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Block *26

Excerpt from email

“Recently there have been an upsurge of feline related activities occurring primarily at block 726. These activities mostly nocturnal by nature have caused inconsiderable inconveniences to the residents of that block. They range from defecation or urinating on common property, to sneaking into home causing a menace and etc. Also reported were sightings of ‘ghost feeders’ on a nightly basis. Hence under such circumstances I like to seek your assistance in resolving their woes.”

Checked all the 2nd floor corridors at 11 pm… no sign of cats or food, water, defecation, smell whatsoever! Noticed that the flowerpots at the unit of the suspected abuser had sharp broken tiles stuck into the soil.

Checked the void deck at 11 pm and again at 1 am… lots of rubbish but nothing that could in any way be connected to feline related activities!

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Adding Insult to Injury

Bubu and Thor are missing from block *26 and King from the adjacent block. These 3 cats went missing after the latest incident when TC officer went around the area with Pest Controllers and trap, supposedly for the purpose of taking photographs and counting cats. 2 home cats went missing and later they admitted that one cat was caught… but later released.

I am still grieving the loss of these 3 cats… Bubu was sterilized more than 2 years ago.

Pinky is also from Block *26. He was adopted recently.

Snoopy too, is from *26 and now safely in my home. And Ms Lim from Town Council can still accuse me that I bring in cats!!!

Now there is only Bibi left at *26 and the two quite new ones, Star and Squealer.

I also came to know that there is a cat abuser staying on the 2nd floor. Residents saw her chasing after the cats and beating them. I put up posters requesting for witnesses to come forward and was surprises that the posters actually stayed up… they would usually be torn down the very next day… probably because there is now a new officer in charge of this area.

Today I received an email about “cat activities” at this very Block.. that ghost feeders would place food at the void deck and 2nd floor corridor. I didn’t notice any left-overs at the void deck during my feeding, neither did I see anything that day when placing the appeals for witnesses under the doors of the 2nd floor units.

Of course as usual, the complainant was not revealed.

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Town Council’s attitude towards cats

Read this somewhere:

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to pay for the damages caused by these twigs and branches!”
    Town Council to Car Owner: ” You siow and gila har! You park in public area at your own risk wat!”

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to remove these bloody cats in case they scratch my brand new 40-grand car!”
    Town Council to Car Owner…: “Okie dokie, no problem. Will give some work to the cleaning supervisor who is also a pest controller!”

    A joke, ridiculous!!!…yet sadly this reflects the attitude of many Town Councils! The part about the lady who wanted the cats removed because they might scratch her 40K car is no figment of fiction… it happened!

    Sadly some MPs reflect the same attitude. A neighbour who saw her MP because she suspected that her cat was caught by pest controllers was told: “If there are complaints then the cats must be removed, doesn’t matter whether they are strays or belong to someone”.

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One cat has returned

One of the two cats has returned.


I asked about his condition:

“He was dirty and stinky, worn out and now he is a very scared cat. Will hiss at anyone.”

He must have been through hell! It kills me to think what Nora, Roxy and the other missing cats went through…

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Seeking help from MP

One of the families who lost their cats, went to see their MP yesterday.

Sms: “She refused to help at all and told us to go to HDB to ask to remove the ban. As long as there are complaints, cats must be removed, no matter house or community. She also did not want to reveal the pest control company.”

Was told by the cat owner that the MP made a call to Faith from TC and was told that one black-and-white cat had been caught and released…

According to the cat owner, they were not given any warning or told that their cat caused complaints.

The owner is now on her way to Ubi, to paste up posters of her missing cat… acting on a tip-off.


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Another complaint

Photo taken by Town Council

The complaint was about an unsterilized cat outside a certain unit at Blk *86. This is an area without any caregiver. It’s a very tame female.

The owner said that they would take her in. They said that they had the cat for 8 years… when it followed them home one day. They did not sterilize the cat but it never got pregnant.

I advised them to bring her to the vet, maybe there is a way to check without opening her up… ultrasound, x-ray??? Then have her tipped just to be safe… in case she happens to run out.

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Suspected Trapping of Cats by Pest Control

Feeder F called me at around 2pm saying that the Blk *28 Feeder saw the cleaning supervisor and a Malay man with a metal-coloured trap which contained food.

I went down and saw the Supervisor and TC officer Joseph. The officer claimed that they only engaged the pest control to take photos and count the cats and to check them for tipped-ear.

Later received call from M that a resident of Blk *27 saw pest controllers catch 7 cats. Met the TC officer and supervisor again on my way to meet M. I told him and asked him to come up to the 4th floor with us to speak to the man. He said he had to rush off to catch someone who pasted up posters. The other man who was with them mentioned something about the trap being stolen.

M and myself went up to the resident’s unit. The elderly Indian man says he saw it from his window and that the men were wearing white T-shirts and that the TC officer was with them. He described the van as being the same colour as the trap.

Later I met the Supervisor again and he also mentioned that their trap had been stolen….

My question is…. why would they bring a trap if they are just taking photos???

So far we cannot be sure that cats are missing… will check tonight!

A worker doing painting at *26 told me and Feeder F that he saw a black-and-white cat being trapped this morning.

Will update tonight on missing cats.

Feeder F also mentioned that a house visiting by MP is coming up.

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Kiki still roaming




Received a call from TC officer today about a smallish white cat at Blk *11 Area 2 with dark spots, ear not tipped. That can only be Kiki… TC officer will pay a visit to Kiki’s owners! I had already tried talking to the owners a year ago…

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Sick of Town Council officers

It’s almost 3 weeks and I should have replied. They didn’t give a deadline this time but I know it’s one week…

Will have to do it one of these days…

The complaint is about defecation in front of a certain unit on the 11th floor and the complainant suspects that the cat belongs to either one of two units on the 5th floor.

I asked Sylvia ( who is feeding the cats in Area 3) to check it out first and then we will see the complainant together if necessary.

