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RIP Billy Boy

Billy Boy

Billy Boy passed away last night

Missing you…

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Kidney failure

Billy Boy is still enjoying his food though only small portions. He is very thin now and needs sub-q twice daily.

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5 teeth extracted

Poor Billy Boy had to wait so long for his dental…

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Billy & Stitch need dental work

Stitches had an injection yesterday but what they both really need is scaling and extration…

Have no choice but to let go of the communmity cats… sigh!

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Orange Boy getting better

Peaches has recovered and OB is over the worst, I think, but still on antibiotics.

Now BB has quite a lot of eye discharge and also feels a little warm. I am unable to apply eye drops as he struggles too much. Hopefully my daughter can help me when she comes back from KL tomorrow. He is still eating well so have not started antibiotics.

Sasha and Sky also are a bit off and have watery eyes. OB had diarrhoea… and with his loose anus it will just keep dripping. Had to confine him to a cage for 2 days.

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Tools of discipline?

It all depends in whose hand they are! To us cane and sticks are just simple toys.

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Some clashes… but manageable

Damy harnessed

Stitches puzzled

Little Peaches

Not a good place Billy Boy

Trouble brewing!

Billy harnessed

Not an easy task trying to combine the different groups but usually fights can be settled with a spray bottle and some rolled up newspaper.

Damy however will just be running from one cat to the next to challenge them for a fight… so for the time being he needs to be either restrained by a harness or caged while balcony and bedroom doors are open for all the cats to mingle.

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Billy Boy has another bite wound

Billy wounded at his rear end…

… and the culprit is most likely again Stitches!

It’s at his tail area just like the last time. Can’t really see the wound but it seems to be painful and swollen. His ears feel a bit warm. Have started antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. Have not decided whether to bring him to the vet… or just try the medication first.

Had tried to integrate him with the home cats after the failed adoption. I was prepared to keep him and Ashley separate but then BB kept fighting with the others, stalking Mirko and even attacking Dawn… so no choice… he had to go back to the balcony.

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BB had a visitor today

He remembered his adopter and came to her when she called him. I know she really misses him…

She brought all the things that she had bought for Billy Boy Botak von Bukit Batok… even a name tag and leash with harness.

So sad he would have had a good home if not for her frequent travels…

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Billy Boy is back

The adopter was sad to return BB but she realized that he was lonely being left on his own for long hours and while she is away travelling which happens very frequently.

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Billy Boy Botak von Bukit Batok

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More pics of BB…

Billy Batman

Naughty Billy

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Billy Boy Botak

now on the sofa

and sleeping and eating…

Billy Boy has many scars from cat fights and the big one on the back is probably from abuse (scalded with hot liquid).

BB’s wish came true thanks to kind-hearted adopter! http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/1141/Tale_of_a_Survivor

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A Billy Boy Keychain


Ivy told me that she based the design on Billy Boy.

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Billy Boy out from under the sofa

BB under the sofa

Yesterday the adopter “R” was thinking of returning BB as he seemed unhappy refusing food and water and hiding under the sofa.

Today sms: “Billy looks okay. He has eaten and very sweet and likes to sit by the window watching basket ball…”

and “Ooooh I am so relieved”

Haha… so am I 🙂

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Billy Boy went to his new home today

In the car


windows meshed

and everything ready for him

A wonderful home for Billy Boy… so why was I suddenly so emotional and confused… not wanting to let him go.

I guess it’s called attachment…

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Always someting….

Both Bo and Roxy have loose stool and are on oats porridge diet with a little tuna mixed in.

Billy’s wound has healed but Stitch’s gum infection is back. Giving him the anti-inflammatory tablets that were meant for BB and started a course of Zithromax which seems more effective than Clavulox.

Q saw the calico female that was first spotted together with Coco. Someone must have taken her in and then released again. Hope she is not pregnant! Must try to trap her… Q also saw another new male ginger kitten…

Good Boy was limping yesterday his front leg swollen and painful but no more space to take him in so I just applied the powder…


Ivan has been missing for about a week.

Rocky is very vocal especially at night…he misses his freedom to roam outside… and me unable to sleep. Will he ever get used to staying indoors?

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Billy Boy is back

A big collar for a big cat

Tail shaved wound stitched and now 20 days antibiotics twice a day… sigh! Why can’t he be like Stitches and just gobble them up with the food…

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Billy Boy hospitalized this morning

Billy Boy seemed a bit off for the past few days but was still eating… just being less active. Then yesterday night he seemed very lethargic and his head and ears felt very hot. I used a wet towel to cool him down and decided to wait until morning. He would growl when touched his back or tail… clearly in pain.

The vet said he would have to put him under general anesthetic for the examination. He called later to let me know that there was a large abscess at the tail area which had just burst.

Billy Boy is quite difficult to medicate…The injury must have been inflicted by Stitches.

Stitches is also on antibiotics because his gum problem has recurred recently. So he will be out of action for a while 🙂

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A clever cat

One of the foster cats… must be Stitches or Billy Boy, has figured out a way to open the locked sliding door. My daughter went twice during the night to bring them back and lock the door.

