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Daisy missing since Friday

I was hoping so much that this two would remain. Such a loving mother-and-son pair! Daisy and Dusty have been the only two cats at the bin compound / power station next to blk *25 area 2 for the last two years or so… until Benny joined them recently.

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Stitches has been found!

Old pic of stitches

Someone told CWS that they saw Babu at Phyllis’ cattery.

When I visited today, I could not find Babu. Mei Mei pointed at the fat whitish cat sitting on a chair, saying that was Babu…

That was my Stitches!!! He went missing 6 months ago and Phyllis rescued him about 4 months ago. She told me that he was thin and sick and full of fleas at that time… he must have suffered a lot during that 2 months. I suspect that he had been caught by Pest Control and dumped in another area…

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Visit to the cattery

Pic of Light Pearl courtesy of Vegancat

Visited the cattery this afternoon. The 2 playful pearls have still not found homes, but at least they are happy there and have many friends to play with.

Gemma looks good, very lively and playful. His terrible wound has all closed up… not even any redness left! So much for vets’ predictions 🙂

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Here in Singapore, the labeling of GMO food/ingredients is not required, so it will be very difficult to trace any allergy or other health problems back to the GMO food consumed.

Don’t we have a right to know what we are eating? Watch the video! The most frightening scenario is that of the suicide gene spreading…

Have you ever bought perfectly fresh looking fruits, like apple and pears that were all rotten inside? That’s because irradiated food starts rotting from the core. Again, no labeling is required for irradiated foods…

The only way to avoid genetically modified or irradiated food is to buy organic or look for labels that say non-gmo. I have not seen any labels that say non-irradiated…

The future of food:

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Genie in the hammock

Found Genie in the hammock yesterday…no idea how she went up. We had not removed the 2 hammocks because we were so sure that she wouldn’t be able to climb up.

Later I placed the box there to help her climb down.Genie went up and down several times and also changed from one hammock to the other… although she still can’t walk properly (crawling with body touching the ground). I think this is good exercise to get back her strength.

Genie went home with Maxiejane this afternoon. She is now in a slightly smaller cage but also with hammock. Genie will be transferred to a big double-storey cage, once she is stronger…

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New Pics of Genie

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All the 4 cats from Blk *20 area 2 are gone!

Four young cats, Spicy Girl, Bobby, Sporty and Spot were abandoned at blk *20 in June. They were sterilised in July.

Sporty disappeared about 3 weeks ago. Then Spicy, Bobby and Spot went missing last Saturday. TC said there were no complaints and they did not remove any cats. The cats did not turn up at AVA. I fear that those residents called in the Pest Control again…

Who will be next? Beany, Kinky, Jade, Jake, Sore Throat, Sophus, Little Grey, Steel, Doppelganger, Bunny??? All the cats from blk *09 to *24 area 2 are in great danger and there is nothing I can do…

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Genie discharged today

Genie was no longer on drip so I thought might as well nurse her at home where she will be more comfortable. The only medication that she is taking now is antibiotics. We will bring her back for review on Friday and then decide regarding the acupuncture treatment. Dr. Oh thinks that he can help her and also do something for the liver.

Genie still needs to be syringe fed. No special diet required so I give her Avoderm. Maxiejane will make fish and chicken soup for her. She cannot get up but manages to turn herself from one side to the other. We also noticed that she curls the right her hind paw when stretching her left leg. Ranztan suggested giving her B complex and I am thinking that adding a little

liver would be good for her as she is also anemic…

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Nushi has finally started eating

Nushi gobbled up some Fussy Cat tuna today. Brought her for check-up yesterday and the vet found that her gums were inflamed. No wonder she kept pawing her mouth and refused to eat. She had not been given any anti-inflammatory medication because of her sensitivity to nsaid.

I finally decided to get one of those Pill Poppers and found it a very useful little gadget. So much easier to pill her and without irritating her gums when she tries to spit out the half tablet of antibiotics…

This morning she actually couldn’t wait for me to get up and give her breakfast. Kept walking over my body, meowing and giving me massages. Poor Nush has lost quite a bit of weight…and my savings have also shrunk a little with that huge medical bill. The operation itself was only $320, – but there was a long list of other items so in the end with consultations and everything the bill came up to 1.150. – my most expensive cat so far…but all that matters is that she is well again 🙂

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Update on Genie

Photo by maxiejane

More bad news… her right side is paralyzed.

Maxiejane visited Genie in the afternoon and I went in the evening. If I understood correctly, she had another visitor in the morning.

The hospital bill so far is $ 400 plus…. If anyone would like to sponsor part of Genie’s medical expenses, please send a cheque directly to Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital 232 Whitley Road S-297824.