I know Sylvia is the very conscientious kind and she actually went there every day either morning or late at night. She tells me the area is very clean, no smell at all and no cat sighted… for almost 3 weeks!!! No cats seen at the two units on the 5th floor and the community cats don’t go up.

The officer could have simply checked with the cleaners, to make sure it’s not a made-up complaint before contacting CWS!

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Another Survey by RC

More info on the Survey here:


Residents are supposed to drop the completed form into the RC Block Representative letterbox….

Hmm… but which of the letterboxes is that?

No info on the RC notice board either

Which letter box?

Must be this one

Problem is…They are locked!

We went through this before at area 3 which is under the same Town Council….



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Killing of Yishun St 71 cats by April 18

AMK – YCK TC has received feedback from residents that there are a lot of stray cats at Zone A (more than 20). They have been climbing on their cars to rest.

TC request that I do the necessary to control this by April 18, 2010. Failing which, they will get their pest control contractor to follow up.

Four years ago I went door to door to gather support to prevent the round-up of the Street 71 cats. I know who was the complainant then… because out of all the people I spoke to there was only one who wanted the cats removed!

Now I am too worn out and tired to fight another round.

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Unkind Humankind

Old photo of Big Head (2006)

I have received several complaints from Town Council… some problems are in areas with no caregivers and about free-roaming home cats. We still try to help and talk to those irresponsible owners.

Then I get an email that someone complained that there are “a lot of stray cats” in one of our well-managed areas. The complainant pointed out 4 black cats and one tabby (actually there are only 3 black cats, one of them being Big-Head). He wants them removed because “they go to the void deck, are under cars and on top of cars and go to the playground”. TC gave me a deadline of Dec. 11 to “solve the problem”.

These 5 cats have been there for years and Sylvia who passes this area in the morning and also feeds the cats at night says she never saw them on the playground or the void deck of this particular block. I think TC has informed the complainant that these are sterilized community cats… now there is suddenly a complaint that a car had been scratched! The complainant asking TC to pay for the damage.

This is the area where the then RC chairman wanted the cats removed because he claimed “they shat on his car”. In that same area we once had a lady who claimed a cat would follow her… the cat was actually a very shy one who would run away from strangers! I guess some people are not beyond exaggerations and lies when they want the cats removed.

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Mother and 4 kittens on 3rd floor Blk *05

Went down together with TC officer this afternoon. I think a visit from TC officer has greater impact on irresponsible owners…

Looks like they are willing to keep the cats indoors… and improve the meshing of their gate. They had already sterilized the mother cat but the kittens (3 males and 1 female) need to be done, too, as they are already 6 months old. All the cats look healthy and well taken care of.

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Two days ago a very indignant feeder called me… Her English is very limited so I am not sure who actually asked for her IC but it must be either the cleaning supervisor or a Town Council officer as it was not an NEA officer. She asked me to find the newspaper article where it says that feeding is not against the Law so she could show that man… 🙂

I assured her that she would not be fined if she clears the left -overs after feeding and ‘No!… It is not alright to place the food directly on the floor!’

The other feeder was also warned and had her IC particulars taken.

Finally the TC took some action to discourage irresponsible feeding! For years my words and even threats of reporting both of them were ignored. Yesterday for the first time there was no mess of left-over food at the void deck of blk *30 and next to the lift of *28!

Met the 2nd feeder yesterday night and asked her about the incident. She said that she is scared now…

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And the local news…

A Tampines TC manager promised the caregivers that no precious lives would be taken… but three cats (one was still a kitten) have been sent to AVA. Two (including the kitten) have been killed. One has been put on hold… but Tampines TC still refuses to issue a letter…

A group of caregivers went to AVA today… but could not get the cat released. This cat was a recently abandoned home cat so the caregivers did not have the chance to sterilize it yet…and the kitten (RIP) was still too young.

All it takes is for TC to fax a letter to AVA to save this precious life!

Support Tampines Cat Caregivers



A caregiver has 3 days left to remover her sterilized indoor cats … not because they caused some kind of nuisance but because someone made a malicious complaint to HDB!

I myself was once threatened to be reported to HDB by a nasty adopter who had refused to sterilize the kitten at the age of 6 month as specified in the adoption contract.


A one-week-old kitten rescued from pest control urgently needs a surrogate mother

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Nasty Notice up again

I happen to be cat-sitting at this block again… and saw the same notice up again at the Town Council notice board of Blk *58, Ivy’s area. A mistake again? .. and strangely again only at this particular block! Ivy was also fed-up,saying that all the cats there are sterilised and the feeder is very responsible.


I was again assured that the notice will be removed.

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Another cat complaint

The complaint is about defecation in flowerpots on 2nd and 3rd floor. This is actually not my area but will still try to help if possible. Both times I went there the cat was downstairs and there was no defecation, urine smell or food on those corridors. The 3rd floor complainant said she had placed durian husks on the flower pots and it worked.

The young and very friendly male cat will be sterilised tomorrow and then released back. I saw a tipped-ear at the void deck of the same block so I think there is a feeder/caregiver.

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What’s the use of having a meeting with the GM…

… if TC officers are not informed of the outcome?

Received an email form from TC Property Officer regarding cat nuisance at Blk *75, Blk *79 & Blk *80 and that there were also complaints regarding defecation on the common corridor.

She asked whether there was any cat lovers group in this area and whether all the cats were sterilised. (This must be a new officer)

I wrote back that all the cats are sterilised and asked for more details so that we can check and try to solve the problem and that it would be best if we could talk to the complainant directly.

This is the reply:

I think it will be inappropriate for me to give you the contacts of the complainant.

Please ensure that all the cats under your care are sterilized. If any cats is causing nuisance to the residents, we will remind you to relocate it. Failure to do so, Town Council will not hesitate to remove them.

Lastly, i will contact you if similar feedback occurs again. Thank You.


This is just sooooo frustrating!!!

