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No questions asked…

Just found out today that SPCA accepts cats from pest control without questions asked! This makes it very difficult to identify and claim such cats …especially if it’s very common colour…

Rainy has been missing for about 4 days now and I also have not seen Windy around for the past 3 days. Called YJC today since they don’t reply to my emails. The good news is that they do not engage the pest control to remove cats; in fact the maintenance officer said that they have their own 4 ‘wild’ cats, which they have sent for sterilization. He mentioned that many other cats come looking for food and those will be chased away after they had their meal.

Black Boy is back from the vet and eating his second helping of wet food 🙂

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Black Boy from *30 area 3 to be sterilised tomorrow.

Tried to catch Muddy today. Lifted him up and had him halfway in the carrier…then he started to struggle and my bicycle stand gave way. Luckily another ‘cat feeder’ was there to hold the bicycle…but Muddy escaped.

This ‘cat feeder’ takes care of the big cats at the zoo…lions, jaguars and cheetahs. Felt kind of silly telling him that Muddy is quite fierce when he offered to help catch him. He said that the jaguars are the most difficult and dangerous to handle.

Then I went to blk *38 area…looks like there are only 4 cats left now, with one of them tipped. None of the 3 others let me come close so I had a look at blk *30 area 3 where I met Juliana. There are two more males to be done at this block. The noisy one was not around so I took the quiet black one. I remember that he was a bit sickly but Juliana said that he is ok except for one eye that tears a little…and he is eating well.

Sylvia just send a msg that this cat doesn’t like dry food and is also very choosy about the wet food and that he has fleas. I will leave the fleas alone untill after he has recovered and then try neem oil…although it’s not very effective for fleas but I have to reserve the precious Revolution for the more servere cases like Billy Boy, who is scratching alot and has sores on his tummy.

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I shall say that I want it all

I shall say that I Want It All

I shall say that I want it all.

If you ask me how much I want,

I shall tell you that I want it all.

You and I and everyone are flowing this morning

Into the marvelous stream of oneness.

Small pieces of imagination that we are,

We have come a long way to find ourselves,

And for ourselves in the dark,

The illusion of emancipation.

This morning my brother is back from his long adventure.

He kneels before the altar and his eyes are filled with tears.

His soul is looking for a shore to put an anchor,

My own image of long ago.

Let him kneel there and weep,

Let him cry his heart out.

Let him have his refuge for a thousand years.

Enough to dry all his tears.

Because one of these nights I shall come.

I have to come and set fire to this small cottage of his on a hill.

His last shelter my fire will destroy,

Destroy everything.

Taking away from him the only life raft he has, after a shipwreck.

In the utmost anguish of his soul,

The shell will break.

The light of the burning hut will witness, gloriously, his deliverance.

I will wait for him beside the burn
ing cottage,

Tears will run down my cheeks.

I shall be there to contemplate his new existence,

And hold his hand in mine,

And ask him how much he would want.

He will smile at me and say that he wants it all.

Just as I did.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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The mysterious disappearance of cats in area 2

My suspicion that that residents have been calling in the pest control to remove cats has been confirmed. Many sterilized cats have disappeared in the area between block *02 and *24. Both TC and RC said that they did not remove them and none of the cats showed up at AVA.

A resident of that area, a Indian man named John, told me yesterday that there is a group of ‘cat-haters’ who take things into their own hands…but he claimed not to know their names and where they stay just pointing to a few blocks. I have a feeling he knows them…or maybe he is one of them.

I feel like giving up on this area…but what about all the sterilised cats… Darly, Shredder, One Eye Ginger, Lizzy, Beany, Little Grey, Ginger-White Boy, Lora, Sore Throat, Jade, Jake, Stitches, Lady Jane, Steel and Doppelganger? Then there is Pearl and her kittens, Muddy and the new ginger-white male…

The sterilised cats that have disappeared are:

Shadow blk *02

Patchy blk *11

Louis blk *07

Grey Long-Tail Tabby blk *12

Pearl’s son blk *18

Pearl’s daughter blk *18

Max blk *24

Felix blk *07

Light Ginger blk *14

Shredder’s son Howie blk *03

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Community Human

There is this homeless man sleeping on a mattress…next to where I feed One Eye Ginger.

Saw him many times walking around with an angry expression on his face and fists clenched tightly, stopping every once in a while to deliver some punches and side kicks at an imaginary enemy.

I wonder, is there no better place for him…does he suffer from schizophrenia…could he be helped with medication? Perhaps this is still better than spending his life locked up in an institution?

I was also wondering if he would harm the cats…but Ginger does not seem to be afraid of him.

