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Maxiejane brought Windy to the vet

Windy aka Orangey had some sort of eye infection and his third eyelid covered part of his eye. She also took him in for a few days to recover.

I see Windy quite often while feeding Nora and Frosty. He never comes for the food…he just wants to bully the poor Frosty. The last time I saw him, I mistook him for his look-alike Rusty and now I know why…Rusty has a cataract in one eye.

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Successful trapping at midnight

We managed to get all the 7 unsterilised cats that were there, just nice to fit into the number of carriers that we brought. It was really quite fast and easy. First we let them eat some food, than I quickly grabbed one after the other by the scruff while Penny was ready with the carrier. In no time we had them all in carriers. Tomorrow morning they will be sent to the clinic for sterilisation.

The other night we explored the little hill behind the bin center…that would be a very suitable location for a Cat-Cafe.

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Be Prepared

“If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he has prepared for.”

—Florence Scovel Shinn

It seems, therefore, that it would wise for us to not only ask, but to spend some time each morning preparing for a decidedly good day. Prepare for today to be the best day you’ve ever experienced. Prepare for everything to run smoothly. Prepare for an endless flow of good to come your way. Prepare for smiles and sunshine, love and laughter. Then prepare to enjoy this best day imaginable, for why have a marvelous day if you aren’t thoroughly prepared to enjoy it to the fullest? And while you’re at it, you might as well prepare for tomorrow to be even better.

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More kittens…

One of the caregivers had taken a very pregnant cat from one of the blocks near the bin center to be be sterilised today…but the cat gave birth to 6 kittens yesterday. The caregiver will foster them all for the time being.

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News about Survivor’s mother and 2 siblings

Had a long talk with another caregiver and suddenly she mentioned a mother cat and 4 kittens in a mud hole at *17. Turns out that she had come to know about it and went to take the mother and later also 2 of the kittens. Meanwhile all three have been adopted. She couldn’t manage to get the last 2 kittens and after hearing that someone is feeding them she gave up and left them there. One was killed (probably hit by a car) and the other is our SurViVor.

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Twinkle & Sparkle rescued

Took the two little kittens in yesterday, as a fosterer was found. They are about 2 months old, beautiful and very trusting towards humans. What a relief…

I named them Twinkle and Sparkle. Twinkle is a girl (white with orange patches) and Sparkle a boy (white with dark patches). I think they are beautiful and very adoptable! I plan to sterilise the mother after CNY. Hope she will become a bit more friendly by then, so I won’t have to use the trap.

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Prayer for the Animals

May all the Buddhas and

Bodhisattvas bless the billions

of sentient beings in factory farms

who will never feel the

sun on their backs

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SurViVor & the other 4 kittens

Photos courtesy of Penny

SurViVor and the other 4 kittens are all looking for good homes.


Serious adopters who are able to offer a loving and permanent home to any of these kittens can contact me at

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Bumboo sterilised

This little kitten appeared at blk *23 Area 1 about a month ago. She is very small and I thought she was less than 5 months old. I actually wanted to wait another month…turned out she was already pregnant. Seems my judgement is quite off lately…

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Update on the Bin Center Cats

Penny saw that one of the cats had ‘a big lump’ at one of the eyes, so last night I went over with the trap. We didn’t see him and decided to try for the pregnant female instead. She was not hungry enough to go near the trap… at the same time we had a hard time keeping all the young and playful ones away. After about one hour the injured cat turned up and we got him trapped.

Penny brought him for surgery. One eye was removed and there is also some infection in the other eye. He will be discharged into Rashida’s care on Tuesday. She offered to give him a permanent home so he won’t have to return to the dirty bin center.

Yesterday, we tried once more for the pregnant cat but again unsuccessful. We trapped another female instead.

Another caregiver, Wong, contacted me today; she managed to get one heavily pregnant cat from a nearby block. Wong also saw the pregnant bin-center-cat and felt that she could catch it. She tried this morning but also failed.

Some very kind people have offered sponsorship for the sterilization of the remaining bin center cats, and also for the surgery expenses, which is really great, because the eye removal was $300 plus, after discount. Penny also had rescued an injured kitten less than a month ago, spending $1100.- for the surgery. The kitten had her leg amputated at Mt. Pleasant Hospital and is now recovering under Penny’s care… until hopefully an adopter can be found.