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Brown cat entering people’s home

At first TC informed me that someone was feeding cats at blk *27 which is close to my Area 3 and that the cats tried to enter a family’s home.

I contacted the Area 3 feeders and one of them knows the *27 feeder who feeds 2 sterilised cats at her block and says there are no other strays there.

Then the second email from TC clarified that it was a brown cat and that the cat had now entered a unit on the 10th floor of blk *25. He had to get 2 officers down to shoo the cat out.

I called D who happens to stay at this block and she recalled seeing a new ginger cat around. I asked if she could check the corridors in case the cat was still there. She said she would get 2 of the feeders to go with her. The problem is that this new abandonee moves about so it will be hard to find him…. I guess it’s a male because D mentioned that he had a big head. If sighted I will go down to trap him for sterilisation.

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When these terrible posters appeared in the TC notice board in Ivy’s area, we went to Town Council and explained why these posters will just encourage irresponsible feeding and worse may actually lead to more abandonment. Ivy also gave them her Responsible Feeding Posters. The TC agreed and replaced the offending posters.



Now half a year later the offending poster is back!!!

It’s time to see the MP!!!

Penny is also very disheartened that the cats she sterilised in an area where there is no caregiver have been rounded up…. which happen to be the same place where Rocky had been relocated to!

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Actually not my cat…


Ginger-Tom was originally found at Blk *14

He was sterilised last year

Food and water outside 4th floor unit

While feeding the cats at Blk *10 I saw a family waiting to take the lift. The woman had a cat carrier. The kitten in the carrier looked about 4 to 5 months old and had a white face with some orange around the ears.

By the time I decided to approach them the women and 3 children had already taken the lift up but the man was still standing at the lift lobby. Yes, they were the family staying at that unit on the 4th floor but the cat was actually not theirs…. and he wouldn’t stay indoors.

The man told me that they had another cat (male kitten) which according to him was only about 2 to 3 months old and too young to be sterilised.

I advised on meshing and sterilising….

Will feedback to TC and perhaps need to talk to the complainant… since 3 out of the 6 families staying on the 9th floor never saw any cat on their corridor.

I know that a person with fear of cats is staying at this block…

Stitches was sent to AVA in 2006 because of complaints from this block. I claimed him back and the TC officer warned the Indian man who caused the complaint by irresponsible feeding at the lift lobby. The problem was solved but half a year later Stitches went missing…


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There had been 3 complaints recently in Area 2.

One was about a black cat (Heidi) hanging around the lift area of Blk *13. Talking to 2 feeders seemed to have worked. Heidi has now moved a few meters to Blk *14. Hope the complainant is satisfied.

There was also a complaint about Bottlebrush (so named by the principal of the childcare center) who had entered the office cum store area. I offered plastic mesh but the principal said that she would temporary block the gate with cardboard. Meanwhile Bottlebrush seems to have moved away from the childcare center.

Bottlebrush is a medium longhair cat with some hair-loss at the tail. She has been around for several months… very thin and very shy. The Auntie and myself saw her only occasionally and at different locations. She is now more regular and no longer shy and thin. I am reluctant to sterilize her because she is most probably already done… I tried to look for a tattoo but she is still a little jumpy. There is another older longhair female in the same area which can also be assumed to be sterilised (she has been around for at least 2 years). I explained to the Property Manager that these two are sterilised but not tipped.

The most recent complaint was about an orange tipped-ear cat with collar and bell going to the 9th floor of Blk *10. There are 6 units and I spoke to 3 of the families… none had ever seen the cat on their 9th floor corridor. Then another resident told me that the cat belonged to a family on the 4th floor. Sure enough there was a water and food bowl in front of that unit but no one was home.

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Rocky & Dawn

Rocky got whacked by Dawn when he jumped on the cupboard where she was resting and Nushi gave him one of her slow-motion hisses when he jumped on the bed. Ash also chased Rocky again and was confined to the cage for a short while…Then I heard growling on the balcony… Stitches and Billy Boy again!

Went to TC yesterday to talk to the Property Manager especially about posters… my request was to give a grace-period of 5 to 7 days for lost-pet posters. I pointed out that any lost home cat if not found will only add to the stray population… and multiply if not sterilised! So it is in everyone interest that lost pets are reunited with their guardians. The same goes for community cats. I suspect that Rocky was removed by a resident probably because families on the 4th, 8th and even 12 level used to bring him up. The large vacuum left by Rocky was quickly filled by several other cats from neighbouring blocks (all sterilised community cats).

Now I will have to flyer the whole block before more community cats are lured upstairs and removed….

A TC officer from another area mentioned that there is someone feeding cats and birds leaving a mess of rice on newspaper at block *30 (Area 3). I explained that this person does not belong to “our group of responsible feeders” and I am glad that he intents to get her fined for littering… This lady had been approached by the feeders who had to clear up the mess but she still continues. Hopefully a fine or a warning from TC officers will do the trick.

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Town Council & Caregivers Meeting

The meeting lasted almost 4 hours…. mostly going over old issues again.

I was very disappointed with responses from AVA and NEA representatives. The AVA spokeswoman sees nothing wrong with loaning traps …. even if someone traps more than 300 cats to be killed, like Mr. Tony Tan from Seletar “who is actually not the bad guy that he is made out to be�.

Isn’t he luring the cats into his garden in the first place by placing food in a trap???

The spokesman from NEA said that rinsing water bowl was not good enough; they have to be scrubbed to remove mosquito eggs.

Hmmm… mosquitoes breeding in fresh chlorinated tap water? Even if there were eggs they would still not have a chance to grow into mosquitoes as long as the bowls are rinsed before refilling with clean water.

Equally unreasonable is the rule that food must be attended to at all times… there should be a grace period of perhaps half an hour before clearing the food. For me it will take about 5 to 15 mins before returning to clear the plates and moving on to the next area.

