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Orange Boy getting better

Peaches has recovered and OB is over the worst, I think, but still on antibiotics.

Now BB has quite a lot of eye discharge and also feels a little warm. I am unable to apply eye drops as he struggles too much. Hopefully my daughter can help me when she comes back from KL tomorrow. He is still eating well so have not started antibiotics.

Sasha and Sky also are a bit off and have watery eyes. OB had diarrhoea… and with his loose anus it will just keep dripping. Had to confine him to a cage for 2 days.

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Smily will be returned

Smily had a big fight with the other cat and sustained an eye injury. The adopter is bringing her to the vet and will then return her to me as the two cat’s can’t get along.

I really don’t want to do anymore adoptions… will be so hard to put her back to the street.

Smily had also given birth to a kitten… as the adopter did not have the heart to send her for abortion. Sadly, the kitten died soon after birth.

I had agreed that the adopter would bring her for sterilization so she won’t have her ear tipped. She was so thin and newly abandoned so I did not suspect her to be pregnant.

Now just hoping that she won’t loose the sight in the injured eye…

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Vacuum effect

No boxes or carriers shall remain empty…

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Suspected Trapping of Cats by Pest Control

Feeder F called me at around 2pm saying that the Blk *28 Feeder saw the cleaning supervisor and a Malay man with a metal-coloured trap which contained food.

I went down and saw the Supervisor and TC officer Joseph. The officer claimed that they only engaged the pest control to take photos and count the cats and to check them for tipped-ear.

Later received call from M that a resident of Blk *27 saw pest controllers catch 7 cats. Met the TC officer and supervisor again on my way to meet M. I told him and asked him to come up to the 4th floor with us to speak to the man. He said he had to rush off to catch someone who pasted up posters. The other man who was with them mentioned something about the trap being stolen.

M and myself went up to the resident’s unit. The elderly Indian man says he saw it from his window and that the men were wearing white T-shirts and that the TC officer was with them. He described the van as being the same colour as the trap.

Later I met the Supervisor again and he also mentioned that their trap had been stolen….

My question is…. why would they bring a trap if they are just taking photos???

So far we cannot be sure that cats are missing… will check tonight!

A worker doing painting at *26 told me and Feeder F that he saw a black-and-white cat being trapped this morning.

Will update tonight on missing cats.

Feeder F also mentioned that a house visiting by MP is coming up.

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Tipped and tattooed

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Who’s the top cat?

Ashley is the wannabe Top Cat! He likes to be able to look down on the lesser beings 🙂 But actually it was Dawn who showed him how to get on the wardrobe by jumping up from the cage which is on the floor about one meter away from the wardrobe. Dawn was the best climber and jumper as a kitten… now she is the second fattest but still the best!

Dawn can even jump from the other wardrobe onto the curtain rail… then walks 3 meter to the end and returns to top of the wardrobe by walking backwards. The curtain rail is the aluminium type – about 1cm width! I will stand there ready to catch her if curtains, rail and everything comes crashing down! Phew! … I am really glad she hasn’t done that for a while! Dawn used to be the heaviest of all the cats but has now been overtaken by Billy Boy and Snoopy.

Today Damy went onto the curtain rail… walked to the end then almost dropped but managed to jump onto the desk.

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Mei will be a proper tipped-ear community cat tomorrow!

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Orange Boy has conjunctivitis

He also feels a bit warm but still has good appetite… giving antibiotic eye-drops.

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A painting from Singapore’s death row

Vui Kong spent weeks drawing this picture of the Buddha on his knees. He would wake up at 4am every morning, while everyone else was still asleep on death row. He would say his prayers, do his chants, and then remain kneeling as he paints this picture.

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SPCA Voucher

Someone had kindly mailed a voucher to me but the postman must have put it into the wrong letterbox. Finally got it today after more than a week (opened and with a circle drawn around my unit number) but luckily still before end of the month! This was urgently needed as the TC already have their eye on the new female at *11.

Also just received the notice of unsuccessful ballot for next month. Sylvia and her sister, too, have been unsuccessful for many months… sigh! Just hope no new female will be dumped…. the 2 males who have owners (Thor and the Greyish Persian) can wait… I rather do the new young orange-white male next.

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Ear punctured

Peaches, Damy and Mango inspecting the scratch board… hope they will use it! Damy’s wound has just healed and now someone punctured Stitches’ ear.

