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Maxiejane brought Windy to the vet

Windy aka Orangey had some sort of eye infection and his third eyelid covered part of his eye. She also took him in for a few days to recover.

I see Windy quite often while feeding Nora and Frosty. He never comes for the food…he just wants to bully the poor Frosty. The last time I saw him, I mistook him for his look-alike Rusty and now I know why…Rusty has a cataract in one eye.

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Successful trapping at midnight

We managed to get all the 7 unsterilised cats that were there, just nice to fit into the number of carriers that we brought. It was really quite fast and easy. First we let them eat some food, than I quickly grabbed one after the other by the scruff while Penny was ready with the carrier. In no time we had them all in carriers. Tomorrow morning they will be sent to the clinic for sterilisation.

The other night we explored the little hill behind the bin center…that would be a very suitable location for a Cat-Cafe.

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Be Prepared

“If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he has prepared for.”

—Florence Scovel Shinn

It seems, therefore, that it would wise for us to not only ask, but to spend some time each morning preparing for a decidedly good day. Prepare for today to be the best day you’ve ever experienced. Prepare for everything to run smoothly. Prepare for an endless flow of good to come your way. Prepare for smiles and sunshine, love and laughter. Then prepare to enjoy this best day imaginable, for why have a marvelous day if you aren’t thoroughly prepared to enjoy it to the fullest? And while you’re at it, you might as well prepare for tomorrow to be even better.

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More kittens…

One of the caregivers had taken a very pregnant cat from one of the blocks near the bin center to be be sterilised today…but the cat gave birth to 6 kittens yesterday. The caregiver will foster them all for the time being.

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News about Survivor’s mother and 2 siblings

Had a long talk with another caregiver and suddenly she mentioned a mother cat and 4 kittens in a mud hole at *17. Turns out that she had come to know about it and went to take the mother and later also 2 of the kittens. Meanwhile all three have been adopted. She couldn’t manage to get the last 2 kittens and after hearing that someone is feeding them she gave up and left them there. One was killed (probably hit by a car) and the other is our SurViVor.

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Twinkle & Sparkle rescued

Took the two little kittens in yesterday, as a fosterer was found. They are about 2 months old, beautiful and very trusting towards humans. What a relief…

I named them Twinkle and Sparkle. Twinkle is a girl (white with orange patches) and Sparkle a boy (white with dark patches). I think they are beautiful and very adoptable! I plan to sterilise the mother after CNY. Hope she will become a bit more friendly by then, so I won’t have to use the trap.

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Prayer for the Animals

May all the Buddhas and

Bodhisattvas bless the billions

of sentient beings in factory farms

who will never feel the

sun on their backs

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