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Cat fell from the 4th floor…again!

While at the void deck changing Darly’s water bowl, I saw a man and a lady with torchlights searching for something and then the young lady picked up a white cat.

I was shocked to hear that the cat had fallen from the 4th floor.

It looked alright, but there could be internal injuries. Then my jaw dropped when the young lady told me that the cat fell before and this was in fact the 4th time. Why didn’t they mesh the windows??? They replied that it fell from parapet. No, they can’t keep the cats in (I think they have 4 or 5) because of the smell… and no, they are not sterilised.

Yes, there have been complaints. They wanted to bring the cats to SPCA (they are aware hat the cats will most probably be killed) but they didn’t do so because they claimed there would be a fee for each cat. They were also thinking of putting them downstairs but didn’t have the heart to do it… and they will also be shifting out soon… somehow I don’t think the cats will be going to the new house.

Hazlina will try to talk to them…

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Please ban the slaughter of animals in restaurants, foodstalls and markets

Sign the petition:


We refer to these two letters in the press

Thursday • August 30, 2007

Letter from Deirdre Moss
Executive Officer
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

I refer to the letter, “It’s cruel for stalls to display live seafood in ‘death row’ tanks? by Tan Chek Wee (Weekend Today, August 25-26). The SPCA would like to thank him for highlighting the importance of humane treatment of any creature that is to become food. The SPCA shares his concerns.

For several years, we have raised the issue of live reptiles being kept and slaughtered at markets (in particular the Chinatown market) and restaurants, with the relevant authorities.

In a time when viruses are rife, the SPCA is not only concerned with the welfare of these animals — regarding their storage and humane slaughter — but also with public health.

There are guidelines for those involved in the slaughter of exotic animals. But unless there is constant monitoring, it is highly questionable whether these animals would be kept in comfortable conditions and humanely killed.

Live crabs are a common sight island-wide, stacked up on top of one another with their claws tied. More recently, we have written in to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) about a very large turtle kept in a container the size of its own body at the Chinatown market.

As long as these animals are in demand at dining tables, and as long as society deems these practices acceptable, their suffering will not stop.

The SPCA will follow up on this matter with the AVA.

If anyone witnesses food animals being kept in poor conditions or treated cruelly, please report it to us at 6287 5355 and we will raise the matter with the authorities.

Weekend • August 25, 2007

Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee

I wish to express my concern about the display of live crabs and frogs in tanks at eating places such as coffeeshops and even hawker centres. I was told that there are even stalls with live turtles, ready to be slaughtered into a dish. While I’m not asking everyone to be vegetarian, as intelligent human beings, we can be more compassionate in the way we treat animals, even those that are meant for food.I want to know if the storing and killing of these live animals in such eating places contravenes the “The Animals and Birds Act?.

How does the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) ensure that the method of killing does not inflict suffering on the animals before they are cooked?

Are the stallholders taught the “least painful? method of killing these animals?

Are they aware of possible health risks in the handling of live animals?

Are customers aware that in the process of killing, there is risk of contamination from blood and faecal matter, which may contain harmful viruses and bacteria?

Perhaps the AVA should certify such stallholders who have received proper training with a unique logo that can be displayed on their stalls.

I hope that one day, I do not need to avoid coffeeshops with display of live animals because frogs staring at me in the “death-row? tank kills my appetite

We hereby, appeal to you to impose a ban on the slaughter of animals,including reptiles (such as turtles), crabs and fishes in restaurants, food stalls and markets.

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Finally the ‘cattery’ is empty! For the first time since I took in the 3 Pearls…there were always some cats to nurse back to health…injuries, abscess, tumour, in addition to the sterilisations and temporary housing of kittens for adoption.

My cats are more relaxed, too. We can enjoy the cool breeze with the balcony door now open. The cats can lie in the sun, watch birds and sleep in the hammock. Yesterday Dawn aka Fatty-Boom-Boom, surprised me by climbing up the ‘tree’ right to the top…and she remembered how to climb down, which is quite tricky. Dawn and her sister Sky are the only tree climbers. Ashley and Orange Boy staring up in disbelief… Orange Boy making some strange noises.

