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Hope is back

He went missing for several days after the unsuccessful trapping. Maybe went into hiding because sick/flu. Hope refused food when he first reappeared… but seems to be on the mend now.

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A Vow of Silence

It has been about a month and a half since I took my Vow of Silence.

No great difficulties encountered so far, just some minor inconveniences… and wondering about those phone calls that had to remain unanswered.

I still whisper to the cats. Very soft chanting/singing is also allowed. Laughter too, is exempted from my vow of silence… and I will not hesitate to break the vow in case of emergency! Such as needing to shout to alert someone to danger…etc.

Otherwise I am happy to remain silent.

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Undercover Mouse short-lived

It was great fun but sadly turned out to be a flimsy toy that can’t withstand the cats’ normal pouncing and pulling activities!

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Sweet Fudge

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The Twins love brushing

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Sickly Novena Tom

He looks better and is less shy now… but still has problems eating. He took a bite of the Fancy Feast carried it away and then it took a long time before he returned for another bite… eating must be painful!

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Novena Torties

Big Tip

The hungry Tortie at the Church ground…

Small Tip

and this is the well-fed one at the condo.

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Happy tipped and tattooed

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Oki will have to go for his snip soon… he is already 1 year old!

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No Hope but got Happy

Tried to trap Hope but he would not go near the trap. In the end I found Happy, who is very tame, probably abandoned by *26 resident.

Will have to wait for Hope to loose his shyness. Poor thing, he is always under one of the cars at Peony’s place. Have been feeding him every day…. always so hungry.

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My computer under attack

… from malware, trojan…. and cats!

Not sure what to do about the viruses…. I updated the Antivirus but still will have to get someone to do repair.

But at least the cat-protection is up! The Avoderm box fits just nicely over the computer screen. Someone had actually sprayed on the adapter and it blew up…sigh! The screen had also been sprayed on!

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Dinner for 20

Today it’s 2 cans of human-grade tuna (This is the only one with no salt added. Others have high salt content … not suitable for cats!), pumpkin, oats, wheat-grass, cranberry extract and 4 cans of Fussie Cat and some Avoderm Kibbles and Katzenflocken.

Nush wants her food served on paper and some Fancy Feast kibbles and Ocean Fish Feast have been added to her portion. I am still looking for small-sized and thin kibbles of better quality for Nush. Had a sample of Eagle Pro Chicken & Rice and she quite liked it.

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Shopping at Daiso

A bolster for Nush.. she always likes to sleep there and rest her head on the computer… now this looks much more comfortable! $14,- well spent… of course all for the cats 🙂

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Nush shows signs of getting old

Arthritis in her hind legs makes jumping up difficult. Noticed that when she jumps up onto my bed she actually uses her front legs to pull herself up. Now there are steps that lead to all her favourite places. cat-food boxes are stacked up to help her get onto the sewing machine. A little stool at one side of the bed and a carrier at the other… so no more need to do pull-ups.

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Black Kitten

I guess he is about about 5 month old. Only noticed when clearing the plates of Timmy, Little Black and Choc. The little one was too frightened to come out from under the lorry but so hungry that he called out in a very pitiful voice. I couldn’t see anything as it was dark and raining but I followed Timmy’s stare and placed the food under the lorry. Soon a black head popped out from under the lorry… finished one big plate-full and a second helping.

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Whitish Bobtail

Still shy and not hungry. I am quite sure that he was dumped by a resident of this block… they probably still feed him making trapping for neutering more difficult. Will try to get him next week. Feeder F said that he makes a lot of noise.

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Just realized that I had no photo of Bibi.

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Tuna in the tunnel


A wonderful home with two big brothers to play with and most importantly Safe from the Block *26 Abuser!

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If the eye never sleeps,

all dreams will naturally cease.

If the mind makes no discriminations,

the ten thousand things

are as they are, of single essence.

To understand the mystery of this One-essence

is to be released from all entanglements.

– Sosan Zenji

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Update on Maddy

The wound is healing very nicely… no infection. Didn’t give antibiotics, just sprinkling some antibiotic powder onto the wound. Will keep her until it’s fully closed.

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Was Snoopy a victim of abuse?

Now only it dawns to me that Snoopy was probably a victim of the abuser! She is from her corner and I believe that she was also going upstairs at that staircase as she was sometimes not around during feeding but has never wandered to any other locations.

In Dec ’09 Snoopy went missing for a week and was then found with blood dripping from her mouth and blood stains all over her body… probably because of licking herself. She also had some kind of lower back injury as she had difficulties getting up. I had always suspected that she was hit by a car but coming to think of it… it seems more likely that her injuries stem from being hit on the head and back! A car would hit either front or back but not both!

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Vinegar & Mothballs

Again the corridor was clean! No smell, stains whatsoever! Anyway, I sprayed vinegar along the corridor and staircase and placed mothballs near the flowerpots.

I wonder how cats can run into her flat with all that extra reinforcement? Perhaps it happens a long time ago… probably one of the 4th floor cats got lost and mistook the abuser’s flat for its home which is the same corner unit but on the 4th floor.

I “spoke” to the family once again… warning them to keep the cats indoors and also indicated that there is an abuser around.

There are still 2 cats that go over to “her” void deck – Squealer and Claudy! Bibi and Benny also go there but they are at the other end of the block.

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Found Jumpy on 9th floor of *24

Had not seen Jumpy for more than a week so I went up to check all levels…

Found him on the 9th floor. These people are putting his life in great danger, especially now that we know that they target home cats and upstairs cats!

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