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Home cat going for a walk

Saw this cat while looking for Kiki. He was wearing a shiny new collar with bell. Just recently 3 cats with collars had been abandoned at this same place…

It turned out that this one was just out for a “half hour walk”.

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Kiki missing since Sunday

Kiki is missing from blk *28 Area 1. She was adopted by a resident but sadly was allowed to roam outside.

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Snoopy found

Snoopy had been missing for a week. She has lost so much weight… the bones at her back are protruding the sides of her belly sunken! Blood was dripping from her mouth and there were pinkish blood stains all over her body. There is also some weakness in her right hind leg but she can walk.

Brought her to the clinic and the vet suspects that she had a fall. Snoopy must have been hiding in the drain probably in pain and unable to walk… she is so hungry now.

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Bunny and me…both down with flu

Now we both have flu! So I took Panadol and brought Bunny to the vet . Doxy and eye drops have been added to his medication and also Lactulose for his constipation.

May not update my blog or check e-mails for the next few days. Anything important please sms or call, thanks!

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Bunny and me…

We have to soldier on!

Bunny has the flu, I think…

His eyes get crusted with brownish discharge and he won’t let me wipe them properly. I am applying Solcoseryl eye gel. Hope he is strong to fight this…!

I am giving all I can…it’s not enough but that’s the way it is!

We have to make do with what we have!

People like me must be crazy… spending more on cat food then what we can earn each month. Worse… now I have to reject cat-sitting jobs because need to take care of the sick and injured. I am caught in a vicious downward spiral and there is no hope…

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New abandonee

The new abandonee first seen at Blk *22 on Dec 4 is now at *23. He looks healthy but has lost weight.

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Bunny & Stoney

Bunny is unable to close his mouth because the jaw shifted and he may need to have his incisors removed later on. From how the vet described the broken palate it must have been really very bad…

Stoney finally had his wire removed…

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