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Animal cruelty laws lack punch

… and not only in Australia.

(highlights are mine)

Australians like to think of themselves as compassionate people who
look after the welfare of animals. We hailed Steve Irwin as a national
hero, expressed outrage when thousands of exported sheep died from
dehydration and heat exhaustion aboard the Cormo Express, and reacted
with horror at news of underground animal fight clubs in Victoria.

But few Australians realise that legally sanctioned acts of cruelty to
animals happen every day. Annually, 420 million meat chickens are kept
confined in sheds before slaughter — at 23 chickens per square metre.
Many chickens endure unnaturally rapid growth, bone deformities,
fractures, hip dislocations and diseases due to selective breeding and
high-growth feed.

Every year, 11 million egg-laying hens are kept in wire cages, where
they are unable to spread their wings or perform natural behaviours.
Chicks have most of their beaks cut off to stop them pecking each

And 350,000 mother pigs are kept in individual sow stalls and
farrowing crates, where they cannot turn around or take more than one
step forward or back. As a result, they suffer lameness, foot
injuries, lesions and weakened bones, as well as considerable mental

The situation described above is permitted by section 6(1) of the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 Victoria, and its state and
territory equivalents, which exclude “production” animals (the vast
majority of animals in Australia) from the legislation’s protection.

I would argue that those who enjoy meat have no right to be shielded
from the distressing reality of its production.

Even if one does not have an emotional response to animal suffering,
the arguments are persuasive for rejecting the current intensive
farming system by turning vegan or vegetarian, buying free-range meat,
cutting down on meat consumption, or, at the very least, pressuring
our governments to enact proper animal welfare laws.

One does not have to love animals to oppose cruelty to them, just as one does not have to love mistreated ethnic groups to oppose racism.

Few scientists today still argue that animals are automatons or
mindless machines. Animals, like humans, are consciously aware of
themselves and their surroundings; and experience hunger, cold, pain
and distress.

It would make far more sense, environmentally and economically, to
grow food directly for people rather than animals that will later be
eaten by people. A well-planned vegan or vegetarian diet is perfectly
healthy and tasty. Despite the efforts of industry to convince us
otherwise, a meat-free diet can contain plenty of iron, calcium and

The American Dietetic Association’s position paper, among many others,
has found that vegetarians on average have less chance of developing
many common diseases and health conditions, including obesity,
hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease,
prostate cancer and colon cancer. A vegan-vegetarian diet also tends
to be a lot cheaper for the consumer and society than one that is

Even if Australians are not persuaded by the arguments for
veganism-vegetarianism, however, I think most would agree that if we
are going to eat, wear, hunt, race and experiment on animals, this
should happen with as little pain and suffering to them as is humanly

As Leonardo da Vinci once said:

“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of

Australia has come far, but we still have a long way to go.

Caitlin Evans is the co-founder of Lawyers for Animals (a group of
Melbourne lawyers who volunteer their expertise on behalf of animals).

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Mirko all dressed up

Penny has bought a whole bunch of these t-shirts in different colours and sizes. She gave me this one for Mirko.

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Mother and 2 kittens abandoned

Saw them first 6 days ago at Blk *04 Area 2. Tame and trusting, clean looking…discarded during spring cleaning? The mother is a young, friendly white-and-tabby. The 2 kittens are beautiful with long straight tails and mostly white, one with ginger patches and the other one with some grey patches. They look less than 2 months old. They hide in the drain and the nearby construction site. Hope they will be save!

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Cats in Cages continue…

Anna still insists that the groomer release her 3 cats, even after someone offered to sponsor about a third of the boarding charges. The groomer however assured me that she won’t do it. We agreed that she would take some nice photos of the 4 cats, including the one that belongs to the Auntie so I can try find adopters. The Auntie’s cat happens to be a beautiful Burmese-x, so that one should be easy.

I fixed 2 hammocks for Anna’s cats today while Mirko was being groomed. The 3 cats were so exited and couldn’t wait…at least they are more comfortable now.

