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Daisy missing since Friday

I was hoping so much that this two would remain. Such a loving mother-and-son pair! Daisy and Dusty have been the only two cats at the bin compound / power station next to blk *25 area 2 for the last two years or so… until Benny joined them recently.

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Stitches has been found!

Old pic of stitches

Someone told CWS that they saw Babu at Phyllis’ cattery.

When I visited today, I could not find Babu. Mei Mei pointed at the fat whitish cat sitting on a chair, saying that was Babu…

That was my Stitches!!! He went missing 6 months ago and Phyllis rescued him about 4 months ago. She told me that he was thin and sick and full of fleas at that time… he must have suffered a lot during that 2 months. I suspect that he had been caught by Pest Control and dumped in another area…

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Visit to the cattery

Pic of Light Pearl courtesy of Vegancat

Visited the cattery this afternoon. The 2 playful pearls have still not found homes, but at least they are happy there and have many friends to play with.

Gemma looks good, very lively and playful. His terrible wound has all closed up… not even any redness left! So much for vets’ predictions 🙂

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Here in Singapore, the labeling of GMO food/ingredients is not required, so it will be very difficult to trace any allergy or other health problems back to the GMO food consumed.

Don’t we have a right to know what we are eating? Watch the video! The most frightening scenario is that of the suicide gene spreading…

Have you ever bought perfectly fresh looking fruits, like apple and pears that were all rotten inside? That’s because irradiated food starts rotting from the core. Again, no labeling is required for irradiated foods…

The only way to avoid genetically modified or irradiated food is to buy organic or look for labels that say non-gmo. I have not seen any labels that say non-irradiated…

The future of food:

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Genie in the hammock

Found Genie in the hammock yesterday…no idea how she went up. We had not removed the 2 hammocks because we were so sure that she wouldn’t be able to climb up.

Later I placed the box there to help her climb down.Genie went up and down several times and also changed from one hammock to the other… although she still can’t walk properly (crawling with body touching the ground). I think this is good exercise to get back her strength.

Genie went home with Maxiejane this afternoon. She is now in a slightly smaller cage but also with hammock. Genie will be transferred to a big double-storey cage, once she is stronger…

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New Pics of Genie

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All the 4 cats from Blk *20 area 2 are gone!

Four young cats, Spicy Girl, Bobby, Sporty and Spot were abandoned at blk *20 in June. They were sterilised in July.

Sporty disappeared about 3 weeks ago. Then Spicy, Bobby and Spot went missing last Saturday. TC said there were no complaints and they did not remove any cats. The cats did not turn up at AVA. I fear that those residents called in the Pest Control again…

Who will be next? Beany, Kinky, Jade, Jake, Sore Throat, Sophus, Little Grey, Steel, Doppelganger, Bunny??? All the cats from blk *09 to *24 area 2 are in great danger and there is nothing I can do…

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