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Rope Work

Patched one scratching post , added rope to the washboard… the cat tree will be next

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Four cats on antibiotics

Mango looked quite ill and resists syringe feeding. Today he is a bit more lively and no vomiting. Now Sky is not eating.

Snoopy was attacked by one of the naughty boys. I think it was Darly… saw him chasing her even though he is still wearing the E-collar. She has a wound at the tail… tail not moving.

Darly will be going for check-up on Monday and hopefully removal of stitches.

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Was Snoopy a victim of abuse?


Now only it dawns to me that Snoopy was probably a victim of the abuser! She is from her corner and I believe that she was also going upstairs at that staircase as she was sometimes not around during feeding but has never wandered to any other locations.

In Dec ’09 Snoopy went missing for a week and was then found with blood dripping from her mouth and blood stains all over her body… probably because of licking herself. She also had some kind of lower back injury as she had difficulties getting up. I had always suspected that she was hit by a car but coming to think of it… it seems more likely that her injuries stem from being hit on the head and back! A car would hit either front or back but not both!

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Tara Tipped and Tattooed

Snoopy is not happy that Tara is in “her” cage… it’s the place where she usually eats her meals… controlled portions!

Had change of plans…

Didn’t bring Stoney to the vet… trying the watermelon juice method first.

Instead, I finally went to a clinic for my ear infection… which had been dragging on and getting worse. Had acupuncture and taking herbs for the ear and also herbs for hypertension and insomnia. Was told that I should come back for acupuncture 2 or 3x a week for at least 10 sessions. Have to try make time for it. Before I never new from which direction the fighting sounds came from… now sometimes I cant even hear the cats fighting 😦

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Home-Cats relaxing

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Ashley has UTI again…Yesterday he was glued to the litter-box passing small amounts of urine and blood. Kept syringing him with tuna-flavoured water and cranberry.. also keeping him caged for observation and on wet-food only. He seems much better today. Nushi and Tommy also get syringed as they seem to urinate very infrequently… I don’t think Tommy can be released back – he is quite weak and clumsy. Nushi has poor appetite and gets her special kibble mix and Ocean Fish Feast for wet food. Tommy also has his own mix of kibbles.

Snoopy’s ballooning finally made me stop the free flow of kibbles. Now it’s strictly feeding twice a day and Snoopy will be caged after she finishes her portion until all the food has been removed.

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New toys

OB & Snoopy

Damy aka Super Soaker

Stitches smells catnip

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