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October 29, 2011 · 6:56 am

Darly has a lump

The large lump at the right side of his body can be seen clearly when he walks… but it can’t be seen or felt when he is lying down.

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Nush eating some RC-Kitten

Nushi, Rocky and Beany all ate a little after offering choices of soup, wet-food and dry food… can skip the syringe-feeding for today.

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Update on Rocky & Beany

Rocky gave me another scare last week! He was resting and then suddenly sat up and started bleeding quite heavily from his mouth… fresh red blood and there were also some blood cloths. Luckily he had no difficulty breathing and the bleeding stopped after a while. He has lost much weight but lately improving a little.

Beany also lost much weight… and poor appetite.

Started them both on Slippery Elm Bark two days ago. It seems to help with the nausea. Both need sub-q almost every day now. At a time Rocky even needed twice daily because very dehydrated.

Wish I could do more for them and hope for the wisdom to know when not to prolong their suffering!

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A naughty Meow

Gave some lettuce to the chinchilla…meow came and at first they shared, then meow ran off with the leaf and actually ate it all!

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No more fights under the bed!

My son made a wooden square to fit under the bed… one less worry now! Nushi would also hide under the bed whenever I wanted to syringe-feed her… before even starting to prepare the food! I have no other explanation other than that she must be able to read my thoughts!

This and the new gates make life a little easier… now I wonder how I ever manged without the two gates!

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Cat attack

One careless moment and Darly slipped out from the bedroom and immediately confronting his arch-enemy “Ashley” who is about half his size. I knew it was very risky but I quickly scooped Ashley into my arms. Darly jumped up and hung from my arm with his claws. When he finally let go he bit deep into my calf… managed to carry Ash to safety.

Had fever yesterday, the arm hurts much more than the leg…

It’s natural cat behaviour… when they are in a frenzy. Just lucky that Ashley didn’t turn on me, too…

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Old and worn out

It was given to me by Mohan about 5 years ago and has been my faithful companion ever since, always carrying heavy loads… now beyond repair. Only the handlebar has been salvaged.

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Long-sleeved top

T-shirt from Daiso sleeve extensions done by LK

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