Ashley had started a spraying habit, He really disliked some of the temporary guests. Sometimes I had to cover the glass door with newspaper.

The remaining plants now have chance to recover….the creepers were destroyed by the kittens and Bella shredded the leaves of the iron tree.

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New photos of Sammy

…from Sammy’s adopter

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Tampines: non-consultive, anti-life Town Council does it again!

From tippedearclan:

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Blaming the cats again…

Saw this at Lingcat’s blog:

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Vegan Video by Bizarro

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Update on Fury

Fury would not let me see the wound and there are still some bownish stains where she sleeps. So I brought her to the vet again just to make sure she is alright before releasing her. There was just a very small spot left to heal and he vet applied some powder. Will release her tonight. Fury has been a very good girl but I know she will be happy to be free again.

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Survey on allowing pets in MRT stations/trains

from Aminah’s site: allowing pets in MRT stations/trains

LTA (Land Transport Authority) is currently reviewing our Rapid Transit Systems (RTS) regulations to ensure they are relevant to societal changes. For example, should pets be allowed in MRT stations or on MRT trains?

As the Land Transport Authority is usually the one who sets these regulations, which then affect the buses and trains, it’s good to reflect to them that people do not have an issue with animals on trains – it would certainly allow for easier transportation of cats to the vet!

Email forward from William: Hope everybody can provide a positive feed back to this survey. If you personally feel that as long as all small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, birds, cats and small dogs kept properly in a cage, they should be allowed in the bus or train. I have spoken to 1 of the kind lady who rescues cats from HDB area, specially when the cats are injured or weak, she has to pay a lot more to take taxi to the vets. So lets do our part to make this happens.

Kindly forward to other persons that may also like to take part.

The LTA survey ends on end of August; ie. 31st August ’07.


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The Power of Attitude Movie

From the Blessings Experiment:

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The Things That Can’t Be Done

A slightly paraphrased version of an old Edgar Guest poem, The Things That Can’t Be Done:

The Things That Can’t Be Done

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done,
But she with a chuckle replied
that maybe it couldn’t but she would be one
who wouldn’t say so till she’d tried.
So she buckled right in with a trace of a grin
on her face. If she worried she hid it.
She started to sing as she tackled the thing
that couldn’t be done, and she did it!

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One of the Malay family’s cats has been sterilised today

I lend them my carrier and then the two siblings went on their own to bring one of their two cats to the vet. I just came to know that there had been a complaint about their cats a month ago and they were told to keep the cats in…but they had not done so. Wonder if those officials were from Town Council… sad that they still refuse to work with caregivers. Such families need advise about sterilisation, meshing and sometimes they have financial difficulties. The other cat will be done next month.

Regarding Floppy, the complainant accepted our offer to fix plastic mesh to her gate. Sylvia and myself fixed the mesh yesterday night. She was very pleased…but I think she will still keep her doors and windows closed as she is fearful of lizards entering her home. There were rags and small pillows squeezed tightly between the gate and the wooden door to keep them out. We had also been wondering about the black and yellow tape at the wall leading to her unit. She told us hat the MP on her visit has also questioned her about this…it’s to prevent the lizards hiding in the small gap.

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Last of the 4 power station cats sterilised

Sporty now sporting a tipped ear. He was actually my 3rd choice.

Had made arrangements to meet with Juliana and Hazlina to trap Romeo.

When I reached there Hazlina’s sister had already given him some food and of course he ran off. I had also made arrangements with the Malay Family to collect one of their 2 cats if the trapping was unsuccessful. No one was home when I arrived at the agreed time…and the phone was off. Haz knows the family and will talk to them…

I also asked Haz about the cat that had caused the complaint at block *30 area 3, as I was worried the owner might either have her caged or abandoned. Seems he still let the cat out but less often and the 2 sisters still check everyday to make sure there is no more defecation at the common corridor.

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Fury had her stitches removed today

The wound hasn’t fully healed yet, so she got another jab of antibiotics and will have to stay with me for another few days.Had to refill my name-card holder at the vet clinic…was told that quite a number of people took my card, but so far still no further cat-sitting jobs.

