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Babu cat-napped again?

Sylvia came to know who took Babu. They are students from China staying at a nearby block. They said that they had to return to China for 3 months and didn’t know what to do so they released him back to where they took him.

Now it seem they have taken him again… with the Auntie’s approval. Hope Sylvia and myself can talk to them to find out what they plan to do with Babu when they return to China….


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Babu has returned

Babu (old pic) suddenly appeared yesterday night at blk *44 area 3. He looked so different, Sylvia kept asking whether I was sure that this is Babu. Yes, I am sure! LH took some photos, but I have not received them yet. Babu had put on some weight, his fur is very soft now and he was wearing a collar and bell. He looks so nice! I am just grateful that they returned him back instead of dumping him elsewhere.

Hope the big ginger cat who recently moved into this area will not fight with him. Will Billy Boy still remember his friend after such a long time?

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Babu went missing

Babu has not been seen for 3 days.
A feeder saw a lady taking Babu on Monday. She told her not to take the cat as he belongs here. The lady claimed that he was originally her cat and that she stayed at the 200 area.

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Two more cats killed by cars

The cleaners at the blk *05 area 2 bin center told me that the big and very nice cat was hit by a car and had died. First I thought that it was Shadow who didn’t turn up that day…then I realized that it must be the ginger cat who belonged to a resident of *02. He frequently joined Shredder and Shadow at feeding time.

Another cat was killed today at the SPC petrol station quite near to blk *52 where Anna feeds. Mohan went there and called me in case it was one of the feeders’ cats. The big black cat with white paws used to sleep under the cars there. Sylvia thinks it could be one of Anna’s cats…

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Billy Boy, Babu & Rocky

Photo 1: Billy Boy has put on a lot of weight. He seems to have many feeders

Photo 2: Babu inspecting the bicycle

Photo 3: Rocky – King of 723… only Little Genie is allowed to enter his territory

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