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A Handsome Tipped-Ear Puma

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Young Ginger Boy killed

Cat-Aunty informed me that one of the young ginger males that was recently sterilised must have been killed while crossing the road. There was a lot of blood…and he was missing at feeding time. They don’t think he could have survived but couldn’t find the body.

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Frosti taking the syringed food but not eating on her own. I think her urine is normal quantity.

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Puma to be sterilised

Puma is causing trouble in Rocky’s kingdom! He even chased and injured the little Bumboo girl last night.

He was easily napped today. Placed a bit of tuna in the carrier and he walked right in.

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Frosti discharged

Frosti is still a little scared but she let me syringe-feed her with Avoderm and also licked a small amount of Fancy Feast. Forgot to get the AD Diet from the vet but I think Avoderm is also good. She still looks very yellow to me and her belly is bulging at the side… could that be because of the enlarged liver?

Silverine has developed a bald spot at the side of her body… keeps licking that area. Had applied the neem oil a few times and today applied Revolution on both Silverine and Pema. Will get them both vaccinated soon…then they will be ready to move to the cattery.

Heino is now on a different kind of diarrhoea medication and antibiotics…Transferred him to the big cage on the balcony. Can’t let him out as he will fight with Pema and Silverine.

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A gift from Orange Boy

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October 27, 2008 · 8:52 am

New videos of the Pearls and Greyee Boy

Black Pearl wishes for a good home

Greyee-Boy wishes for a good home

Light Pearl wishes for a good home

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