Bella is eating okay since her release and the membrane again receded a little… so I will not bring her to the vet yet, rather use the $80,- balance from Fury Fund for the next urgent case that comes along… Will keep the sponsors updated.

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I missed 3 calls from the complainant around 10.30 last night, when I called her back she sounded agitated and complained that she just came home and found the cat lying in front of her door. She asked me to “come and take the cat away?.

The feeding on the 9th floor seems to have stopped but of course the cat won’t change her habit so fast. Sylvia checked at about 11pm and brought Floppy downstairs. When I reached at around midnight she was up again and I also coaxed her to follow me down.

There was no food and the corridor looked very clean except for some red candle wax on the floor. Floppy does not defecate or urinate upstairs. She is also the only community cat at this block.

Though the complainant seems to be a Christian, she has no qualms about terminating the life of this innocent and harmless cat. I wonder, would she be willing to bring Floppy to the vet and to watch her being ‘euthanized’?

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Kinky-Tail sterilised

Have been feeding Kinky on and off…always hungry but very shy, hiding under cars. He first appeared at block *14 area 2, then I lost him for a while until he reappeared at *06. Just a few days ago he suddenly came to me, going around my legs and purring…very strange! I came back with the carrier the next day 🙂

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Another kitten abandoned at *05 area 2

I heard the faint meowing of a kitten while feeding the cats 2 days ago, but couldn’t locate it. I went back one more time after releasing Anzan.. This time I saw the ginger/white kitten under a car. It looks only about a month old… or less. I gave food and water…it only started eating when I moved further away.

The next day I couldn’t find the kitten, so I asked Sylvia for help. She agreed after I offered her transport on the back of my bicycle :). True enough, Sylvia’s sharp ears managed to hear a meow and locate the kitten. It seemed stuck in a drainage pipe. We tried to coax it out with food. Then the cat-friendly karang guni man offered help…trying to gently push the kitten with a long metal rod (with a piece of cloth at the end). Out it came…and hid under the parked cars. All we could do was leaving some food and water behind…hoping against the odds that it will survive. Wish I could do more…

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A complaint about Floppy

A resident complaint about people feeding a stray cat on the 9th floor. The “stray? turned out to be a well-loved community cat named Floppy. Sylvia and myself spoke to several residents, one said that Floppy would follow her up to the 7th floor, another claimed that Floppy would take the lift up on her own.

We found no evidence of feeding and the corridor looked clean. Hope the residents will cooperate and feed downstairs.

I also noticed 2 cats on the 4th floor…and there was a strong urine smell. When I came close they ran into the corner unit. I advised the Malay family to keep the cats inside and also to get them sterilised.

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Photos from the adopter of Dark Pearl

… now called Fifi.

Lulu & Fifi

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Beautiful pictures of Light Pearl

… from Southernoise Blog:

Ohhh here it comes!

Hey hey look here!

I’ll promise I’ll be good if you bring me home…

You don’t really trust me do ya? I’ll be good! Trust me!

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Photos of Fury

Fury looks great 6 days after surgery!!! She has been eating double and tripple portions 🙂

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Big Catch!

Yes, I got him! The one that I suspect to be responsible for Steel’s wound.

I was going to try and get him by the scruff…as I didn’t bring the trap.

He wouldn’t let me touch him and was not interested in the food either… but he was interested in the carrier and simply walked in.

Hope he will change his ways soon. I am giving him the Buddhist name “Anzan?, which means “quiet mountain?.

Anzan will be sterilised tomorrow.

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Fury says “Thank You”

…. to the kind people who sponsored her medical bill: JN, Maxiejane, Ranztan, Hazlina and YJ.

She is doing her part by eating well and taking her medicine…even let me stroke her while eating.

The balance will be used for Bella. Wanted to bring her to the vet for a long time. Her 3rd eyelids are covering about a third of her eyes. It started 3 months ago and did not improve with ointment. I am also giving her antibiotics now and her wounds are healing well but the eye condition remains…

Bella is probably Genie’s sister. They looked the same age when they first appeared at block *18 area 1. They are also very alike in their mannerism. Genie then moved to *24 while Bella is now the “coffee shop cat?.