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Road Runner and Steel

Juliana and Haslina did not manage to catch the female cat…she escaped and scratched Has before she could place her into the carrier. So I brought Road Runner to the vet today, Steel’s turn will be tomorrow. I guess he should be well enough, the wound at his toe seems not to be infected. Will be looking out for Muddy tonight. He is a big-head, a fighter…Beany, Lizzy and even Shredder will move away when he turns up at feeding time.

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Took in Steel, son of Pearl, yesterday. He is now the lone survivor of Pearl’s earlier batch of 3 kittens…and the only one that was not sterilised. He was limping and his front paw was bleeding. At least I can keep the wound clean to prevent infection. He will be sterilised after Road Runner is done.

Shadow has been missing for almost a week…Little Jake did not appear yesterday…

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Earth Day

Mother Earth

She gave birth to us

not long ago

We are the youngest

of her children

All other earthlings love her

And take good care of her

We greedy humans

only cause her grief

We exploit and kill our brothers and sisters

destroy her forests, polluting her rivers

Will we soon drown in her tears

or can we still repent and try to save her

– save us?

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Peace at the centre of the hurricane

The Hurricane
The angry hurricane strikes without warning
Leaving you stunned and speechless
Guilt appears – What have I done to deserve this?
Anger appears – I do not deserve this!
There is calm and peace at the center
Stay right there without fear
The hurricane is gone in a moment
A cool breeze is now blowing
A storm is just air
You breathe it in and breathe it out

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Sammy sterilised

Had a difficult choice to make as both of them had diarrhoea. Sammy is eating well, is no longer dehydrated and his last stool was semi-solid…but he is awfully skinny. I did not receive any call from the clinic so I guess the vet decided to go ahead with the sterilisation.

Road Runner is a difficult one…so far no more diarrhoea but he is hardly eating anything and is VERY noisy…much worse than Sammy the Siamese, and every morning I find him on a big heap of shredded newspaper toppled sand tray, food and water bowl…

Now he gets just a tray with some cloth for sleeping and I tried to attach the water bowl to the cage with a cloth peck. His turn will be either on Tuesday or Thursday next week, depending on whether Juliana manages to catch the cat at her block.

Juliana will try to catch the last unsteriized female at her block and bring her to the vet and then to my place to recuperate…I think it’s because of all the support from people for Xiao Hei that she has now started to help the community cats. She had earlier brought an older and sickly cat to the vet and medicated her after release, with the help of Haslina.

This shows how all our actions influence others…

If we show kindness and compassion, we are watering the seeds of these qualities in other people.

If we show anger and irritation (no matter how justified), we water seeds of anger in others and in ourselves…

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Road Runner

Road Runner is another ginger-and-white boy. He had a big slash at the side of his body when he first appeared, and part of his fur had been shaved off…looks like abuse to me. A lady told me that she heard him scream loudly at the nearby coffee shop (the same place where Orange Boy was abused) but she didn’t see what happened.

He was very jumpy and could not be touched at that time…but I managed to sprinkle some antibiotic powder when he was eating…the wound has now healed.

Call him Road Runner because saw him sprint across the road once and one day the Auntie saw him at the MRT station, which is quite some distance away and across another busy main road. I searched for him several times but couldn’t find him.

He came back today and I brought him home for Friday’s slot in case Sammy is still not well….

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Oscar and Sammy to be sterilized

Slightly blur photos of Oscar and Sammy.

Oscar (aka Long-Tail) is a big and handsome ginger-white cat. He has a friendly disposition and would be suitable for adoption…but I will have to get a new camera first.

Oscar recently appeared at area 3 and had been limping for a few days because of an infected wound, but he has now fully recovered. Going to pick him up from the vet soon..

I managed to catch another cat yesterday, also a newcomer. Sammy is a Siamese mix. I saw him a few times at different blocks in area 1 during the past weeks. He is very skinny, so frightened and always ravenous…

Saw him at my block when I returned after releasing Lora. When I realized that he seemed less frightened and let me come close, I quickly scooped him up and placed him in the carrier.

He has diarrhoea, so I gave him charcoal and feed him dry food only. Hope he will be well enough for Friday’s slot.

Apologies for the ahm… quality of my photos lately.

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Released Oliver today. He has not been eating well, had to syringe him Nutri-plus and water. I think he was just too scared…he ate a little after being released .

First I tried to trap Windy…he seemed hungry but did not enter the trap then Cloudy came to disturb and I gave up.

Returned home with the trap and took the bicycle with carrier to go looking for Shale. Then I noticed the flat back tire…rushed to the bicycle shop but they were already closing, so I just pumped the tire and went anyway…it lasted for about 15 minutes and poor Shale had a slow and bumpy ride back.