One TC Manager suggested that we feed earlier so that the cleaners can clear in case feeders happen to forget to for some reason. That would just cause more problems, with the cats being more visible, and then who would clear up after the ghost feeders at night… if not us? It would be worse!

A summary by J:

“I will say it is fruitful, but what will actually happen in the end, only God knows.

In Ang Mo Kio’s group, there are about-20 odd cat lovers, including CWS president. AVA and NEA are present with an observer status though they’ve made some comments during the meeting. I believe we’ve reiterated our stance to the TC General Manager, Mr Goh, and to abide by the agreement – We had a similar meeting with the General Manager before during which only me and wo other caregivers could speak English. The rest were elderly aunties. As a result, we didn’t create enough presence and voices to make ourselves clear on the opposition against the removing and killing of both sterilized and non-sterilized cats.

I repeat our stance that no cats are to be removed – be they sterilized or non- sterilized. If there is any complaint, they will refer to a caregiver from the list (with addresses, tel nos and email addresses) given to them at the meeting which a copy is CC to CWS. Town council can also contact CWS directly for reference and help.

Another issue is the 7-day time frame set by the Town council regarding pick-ups. If the cat is not attended to, T.C. will refer it to another body like AVA. But we ask them to issue reminders as initial msg may be missed by the recipient. They agree.

We take the opportunity to feedback to AVA on their extremely cruel policies, to let them known how we feel about them. We cite for example in Greece, the government doesn’t kill cats. They solve the stray issue humanely – through sterilization. We also mention about the Russian animal rights groups who protest to the Gahmen against the killing of stray dogs.

We also voice against AVA of their cat-trap policy. A complainer can simply explore the legal loophole for his/her convenience. The trapped animal can be subjected to abuse. The spokeswoman cites rules and regulation as a rebuttal. She even denies an AVA van is seen in Ang Mo Kio doing its round.

The law says it’s crime to abuse animals. But the AVA spokeswoman has not answered as to why AVA can inject lethal chemicals to large numbers of animal every year. I insist the law needs a clearer interpretation.

As there isn’t time to continue, I ask for a separate meeting with AVA. The AVA spokeswoman agrees to it. They will liaise with CWS on the date. The next meeting with AVA is an important one. We want to appeal to the Gahment to reinstate the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme, a process which all unsterilized cats are placed at the community clubs and thereafter, they are transported to AVA for sterilization.â€?


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Bad Town Council Posters have been removed

No objection to these 🙂

Only that Ivy’s poster would look much nicer in colour

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Worst Town Council Poster

This is pretty bad…

But this is much worse !!!

Do Not Feed the Stray Cats

Do you know that…

1. Cats carry diseases which can

cause birth defects?

2. Cat faeces contain eggs of para-

sites which are harmful for


3. Cat bites and scratches

cause us to fall ill?

4. Cats can spread

pneumonia, meningitis

and inflammation of the

bladder, through the

bacteria in its mouth?

Why risk it? Your life and

the lives of your family

members are much more


I went to meet a new cat-sitting client who happens to stay at Ivy’s area. When I mentioned that there is a caregiver in her area she told me about these posters at the Town Council notice board of her block.

I went straight to the TC office… calling Ivy and Penny on the way to join me. TC seem to be agreeable to remove the posters… blaming it on a new staff. Ivy also brought along the Responsible Feeding Poster which she designed.

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Responsible Feeding Poster

This poster was designed by Ivy

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Complaint at Block *33

There was a complaint about defecation on the common corridor. Bought vinegar and mothballs and met with Penny to check it out. We spoke to the residents, a cleaner, a feeder and a caregiver.

As suspected, the cause of the defecation is a free-roaming home cat. The owner denies it saying that the community cats come up to fight with her cat. But in any case keeping their cat in the house would solve the problem of the community cats coming up. According to the cleaner there is no defecation on any of the other staircases or at the void deck, just this one staircase which serves two units on each floor. the defecation is always on the 2nd or 3rd floor.

We cleaned the poo and the complainant was eager to try the mothballs and vinegar. She even asked us to place more mothballs near the neighbours door… she will explain to them. She will also call us if the problem persists.

We saw quite a number of tipped ears while waiting for the feeders. There are responsible feeders and caregivers in this area.

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Update on Panda and a new abandonee

Panda has good appetite and seems content to have a place to rest. He let’s me rub his good ear but there is still some hissing and hitting me (with soft paws). The lump and big open wound (x-shape cut) is on his left side of the face. The feeder called today to ask about Panda.

Penny’s three-and-a-half-legs cat is dehydrated and refuses food – refusing to be syringed… he will have to go back to the vet tomorrow.

The TC officer in charge of Blk *03 Area 2 called to inform me that they caught a little white kitten at the 2nd floor “small… but can run”. Went down with Penny and there was a not so small 4 months old white Siamese kitten in the trap. however, Penny agreed to foster him…as he is is really beautiful and may have a chance to be adopted. He was so hungry… gobbled up a whole can and some dry food after we had transferred him into the carrier.

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Cat sick, human sick and more trouble with TC

Ashley urinated blood on Saturday…brought him to the vet. The technician squeezed his bladder resulting in a big pool of bright-red blood. He also has a swelling on his lower lip which could be insect bite or an immune reaction. The vet also felt a large lump and suggested two options, either surgery the next morning or ultrasound …blood test. I got a second opinion from non-vet and decided to wait and see if the antibiotics work.

There has been no blood in his urine since then… and he seems alright but I still confine him to observe.

Then the same Saturday night the human (Ashley’s adopted mother) also fell sick with high fever, body-ache, headache and feeling very weak. Human still not recovered…

Today I spent the entire morning at another TC office to support the caregiver trying to claim 2 cats back from AVA. The officer said that he had not given instructions to catch these cats and the Manager that we spoke to readily gave the letter for their release but insisted that he cannot request “release without micro-chip” saying that it was AVA’s policy to microchip. When told by AVA that it is up to him, he seemed confused… mentioned something about a closed door meeting with AVA and that no strays are allowed in the estate… and any cat claimed from AVA must be micro-chipped…in the end the AVA side allowed the cats to be claimed… they probably realised that the TC manager actually had no objection to the cats being returned but felt that he could not go against AVA policy by requesting no micro-chip.