Steel was released on Saturday and I saw him and fed him on Sunday. The big bully, whom I suspect of having caused his wound, was nearby. Will have to try and trap him for sterilization, him and the *30 area 3 Romeo, who also caused many injuries to other cats (Fighter was bleeding at the chest and Black Boy is still limping).

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Fury has been discharged this morning

She is still in the carrier, to let her get used to the smell of the other 2 cats before transferring her to a cage. She already finished up a double portion of wet food that I placed in the carrier 🙂

The total vet bill came up to $200.-. Will have to bring her back in 10 days to remove the stitches.

I have to release Steel soon as his wound has closed up. He would make a wonderful home cat…sigh! Steel is too friendly, timid and also a little clumsy… no chance against the big bullies.This is the second time that he came back with injuries after disappearing for several months.

Bella is not eating well…and that problem with the 3rd eyelid still persists.

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Cora to be sterilised tomorrow

Cora is a sweet little thing, named after a grandniece of mine “Corinna?.

Must remember to ask for “shallow tip? and hope to find a home for her. She is only about 5 months old but the Auntie saw her rolling about and thinks that she is on heat.

Next will be the noisy “Cat-on-the-Roof? Lately, I see him quite regularly and he lets me stroke him and lift him up…previously he would not let anyone come close.

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The Mother Cat had to be released

She refused to eat for 3 days! I tried everything to tempt her…but she remained stubborn.

Which means she also didn’t take the antibiotics prescribed by the vet.

A feeder called me when she heard that I was going to release her…she was worried about infection or that she might get into a fight. There is this “Terror” called “Romeo”, who has not been sterilised yet… but I think the danger of her prolonged starvation is greater…

As expected, she ran off when I released her. Surprisingly, a moment later she came when I called her and ate the dry food. I looked for her again 2 hours later and she ate again, both wet and dry food.

She looks very happy and relaxed now.

On the way back I picked up Cora, a new abandonee, a cute torty with white paws. She is only about 5 months old.

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Fury had a large ulcerated mammary tumor removed

According to the vet there were only 2 options…to operate or to euthanize.

The operation would be risky because of her age and condition…but no point doing expensive tests for kidney and liver function in this situation. I also felt that she was strong and had the will to live…the way she was still eager to eat…and she could still run away when Mohan tried to net her.

Fury made it through the operation, but is still drowsy and will stay at the clinic over night.

Anyone who would like to sponsor towards Fury’s medical bill please leave a comment here or email me at

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Fury is going to the vet tomorrow

She ate the food mixed with antibiotics, and then while eating some more wet food, she let me stroke her and I could put her into the carrier without resistance. Very unusual behavior for Fury…I think she knows that she needs help.

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Steel’s wound is healing

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Fury is very ill

Fury has been sneezing and had watery eyes for some time. She was not eating well and has become very emaciated. Fury looked really bad when I saw her yesterday night…but surprisingly she ate her food. She even let me come close… and then I saw the big lump at her chest. It looked badly infected with two deep holes…the whole area was wet and there was a smell. Mohan came at 1.30am but she ran off when she saw him. Hope she will eat tonight (will mix those liver-flavoured antibiotics with the food) …and we have to try again to net her, to get her to the vet. She will definitely have to be hospitalized…or even euthanized if there is no hope of recovery.

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Bella injured

Right at the start of my feeding round I saw Bella limping and one eye closed and crusted with dried blood. Luckily R was home and came down with a carrier. After some wiping with saline solution, the eyelid opened up. We applied eye ointment. She also has a big gash under the chin.

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The mother cat lost 4 claws

Could it be due to my quite old and rusty blue-and-white carrier?

She went wild after being trapped in the carrier and tried to squeeze her paws through the door of the carrier and there was blood. I am very sure that the claws were not trapped while closing the door

I took taxi to the vet and asked them to do her first and also check her paws. I was shocked to hear that she lost 3 claws on one paw and one claw on the other…they may not grow back.