Shale is quite an intimidating big head and I won’t be able to touch him when he is in a bad mood. After I had fed Jade, Jake and Stitches, he finally turned up… staring angrily at Jake and hissing at me when I tried to stroke him, but after a while he calmed down and let me stroke him while he was eating next to the bicycle…then a quick lift up and into the carrier.

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Photos of Lora & Oliver

Oliver, formerly known as Scrawny, is still drowsy from the anesthetic…

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Lora and Oliver

Found the pregnant tabby girl at Blk *17 area 2, named her Lora. The Malay feeder helped me to carry her into the carrier…but he was too slow and let her escape. After a while I coaxed her out from under the car, stroked her for some time and then quickly placed her into the carrier.

Lora is very frightened and I had a hard time transferring her into the cage after sterilization…but at least she is eating well. Will probably keep her for 5 to 7 days to recover and put on some weight.

Oliver, the young black-and-white boy who appeared at blk *26 area 1 a few months back, seems to be a quiet and timid cat. He looked very skinny and sickly when we first saw him. Oliver is now at the vet and will soon be returned as a proper tipped-ear community cat.

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Darly Boy sterilized

The black kitten with the kinky short tail was first spotted at blk *14 area 2 with a big wound at the tail, which healed in time. Later he was lost and finally reappeared at blk *03, where he has now settled with Shadow and 2 other sterilized free-roaming cats. He is a friendly boy. Will release him tonight and catch another one for tomorrows sterilisation slot.

Hope to find the new tabby girl tonight. She is quite skinny with a tight tummy, probably pregnant. The Malay feeder told me that she has been around for a long time and always giving birth…and he was wondering ‘how come still no tipped ear?’

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Veggie options easy to prepare

Letter by George Jacobs published in todays Sunday Times.

Below is the original version – not all of which was published

I refer to the letter, “Serve vegetarian food in schools? by Sarah Ng Hui Min (Sunday Times, April 2).

Vegetarian Society (Singapore), a registered charity, supports Ms Ng’s proposal to make more vegetarian food available in schools. Reasons why people are thinking about eating less or no meat include health worries, concern for our fellow animals and alarm over environmental destruction. One, research evidence is growing as to the possible links between an animal-based diet and diabetes, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and obesity, not to mention pandemics, such as Bird Flu.

Two, many people are repulsed by the practices of modern meat production facilities, sometimes labelled factory farms. At these facilities, our fellow animals are treated like so many objects, rather than the thinking, feeling fellow beings that they clearly are.

A third reason for eschewing (rather than chewing) meat lies in the increasing concern about global warming and other human-induced environmental ills. Meat’s contribution to these ills has become unavoidably apparent. For example, a recent United Nations report states that the international meat industry generates roughly 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions—even more than the percentage generated by transportation, such as cars.

Fortunately, Singapore is one of the world’s most vegetarian-friendly countries. For instance, the website of Vegetarian Society (Singapore) lists over 300 vegetarian eateries. There are even vegetarian stalls at a few Singapore schools, such as Raffles Institution.

In addition to Singapore’s many vegetarian outlets, most non-vegetarian outlets here are sensitive to the needs of vegetarians and provide vegetarian options on their menus or are willing to prepare vegetarian dishes if asked.

Furthermore, in many cases, little effort would be needed to convert a dish to being vegetarian. For example, many vegetable dishes that are now off limits for vegetarians could swap categories if they were made without the chicken broth, ikan bilis or small prawns often found in vegetable dishes. Expanding a food outlet’s vegetarian options not only benefits vegetarians, it could also bring more business to the outlet.

Humans are, in many ways, the superior species on the planet. Eating less or no meat is one way that we can use our superiority to help other species and ourselves.

Vegetarian Society welcomes Sarah to contact us at We do talks, exhibitions and food demos for teachers, students and canteen staff.

George Jacobs, Ph.D.

President, Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

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Aminah Bee Site

Check out how Lucky got his name….

and her link to: Prophet Muhammad and kindness to animals in Islam

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

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Town Councils, please educate irresponsible pet owners

The Straits Times Online STForum

April 7, 2007

Town councils, please educate irresponsible pet owners

OUT of concern over the constant killing of cats by the town council in response to complaints, a few residents including me, decided to volunteer in ‘cat management’ to cover about 20 blocks of HDB flats in my estate. ‘Cat management’ includes sterilising community cats and helping the town council investigate and resolve complaints about cats.

After four years that include many hours waiting for elusive cats to walk into cat traps on loan from the Cat Welfare Society, we are happy that almost all the cats in our part of the estate now sport a left tipped ear, a sign that it is sterilised, will not emit a caterwauling noise and will not produce litter after litter of unwanted kittens. Noise from male cats fighting to dominate female cats is now limited to the occasional fight over territory.