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Pest control activated to remove 20 mostly unsterilised cats from Bin Center

A lady called me about a month ago as she was interested to start TNRM in her area. However she gave manny excuses. Penny and myself offered her our SPCA vouchers but then she said that she could only sterilise one cat this month. So Pest Control was activated today.

Two caregivers went to the area and somehow the captured cats were released. Phew…what a relief! Another caregiver has agreed to start sterilising those cats, so I will pass her my remaining 2 SPCA vouchers and Penny also has another 3 vouchers for her. The little black female kitten in my Area 1, called Bumboo, can wait until next month…I think she is not even 5 months old yet.

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Mirko’s Extreme Makeover

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Speedy sterilised

Speedy is a young male recently abandoned at Blk *22 Area 1.

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The Little Kitten…

… now called SurViVor

The lone survivor…lost in the drain during a failed rescue attempt then miraculously it returned to the mud-hole when all hope was gone.

I felt very happy when a caregiver I met today offered to foster it. R managed to catch the shy kitten.

A couple came over earlier to look at Timmy…but then they prefer to get a smaller kitten. Hopefully they will adopt either this one or one of the others that this caregiver rescued today. The couple’s older cat had recently passed away. Their windows are already wire-meshed!

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HDB should reconsider replacing ban on cats with ‘motivational’ regulations

The Straits Times, 21-01-2008, STForum Online Story

HDB should reconsider replacing ban on cats with ‘motivational’ regulations

I READ with amusement the article in The Sunday Times about ‘Getting to know your neighbours? with a cartoon by Miel showing a smiling lady poking her head from her flat and a cat beside her (The Sunday Times, Jan 13). The problem we face nowadays is really ‘not knowing your neighbours?.

In my neighbourhood, I am fortunate to share a common concern with a few fellow residents on the plight of the community cats.

Cats are pushed to the brink by an increasing human population and decreasing tolerance. They are killed for reasons ranging from noise made during mating, defecation in ‘upstairs? common areas (usually caused by cat owners who let their cats roam out), residents’ phobia of cats, scratches on cars, etc.

Incensed by the ineffective killing of about 13,000 cats every year for more than two decades and at the public expense of more than half a million dollars annually, we decided to get our butts out of our flats and spent many evenings trapping the cats in our neighbourhood and brought them to the vet to be sterilised.

After about three years, we achieved a near 100 per cent sterilised colony of cats. We also work with the town council to help resolve complaints about cats.

Through this community work, we met fellow residents from all walks of life, of all ages and of all races. We also got to meet residents who complained about cats and residents who owned cats but were unaware of responsible pet ownership (that includes sterilisation and keeping them indoors).

We were touched by the fact that almost all the residents who complained about cats did not want killing as a solution. This was often not known to some town council property officers who assumed that engaging pest controllers to remove ‘downstairs? community cats was the solution. This naturally resulted in a recurrence of complaints. By identifying the right cause of the complaints, we could offer a solution that costs only a bottle of vinegar and a packet of camphor balls (to clear the smell of cat poo and to repel the cats).

However, the lack of HDB regulations on responsible cat ownership is a major setback to the success of a managed colony of cats. Irresponsible owners abandon cats and kittens for reasons ranging from moving house, spring cleaning and unwanted litters from unsterilised home cats.

Irresponsible owners let their cats roam freely, resulting in complaints from neighbours. Town Council officers are reluctant to speak to such owners about pet responsibility because they said that ‘HDB does not allow cats?. Referring such recalcitrant cat owners to their HDB colleagues will only result in the abandonment of these cats in the estate instead. This will only transfer the problem to the Town Council which may then blame the expanding population on caregivers like me and my fellow residents.

I appeal to the HDB to urgently reconsider replacing the ban on cats with regulations so that such irresponsible owners will be ‘motivated? by fines to keep their cats indoors and to have them sterilised. This is a win-win situation to residents in general, to caregivers and also to the property officers in the town council.

Tan Chek Wee

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Two Lovely Pearls seeking homes

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Nasty dog-owner

This man always lets his medium-sized dog run free. I have no objection to that as long as the dog is well-behaved and under control. However, this is not the case.

