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Orange Boy’s resting place

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Rest in Peace Orange Boy

Orange Boy

Orange Boy passed away on Tuesday morning

Gone so suddenly

Missed so much

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Prayers for Orange Boy

Noticed a 1cm spot that was not there the day before. Looked to me like an abscess going to burst. Brought Orange Boy to see Dr Goh at Mt Pleasant this morning. Shaving revealed bluish purplish legs… infection! Something must have gone terribly wrong somewhere….

Orange Boy also has high fever and his kidneys are failing… high creatine levels and high potassium. Hopes of recovery are slim… but they will try to flush by putting him on drip and inserting catheter again.

My feeling is that there is internal urine leakage…

May I have the wisdom to do what is best for Orange Boy!

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Maybe around 10 needles were inserted… later heat and electric current were added. Dr Oh also suggested the use of herbs… but I will try acupuncture alone first. I know the herbs will be quite ex…

Dr Oh also noticed that OB is a bit pale. I think there is some infection! He vomitted again after eating… so I syringed some wet-food and Appelin.

Many thanks to E, M, G and Mi for sponsoring part of Orange Boy’s medical expenses!

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Orange Boy not well

Orange Boy is lethargic and has no appetite….

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Flap or lining…

After Jireh vet I went to Mt. Pleasant to visit Darly and bring Orange Boy for the required check-up before he can receive acupuncture treatment from Dr. Oh.

Darly is very hyper…playfully biting and scratching. Again without food and water… and in the end stitching postponed until tomorrow.

Dr Choi said he has not decided on the best method yet. He will either use a flab of skin from the leg or use the intestinal lining which has good healing properties.

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Orange Boy going for Acupuncture

Waited 48 hours….no pee! Brought OB back to Jireh to put the catheter in again. The vet said it went in smoothly…meaning there is no blockage and that his inability to pass urine is lack of tone. When I asked about manual expression he said they tried but could not…

The catheter will be removed again tomorrow before bringing OB to Dr. Oh for acupuncture on Saturday.

The vet bills for OB already $869.- so far… sigh!

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Orange boy still has diarrhoea and still not peeing…sigh!

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Orange Boy home

They had to attach the catheter again as OB was not peeing. He doesn’t like to be caged… but no choice as urine is constantly dripping from the catheter. I let him out for a short while and he went straight to the (well-used) scratching post. The vet says he needs to be on prescription diet for at least 6 months to change the pH. Luckily he likes the dry version.

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Orange Boy still at Jireh Vet

The catheter has been removed but he had still not urinated when I visited him today…so not able to take him home yet. The vet bill is already $490.-

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OB had to be transferred to Jireh Vets

Dr Kong called me this morning, the catheter came out and he was unable to insert it again… advised to transfer OB to Jireh for surgery.

Dr Tham explained that there was an abnormal narrow part in OB’s urinary tract making it difficult to insert the regular catheter. He had to use a special Teflon-coated catheter. Also the tip of his penis was necrotic and had to be removed. X-ray showed no stones and blood test was normal… probably the stones had already been passed out earlier. OB will have to be hospitalised for at least 3 days.

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Orange Boy catheterized

Orange Boy is hospitalized at Acacia. He didn’t eat on his own but took some syringed wet food. His tummy looks bloated to me… will ask the vet tomorrow.

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Orange Boy trying to pee

Noticed it first this morning and gave antibiotics, acidifier, cranberry and syringed some liquid… still unable to pass urine.

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Cute Bag

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February 11, 2011 · 11:27 am

Orange Boy brought to the vet today

Orange Boy growled, hissed, hid under the bed, whacked me when I walked by… not his usual behaviour. Also kept opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out… seemed like something wrong with his mouth or throat. He still ate… but less appetite, and also felt warm. Had to grab him by the scruff to get him into the carrier.

Went to the gentle vet and he had no problem checking him properly… but nothing could be found! His ears felt still warm today but he has no fever. So it’s a course of antibiotics and observation.

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Orange Boy getting better

Peaches has recovered and OB is over the worst, I think, but still on antibiotics.

Now BB has quite a lot of eye discharge and also feels a little warm. I am unable to apply eye drops as he struggles too much. Hopefully my daughter can help me when she comes back from KL tomorrow. He is still eating well so have not started antibiotics.