I am still quite shaken…will collect her after 6pm.

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New photos of Light Pearl…

…and video clip too, thanks to Vegancat.

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The 2 Pearls have a sponsor

Phyllis told me that a kind lady has offered to sponsor both Pearls.

The other good news is that Light Pearl has lost her shyness…no more hiding under the cages. She was running about and playing, just like her brother.

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Caught the elusive “mother cat” today

This cat is actually from *30 area 3 but she moved away before we had a chance to sterilize her. She is now at *38… and pregnant again. I saw her two days ago while looking for Babu.

I didn’t bring the trap and we were about to give up when we met a feeder and approached her for help. She managed to lure the cat into the carrier, halfway…then a quick push and in she went.

The lady was really good! I was worried that she might not be quick and forceful enough…but we had to try.

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Silver – Photos from the Adopter

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Interview with 110-Year-Old Vegetarian

Vegetarien Society Singapore

VSS eNewsletter, 4 Aug 2007

Interview with 110-Year-Old Vegetarian

Teresa Hsu was born in China 110 years ago. She has been a vegetarian from birth, because she wasn’t able to digest meat. She went on to become a nurse, working in the UK, Paraguay, Malaysia and elsewhere, before settling in Singapore in the 1960s. For many, many years, Sister Teresa, as she is affectionately known, has directed a charity, Heart-to-Heart Service, which aids poor people: She continues that work today, in addition to teaching yoga. (IVU Online News would like to thank Mr Sharana Rao for his help in facilitating this interview.)

1. You have never eaten meat from the day you were born due to the fact that your body rejects animal flesh. At what age did not eating meat become a conscious choice, and why did you make that choice?

I have been allergic to non-veg food since birth. I became a conscious vegetarian one day during the 1950s, when I was sitting by a river and saw the fish playing happily with each other. I thought to myself that we humans have no right to end their fun, put a knife in their throats, and cause them great pain for our pleasure.

2. You distribute food to poor people. Do you distribute only vegetarian food?

Yes, I distribute only vegetarian food. Some volunteers who help with the food distribution question me about why I do not give the recipients what they enjoy eating. My answer is to ask them the following: If your child was playing in the forest and wild animals who lived in the forest wanted to eat your child, would you say that it was okay because your child was born for these other animals to enjoy eating?

3. Is the world today a better place that it was 100 years ago?

In some ways, today’s world is more modern and offers certain facilities that didn’t exist 100 years ago, but these facilities are available only to those who can afford them. Basically, the world is still the same, with poor people everywhere, then and now.

4. What are your three main sources of joy?

Sun shining, birds singing, leaves dancing, in other words, the beauty of nature.

5. Do you know any vegetarian jokes?

Why did the tomato blush? Because it saw the salad dressing.

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Complaints at *30 area 3

There are about 7 – 8 cats there at feeding time, which is not an increase in numbers. It’s about the same as when I started sterilizing.

A resident’s cat is causing problems by defecating at the staircase landings. The feeders were actually aware of this and had cleaned up many times. One of them had previously spoken to the “owner��? which ended in quarrelling.

Yesterday night I went with her to speak to the person. He seemed quite hot tempered and shouted at the feeder (who spoke in Malay) to ��?shut up��? at one time.

He refuses to wire mesh his gate, as it wouldn’t look nice (the windows do not face the common corridor). He says all he can do is to pick up the poo when he sees it…he also remarked that it could be other cats or dogs that defecate at the staircase.

Silvia herself saw the cat urinate there yesterday night.

At the end he agreed to keep the door closed when he is at home…but he said that when he is out his young children would open the door and there is nothing he can do about that. According to the “owner��? the cat is already 15 years old. He also has another cat, which is bathroom trained and does not go out.

The feeders will take turns to check morning, afternoon and night and will also sprinkle mothball powder.

Haz will also take a photo/video next time, as proof. …

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Saw Max Yesterday

Max was sterilised last December and went missing shortly after.

Yesterday night I saw him lazing at the void deck of blk *24 area 3. He looked well-fed, clean and shiny coat, and was wearing a nice collar. Good to know that he is well.

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