and wake up

Apparent Reality is just a dream of our mind

Wake up to the Ultimate Reality

Reality Isn’t What You Think

by Andy Karr



~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I made a decision when I found out that a resident of Block *28 had relocated Damy!

What is the use of working with Town Councils to solve problems when people like this man take matters in their own hands! A person I never even suspected! Worse… a family who keep cats themselves and seemed supportive!

First I had to take in Rocky because someone had relocated him and may do so again…fliered the whole block but no leads as to who did it. Damy was released with a heavy heart… would he be taken again? I had sterilized and relocated the new cat that caused problems on the 4th floor of the same block and had Damy’s ear tipped before releasing him back… to my horror he was taken again the very next morning! Now he is safe in my home…

But I will not let myself become a hoarder!

I will still put in effort to sterilize… so that less cats are born to suffer… and then release them to their fate without attachment… will still help where I can as much as my health and means allow… and without any hope!

I will ‘help until it hurts’ (Peter Singer)… but not until it kills me! Some utilitarian things make sense to me. We should not be ruled by emotions but reflect on the actual benefit of our actions and use limited resources wisely.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Many seriously injured and sick cats could heal and recover because kind people sponsored the medical fees and gave me strength and support when needed, some have helped hands-on and Billy Boy found a home because someone herself busy with rescue work helped me to advertise and screen potential adopters… Thinking of these people always put a smile on my face.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

One needs to make time for reflection and meditation…to heal and to learn to feel equanimity towards all beings…


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Dawn & Rocky relaxing

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The Lady who found Rocky

My daughter went to the Lady’s place to collect the female cat (mother of 3 kittens) for sterilisation. It took them almost 2 hours to get the frightened cat into the carrier. Meanwhile I looked out of the window and saw Good Boy… went down with the carrier and he walked right in. So end up having two cats for tomorrow’s sterilisation slot.

We had also put the 3 kittens up for adoption at CWS board (1 male and 2 females about 4 months old) but no response so far.

Sad story of a single woman living with her granny who is in a wheelchair and an aunt who suffers from epilepsy. She is not working because she worries that the aunt may have an attack and the granny would be unable to help her. She says sometimes her granny gets donations and they use that to buy food…and cat food.

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Rocky & Dawn

Rocky got whacked by Dawn when he jumped on the cupboard where she was resting and Nushi gave him one of her slow-motion hisses when he jumped on the bed. Ash also chased Rocky again and was confined to the cage for a short while…Then I heard growling on the balcony… Stitches and Billy Boy again!

Went to TC yesterday to talk to the Property Manager especially about posters… my request was to give a grace-period of 5 to 7 days for lost-pet posters. I pointed out that any lost home cat if not found will only add to the stray population… and multiply if not sterilised! So it is in everyone interest that lost pets are reunited with their guardians. The same goes for community cats. I suspect that Rocky was removed by a resident probably because families on the 4th, 8th and even 12 level used to bring him up. The large vacuum left by Rocky was quickly filled by several other cats from neighbouring blocks (all sterilised community cats).

Now I will have to flyer the whole block before more community cats are lured upstairs and removed….

A TC officer from another area mentioned that there is someone feeding cats and birds leaving a mess of rice on newspaper at block *30 (Area 3). I explained that this person does not belong to “our group of responsible feeders” and I am glad that he intents to get her fined for littering… This lady had been approached by the feeders who had to clear up the mess but she still continues. Hopefully a fine or a warning from TC officers will do the trick.

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Rocky & Orange Boy

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Rocky leashed

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Rocky has been found


has lots of grooming to do

Rocky was found this morning at 3 am in a different part of the estate…

after he had gone missing for about a month.

I have to thank several people for this miracle to happen and especially the kind Malay Lady who called in the early morning hours!

First there was the big obstacle of having my “missing cat” posters removed twice a day. I kept pasting new ones up every day for about a week. I had also passed some posters to TC and RC for their notice board… but the were not put up!

I am very saddened by this lack of compassion for animals and their guardians or caregivers…

A few days ago a neighbour who saw my poster called that he saw a cat with bluish collar at Blk 101… I searched the area but no success…

Then two days ago Cat Uncle happened to ask for another caregiver’s (W) number. I had not contacted W for a long time…but when she called me and told me that she is trying to sterilize a cat at blk 100 plus I mentioned about the missing Rocky. She said she had seen a cat with a light blue collar at around 117/118. Again we searched but couldn’t find him. We left two posters at the lift lobby of both blocks.

My phone rang at 3am but I did not answer thinking it must be a prank call. Then the home phone rang and my daughter answered. A lady said Rocky was at block 118. My daughter went but didn’t bring carrier thinking she could simply carry Rocky home… if it was him.

However, a very frightened Rocky tried to run away so she had to wait for my son to bring the carrier… meanwhile I prepared the cage for him.

Without the posters it would not have been possible to find Rocky! Another person also had called but it turned out to be a different cat. So far people responding to my missing cat posters have always been very sincere… no prank calls.

It is clear to me that Rocky had been relocated… he never ventured further then 2 or 3 blocks in the past 4 years. The location where he was found is far from his territory … at least 20 mins walking distance.

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Rocky missing


Be well wherever you are!

Too late to search…

will I ever know what happened

I miss our conversations –

you always had so much to tell

People said they liked you –

but not enough to keep you safe

They put nice collars on you –

first pink then blue

They took you home at times –

so I didn’t know when you were gone

Posters went up –

but precious time had passed

We searched two blocks –

from floor to floor, from door to door

calling for you …

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Rocky & Shiny moved to the balcony

Decided to shift Rocky to the balcony. Billy Boy, Mango, Orange and Peaches were fine with it and Rocky kept quiet so far.