Sasha and Sky also are a bit off and have watery eyes. OB had diarrhoea… and with his loose anus it will just keep dripping. Had to confine him to a cage for 2 days.

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Orange Boy has conjunctivitis

He also feels a bit warm but still has good appetite… giving antibiotic eye-drops.

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New toys

OB & Snoopy

Damy aka Super Soaker

Stitches smells catnip

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Oki suspected of having HCM


See moavellous’ comments here:





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Orange Boy eating wheat grass

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March 3, 2010 · 10:43 am

Orange Boy unwell

Orange Boy has not been eating or drinking yesterday and was vomiting foamy liquid. He was also growling and hissing and hiding under the cupboard. Brought him for a check up this morning. The vet gave 2 injections (one of them was vitamines) but he could not really determine what was wrong with OB.

Will observe him for 2 days…

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Rocky & Orange Boy

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Orange Boy having fun

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Dawn, Orange Boy & Stitches

Dawn on top of the fridge

Orange Boy in his new bed


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New toy for Orange Boy

This is almost as good as a tunnel or tent and Mirko loves that hemp sack from Daiso.

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A gift from Orange Boy

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October 27, 2008 · 8:52 am

Heidi injured

The feeding auntie told Sylvia 4 days ago that Heidi kept lifting up her leg and wasn’t eating much. The next day I went to check but couldn’t find her. Sylvia messaged me again that the auntie also couldn’t find her.

Finally found her today. At first I noticed the lifting up of the front leg… and she also shook her back leg a few times. Then I saw the wound at the mouth and nose.

Could it be a fall, accident, abuse or dog attack? I applied the antibiotic powder and will see tomorrow whether to bring her to the vet. She ate a whole can of Fussy Cat and some dry food and also drank some water.

Orange Boy has blood in his urine…I first thought it was Ashley. Will stop all his antibiotics and give him the Chinese herbs tomorrow.

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Two Heavyweights


Hope the hammock will hold…

Orange Boy

The swelling is all gone now

Nush has inflamed gums again…and Ashley has the urinary infection again. Hope Nush will get better with some antibiotics and I have been syringing Ashley with water and cranberry juice.

Mirko went for shaving yesterday…and Nushi will be done next week if she is better by then.

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Three Boys and a Fountain

Orange Boy, Mirko & Ashley

checking out the new fountain

Just got this fountain from a cat-sitting client 🙂 They found the dome-shaped one difficult to clean and bought a different type (see below).

Orange Boy was the first to drink… naturally 🙂 The rest haven’t figured it out yet. Ashley was pawing, scratching, biting the water… for about an hour.

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Orange Boy has a small lump…

… at the side of his throat. Hopefully it’s just a swollen lymph node. He had an injection and is on 2 antibiotic meds for 2 weeks. Otherwise Orange Boy is his usual hyperactive self. He also had his weight taken… 7.3kg.

One day I must get one of those fancy water fountains for him. Can never ever take a shower without him banging against the folding door until it gives way and demanding to drink from the shower spray… and he takes his sweet time wasting a lot of water. He will also paw at the water and then lick his paw. He will run out when I start splashing but will be back as soon as the shower is turned off…. to lick the rim of the bath tub. But that’s ok…better than drinking from the toilet bowl. Because of him our toilets must be covered at all times. It must taste better than the filtered water in the water bowls…. or could it be a habit from his days as a coffee-shop cat?

Orange Boy resting after visit to the vet

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Dawn in the basket

Dawn in her favourite place… the kitchen sink!

Orange Boy sharpening his claws.

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A walk in the wild

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Finally the ‘cattery’ is empty! For the first time since I took in the 3 Pearls…there were always some cats to nurse back to health…injuries, abscess, tumour, in addition to the sterilisations and temporary housing of kittens for adoption.

My cats are more relaxed, too. We can enjoy the cool breeze with the balcony door now open. The cats can lie in the sun, watch birds and sleep in the hammock. Yesterday Dawn aka Fatty-Boom-Boom, surprised me by climbing up the ‘tree’ right to the top…and she remembered how to climb down, which is quite tricky. Dawn and her sister Sky are the only tree climbers. Ashley and Orange Boy staring up in disbelief… Orange Boy making some strange noises.

