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Home cat going for a walk

Saw this cat while looking for Kiki. He was wearing a shiny new collar with bell. Just recently 3 cats with collars had been abandoned at this same place…

It turned out that this one was just out for a “half hour walk”.

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Kiki missing since Sunday

Kiki is missing from blk *28 Area 1. She was adopted by a resident but sadly was allowed to roam outside.

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Snoopy found

Snoopy had been missing for a week. She has lost so much weight… the bones at her back are protruding the sides of her belly sunken! Blood was dripping from her mouth and there were pinkish blood stains all over her body. There is also some weakness in her right hind leg but she can walk.

Brought her to the clinic and the vet suspects that she had a fall. Snoopy must have been hiding in the drain probably in pain and unable to walk… she is so hungry now.

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Bunny and me…both down with flu

Now we both have flu! So I took Panadol and brought Bunny to the vet . Doxy and eye drops have been added to his medication and also Lactulose for his constipation.

May not update my blog or check e-mails for the next few days. Anything important please sms or call, thanks!

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Bunny and me…

We have to soldier on!

Bunny has the flu, I think…

His eyes get crusted with brownish discharge and he won’t let me wipe them properly. I am applying Solcoseryl eye gel. Hope he is strong to fight this…!

I am giving all I can…it’s not enough but that’s the way it is!

We have to make do with what we have!

People like me must be crazy… spending more on cat food then what we can earn each month. Worse… now I have to reject cat-sitting jobs because need to take care of the sick and injured. I am caught in a vicious downward spiral and there is no hope…

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New abandonee

The new abandonee first seen at Blk *22 on Dec 4 is now at *23. He looks healthy but has lost weight.

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Bunny & Stoney

Bunny is unable to close his mouth because the jaw shifted and he may need to have his incisors removed later on. From how the vet described the broken palate it must have been really very bad…

Stoney finally had his wire removed…

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Benny taken in for observation

Rex’s adopter told M that Benny was injured (limping and bleeding from his nose).

He actually doesn’t look so bad… will just observe him for a while. I had been worried about Benny since that man staying at Blk *26 complained about cats scratching his car. Benny is usually under the cars not on them but still he is at that end of the block where that person stays.

Have not seen Snoopy for a few days…. she is from that same block.

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Oki & Ike

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Cleo has been adopted

Cleo went to her new home. Her guardians have another 2 year-old female. Ike seems to miss her already…

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New photos of Bunny

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Xiao Huang

The Drama Queen does not approve of Damy…. the naughty rascal keeps irritating her!

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Simple Toys

Cats love boxes and plastic bags

but cut off the handles of paper or plastic bags for safety!

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Stoney relaxing

Dr. K gave Stoney a check-up before the sterilization and noticed the wire under his tongue. I then called up the vet hospital and was told that the wire was supposed be removed 2 weeks after surgery.

Now it’s already 1 1/2 months after surgery! I do not recall the vet saying to come back for removal of wire… I went twice for recheck consultation and was told to come back for tube removal in one to two weeks time. This was also stated on the receipt… no mention anywhere that the wire was to be removed (I had assumed that it was supposed to stay in place). Now poor Stoney has to go under GA for a third time!

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Stoney has been tipped & tattooed

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December 17, 2009 · 1:17 pm

Little rescued kitten needs home

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Number 20

it’s a male and about 6 weeks old. M found him in a deep drain (in our estate). A cleaner and a passer-by helped in the rescue.

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Bunny discharged

Bunny was discharged today

Stoney & Bunny know each other

Vet Bill $971,-

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Surgery late afternoon

Bunny, be strong and recover!

The vet says Bunny still looks dull and may not be able to take the surgery but waiting is also very risky…

I gave the go ahead as I am pretty sure the injury happened 5 days ago… if not he would have turned up for feeding. He has been 5 days without food and my gut feeling is not to wait any longer!

I consulted my old friend The Dream Cards yesterday and if my interpretation of the spread is correct then the cards show that Bunny will live! There is a great struggle central to the issue but there is resolution , healing… not transition. The future card shows caring nurturing .. a weak newborn lamb is handed to the seeker to care for….

I was not able to visit Bunny today… sigh!

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“Bunny” hospitalized

When there where 7 missed calls from Sylvia at 1am I braced myself for bad news… still I could not take it – I was in a daze. Sylvia said that Bunny was even worse then Stoney and looked like he was going to die. His head swollen … unable to move.

Sylvia knew that I had been close to break down and offered to call SPCA and I almost agreed…

I managed to call Mohan but was not really able to communicate coherently… then grabbed a carrier and cycled to the location. Bunny was under a car… he did not struggle when we placed him into the carrier. The accident must have happened 3 or 4 days ago and he was severely dehydrated. Mohan set up the drip at 3am… that probably saved his life. Ivy helped me to bring him to Mt. Pleasant Hospital this morning.