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New photo of Stevie

Courtesy of Aminah

Handsome Stevie

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Wishing Mom Happy Birthday
10th June, Thursday
May happiness spread in all the four directions.

I’m doing well here. Everyday I practice (my Buddhism) and study.

3rd Brother, Second Brother come to see me many times every week. 3rd bro, 2nd bro and I are healthy. 3rd bro’s face used to have a lot of acne, now less. He also cut his hair, looks fresher, and much more handsome. 3rd bro and 2nd bro and I know how to take care of ourselves, to choose what’s best for ourselves. I read a lot here. If I come across a good book, I will recommend to 2nd and 3rd Bro. When they visit me, I will take the chance to share the Dharma, give them the proper outlook. I have confidence that they will both succeed in their own paths. Mom, have faith in the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas! Read more when you’re free. Best is read the Buddhist Scriptures. Occasionally, watch the Buddhist VCDs, or go to the temple and listen to Dharma talk, practice Buddhism – many benefits! Because we are all bound to pass away one day, our bodies are impermanent. Just like wearing clothes need to pull back (I have no idea what the phrase means, even though the word means ‘pull back’), when you know the Dharma, it will be useful after the body dies. So recite the mantras when you have time. That’s best.

“Namo Buddha, Namo Dhama, Namo Sandha

Namo Amitabha?…. Always recite, Mom!

Recite with sincerity, and faith.

30 May 2010, Sunday
Your youngest son, Yong Vui Kong

Taken from The Online Citizen
Save Vui Kong Campaign kicks off in Sabah

Visit also:

An excerpt from Once A Jolly Hangman, Singapore Justice In The Dock

” ‘The sentence of this court upon you is that you will be taken from this place to a lawful prison to be hanged by the neck until you are dead. And may the Lord have mercy on your soul.’

The body will be left suspended for cu least 20 minutes to ensure death has taken place or while it stops writhing. The face will be purple, engorged with blood, the neck covered with lacerations, the tongue swollen and protruding from the mouth, eyes nightmarishly bulging.”

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Tommy on catnip

His ears still look hairless… but it’s actually starting to grow back.

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This cat was already tipped when she appeared… abandoned by a resident of *30 area 1. She has been nameless for a long time so decided to name her.

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New cat in Area I

A new tipped-ear at *23… quite thin and hungry

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The new Kitten

He comes running now… lost his shyness!

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M & M

Muddy & Maddy

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Peaches not well

Red and runny nose and watery eyes… started her on Doxy yesterday.

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Cats in a tent

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Please help these dogs

Jack Russell female
Sheepdog Male
local breed looks like K9 Female
These 3 dogs are sterilized, micropchipped HDB approved with dog license, between 2year+ to 5 years old

Promenarian Male
This dog is the oldest , not sterilized, microchipped HDB approved with dog license

We are looking for people who are willing to adopt this dog for life
These dogs will be sent to sleep if we are not able to find them a good home because we are not able to find anyone that is willing to foster them until they get adopted

These dogs used to belong to a elderly who died suddenly due to heart stroke back on Monday and these animals have no where to go

We are not able to find any one to house them until they get adopted in such a short notice but we were lucky enough to get someone to temporarily house them for ONLY a few days these dogs will be put to sleep if we still cannot find anyone to adopt them

We are desperate looking for any kind person who can take them in and love them
Whoever is interested to adopt anyone of them please contact Christine

Good news: all the dogs have been adopted

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Tools of discipline?

It all depends in whose hand they are! To us cane and sticks are just simple toys.

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Stevie the Blind Cat no longer homeless

Stevie has been adopted by Aminah’s mother and also went for dental surgery. He is an old cat and had already many teeth missing. Now he is left with only 2 canines.

From Aminah:

In case you wondering how is blind cat Stevie getting on — he is fine, good appetite but still drooling a bit. I will keep up his appointment with the vet tomorrow 10th July, as the vet Dr. Heng instructed to bring Stevie 2 weeks after the antibiotics injection for the gums and mouth ulcers.
Tomorow the vet will examine the teeth and will extract whatever decayed tooth Stevie having.
My mother said Stevie is well adjusted to his room, knows his toilet well, it takes him about 4 days to slowly venture outside on its own, discovering the house. Initially when Stevie started to go out first few days venturing the living room and the other rooms, it knocked on furniture and cabinets as it is blind. Now Stevie knows where things are and where is his room, food, litter tray, and it sleep anywhere to his liking. Clever cat! Stevie is now free-roaming the whole house, kitchen, everywhere, no need to confined him anymore to 1 room.
He do not know the bed and sofa chairs, probably due to his blindness he don’t climb up, nonetheless he have rugs specially for him to sleep on.