Ashley had started a spraying habit, He really disliked some of the temporary guests. Sometimes I had to cover the glass door with newspaper.

The remaining plants now have chance to recover….the creepers were destroyed by the kittens and Bella shredded the leaves of the iron tree.

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Yawny-Dawny & Snoozing Orange Boy

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Photos of Orange Boy


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Update on the sick ones

Photo: Stitches

Orange Boy had a relapse, sneezing and running nose, but now finally seems to get better. He is playing…running and catching paper balls. I noticed that he is now able to stand up on his hind legs to catch the ball in the air..almost back to full strength.

Mirko is also sneezing less but still has the eye discharge,one eye is only half open and quite red. I clean his eyes with saline and apply eye drops twice a day.Both of them are still confined to my room.

Stitches has fully recovered from flu but there is still no improvement in his skin condition. He has the run of the balcony while Silver and Sophia are kept in cages to prevent close contact with Stitches.

Still can’t release Sophia…it’s been raining the whole day. If only we could build a shelter for her in those bushes…

Silver was contemplating jumping on the chair, but then wisely changed her mind. I guess she knows that her hind legs are still not strong enough. She can walk and even jump down from the chair but not strong enough to stand up on her hind legs. Will probably have to keep her in for several weeks until she regains her strength and is able to run from danger…unless she gets adopted first.


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Silver is recovering

Silver is much better now…looks like she will make a full recovery soon. I wonder what happened to her…did someone kick or hit her or was she knocked by a car? All she wants is to follow someone home…

Sophia is still with me waiting for sunny days to come.

Stitches’ eczema has spread to the whole cheek area…it’s all covered with black stuff. Seems the cleaning and cream just made it worse. I was considering using spot-on but then the rest of his fur looks healthy and clean…no flea dirt. So I guess it can’t be a flea allergy.

Orange Boy is still sneezing and breathing noisily…licking and rubbing his nose.


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Oh no! Back to square one…

Sylvia saw Big Head yesterday, limping and with a bloody wound at the same old spot. Worse…now he doesn’t allow her to apply the powder probably remembering how he was caught a month ago. I had just released him two days earlier. The old wound had already healed and I just kept him a few days more because of the rain…

Silver is still the same or perhaps there is a slight improvement…hard to say. She will sit down and flop to her side after a few steps. It may be similar to this case:


…like Orange Boy but less severe. I am applying the electric stimulation on her lower back.

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Update on the sick cats…

Genie has not been seen since Sunday, so I called AVA and SPCA and printed posters today. Then went down to put up the posters and found her at the void deck of *24 area 1. She greeted me with two sneezes.

Orange Boy seems to be the worst effected now. Have quarantined him in my room. He feels a bit warm, sneezes a lot now and breathes with his mouth open…didn’t touch his dinner.

Searched a long time for the injured black kitten yesterday…but couldn’t find him. Sylvia saw him the day before, cleaned the wound and applied powder.

Sylvia first noticed the little white dots on Fighter’s fur. I looked closely and saw they were nits. At least now I know what to do…will apply the Spot-on tomorrow.

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One sneezes, one coughs and another has watery eyes…

Stitches is still sneezing but otherwise he looks much better, the fever is down and he is eating well. The wet eczema is still not improving.

Big Head’s eyes are both watery now but the new wound (torn skin next to the stitches) is closing up. He is now sleeping in the hammock. I can stroke him, syringe him and wipe his eyes clean but have to move very slowly as he is all tense…ready to defend himself.

Orange Boy has started coughing recently, so I am giving Vibravet to all three of them now.

There is a new black kitten at *14 area 2 (maybe about 6 months old). He has quite a big wound at his back, just where the tail starts. I suspect that he was bitten by the same cat that terrorized Stitches.

Fighter has a skin problem…hair loss, red irritated skin and even wounds at his neck and hind legs. Have applied neem oil several times but no improvement. Then started to apply the cream that I was given for Stitches’ eczema and that seems to help. Wonder if it could be mites? The Photo was taken a few months back, before he skin problem started.

Old Ginger and Sophia are not eating well…now I always give both of them Nutri-plus gel to supplement and improve appetite.