The vet says that she won’t fully recover and since nothing much can be done for her at the hospital we will probably take her home after the weekend. I will ask Dr. Oh if acupuncture could help her…

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Another complaint

…and again it’s actually about home cats let out to roam in the common corridor.

I am getting very tired of having to deal with such people! Both complainants and cat owners!

One complainant is having a sensitive, irritable nose and objects to having a cat on his corridor. Wonder what he is going to do about people with dogs walking by…can they also be removed? Then there are the cat owners who seem to care well for their pets and then tell me they are going to either abandon them at Changi or send them to SPCA because wire mesh would not look nice…and anyway they are actually not their cats. They only took them in 3 years ago when they were kittens because they pitied them.

Then I get a call from the complainant at 11pm…Are you available 24 hrs? Can I call you at 2 or 3 am if the cats make noise?

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Princess & Fudge sterilised

Little Princess and Fudge were both sterilised yesterday. Fudge is the new chocolate-white boy at *22 area 1.

Gave my last SPCA voucher to Penny and lend her the trap. Hope that she will manage to get the pregnant cat today. I like her feeding area. There is an open field…ideal to build a cat café!

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Genie hospitalized

Maxijane found her this morning, bleeding and unable to move, and they quickly sent her to the hospital. The vet says that she has head injuries and a 50% chance of recovery.

She can move but can’t get up and seems not fully conscious. One of her pupils is dilated.

I syringe-fed her and was surprised that she eagerly ate about 30ml of food. Both sides of her tongue were dark red and there was also blood at her chin and a small wound at the hind leg.

We suspect that she had fallen from the 4th floor as we found some food there. Could she have been thrown down or did she manage to crawl to spot where she was found?

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Update on Nushi

A long cut at Nushi’s tummy

Nushi had a hairball blocking her intestines. The vet managed to remove it by massaging instead of cutting the intestines.

I stayed with her for an hour after the operation …she didn’t move much but seems all right and actually managed to stand up once…The vet also said that her liver and kidneys looked fine but the panaceas was a little inflamed, probably due to the blockage and should recover.

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Two of the Blk *38 area 3 cats to be sterilised

Managed to trap the *38 female and caught one of the males.

We had some carrier malfunction. First I tried to take Rufus, but he was not in a good mood and when I had him Sylvia had problems opening the carrier. In the end we had to give up.

Then another male cat came along. Sylvia said that he would not let people touch him but I just tried and he let me stroke him. I got a good grip at the neck and dropped him in the carrier then the door came off…we managed to put it back. Later I tied up both carriers ( Mohan had warned me that those carriers are not safe). The female went into the trap smoothely and then the difficult part was the transfer to the carrier but it also went quite smoothly… Sylvia is a good trapping partner!

I’ll name the 2 cats Frieda and Frodo!

Oops…forgot to take pics. with all the worry about Nushi. Frieda is a ticked tabby with long straight tail. Frodo looks similar but bigger size. Frodo is actually one of the cats under Haz’ care. She calls him Ao.

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Nushi is not well

Nushi is not eating…

Brought her to see the vet this morning and they are doing a blood test for liver/kidney function. She has some ulcers in her mouth…but not so bad that it would make her refuse even soft food.

Or could it be a blockage…hairball?

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Qilin (Kirin)

From Dreamy’s Blog:

Do you know this Chinese mythical creature is a vegetarian? Despite its fearsome look, it doesn’t eat meat and walks on grass without stepping on it out of great care not to trample any small living beings. This is a creature of good omen, bringing prosperity and serenity.

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Little Princess

Was supposed to trap the *38 area 3 female today but then it started raining and so I decided to take the new kitten “Little Princess” instead. I have 2 sterilisation slots for tomorrow and planned to give one of them to the blk *21 area 1 family for their third cat. However, later at night I noticed that Princess has still diarrhoea. I then passed another carrier to the family so they will be able to bring their last two2 cats in one go tomorrow.

Gave Princess another dose of charcoal and will observe for a few days.

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Cora the pet shop’s pet?

Lately Cora will be lying under the bushes near the new pet-food shop, happy and content not interested in any food.The shop is usually closed by the time I reach there but Sylvia told me that Cora will be going in and out of the new pet shop and seems the owner feeds her well 🙂

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New photos of the 2 Pearls

Photos courtesy of vegancat

We are still looking for a home

We are very cute and playful

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The instinct to care

This story was printed from TODAYonline

The instinct to care

Thursday • October 4, 2007

Goh Boon Choo

LIKE other countries around the world, animal welfare organisations in Singapore hold events to commemorate World Animal Day today.