Sorry I had not been keeping update on Stevie as I been ill with fever lately. Getting better today. Hope I will be completely well thtomorrow to meet my mother and my brother at the vet for Stevie dental work.

Well this is all for now, update on Stevie. I am sure you glad to hear he is well adjusted to the house.

Will give more update on Stevie dental check up tomorrow.

HELP REQUIRED: Funds to Defray Dental Expenses of Blind Cat

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Who bit Damy ?

Must be Stitches! Poor Damy will have to be caged for some time…. take Clavo and have Dermavet cream applied. Lucky he takes the Clavo mixed in his food… he is not a cat that can be easily pilled!

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Cat & Baby… no problem!

Both cat and baby like to catch soap bubbles

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Do you know who I am!

Complaint from RC member about a black cat loitering in front of his unit at the 5th floor (Blk *70 area 3).

Sylvia recalled her encounter with this particular RC member and his wife about a year ago.. He threatened to kill the cat if he sees it again… and kept asking Sylvia “Do you know who I am!” and boasted that he could just call Town Council and have all the cats removed.

On an other occasion his wife told the mother of Sylvia’s friend to stop feeding the cats or she would call the police.

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Ashley has UTI again…Yesterday he was glued to the litter-box passing small amounts of urine and blood. Kept syringing him with tuna-flavoured water and cranberry.. also keeping him caged for observation and on wet-food only. He seems much better today. Nushi and Tommy also get syringed as they seem to urinate very infrequently… I don’t think Tommy can be released back – he is quite weak and clumsy. Nushi has poor appetite and gets her special kibble mix and Ocean Fish Feast for wet food. Tommy also has his own mix of kibbles.

Snoopy’s ballooning finally made me stop the free flow of kibbles. Now it’s strictly feeding twice a day and Snoopy will be caged after she finishes her portion until all the food has been removed.

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New female at *11 Area 2

New female



New female at Kiki’s block… not sure which one caused the complaint.

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New abandonee at Area 3

Sylvia found this one while looking for missing Clover. Clearly a newly abandoned home cat, he keeps looking at the lift and following people…

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Kiki still roaming

Received a call from TC officer today about a smallish white cat at Blk *11 Area 2 with dark spots, ear not tipped. That can only be Kiki… TC officer will pay a visit to Kiki’s owners! I had already tried talking to the owners a year ago…

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“Broken Leg” Clover missing

Old photo of Clover

Clover was sterilized 5 years ago. He and his friend another community cat (White with black patches) have been missing since Saturday. TC officer denied that they have been rounded up but of course we suspect… just as we strongly suspect that Floppy Ear and Lau Hei were removed by cleaners/ pest control. Lau Hei was found in in the eastern part of the island but Floppy was never found…

Just about a few weeks ago CWS contacted me that someone saw an injured cat at Blk 850. But this is probably a coincidence…

I informed CWS that this was Clover and that he was fine. I also called SPCA to inform them about Clover and that he is coping well with his old injury.

Please everyone look out for Clover… easily recognizable by his deformed left front leg!

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Chocolate has been abandoned

Heard that his owner has stopped feeding him and asked his customers at the Mamak Shop block *19 whether they want to take him. Poor Chocolate was so hungry and finished up 2 plate-fulls.

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New kitten at Area 2

A very shy young cat… hiding in the bushes even while it drizzles. She/he has been there for about a week.

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New toys

OB & Snoopy

Damy aka Super Soaker

Stitches smells catnip

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Woke up when I felt Ike’s wet paws …then the nightmare began!

Water everywhere… even the balcony and storeroom were flooded! Trying to think what to save first… my daughter’s laptop on the soaked mattress…my son’s sound equipment in a bag on the floor… 3 large bags of dry food on the floor in the store room… decided to shut off the main first and call the plumber.

To clear this with just mop and pail seemed so hopeless! The cats were quiet even though they were hungry. By evening part of the floor was clear of water and the cats got their food. The rooms were still flooded…

Now things are back to normal, loads of things washed, damaged things discarded…

but I can’t sleep

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