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Bella not well?

Bella didn’t touch her food yesterday… she just sat there staring at it! Moved her mouth as though there was something stuck… fish bone? Today she is eating… tempted her with Fancy Feast. Will have to keep an eye on her.

No sight of the new kitten. Had been feeding her every day… same place where Hope was abandoned.

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Saw Bella today

She looks fine 🙂

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Bella is gone too….

Bella had been the coffee shop cat for 3 years. She first appeared near the coffee shop together with Genie and both looked the same age, perhaps 7 or 8 months old… probably sisters. Genie had later moved to *24 while Bella stayed at the coffee shop.

4 cats gone within a period of two weeks…

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Fury had her stitches removed today

The wound hasn’t fully healed yet, so she got another jab of antibiotics and will have to stay with me for another few days.Had to refill my name-card holder at the vet clinic…was told that quite a number of people took my card, but so far still no further cat-sitting jobs.

Bella is eating okay since her release and the membrane again receded a little… so I will not bring her to the vet yet, rather use the $80,- balance from Fury Fund for the next urgent case that comes along… Will keep the sponsors updated.

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Fury says “Thank You”

…. to the kind people who sponsored her medical bill: JN, Maxiejane, Ranztan, Hazlina and YJ.

She is doing her part by eating well and taking her medicine…even let me stroke her while eating.

The balance will be used for Bella. Wanted to bring her to the vet for a long time. Her 3rd eyelids are covering about a third of her eyes. It started 3 months ago and did not improve with ointment. I am also giving her antibiotics now and her wounds are healing well but the eye condition remains…

Bella is probably Genie’s sister. They looked the same age when they first appeared at block *18 area 1. They are also very alike in their mannerism. Genie then moved to *24 while Bella is now the “coffee shop cat�.

Steel was released on Saturday and I saw him and fed him on Sunday. The big bully, whom I suspect of having caused his wound, was nearby. Will have to try and trap him for sterilization, him and the *30 area 3 Romeo, who also caused many injuries to other cats (Fighter was bleeding at the chest and Black Boy is still limping).

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Fury has been discharged this morning

She is still in the carrier, to let her get used to the smell of the other 2 cats before transferring her to a cage. She already finished up a double portion of wet food that I placed in the carrier 🙂

The total vet bill came up to $200.-. Will have to bring her back in 10 days to remove the stitches.

I have to release Steel soon as his wound has closed up. He would make a wonderful home cat…sigh! Steel is too friendly, timid and also a little clumsy… no chance against the big bullies.This is the second time that he came back with injuries after disappearing for several months.

Bella is not eating well…and that problem with the 3rd eyelid still persists.

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Bella injured

Right at the start of my feeding round I saw Bella limping and one eye closed and crusted with dried blood. Luckily R was home and came down with a carrier. After some wiping with saline solution, the eyelid opened up. We applied eye ointment. She also has a big gash under the chin.

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Judy, Jenny and Bella

Judy and Jenny are both at the vet for sterilisation.

Mohan came by to have a look at Bella and gave me some ointment for her eyes. Her third eyelid is covering part of her eyes. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious as there is no inflammation. fever of dehydration and she is eating well.

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Bella is not well

Bella’s nictitating membrane is covering a third of her eyes. It has been like this for more than 2 weeks. She eats and takes the Nutri-Gel…but sometimes I have to tempt her with a can of Fancy Feast. I wonder should I still wait or bring her to the vet?

The same thing happened to Shredder, it lasted about 3 weeks, and then she was back to normal.

Old photo of Bella:

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Bella and Sophia sterilized

Genie has been released today. Had a hard time to stop her from following me back home.

Bella could be Genie’s sibling, as they look very much alike except for the colour. Two beautiful young cats! Bella had a collar on with many bells attached, but it was too tight and stitched together, so I had no choice but to cut it for safety. Bella was in the early stage of pregnancy.

Gave up on trapping Sandy for this month and instead brought Sophia from *48 area 3 to be sterilized this morning. Sophia is also a new abandonee. She is a beautiful black Persian-X with medium long hair. I was thinking of finding a home for her, but my hopes were dashed when the vet said that she was about 9 years old…

She is a timid and quiet cat. Who could abandon such a sweet little thing to let her fend for herself? Luckily the existing cats seem to accept her.

Hope one day someone will set up an “Old Folks Home for cats� where these unwanted elderly cats can live out their lives in a peaceful and loving environment.

Photo 1: Bella

Photo 2: Sophia (was still drowsy, took a long time to recover from anesthetic)

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