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Wounds are healing

Woke up in the middle of the night… strange noises coming from the bathroom. Found Doppelganger trying to pull off the e-collar…. think his claws got stuck in the collar. Had no choice but to cut the string and remove the collar.

Doppelganger is now lively and eating well. He was very dull and had to be syringe-fed for the first 3 days…


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Multiple wounds

Doppelganger has a deep wound at the throat, multiple wounds at one side of his body and bruises at the other side. He injured his claws while trashing about in the carrier. Still very drowsy…

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Doppelganger to be sterilized

Doppelganger will be sterilized tomorrow. He appeared at blk *24 area 2 shortly after Max disappeared. His marking and size are quite similar to that of Max.

Met an acquaintance staying at *11 today. She told me that she did not see Patchy for over a week. I didn’t realize Patchy was lost because she rarely comes for feeding. Last time I saw her she wanted to take the lift up at *11. This acquaintance also told me that Patchy had given birth at a neighbours flat before.

I call this *10/*20 area the Bermuda Triangle…perhaps I should stop sterilizing there.

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