Our concern now is the lack of regulations on pet ownership. During the four-year period of ‘cat management’, we identified two families with unsterilised cats that were allowed to roam freely. We spoke to these families and persuaded them to let us send their cats to the vet for sterilisation. Recently, there was a family with five cats but they allowed us to send only four for sterilisation. As this family admitted they leave their cats ‘downstairs’, we now worry this one unsterilised female cat may be allowed to breed and the kittens will be abandoned. This will be a setback in the control of the cat population in the estate.

We appeal to the town council and perhaps the residential committees to help educate these irresponsible pet owners.

However, if the HDB will replace its ban on cats with regulations to impose a fine on owners who refuse to sterilise their cats and allow them to roam freely in the common corridors, this will speed up the success of the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TnRM) programme to reduce the population of community cats humanely and cost-effectively. We too want a decrease in the cat population but we believe this can be done without the need to kill them by applying evidence-based TnRM.

Carol Sim Swee Chin (Ms)

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The Middle Way

The Middle Way

“The Middle Way excludes nothing, and becoming stuck is the only way we detour from the Path.

We pay attention to whatever our experience is and embrace it – but without clinging.

We don’t try to hold onto it, and we don’t try to push it away: we just let it be.

Everything is allowed to simply come and go of its own accord.

All of our thoughts, emotions, understandings, and realizations are like bubbles, arising one moment and disappearing in the next moment.

Not grasping or resisting, we walk the Middle Way.”

Excerpt from the book “The Path of the Human Being? by Dennis Genpo Merzel

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Go vegetarian and save the environment

Thanks to Emily for sharing this:

Featured in the April 9, 2007 (not a misprint) edition of Time Magazine on 51 things we can do to make a difference.

22 – Skip the steak

“Which is responsible for more global warming: your BMW or your Big Mac? Believe it or not, it’s the burger. The int’l meat industry generates roughly 18% of the world’s greenhouse-gas emission – even more than transportation – according to a report last year from the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Much of that comes from the nitrous oxide in manure and the methane that is, as the New York times delicately put it, “the natural result of bovine digestion.” Methane has a warming effect that is 23 times as great as that of carbon, while nitrous oxide is 296 times as great.

There are 1.5 billion cattle and buffalo on the planet, along with 1.7 billion sheep and goats. Their populations are rising fast, especially in the developing world. Global meat production is expected to double between 2001 and 2050. Given the amount of energy consumed raising, shipping and selling livestock, a thick T-bone is like a Hummer on a plate.

If you switch to vegetarianism, you can shrink your carbon footprint by up to almost 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide a year, according to the research by the University of Chicago. Trading a standard car for a hybrid cuts only about one ton – and isn’t as tasty.”

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PETA Demands That FDA Find Real Source of Pet Food Contamination

PETA Weekly E-News

Alarmingly, it appears that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may not have discovered the real source of contamination in the recalled Menu Foods items that have caused illnesses and deaths in countless cats and dogs.

A mounting number of complaints about sick and dying animals who ate only dry food that did not contain wheat gluten strongly suggest that another ingredient is causing this crisis. Evidence from reputable laboratories indicates that an excessive amount of vitamin D in pet food—among other possibilities—may be to blame. Vitamin D overdoses produce symptoms similar to those seen in animals who recently have become sick or died after consuming only dry foods.

This week we have asked the FDA to refocus its investigations beyond wheat gluten and consider other possible contaminants. For the safety of all our beloved companion animals, we must not let the FDA sweep this issue under the rug—as the agency has done so often before with animal and human health issues. We need to ensure that all available pet food is 100 percent safe for dogs and cats.

PETA has also called on FDA commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach to resign over the agency’s mishandling of the pet food crisis. It is infuriating—and so very sad—that cherished animals are dying horrible deaths because of a callous and essentially unregulated pet food industry. By not exercising its mandate and siding with Menu Foods and companies like Iams, the FDA has forfeited the public trust—to the detriment of companion animals.

We will continue to pressure corporate and government officials to get to the real source of what is making animals sick and to ensure that all available pet foods are safe. I will update you as this situation evolves. Please also visit, which is regularly updated with late-breaking and helpful information about this and other issues.

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Cat died of kidney failure

Received an email today form J, the lady who had adopted and returned Genie and Silver. Her 12 year old cat suddenly became ill and was hospitalized. She later died of kidney failure and J suspects the Nutro food (pouches with chunks in gravy). The cat was fed with various types of Nutro pouches and Nutro dry food (salmon).

My cats are all eating Nutro dry food, mixed with a little Natural Balance, which they don’t really like much. So far no ill effects. The supplier assured me that it was safe.


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