The caregiver had to miss a day of work and worried that she may get fired. Penny accompanied her to AVA after bringing an injured kitten to the vet and another one for sterilisation…I went home to get some rest.

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Trust betrayed

I went to town for a free student haircut with a fellow caregiver today… to relax and be pampered for 2 hours…or so I thought. Ended up spending the whole time on the phone…my friend had to give the instructions on what to do with my hair because I was more concerned about getting a cat back from AVA.

A few days ago another caregiver IK had messaged me that the town council said there were complaints about caterwauling and too many cats at the bin center of this area: http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/299/A_bad_estate

She checked the area and agreed to sterilise the cats after one of the feeders (the owner of the hairdressing salon) offered to pay for the vet fees. She sent an email to inform TC.

Today IK smsed that the pest control came this morning. Luckily the hairdresser had noticed and managed to get the cat released. The caregiver called her property officer, who denied having called in the pest control ! Saying that they are only trying to trap one black cat which defecates on the common corridor.

AVA confirmed that they had an unsterilised cat from that area. The cat was caught by the TC’s Pest Control service yesterday.

I advised IK to go down to AVA… I had learned my lesson on betrayal the hard way. Penny also went down to assist and support… while I spoke to the property manager, who first told me the same story about trying to trap only that particular black cat until I confronted him with the fact that the trapped non-black cat is at AVA right now. Then he said there was a complaint and he had to be fair. Okay, so the complainant (who sent some emails without even giving his address to tc) is promptly served. The caregiver, also a resident of that area, is not even told the truth that the cats are being trapped.. Is that a way to treat people who spent much time and money to control the cat population in a humane way. When I requested for a letter to be sent to AVA the TC manager even suggested “to let this one go”. I said ” No Way!” IK said the same thing when I told her.

In the end the cat was micro-chipped at AVA because of miscomunication between Penny and myself… I had assumed she would request for TC letter. IK had to pay $80 before the cat was handed over to her. She will get him sterilised tomorrow with the help of SPCA voucher from Penny and then release him in a safer area. She will still make arrangements to get the remaining cats sterilised.

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Ruthlessness of Town Council



A blow to Pasir Ris residents

Felled old trees were pride of quaint neighbourhood They were healthy – why cut them down?

Tuesday • February 26, 2008

Letter from Ong Siew Khim
Letter from David Law Kah Hock

I AM shocked and utterly disappointed at the felling of several old handsome casuarina trees along Elias Road (pictures).

We have been staying here for about 15 years and my family and neighbours take a lot of pride in these majestic willowy trees, which add a lot of character to the quaint neighbourhood.

Even visiting friends and relatives often comment about how beautiful they are. Very often, I look out of the window and spot various breeds of exotic birds resting and feeding on the fruit. They are one of the main reasons why we have chosen to stay here for many years.

So, imagine our horror on Saturday morning when we discovered a team of workers chopping down the trees.

When I approached them to find out why, they asked me to contact the Pasir Ris Town Council, which is closed during the weekend. They also told me they were going to chop down all the casuarina trees.

My family and I are upset that this has happened and hope to hear the justification for this insensitive action. As we are a green garden city, we should have more respect and consideration for residents and our surroundings.

I hope that through this letter, we can prevent more of these trees being felled. It takes just minutes to cut them down, but decades for them to flourish.

I AM dismayed by the Pasir Ris Town Council’s decision to cut down mature and healthy casuarina trees in the area.

For many years, these tall and graceful trees have provided residents shade and comfort. One gets a sense of peace and calm just by looking at them.

Now, two of these gentle giants, each about 14 storeys high, have been cut down.

I do not see a need for such action. Many visitors have said that these beautiful trees give this estate a distinct feel.

I spoke to the contractor in charge and he attested that the trees were very healthy. He, too, is at a loss as to why he was instructed to cut them down.

I am disappointed with the National Parks Board for allowing this to happen. I am sure that without their approval, these trees could not have been felled. Can someone explain why these trees were cut down?

Reply from Meow Meow 3:

Whether trees or community cats, they “belong” to the residents! Town Councils have no right to act dictatorially and remove them based on “some” complaints!

Sometimes town council officers forget that they are paid to serve ALL the residents and not just cower in fear to a few residents act aggressively or if they belong to RC or hold some PBM titles!

So do not be afraid to exert your right as a resident, no more and no less that the complainant!

If complainant says… too many cats.

What is to stop you from saying… too few cats!

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Very unhelpful AVA staff

At 6 am this morning Penny arrived at my place to pass me a cat to bring for sterilisation today then she met up with a Malay feeder and took taxi to AVA. She told me that this feeder cried when he heard that the 2 cats were caught. The Pest Control people also went there to explain their “mistake” and claim the cats back. AVA refused and still insist on a letter from TC! All left in frustration, then Penny called me and I asked her to turn back…

At first AVA said that a faxed letter was not acceptable as they are now very strict, until I managed to speak to someone from the Welfare side. TC was also very hard to reach…but finally Andrew agreed to fax the letter…. hopefully Penny will soon be able leave with the 2 cats. At first they even refused to let her see the cats but later she saw and identified them as the 2 missing cats.

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Pest Control “made a mistake”

After several calls to the Pest Control Company, they finally called back to admit that their employee “made a mistake by catching the two cats at the bin center” and that they were actually supposed to catch cats in Woodlands that morning. Luckily there was a resident who had seen the trapping going on and later informed Penny. So the 2 cats are now at AVA (one ginger boy and a tortoiseshell female). The pest control company (and caregivers) will try to claim them back on Monday morning. No wonder I was told there are no cats from our area at AVA, because they were recorded as being caught at Woodlands.