Several times I looked from the window because this dog was barking loud and furiously. One time even late at night! Each time the dog was barking at one of the community cats, while the owner was standing several meters away watching. The cats were standing their ground arching their back. Frankly, with Rocky and Oliver, I am more worried about the dog getting hurt… but it seems the owner delights in watching this confrontation.

Today, I went up to the man, gave him a piece of my mind and warned him that I would call the police if this happens one more time. Told my daughter to take photo with her mobile next time she sees him.

I suspect that it was this dog who attacked Genie (she had seven wounds on her body), but of course he denied it.

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Cats in cages

While talking to the groomer, she told me that Anna is again thinking of releasing the 3 cats that have been boarded at her shop for 2 years now. A wrong decision in the first place, she should have left the young and healthy cats at area 3. Anna was planning to release them at her block. This is the block where we had to see the MP and write to the papers to safe 3 community cats from being rounded up! Luckily another caregiver has offered to sponsor $30,- towards the monthly boarding fees after hearing of the cats plight.

I feel sad that the 3 cats are caged up in a double-storey cage most of the time. Now there is not even a hammock, they have to squeeze into a small plastic basket to sleep. Anna refused to get them adopted or at least to transfer them to a proper cattery. The groomer is also very worried that the cats would not adapt to life on the streets again. They would probably be terrified!

The Auntie also has a cat boarded there. She boarded the cat after it suffered an injury, that was also about 2 years back.

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On Butterfly Wings

On Butterfly Wings

“The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough.?

~ Rabindranath Tagore

If you are like most, you have a long list of things you want to do, to have and to experience. Unfortunately, if you are like most, you have also noticed a direct correlation between the lengthening of the list and the lessening of available time to accomplish any of it. “So much to do and so little time” has become an all-too common lament in a society that is pushed and shoved and rushed through every day.

In truth, however, the only time we ever need is the present moment. For it is in this little slice of now that we shape and form our tomorrows. Right now, pick one item from your list. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing, having or experiencing it. Form as clear a mental picture in your mind as you possibly can and smile. Imagine how your accomplished desire would feel and let that energy of fulfillment spread until you can feel it deep in your belly. Conjure up the aroma of it in your mind, and breathe deep to draw the fragrance of it into your nostrils. Think of how sweet it tastes, and enjoy the sweetness on your lips. Let the rhapsody of accomplishment play in your ears as your body sways ever-so gently to its rhythm.

Now, cup your hands together and imagine for a moment that you can feel the gentle fluttering of wings against your palms. In your mind, open your hands and see a beautiful butterfly spread its wings and gently fly away. This is your desire, born on butterfly wings and flying into reality. Wrap it in love and blessing and watch it disappear into the horizon.

Now relax. For in this solitary moment you have found all the time you need to form a future that will come to you as softly and as beautifully as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.

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The No-Hair-Cat

Everyone stared at her and came up to sniff…could this strange creature be Nush???

Mirko will be next 🙂

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Speaking up for the cats

Penny called me today. She told me of a caregiver, a Muslim lady, who is “fed-up with the dumping of cats by Malay families” and she wants to “go to the press”…

Penny suggested a meeting of caregivers to discuss this.

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Frosty sterilised today

And another Siamese…. Frosty is Nora’s new friend, he has been around at blk *25 area 1for a while.

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Shanghai Lady sponsors cat-food

First met this lady from Shanghai when she used to feed Pearl and the Little Pearls at Area 2. She still continues to feed the cats in that neighbourhood whenever she visits Singapore, which is quite frequently. Today she asked me what happened to the 4 cats at blk *20, referring to Spicy, Sporty, Bobby and Spot.

She told me that she doesn’t like the Auntie feeding rice to the cats and said that she would pay for the cat food every month. She gave a total of $300.- to buy cat food for the Auntie. Sylvia will order the food and have it delivered to the Auntie’s home.

The rice that the Auntie feeds looks quite plain but it is actually rice and fish meat. Some cats prefer the rice, so it can’t be all that bad…but I am glad she has a sponsor now to help with the feeding expenses.

