Tara Tipped and Tattooed

Snoopy is not happy that Tara is in “her” cage… it’s the place where she usually eats her meals… controlled portions!

Had change of plans…

Didn’t bring Stoney to the vet… trying the watermelon juice method first.

Instead, I finally went to a clinic for my ear infection… which had been dragging on and getting worse. Had acupuncture and taking herbs for the ear and also herbs for hypertension and insomnia. Was told that I should come back for acupuncture 2 or 3x a week for at least 10 sessions. Have to try make time for it. Before I never new from which direction the fighting sounds came from… now sometimes I cant even hear the cats fighting 😦

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0 responses to “Tara Tipped and Tattooed

  1. Mee too having problems with the zzz monster in the day and night time cannot sleep well. :p

  2. Do take care, Helga, and get your ear infection treated first, no matter how stretched u are. Nothing beats being in as tip top shape as possible, so that we can continue to care for our feline friends 🙂 Keeping u in my prayers =)

  3. Thank you, Julie! Bax, must be all the stress! I can consciously let go… grieving BoyBoy’s violent death but still rejoice the next moment when a “lost” cat appears… but I believe that it is still all there all the time in our unconscious part of the mind… unless one is able to develop a Buddha’s wisdom and acceptance!

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