Two more tipped-ear cats had gone missing from the bin center earlier… but no one saw what happened. They probably were the victims of another “mistake” and it will be too late to save them now because AVA will keep the tipped-ears for only about 3 days before they are killed.

I guess many such ‘mistakes’ happen on a regular basis and it seems we caregivers have to make a trip down to AVA whenever any cat goes missing.

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Two sterilised cats rounded up by Pest Control

I am still trying to verify with TC…so far have not been able to contact Ms Veron or Andrew.

The agreement was to give us until end of this month! AVA will call me if the cats come in and we will try our best to claim them back. I was told by AVA that lately more cats are being rounded up and that it will be very, very difficult to claim any unsterilised cat back.

We still don’t know exactly which two cats have been caught, but there were no unsterilised ones left at this bin center.

Sponsors have come up with a total of $550.- to get 10 of the cats sterilised quickly…and 10 more were done with the help of SPCA. None of the many families we spoke to wants the cats to be killed…

Are the TC officers afraid because this complainant, who wanted to call in the police because Penny mentioned “Race” when talking about abandonment, would complain to the MP if TC didn’t remove the cats?

TC denied having activated pest control…and the cats did not turn up at AVA. The Pest Control company employed by TC is Clean Solutions. I suspect they have relocated the 2 cats…

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Unreasonable Town Councils!

A mother cat from Tampines is being held at AVA for more than a week now because TC refuse to issue a letter to the caregiver who wants to sterilise the cat and board her at a cattery. All her kittens have already died at AVA.

Can someone please tell me why there is a need for such a letter in the first place when the caregiver is willing to home the cat in a cattery and is paying for all the expenses?

More closer to home, the Town Council Manager informed Penny that the (sterilised) cats will still be rounded up after end of this month because there is a complaint from a resident at Blk 172 about too many cats and that they are making noise. She refused to reveal which unit the complaint came from.

So all the families that we spoke to at Blk 165, which is even closer to the bin center must be deaf….because we asked them and they said there was no noise! Also it doesn’t matter that none of the residents we spoke to wanted the cats to be killed.

All that matters is that that the one complainant and one property officer want them removed. I wonder if the complainant is actually aware that the cats will be killed and that there is a better and humane way of controlling the cat population… probably not!

There are around 10 cats at the bin center now, 2 have been removed. A caregiver has adopted the one that had one eye removed. Another cat gave birth at a caregiver’s home, while waiting to be sterilised and she is now nursing her 6 kittens there untill they are ready to be adopted.

We actually came to know about this problem because a resident feeder named Caren contacted me… but in the end she was not willing to do anything at all. Penny then took over as it is quite close to her area… then another 2 caregivers and some sponsors came in. I am quite encouraged by such community spirit… what a shame to have such an unsupportive TC.

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4 more cats sterilised…

Altogether about 20 over cats have been done, those at the bin center as well as those from nearby blocks.

However the property officer still insists that there must not be more than 5 cats at the bin center by end of next week. Otherwise the Pest Control will be called in to round them up .

Helped Penny to do a survey today, in 2 hours we covered about half of the block closest to the bin center. 23 families did not want the cats removed, and none of them had any complaints. 2 people were indifferent and one family wanted some of the cats removed as they were scared of them…but even they did not want them killed. Frankly I was surprised that there was not a single complaint about caterwauling, cat fights…I mean we only started sterilizing 2 weeks ago!

Penny will talk to the property manager and show him the result of our survey.

Why must these sterilised cats (there are now about 10 at the bin center) be removed, when the overwhelming majority of residents does not want them to be removed…just because one family has a phobia?

The bin center is not even close to the first block and there is lots of greenery surrounding it…including a quite steep hill with overgrown grass…. more than enough space for 10 cats to play and hide away from human beings.

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Pest control activated to remove 20 mostly unsterilised cats from Bin Center

A lady called me about a month ago as she was interested to start TNRM in her area. However she gave manny excuses. Penny and myself offered her our SPCA vouchers but then she said that she could only sterilise one cat this month. So Pest Control was activated today.

Two caregivers went to the area and somehow the captured cats were released. Phew…what a relief! Another caregiver has agreed to start sterilising those cats, so I will pass her my remaining 2 SPCA vouchers and Penny also has another 3 vouchers for her. The little black female kitten in my Area 1, called Bumboo, can wait until next month…I think she is not even 5 months old yet.

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Got a frantic call from the caregiver this morning… I had met Penny only once, more than a year ago, when she approached me to help her sterilize the cats in her area. I refused, as I have my hands full but urged her to start sterilizing and to work with her TC. Seems she has now sterilised about 20 cats in her area, with only a few left to be done.

The Pest Control people, as well as the Town Council officer, were at the car park of blk *55 this morning. Seems the TC officer refused to talk to her and also ignored her request to speak with me over the phone. The Caregiver told me that some of the cats had already been caught…which I later found out was untrue.

The TC people had left by the time I reached there but the pest controllers were still there. They told me that they were not catching the cats today (even showed me the empty van with a cat trap in it) but they would come back… as instruction was given to catch the cats (including the tipped ears).

I will pass some CWS material to the caregiver, who said she would do a survey of the 2 blocks from where the complaints originated.

Anyone staying in this area, please call up your TC to let them know that you do not want the cats removed.

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Tampines: non-consultive, anti-life Town Council does it again!

From tippedearclan:


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Blaming the cats again…

Saw this at Lingcat’s blog: http://lingcat.blogspot.com/

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Cat poo on the roof

Some time ago there was a complaint about ”too many cats at blk *46 area 3″. This was shortly after our MP visited this block…so Sylvia and myself were already keeping a watchful eye on the notice board. This time however CWS was informed and we were given a chance to solve the problem.

I went down to look and see what the problem might be…since there has been a significant drop in the number of cats at this block and all the cats are sterilised. Some had moved to another nearby area and 2 were hit by cars and died.