The jaw is broken and so are the upper and lower palate. Will visit him tomorrow…

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Dusty and Bunny missing

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New cat seen in area 1

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Her Ladyship’s update

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Sparky to be sterilized

Sparky in the nice new carrier

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Bo and Lady Blue

Bo looks so well!

This lucky girl found a good home

And so did Lady Blue!

Lady Blue had been on heat and was sterilized last week and tattooed. I wish that vets would encourage tattoos especially for females, then we don’t have to guess and wait for the cat to go on heat or worse the female has to undergo an unnecessary operation…

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Rocky vs Stoney

How do you stop a fight on a wardrobe???

Stoney was resting in his favourite spot on top of the wardrobe when Rocky went up and cornered him. I climbed on a chair with a newspaper in my hand but there was no way to calm them down so in desperation I attempted to grab Stoney by the scuff… couldn’t get a grip and he fell – but luckily seems unhurt.

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Zhima aka Pebble

Pebble is the sister of Dawn and Sky.

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There is always someone worse off….

Hope that I will be able to let go of all the community cats before it comes to the breaking point. The home cats depend on me…

But I believe Penny has it even worse…so many sick cats, one has skin cancer and now she tells me that the mother of the 5 kittens (rescued from area with no caregiver after residents complained to TC) has kidney problems…

The one-eye mother cat

…with the foster kitten that didn’t make it

And Penny is broke – unable to work because taking care of the sick cats.

Anyone able to help Penny with the vet expenses please contact her at 98556410

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Unkind Humankind

Old photo of Big Head (2006)

I have received several complaints from Town Council… some problems are in areas with no caregivers and about free-roaming home cats. We still try to help and talk to those irresponsible owners.

Then I get an email that someone complained that there are “a lot of stray cats” in one of our well-managed areas. The complainant pointed out 4 black cats and one tabby (actually there are only 3 black cats, one of them being Big-Head). He wants them removed because “they go to the void deck, are under cars and on top of cars and go to the playground”. TC gave me a deadline of Dec. 11 to “solve the problem”.

These 5 cats have been there for years and Sylvia who passes this area in the morning and also feeds the cats at night says she never saw them on the playground or the void deck of this particular block. I think TC has informed the complainant that these are sterilized community cats… now there is suddenly a complaint that a car had been scratched! The complainant asking TC to pay for the damage.

This is the area where the then RC chairman wanted the cats removed because he claimed “they shat on his car”. In that same area we once had a lady who claimed a cat would follow her… the cat was actually a very shy one who would run away from strangers! I guess some people are not beyond exaggerations and lies when they want the cats removed.

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Another new cat at Area 1

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Biggest cat killer is intolerance

THE Cat Welfare Society is heartened by Mr Teh Thien Yew’s support of kindness to homeless strays in Saturday’s letter, “Reflection of values”. He said that the way we treat animals is a “reflection of the values of kindness we hold in our hearts”.

His words as general manager of the Singapore Kindness Movement Secretariat gives us hope that our society can put our minds and our hearts together towards the humane management of these community animals.

An average of 10,000 cats are surrendered or trapped and sent to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals every year.

Almost all of them are put down. Many are victims of abandonment, neglect and abuse, but the biggest cat killer by far is intolerance – a social quality that is affirmed every time a trap is loaned to residents with no love for the animal, and rewarded every time a complaint is satisfied with the activation of pest control.

Human kindness towards homeless strays prevails through the sheer dedication of ordinary Singaporeans all over the country and the officers of the authorities that align their practices to their convictions by supporting sterilisation and responsible management.

They lead by example in showing us that kindness towards strays is not at odds with the goals of our society for harmony, for well-being and for progress.

Ang Li Tin (Ms)

Cat Welfare Society

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Reflection of values

Reflection of values

‘The abuse of animals, environment, maids, the elderly and others is certainly of concern to any mature society.’

MR TEH THIEN YEW, general manager, Singapore Kindness Movement Secretariat:

‘I understand where Ms Michelle Elizabeth Yin is coming from in Tuesday’s letter, ‘Have a heart – How can Singaporeans show kindness to one another if they show no mercy to homeless animals?’

I am sure many share the same view, as I do, that the way we treat animals is sometimes a reflection of the values of kindness we hold in our hearts.

The same can be said about the environment and even those disadvantaged in our community.

The abuse of animals, environment, maids, the elderly and others is certainly of concern to any mature society.

And as Singaporeans, we should be concerned.

It was therefore heartening to read on the same day in The New Paper a contrasting account of a man’s selfless love for strays over the past two decades.

There are Singaporeans who are willing to – as Gandhi said – ‘be the change you want to see’.

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