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Recovering after sterilisation cum hernia repair

This little girl had no place to go after the operation…except back to the street. The long scar has healed well now and she will be going “home” tomorrow. I was told that she was very noisy and could not be confined to a cage. I was relieved to find that she was actually a good girl, easy to handle and not too noisy. Also, Ashley didn’t mind her… no spraying .

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Orange needs 2nd surgery

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More black cats abandoned

First there was Midnight, then a shy bushy tail appeared the power station. Didn’t see him around for a while until yesterday when he came to me and even let me carry him. His fur is very soft, he must have been an indoor cat.His tail reminds me of a feather duster so I call him Duster. He seems to get along with Dusty. Another one is a still nameless female kitten about 5 months old.

There was another new black female but she came only twice for feeding and then disappeared.

Will get Duster and the kitten sterilised this month and also Frosty (a Siamese-x) and Speedy (an older tabby-white kitten). There are two more unsterilised males, Stony and Smoky…

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Nushi is unwell

Saw small spots of diarrohea at different places on the floor this morning, and Nushi also feels slightly warm. She ate 2 pieces of her favorite salmon snacks and then vomited. I am very worried that she has another blockage…There were also some hairballs recently although I gave her special hairball control food and in addition hairball medication and some laxative for her hard stool once a week, also brushed her often.

I will wait a day or two to see if she can recover on her own…if not I will bring her back to see Dr. Goh. Hope she will recover and then I get her fur shaved to the length of a shorthair cat. Should have done that earlier…

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Speak up against this ridiculous rule…

* Speak up against this ridiculous rule – HDB pet rule specifically BANS cats only

Government (ir)rationale for banning cats from 85% of homes

(NOTE: some links still point back to post links on tec’s old address, updates are pending)

Please speak up against this injustice. Please seriously consider adding your voice to the appeal by:

1. write to these addressees: here, here

2. think about the arguments to refute their claims: here, here, here Go to: Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore. (Special recommendation: Singapore’s Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management )

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Mother and kittens gone…

M found an abandoned mother cat with 4 young kittens some time ago. She and other people kept feeding them. Yesterday M told me that 3 kittens had died and the mother is also presumed dead. She then took the lone remaining kitten intending to bring it home but it escaped halfway and went into the drain. We tried to trap it but the kitten was too scared and ran to the deeper end of the drain. We had to give up and just left some food behind.

No sign of the kitten today…

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Light Pearl for adoption

Photo courtesy of vegancatsg

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Princess limping

Little Princess recovered well

Princess was missing for one day, then the next day Maxiejane saw her limping and suspects fall from height. I took her in to observe and to let her rest and recover. I too, suspected that she fell from 2nd floor because of the scraped skin near the mouth and what looked like a little dried-up blood at one nostril. One front leg seems to hurt but there is no swelling. She often goes up up to the 2nd floor…someone must be feeding her upstairs. She is better now, can walk and run and even jump on the chair. Will probably release her tonight.

I was very busy with several pet-sitting jobs for the past 2 weeks, looking after cats, dogs, rabbits and chinchillas in their homes while the guardians are away…but I really enjoy seeing pets that are much loved and well taken care of.

Several new cats have been dumped in all 3 areas…sometimes really loose my temper. Saw a little black-and-white kitten with a collar at Area 1 the other day. When I took off the collar, which was too tight, a man who was standing nearby came forward saying that the kitten was his. He said he found it and took it in for a few days but his mother-in-law objected so he conveniently put the kitten downstairs where I was feeding. This same man had approached me about a week earlier saying that he liked Benny and is considering taking him home. I really got angry about him abandoning this little kitten, scolded him and told him what happened to Tummy, Donna and Genie. In the end he agreed to take the kitten back for the time being and to try getting it adopted through CWS bulletin board.

These people endanger the whole colony of sterilised community cats by their irresponsible actions! The aim of TNRM is to reduce the number of cats but this cannot be achieved if people continue to dump.

Midnight had a close call…he was running in front of a taxi, disappeared under the moving car and then run out between the wheels. I screamed when I saw it…the car just drove off. Midnight came back for the feeding a little shaken but luckily he seemed unhurt.

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