Later transferred Shiny as well, so that she has company and can enjoy the coolness and fresh air.

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Rocky to the vet

Rocky’s “thumb” is still swollen so I brought him to the vet today… just to make sure It’s not a splinter or something .

There was no splinter but Rocky will have to take antibiotics for another 10 days and at higher dosage… and also something to reduce inflammation.

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Another fight?

Rocky has 2 puncture wounds on his front paw ‘thumb’… looks infected.

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Maxiejane brought Orangee to the vet

Orangee aka Windy had a big lump behind his ear…luckily not a tumor. It was filled with pus just like Rocky’s. Sorry, no photo of Orangee. He is in the care of Maxiejane now.

Maybe they fought with the same cat…could it be Joe? He keeps en-croaching into Rocky’s territory.

Rocky & Noisy Joe

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The noisy boys

Heino stealing Rocky’s food. He is on dry food only and taking medication for his diarrhoea.

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Rocky had a large abscess

Rocky back from the vet

Had not seen him for 3 days (a family on the 4th floor always brings him up) but I was beginning to worry. Then Maxiejane called saying that he has a big lump at the left side of his body. I brought him to the vet straight away. The abscess was drained and he has to be on antibiotics for 24 days. The vet showed me the pictures of the abscess after shaving him and of the pus that was drained… yucks!

Heino in the cage next to Rocky.

Heino still has diarrhoea… will get him sterilised before releasing back. He is very noisy but cute. Somehow I get the feeling that Heino and Heidi are siblings… their behaviour is very similar.

Received a complained about a brown cat that ran into a child care center at Blk *11 Area 2. They already chased him out but complained to Town Council to have the cat removed…sigh! There is no brown cat there but perhaps it was Ginger Tom at *14… or a newly abandoned cat. The TC officer will try to get more details.

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Rocky & Misty

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Bobby has been sterilised today

Bobby (sibling of Spicy and Spot) is still at the clinic.

Sunshine was adopted into a 4-cat home yesterday. The adopter brought one of her cats along and they seemed comfortable with each other.

Rocky spent last night on the balcony…he seemed to be less noisy. The wound looks better today after applying “Burmese powder?. Misty is not afraid of him at all. Hope they can become friends if Misty doesn’t get adopted….

Update from Sammy’s adopter. He was let out into the garden for the first time today but managed to squeeze out through the plastic-meshed gate a few times.

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Double Whammy!

Sleepless nights thanks to Rocky and back problems due to an old injury.

Rocky doesn’t get tired of his constant meow…meooow…meoooow!

Have to keep him in the bathroom at night so at least the neighbours can sleep.

His wound is not healing and I noticed hat he was licking it. So on went the Elizabethan collar yesterday. However, he managed to get it off during the night and now I have tightened it a bit more.

M thinks that the wound needs stitching but I will wait a little longer…I guess it wasn’t healing because of the licking.

During the day all 3 cats (Rocky, Misty and Sunshine) are together on he balcony. All are eating well and so far seem to be getting along. Misty is playing next to Rocky…seems to have all forgotten how he used to chase her across the car park.

Old Ginger is still skinny, but not as bad as before. He has again poor appetite.

Every night I have to coax him to eat at least 1/4 to 1/3 of a can of Avoderm.

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Rocky has a chest wound

Rocky had been missing for 3 days…I had called up AVA, TC etc and searched on every floor. Many families feed him and he has been sighted on the 12th floor before.

Then suddenly he appeared yesterday night just as I was starting my feeding round. He looked okay and ate a whole can of Fussy Cat…but his body felt very warm. Luckily I decided to check him properly and noticed the hole at his chest and pinkish stains on the fur. I brought him in and gave him antibiotics and a few syringes of water, cleaned the wound a little and applied cream then continued feeding the community cats and called Mohan for advice. He offered to come by to help me with cleaning and dressing of the wound. Sylvia and the Auntie took over some of the feeding so I could rush back by midnight….Mohan had also just finished feeding the dogs. He even helped me clip Misty’s needle-sharp claws and clean Sunshine’s ears…

Sunshine was sterilised yesterday. According to the vet, he is about one year old. Sunshine is very thin (the poor cat was too frightened to look for food) He is eating well now and gets extra vitamins.

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Silver, Old Ginger, Sandy and Rocky

At last Silver has found a good and loving home! Hope she will soon get along well with the 3 other feline family members. For the time being she has her own big double-story cage with hammock.

Old Ginger is recovering well…a few more days and he can be released back.

Sandy is now acting more like her old self. The Tail seems broken though…it has now a kink in the middle. I didn’t notice any smell so hopefully it is healing. I tried to mix a Vibravet tablet in her food…but she didn’t eat it. Will get some Clavulox tomorrow and try again.

Rocky has been fighting again. The puncture wounds at his ears are healing but the one on his forehead looks infected and there is a smell. I think he needs to take a course of antibiotics in addition to the antibiotic powder.

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Cats keep the rat population in check

A neighbour mentioned that there should be more cats around. He had seen rats and they even gnawed through some of the wires in his car. Maybe he should complain to the Town Council that there are not enough cats around 😉 Community Cats, like Rocky, are doing a good job. Just today I received another non-vegan present from Rocky…. Well, it’s the thought that counts 😉 Even our One-Eye Ginger is still a good mouser!

Photo: Ginger aka One-Eye Jack

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Billy Boy, Babu & Rocky

Photo 1: Billy Boy has put on a lot of weight. He seems to have many feeders

Photo 2: Babu inspecting the bicycle

Photo 3: Rocky – King of 723… only Little Genie is allowed to enter his territory

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