The World Animal Day website,, tells us it is a day which aims to:

• Celebrate animal life in all its forms

• Celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom

• Acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives — from being our companions and supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives

• Acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives.

Do we need a special day to remember the dogs and cats we call our pets, the chickens and cows we eat, the orang utans running out of room in Borneo, or even the polar bears languishing at the melting North Pole?

While some would say yes, there are others who would surely say no. Many people would not have made the deeper connection about relationships between people, animals, the environment and our future. Although there is no lack of information, most people cling to the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

No doubt, it is a complex web of connections. But the underpinning principle is simple: Take too much of anything out of a system without allowing it to replenish, and the system will collapse, bringing everything else down with it.

While humankind may have dominion over the Earth — we build civilisations and, in the process, destroy forests and coral reefs — we are not self-sustaining. Wherever we are, we breathe in air that is produced mainly by the tropical rainforests of South America and Indonesia.

It is predicted that there will be no more orang utans to be found in Indonesia’s jungles within five to 10 years.

Needless to say, if they go, the rainforests — our oxygen tanks — will not be far behind. The yearly haze that chokes Singapore skies is our reminder that that day is coming.

World Animal Day began in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. Even then, the implications of losing animal species were clear. And yet, to date, politics and economics still dictate whether anything is done at all to save a species in peril — often due to human causes.

But before we worry about what happens to animals around the world, compassion must begin at home.

Said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at the recent Singapore Maritime Lecture: “I do not see any leaders saying let us eat less, eat more vegetables, eat less meat.”

Eating less, and eating less meat, not only translates into a healthier diet, it is kinder to animals and the Earth, and to our fellow men: Resources freed up from feeding farmstock can be diverted to feed the world’s 1 billion starving people.

Surely, we must also care about the animals we purport to love. For more than 20 years, 20,000 dogs and cats have been put to death every year. If we sterilise our pets, keep them indoors and do not abandon them, the number of homeless animals wandering our streets — and thus vulnerable to this death sentence — would be that much smaller.

Out of sight should no longer be out of mind. World Animal Day really isn’t just about the animals. It is about us, what we do to them and the environment, and what state we leave the system in for our children to inherit.

How will you be celebrating World Animal Day?

This was contributed by a reader.

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Cat food litter

Every time I pass block *25 area 1 (the end next to *30) there will be a mess to clean up!

Usually it’s 4 large heaps of dry food and one portion of wet food.

I have put up posters on responsible feeding in 3 languages…the latest one is still there with the mess right below it.

The 4 bin center cats (Judy, Jacky, Whitie Girl and Blackie Girl) will not eat such large portions…they are never really hungry and probably have many feeders

There was a previous complaint about these cats from a resident of *30…almost causing all the cats in this area to be rounded up.

I hope to catch the person in the act and report him/her to NEA. A warning letter or fine for littering will get their attention. Telling those irresponsible feeders that they will be causing complaints and getting the cats killed doesn’t work. Although some of them at least now use a piece of paper, making the clean-up easier. Some have also changed to a better quality dry food after I told them that F & W brand are junk food.

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Another complaint from Block *77 area 3

This is the block where the RC had earlier conducted a survey…and the result was that the majority did not want the cats removed.

Now there are no more cats at this block but the complainant claims that the 2 black cats and another calico follow her up to the lift, seeming interested in her plastic bag.

Perhaps they mistook her for a feeder? All 3 cats are actually very shy and keep away from strangers. According to Silvia these cats don’t go to *77 at all. I see the calico occasionally going to the bin center next to *77 and she won’t even let me come close to feed her. It’s hard to believe what the complainant said and that they wont leave her alone even if she stomps her foot.

When I suggested carrying a bottle of water to splash the cat…she didn’t want to be so violent. Isn’t getting the cats killed even more violent?

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Mother of the 3 kittens pregnant?

When I lifted the mother-cat up yesterday her tummy felt very round and tight. The 3 kittens are just about 3 month old now. She will be first to be sterilised this month…hope that she is not already pregnant. will name her Nana.

Nana will be sterilised tomorrow…hope that the kittens will be safe until she can be returned.

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New pics of Oliver & Jenny

Oliver aka Srawny 🙂

He is not interested in my food, just likes to keep me company while I read the papers.

Finishing the last kibble

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The new kitten

She refused food but drank some water.