In the morning I found Stitches on the sofa, Billy-Boy hiding behind the TV and Coco could not be found… but later she appeared when I served food. Mango, Orange and Peaches were the only ones who had stayed on the balcony.

Surprisingly no fights!

Here is the nifty solution

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Tale of a Survivor

Tale of a Survivor

Seven years as a street cat

roaming at the market

Up on the roofs

down in the drains

He beat the odds

He survived

Sleeping under cars

Fighting for his territory

New wounds even before the old ones

have a chance to heal

Limping badly at times

Tasting the hard life of a street cat

Finally trapped and sent to be neutered

He mellows and old enemies become friends

Life is better now for Billy Boy

He is getting chubby

But there are untold stories

A wound on his back

Was he scalded with hot water

The wound has healed

but scars and memories remain

Enough of danger and adventure

He has only one wish

to spent his old age in a safe place

But where will you go Billy Boy

Will you be happy being in a cattery

with so many others

I wish you could beat the odds

just one more time

To find a real home

To be safe and loved and cared for

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Billy Boy

Fatty Boom Boom

Billy Boy used to have sores frequently especially on his tummy…now all gone. The vet said those sores were heat rash.

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Rocky & Shiny moved to the balcony

Decided to shift Rocky to the balcony. Billy Boy, Mango, Orange and Peaches were fine with it and Rocky kept quiet so far.

Later transferred Shiny as well, so that she has company and can enjoy the coolness and fresh air.

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Billy Boy found!

I was probably not the only one who had a sleepless night and worried all day. Finally found him at around midnight after making several rounds. Sylvia who had searched for him earlier was also very relieved. I can sense that he was happy to be back… slept and ate and lost that fearful look.

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Billy Boy has been released

… but I may have to take him back. He is very scared and already got himself into trouble!

sms from Sylvia at midnight: “Was under car for so long (very scared) came out to eat a bit and think still hiding on roof does not want to come down.”

sms at 1.50am: “Rushed down a while ago to free Billy Boy because he was stuck in the opening of wall and couldn’t free himself. He should be hiding in bush now.”

He must have been scared and trying to squeeze through the gap in the second floor corridor wall which leeds to the roof. The Aunty will look for him tomorrow morning… told her to take him in and call me if he is still so scared.

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Peaches sick?

Peaches looks weak and listless and is not eating… the third eyelid is showing a little, no visible injury. She was fine yesterday,eating well and playing with the others.

Could it be a virus again or accidentally injured by heavyweight Billy Boy…fell on her or pounced on her? Gave Zihromax and syringe-feeding her. Perhaps will wait until tomorrow and then bring her to the vet if no improvement….

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Billy Boy & Peaches

Billy Boy has his moods. Sometimes he will chase the kittens and they will go into hiding but the next moment they will be playing together again… strange!

I told Sylvia that Billy Boy will have to be released back… she was very worried, saying that the fruit-seller had been complaining about Billy Boy defecating at his stall. She felt that I should at least wait until after Chinese New Year… as a big tent has been put up. She is right, I will have to keep him a while longer. Have just applied the Revolution on him.

Lora’s paw is better and I will probably release her in a few days time.

The kittens are all well and hyper now. Have removed my last flower pot from the balcony after it was toppled twice…. with soil all over the floor.

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Billy Boy, Mango & Orange

Peaches’ brothers Mango & Orange are well except for the occasional sneezing and a bit of loose stool. I guess vaccination and deworming will have to be delayed for a while just to be safe.

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Novena Kitten to the vet – hospitalized

Little Novena Girl

Billy’s wound healing

I was thinking let them all get through the flu naturally… without any antibiotics but this morning the little girl was coughing badly and she felt really hot. I was worried about pneumonia….

She had a high fever.. and is now on 2 antibiotics. One of her brothers has running nose and is not eateing… the other one just sneezes a little. Stitches is much better… still sneezes occasionally.

Billy Boy still has diarrhoea. Gave him Dharmotil for a few days but no improvement. Big cleaning up job for me every day. He does go into the litter box but has the habit of always pooing over the edge…

Tried to de-worm him today… but he won’t have it! Billy and Stitches both are very difficult to medicate… Guess i will let them be a little hungry tomorrow and then try hiding the de-wormer in the food.

Anyone can help me find names for the 3 Novena Kittens?

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Stitches & Billy Boy

Seems both are getting better. Billy’s wounds are drying up. He has learned to use the litter tray.

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Billy Boy & Stitches

Had not seen Billy Boy for a long time as the Auntie is now feeding the cats in this area and Sylvia helping by always checking and clearing food left by some irresponsible feeders. She is very worried about complaints from the vegetable stall owners who “hate cats”.

Sylvia told me about Billy Boy’s wound and I took him in the next day. He is very scared… hardly eating anything. There were previous occasions when he seemed very frightened…must be either someone abused him or the pest control tried to catch him. He is from the same area as Floppy who is now missing.

Took Stitches home today so that he can rest in a quiet place until he gets better. Will bring him to the vet tomorrow…

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Billy Boy, Babu & Rocky

Photo 1: Billy Boy has put on a lot of weight. He seems to have many feeders

Photo 2: Babu inspecting the bicycle

Photo 3: Rocky – King of 723… only Little Genie is allowed to enter his territory

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