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Coco sterilised

Storeroom turned Recovery Center

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Jade not well

Jade seemed a bit off at the last feeding and then yesterday she felt warm and was also weak and not eating.

Twisty has settled and is less noisy now. Took off the collar because she was coughing a lot.

If I have to take Damy in, then need to stack up cages in the bathroom…

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Jade is much better now

Jade is eating now and she is much more lively. Today the urine is back to normal colour and her eyes are less watery. Still syringe-feeding her with chicken broth to make sure she gets enough liquid. Strangely, she only eats dry food now…perhaps she knows that she needs more concentrated food after being on liquid diet for so many days.

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Jade has not been eating for 3 days

I took in the Mother of Sparkle & Twinkle today, to be sterilised tomorrow, then I went back to get Jade. I just hope that this time the flu will not spread to my home cats! Jade walked very slowly and did not touch the Fancy Feast that I offered her. I just had to take her in to make sure she gets well… she has become one of my favourites.

Jade is on the balcony now and the mother cat will have to stay in a cage in the bathroom until she can be released. Jade has lost much weight and has very watery eyes. I gave her antihistamine and syringed her with Nutri-plus and food and lots of liquid. She is a good girl now, no more biting 🙂

I just bought the antihistamine today to keep sfor cats with flu and running nose, on advise of another caregiver. She said the vet charged her $1,- for each tablet…at the pharmacy you get 50 pcs for $1.50.

Sweety, Mother of Sparkle & Twinkle, has the same sweet face as her babies. She herself is only about 6 to 7 months old. She wouldn’t keep still for me to take a nice photo…

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Little Jake missing…

…from blk *12 area 2 for 4 days now. He would always be there together with Jade. When He didn’t come running to greet me that day…I knew. Hope he will find food and be well wherever he is. Jake was the Malay feeder’s favorite.

Jade misses her companion and she seems more fearful of people now…was she chased by the pest control people? I am painfully aware that each time I see her it may be the last time…and before I leave I will always whisper in her ear “run away…don’t let them catch you!�

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Little Hazel has been sterilized yesterday. She is the now about 5 months old kitten of the untrappable Sandy. She is shy, just like the mother, but was easily trapped. Hazel is a very sweet girl.

Meanwhile 2 pregnant mothers have been left to give birth…. sigh!

One is from area 2. The Auntie kept telling me about this new pregnant cat but I only saw her and started feeding her about 2 weeks ago. Now she has already given birth.

The other one is at Sylvia’s area and due to give birth any time now.

The little Jade, who bit me so badly, is now very friendly, she can be stroked and held and she keeps following me. I alway wonder if that little kink right at the end of the tail was there before it was caught in the window.

Photos: Hazel


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Lady Jane to be sterilized

Photos: Jade & Lady Jane

Jasper went to his new home today.

Caught Jasper’s mother “Lady Jane� to be sterilized tomorrow. She looks just like Jasper.

Have released Stitches although his eczema has still not fully healed…I am worried that he may loose his territory if kept away for too long.

Jade is still with me…until I can manage to get her into the carrier. I left a different carrier with her in the big cage. Jade is still very scared but luckily she is eating well so no hurry to release her.

Genie was released back yesterday, but I hold on to Silver for a while. Mohan noticed that one of her hind legs is still a little weak.

Sophia is also still with me.

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Cat escape

Am I glad this day is over!!!

It all started when I wanted to cleen the poo from the carrier before bringing Jade to the vet. Jade escaped and went into the bath tub..slipped and got more frightened and jumped up to the window, which was partially open.she sat between the window and grill pushing the window open. I managed to hold on to the tip of the handle but couldn’t close it as the cat was in the way. So I just held on while the terrified cat cept clawing and biting my hands…there was no towel within reach and I couldn’t let go. Finally relief came when my daughter broke the lock of the bathroom door and passed me some towels for protection.

I managed to push Jade enough to close the window except for a little gap. A while later, to my horror I saw the tip of her tail from the outside of the window. I quickly went in again to release it. I was really badly shaken by the whole ordeal. I cleared all items from the bathroom and put some food near the cage…but she wouldn’t come down. I was also worried that she would escape from the bathroom and removed all the cats and closed all doors and windows.

I was at my wits end and called Mohan…who came to the rescue. He managed to grab the cat by the neck, pull her out and drop her into the carrier. By that time it was already 12 noon but I still rushed her to the vet, Mohan gave me a lift. He had also managed to feel Jade’s tail and found that it was not broken. From the vet I went straight to SPCA for balloting and then had a sort of break-down.

Later J came over to collect Silver and Genie. My daughter collected Jade from the vet and she seems alright and even ate a little dry food. Sylvia and the Auntie took over some of my feeding and my daughter did the area 1. So I only had to feed the area 2 (with rubber gloves to protect my wounds). My right hand is quite swollen…Mohan gave me some Jamaican Healing Oil to apply.


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Photo: Jade

Jade is Jasper & Louis’s friend and she is also about the same age. All 3 are from block *09 area 2. Jade is a pretty tortoise-shell with straight long tail. She will be sterilized tomorrow.

I was actually looking for Jasper’s mother ‘Lady Jane’ but couldn’t find her, maybe I was too early…so I took Jade first.

The ‘untrappable’ Sandy has not been around for a while but then I suddenly saw her today. She seemed hungry for once…but lost all interest in the food when she saw the trap…sigh! I have not seen her 2 kittens for a long time.

My daughter found a calico girl of about Genie’s age on the 3rd floor staircase today. We gave her some food downstairs. Probably a new abandonee…

I have not seen Max for more than a week. Have searched the area many times and of course called AVA and TC. Maybe he went back to his home after being sterilized and having lost interest in the female cat at *24 area 2. There is now a new cat there, who looks almost exactly like Max…I call him ‘Doppelganger’.

There is also another new abandonee at area 2 (I really hate this time of the year…whenever humans celebrate other species have to suffer and die…) Golden Lion is a pale-ginger longhair cat. A little shy but I managed to stroke him during feeding yesterday. He is handsome boy…hope to get him adopted after sterilization.

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