There is also a new and very skinny black-and-white boy…who doesn’t eat much… he too gets syringed with Nutri-plus.

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New photo of Orange Boy

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November 22, 2006 · 6:36 am


That’s short for Orange Boy 😉

Orange Boy has taken over Nushi’s favorite spot on my bed…no respect for elders…and he just needs to chase and bite someone (anyone) sometimes. No wonder Ashley likes him, they are two of a kind…. It’s playful biting and he seems to learn that the others do not like that kind of rough play. So we don’t have to call out ‘Oy’ so often anymore. Otherwise he is well and also very cute 🙂

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Orange Boy has been introduced…

…to the gang of 6. Will keep him for a while longer to make sure he can fully control his bowels before putting him up for adoption.

This boy is fearless…challenging anyone who growls at him…not even respecting Nush…but apart from some minor tiffs they all get along. He is exploring the house…got stuck, hind legs in the air, while trying to walk across the cord of the standing fan…and a while later he was hanging over the rim of the bath tub…his hind legs are still not as strong and flexible as he thinks they are…have to keep an eye on him.

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Is it about me or about the cat?

People advised me not to keep Orange Boy for so long (with no hope of recovery) as it would be more painful to euthanize him after ‘sayang’ him. The vet who suggested euthanasia also said I could give him 5 more days if I wanted to, if it would make me feel better.

Yes, we love those that we ‘tame’ and care for…but should this love not be given freely… never fearing the pain of loss?

Some feel that strays should not be given expensive medical treatment unless they can be adopted. Can we predict the future? Yes, they may get into accidents again…or they could have learned and stay away from cars and go on to live a long life. At least we give them another chance…help them on their way…


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Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ashley

Boy Boy will be released back to Blk *52 area 3 tonight. We worry for him…he is just too friendly and timid…and Orange Boy will surely miss his friend. Boy Boy didn’t like my cats though…there would be lots of howling and growling if any of them went near the balcony door.

Orange Boy had one ‘relapse’ on Sunday and needed to be squeezed but after that no more problem so far…. most of his poo also ends up in the litter box now…he is regaining control.

Ashley has also recovered and been reunited with the rest of the gang. He didn’t pee for 5 days!!! There must have been some blockage…The vet said to give him 200ml of water a day but I managed only about a quarter of that amount and added some vit.C to it.


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Orange Boy received much kindness…

I have just totaled up all of Orange Boy’s medical bills.

4 consultations, 1 x-ray, 1 catheterization, various medications, 12 bladder expressions and 4 acupuncture sessions came up to a total of $924,-

The whole amount has been covered by sponsorship! My very kind neighbour M. has paid for almost half of the expenses, then there was J.M. who kindly sponsored twice, the $168.- surplus from Boy Boy’s account were transfered into OB’s account, and sponsorship was also received from CWS and W.K. The total amount of sponsorship was $1.074,-. The $150,-surplus will be used for follow up treatment, if needed.

A big Thank You to all who helped Orange Boy and especially to Dr. Oh whose acupuncture sessions worked such a miracle!


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Ashley, Onyx, Boy Boy and Orange Boy

Ashley looks a little better now. He was still very feverish and lethargic last night and during the day. Sylvia, Anna and the Aunty helped me with feeding the cats today, as I was worried leaving Ashley alone…so I just needed to feed the cats at the area 1 and some at area 2. I was very happy when I saw Onyx back at his usual place.

Boy Boy’s hair has started to grow back. There were some pees and poos in the litter box on the balcony and no poo on the floor today 🙂 Felt Orange Boy’s bladder, just to make sure… it was quite small 🙂


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Orange Boy went for his final acupuncture session

Dr. Oh will be away for a month. He advised me to put a heat pack on his lower back twice a day for 20mins and I will also continue using the electro-magnetic devise. Orange Boy was also checked by the vet today as his tummy was quite bloated…. The vet couldn’t find the cause of it and dewormed him…just in case.

He was not very cooperative during the acupuncture session today…growled a lot.

Well, he is peeing on his own now and it is clearly the result of the acupuncture treatment. His hind legs are also no longer weak and he can now jump onto chairs and tables. Dr. Oh is also confident that he will regain the control of his bowels in time.

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Orange Boy’s third acupuncture session


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