While walking along the 2nd floor corridor I noticed the complainant was in, so I approached her to find out more. I also noticed she had placed a piece of cardboard behind her gate. There was no sign of cat feeding or defecation on the common corridor.

The lady told me that the problem was actually cat poo on the roof which runs around several blocks and covered walkways, connecting them. She said the poo was only cleared just before the MP’s visit.

I gave her my contact number and said I would come down to remove the poo if it happens again and meanwhile would try to solve the problem by sprinkling crushed moth balls.

Sylvia happened to have a roll of plastic mesh so we also offered to put it up for her so she could do away with the troublesome cardboard.. She was pleased with the result.

A few days later we noticed 2 lumps of poo on the roof just outside her unit. We managed to wash away one of the lumps by carefully pouring a few bottles of water and dislodge the other one with a piece of wire attached to a long bamboo pole.

Later we saw one of the cats sitting on the opposite roof which is the building where the Town Council office is. There is a window at the staircase landing which is usually left open at night. So now we knew how the cat went up. We have since taken turns to close the window every night and there has been no further incidence so far.

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Some of the people’s comments…

Petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/yishcats/petition.html

Some of the people’s comments:

Some hate cats and some , like me , just loves all of them …

Do you give in to hate or love ??

Kill because you have the power to …

or respect the life of an animal and live in harmony with it …

Is your survey a fool proof democratic tool for determining the majority decision ?

If 50 people want the cats dead for no good reason and one little child loves the little stray kitten that brings her joy and teaches her to care for other living things …

Can your survey determine the ethics of your decision to cull ??

I believe it is ignorant , skewed and blind.

The survey is obviously flawed and biased. The cat caregivers have done more for their neighbourhood than the complainants. It is a shame that their efforts are overlooked, while the TCs rush to pander to the complainants. Let’s see what they can do for their own neighbourhood instead of merely complaining all the time.

Compassion is sadly lacking in our society these days, to the extent that people are persecuting ruthlessly the lives of just 3 cats. Are we getting too self-centred for our own good?

Killing is not a solution! We should be working together for better solutions, and not against each other. How can we claim to be a gracious society if we can’t let live 3 cats which are already sterilised and maintained under a humane society?

Kindness begets kindness. Please allow the care givers to rectify this ‘problem’ and please stop the killing of innocent lives.

Efforts have been made (and still ongoing) to help reduce the cat population humanely. Please do exercise tolerance and compassion for the less fortunate. The earth is not created for you only.

It is not right to consider the views of complainers- might not be even be legitimate – could be residents’ personal pursuit against cats – please impart some humanity to our children at least.

Just cos someone dislike cats is NO reason for them to be culled.. the lives of the cats , the people who care for them and those who appreciate the presence of their feline friends in the neighbourhood should be respected too .. acting only to placate complainants without regard for the cats or other people in the community is a cowardly and too easy way to deal with the complaint … shame on you !!!

This cavalier attitude towards putting down animals which are cared for and sterilised by fellow residents cannot be condoned. There is no reason why the voices of complainants should be louder than those who have a stake in these creatures that share and enrich our environment.

Cats are not guilty for soiled void decks or cars. Those are caused by irresponsible dog owners who never clean up after their dogs and birds. Cant they tell the difference? Duh. Cats need dirt and soil to do their business. And being strays, dirt and soil are aplenty for them cats to not un dignify themselves by doing big business on void decks or people’s cars.

I live in Blk 877 and Ive never received any such forms. Even if the rest of my family members did, we would have never agreed to the killing of stray cats. I know my neighbours well too and they would have never agreed to it as well! This is outrageous!!!

Imagine the number of rodents running around if our furry friends ain’t around.

Compassion is sadly lacking in our society these days, to the extent that people are persecuting ruthlessly the lives of just 3 cats. Are we getting too self-centred for our own good?

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Letters to MP to save the 3 sterilised cats in Yishun


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Two comments posted at ST Discussion Board


Helga Koh is right. I’ve made friends with an elderly Malay couple who regularly look after a particular tipear in my neighbourhood. Thanks to that cat, we commune as animal carers blinding racial, linguistic, generational and social differences.

This is organic – tons better than orchestrated inter-racial bonding. And likelier to endure as long as a catalytic animal exists.

Too often, the calloused squeamish get their way with ridding ‘lowly’ life forms deemed ‘unhygienic’ and ‘pesky’. They are likely to raise children who replicate their irrational fears of harmless animals they project as ‘dangerous’ and ‘in the way’.

Would they develop into empathic or abusive (not only to animals) adults thus conditioned? Mr Goh Han Chuan (Nee Soon Zone F RC Chairman) should respect animals and concerned carers rights instead of allow animal disrespecters their cruelty.

In the spirit of Ahimsa (no harm to life), stray-animal deciders should heed Mahatma Gandhi’s dictum that a nation is judged by its treatment of animals. Stray animals are social/bonding/educative issues, not a simple problem of killing ‘pests’.


Why are we killing the 2 STERILISED cats? Have they caused nuisance to be “sentensed to death”? Are they spreading disease? Have they bitten someone?

Maybe we should start killing all the birds cos they are potential spread of Avian Flu.

Let the sterilised cats live their lifes if they haven’t cause or “committed” offense that warrents the DEATH sentense. Are you “cat-phobic”?

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Just saw that there is a petition going for the cats at blk 875 :


Whenever I spot check on this block, the only nice sight is that of a beautiful feline…the other two cats will only come for feeding. There is no sign of defecation or cat food on the 2nd floor corridor or void deck…however there is plenty of litter on the void deck, such as discarded items, rubbish, bags etc next to the lift, papers strewn all around the bin, drink cans…none of these unpleasant sights is caused by the cats.

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Meeting the MP regarding the survey

14 residents turned up at the Meet The People Session, hopeful that Ms Lee would look into this matter.