This little kitten will not be bullied by Rocky. I saw myself how he meekly retreated when she hissed at him

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Adoption Drive on 6 -7 Oct

There will be an Adoption Drive on 6 – 7 Oct

Details here

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Lucky went missing

Lucky has been missing for almost a week now…

Now there are only 2 cats left at blk *78 area 3. First the Orange-white tipped ear went missing, then Fury and now Lucky. Sylvia has lost another 3 sterilised cats at around *72. We suspect that someone removed the cats.

With all my cats gone…I have decided to give up on the area under this RC. Sylvia will still continue to feed Anna’s cats ET and TT on alternate days.

Plenty of new cats been dumped in other areas! A tabby-white 5 to 6 months old female kitten appeared a few days ago. Noticed yesterday that she has diarrhoea and gave her ¼ charcoal tablet. A 6 to 7 months old chocolate-white boy was abandoned about a week ago at the same area…. 2 new adult cats at another area, one of them was already tipped. The chocolate boy is very cute, will try to get him adopted after sterilisation.

So much sorrow…and add to that an adopter who turned very nasty when I insist that the now 6-month-old kitten needs to be sterilised. I even offered to pick him up and do everything for her after I realized her reluctance and was given many excuses…even telling me the vet advised her to have him sterilised at the age of 8 to 10 months. Now, she says that she will do him next month and again told me that he is now her cat and to mind my own business. Yes, she did sign the adoption contract agreeing to have the kitten sterilised at the age of 6 months.

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Sign the petition to allow cats and all breeds of dogs in HDB flats:

From Stray to MP’s Pet

THIS is the stray that stole the hearts of an entire neighbourhood.

Xiao Hei, or Blackie, used to be a homeless mongrel running around in Yishun.Then, local residents grew to love her.Now she has a family to care for her, and a proper home – the MP’s.

When the MP visits the constituency, so does Xiao Hei.

So the residents continue to have their pet. And she has become the ‘unofficial mascot’ of Yishun.

In February, The New Paper reported that the dog may have to be taken away because it was not legal for the residents to keep her in a public area.

But MP Lee Bee Wah, seeing how attached to Xiao Hei her constituents had become, looked for a way to save her from being put down as a stray.

Ms Lee’s solution: take Xiao Hei home herself.

Three years ago, a resident had found the abandoned puppy at Yishun Stadium and taken her back to Block 825, Yishun Street 81, which became herhome.

Soon, Xiao Hei (Mandarin for little black one) became a friend to the children, a companion to the elderly, and even provided solace to those who had lost their loved ones.

Residents of all races and religions cared for her.

Some of them built a makeshift shelter for her out of cardboard, others fed and bathed her daily.

But earlier this year, someone filed a complaint and officers from the Centre for Animal Welfare and Control came to take her away.

The residents managed to stop the officers and later moved Xiao Hei temporarily to Pasir Ris.

About 80 residents then petitioned Ms Lee to allow the dog they loved so much to remain in the neighbourhood.

Said Ms Lee, 47: ‘I read The New Paper’s article on Xiao Hei and learned that many residents have feelings for her. So I wanted to rescue her.’

The residents could not keep the dog under HDB policy. Neither could it be allowed to roam freely in the estate.

So Ms Lee, who lives in a semi-detached house in Serangoon Gardens, decided to do the next best thing, which was to adopt Xiao Hei as her own.

She and her teenage son went to the farm where Xiao Hei had been homed.

Ms Lee recalled: ‘We took her out for a walk and my son liked her. So we brought her home.’

Now, Ms Lee is known to her residents as the ‘MP with Xiao Hei thedog’.

She said: ‘I know the residents miss Xiao Hei so I try to take her to meet them whenever I can.

‘Xiao Hei has also brought me closer to the residents. She is a very specialdog.’

Housewife Dulcie Lim told The New Paper on Sunday that nowadays she goes for all grassroots events attended by the MP.

Madam Lim, 60, said: ‘Our MP is kind enough to adopt Xiao Hei. We don’t want to intrude into her privacy by visiting Xiao Hei frequently at her home.

‘We appreciate her bringing Xiao Hei to meet us whenever she can. Last Saturday, she had to attend another event in the evening, yet she brought Xiao Hei with her to see us. We were so touched by her gesture.’

Though Xiao Hei leads a comfortable life now, she has not forgotten her ol
d friends in Yishun.

When she saw Madam Lim, she wagged her tail, ran towards her, licked her legs and looked into her NTUC plastic bag.

She used to feed Xiao Hei at the void deck every day.

Madam Lim said: ‘Xiao Hei looks so pretty now. She has put on weight and is obviously happy living with the MP.’

When it was time to go, Xiao Hei just jumped into the MP’s car.

And it was ‘So long Xiao Hei, see you again soon.’

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