Agnes was our spokesperson. She was wonderful, kept her cool all the time, even after the MP told us that the cats had already been rounded up this morning. 2 residents were so upset that they walked out immediately upon hearing this.

Mostly we talked to Mr. Wee, the previous chairman of the RC, and he was agreeable to talk to RC about contacting CWS if there are complaints about cats, so that the caregivers can try to solve those problems.

Mr. Wee however discounted my feedback from residents because I had used the word “killed�. He said, �Of course people do not want the cats killed. We just remove the cats, we don’t kill them�. When told that AVA does kill them, he still maintained that they do not know that and whatever they do with the cats is up to AVA. What strange logic!

The MP also maintained that that the results of the survey were valid and that the RC chairman had placed survey forms in all the letterboxes. Why would Anna, who is the caregiver of these cats, fail to respond to the survey…unless she did not receive it!

Her vote alone would have changed the outcome of the survey!

When I tried to explain that the original complaint was already resolved as the kitten had grown up and moved away. I was told that it didn’t matter “as long as residents want the cats removed we will remove them�.

Even the complainant himself had not insisted on removal…he just was angry that nothing was done about his complaints to RC and TC.

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I managed to get a copy of the survey form and it is very clear now that the Property Manager was mistaken when she informed me that the survey was only targeted at unsterilised cats.

I went to speak with the residents of this block yesterday and found that an overwhelming majority does not want the cats killed. I spoke to a total of 36 families and 18 of them claimed not to have received the survey form.

The feedback I received was that:

2 residents want the cats killed

7 are neutral

27 residents do not want the cats to be removed and killed

One of the 2 people who want the cats killed said she pitied them as people may abuse them…better to have them killed. She also expressed concern about cat fur and asthma.

The other person told me that he had complained to TC and RC for a long time about cats urinating and defecating on the common corridor. He said 2 of his neighbors feed them upstairs on the 2nd floor. The two neighbours denied feeding the cats. I did not see any food or water bowls or defecation or noticed any smell. I gave the complainant my number to contact me if it happens again. This person has a problem and is angry that nothing had been done. Even he does not insist on removal of the cats…if other methods can work.

Actually two very observant caregivers knew about the problem on this corricdor…but that was quite some time back. This kitten has now grown up and moved to another area. Both caregives still do spot checks and say that none of the other cats ever come up to defecate on the corridor

I am very disappointed that TC does not keep to the agreement of letting caregivers know about and look into cat-related complaints. We caregivers are very willing to talk to the people who lure the cats up, to sprinkle camphor powder and to do spot checks and clean up.

As “cat feeders� we always get very “special� treatment by this RC and this TC Property Manager!

When I was outside the glass door of the RC, reluctant to enter as they were having a meeting, the chairman was getting up to attend to me, then one of the members told him “this is about the catsâ€? and he promptly sat down again and ignored me…hoping I would go away? Silvia remained outside…although she had agreed to join me as long as I do the talking…she just “didn’t want to see his faceâ€?. Such is the bullying of the caregivers!

The chairman did agree to ask TC to delay the culling to give us time to see the MP next Thursday. However when I called the Property Manager today she would not give me such reassurance saying that RC and TC will handle this matter and I was told that I am just a cat feeder and not even a resident of this RC zone. Sadly the caregiver of this zone who is also resides at blk 875, refuses to talk to TC…due to earlier experience with this property manager.

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Sylvia just saw the notice that the RC had conducted a survey, to which 3 people responded and 2 of them were in favor of removing the cats. Therefore RC will inform TC to round up the cats.

There are at the most 3 cats at this block at feeding time…all sterilized. The caregiver herself staying at this block said that she did not receive any survey form.

This is totally unfair! Killing cats at the whim of 2 residents, who may not even be aware that the cats will be killed.

And what about the caregiver who has so successfully controlled the population in this area? This is just totally beyond reason…

I just caught another cat to be sterilized tomorrow…and have 4 more SPCA vouchers for this month. Gave one voucher to a new caregiver , Ivy, to sterilize the pregnant cat at *39.

I wonder should I continue, am I befriending and sterilizing cats so that pest control companies have an easier job… just picking these trusting and friendly cats up to deliver them to their death?

Has the Holocaust started?

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Town Councils, please educate irresponsible pet owners

The Straits Times Online STForum

April 7, 2007

Town councils, please educate irresponsible pet owners

OUT of concern over the constant killing of cats by the town council in response to complaints, a few residents including me, decided to volunteer in ‘cat management’ to cover about 20 blocks of HDB flats in my estate. ‘Cat management’ includes sterilising community cats and helping the town council investigate and resolve complaints about cats.

After four years that include many hours waiting for elusive cats to walk into cat traps on loan from the Cat Welfare Society, we are happy that almost all the cats in our part of the estate now sport a left tipped ear, a sign that it is sterilised, will not emit a caterwauling noise and will not produce litter after litter of unwanted kittens. Noise from male cats fighting to dominate female cats is now limited to the occasional fight over territory.

Our concern now is the lack of regulations on pet ownership. During the four-year period of ‘cat management’, we identified two families with unsterilised cats that were allowed to roam freely. We spoke to these families and persuaded them to let us send their cats to the vet for sterilisation. Recently, there was a family with five cats but they allowed us to send only four for sterilisation. As this family admitted they leave their cats ‘downstairs’, we now worry this one unsterilised female cat may be allowed to breed and the kittens will be abandoned. This will be a setback in the control of the cat population in the estate.

We appeal to the town council and perhaps the residential committees to help educate these irresponsible pet owners.

However, if the HDB will replace its ban on cats with regulations to impose a fine on owners who refuse to sterilise their cats and allow them to roam freely in the common corridors, this will speed up the success of the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TnRM) programme to reduce the population of community cats humanely and cost-effectively. We too want a decrease in the cat population but we believe this can be done without the need to kill them by applying evidence-based TnRM.

Carol Sim Swee Chin (Ms)

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