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Undercover Mouse

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Cat-Feeding Perks

Sooo comfortable!

Curved seat and back… lower back support!

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Cats can’t scratch cars!

Dawn fell off the fridge yesterday. My fault, because I disturbed her by opened the freezer door. She got up and placed her back paw where the door was supposed to be… lost her balance and started sliding down back first and desperately trying to cling to the top of the fridge with her front paws. Her claws are long and sharp.. not trimmed!

Out of curiosity I checked the fridge… not a single scratch in the smooth and shiny surface! So don’t tell me cats can scratch cars!

By the way, Dawn is fine. I managed to slow her slide a little by pressing my body against her… could probably have grabbed her by the front paws but that might have injured her as she is a heavyweight!

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Lora passed away


Rest in Peace

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Lora may not make it through the night

Lora had been warded for more than a week, she tested FIV positive and later was also found to suffer from Diabetes. I think everything possible was done…

I do so hope against hope that Lora will make it and be able to enjoy a good retirement! Leng was even going to start her on the very expensive Interferon!

Please pray for Lora!!!

Anyone who would like to contribute towards Lora’s medical expenses please send cheque direclty to the vet. Any amount will help and be greatly appreciated!

Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd

15 Venus Road,

Windsor Park Estate,

Singapore 574302

Phone: + 65 6556 0268

Please indicate: for “Lora” under Leng’s Stray Cat Account

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Pinky waiting for his new home to be ready

The adopters came to view Pinky … and they liked him. Now waiting for the Le Gate window grills to be installed. Went back to pick up Pinky after my feeding round to keep him safely indoors until his new home is ready.

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Town Council’s attitude towards cats

Read this somewhere:

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to pay for the damages caused by these twigs and branches!”
    Town Council to Car Owner: ” You siow and gila har! You park in public area at your own risk wat!”

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to remove these bloody cats in case they scratch my brand new 40-grand car!”
    Town Council to Car Owner…: “Okie dokie, no problem. Will give some work to the cleaning supervisor who is also a pest controller!”

    A joke, ridiculous!!!…yet sadly this reflects the attitude of many Town Councils! The part about the lady who wanted the cats removed because they might scratch her 40K car is no figment of fiction… it happened!

    Sadly some MPs reflect the same attitude. A neighbour who saw her MP because she suspected that her cat was caught by pest controllers was told: “If there are complaints then the cats must be removed, doesn’t matter whether they are strays or belong to someone”.

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Update on Cleo

This photo shows Cleo shortly after she was adopted.

The guardian called me today. Cleo is fine, and has grown more chubby. But then recently they took in another cat from the void deck, a pregnant cat which has since given birth to 5 kittens. The kittens are now one month old… I guess he was hoping that I could take them. I advised to put them up for CWS board.

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Gum infection again

Had her on Prednisolone for a few days last week but still poor appetite and redness of the gum, some drooling. If it doesn’t improve with a course of antibiotics then I will have to bring her to the vet for the injection.

Orange Boy is back to normal. No poo for 6 days even though I gave Lactulose. I was just going to use the enema…then the big poo appeared. Maybe Orange Boy has a 6th sense.

Nushi also senses when I intend to syringe-feed or medicate her and will hide under the bed.

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Bunny & Tommy

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Beautiful Tara

Don’t know what happened to her fur. There are patches of shorter hair at the legs and belly… looks like it had been shaved off.

Didn’t see any injury and the fur is growing back nicely.

Tara is already loosing her shyness and will probably be sterilized and tipped this week.

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Latest Abandonee

Another very shy and hungry young cat in area 2… sigh!

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Thich Nhat Hanh in Singapore

“we have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.? – thich nhat hanh!/thichnhathanh?ref=sgm

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A rescued Beauty

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The King is missing

The Malay feeder also has not seen him for about a week. Jacky is no longer hiding under cars and Judy, Blackie Girl and Whitie Girl also look relaxed…a clear sign that King is no longer around.

Hope King is well wherever he is!

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Alone again…

Maddy has left Muddy and moved to Old Shredder’s place

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New Cat at Area 1

A young Siamese at *26, she looks like Maddy!

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Misty is back

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September 7, 2010 · 1:57 pm

Misty & Rose missing

Misty is gone for more than a week. She was always together with 2T belonging to resident of *22. She is a shy one but seemed more frightened the last few times I saw her… frightened by pest controllers trying to catch her? Of course, I suspect the pest control… after all the lies!

The worst is that I didn’t realise it until today because when I asked the son of the family that adopted 2T about the white cat, he told me she was inside. I thought they probably kept her in because they had heard about the 2 families loosing their cats last month… but I still saw 2T outside occasionally. So when I spoke to them again today, the father said that they had not taken her in.

With Rose… I still cannot be sure that she is missing because she is not regular…just like Thor whom I also have not seen for a week or so.

So much pain… it’s hard not to hate those who did this…

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Orange Boy brought to the vet today

Orange Boy growled, hissed, hid under the bed, whacked me when I walked by… not his usual behaviour. Also kept opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out… seemed like something wrong with his mouth or throat. He still ate… but less appetite, and also felt warm. Had to grab him by the scruff to get him into the carrier.

Went to the gentle vet and he had no problem checking him properly… but nothing could be found! His ears felt still warm today but he has no fever. So it’s a course of antibiotics and observation.

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Please help Rena, the young cats that has liver cancer

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New young male cat at *29 and complaint at *27

Clean soft fur, scared but tame… clearly a case of abandoned home cat. Saw him between *28 and *29… so hungry!

Kiki has been released today. The new Burmese kitten is now less shy. One of her eyes looked a bit watery… asked Sylvia to keep an eye on it and let me know if it gets worse. If she is ok then i will get her sterilized next week.

The cleaning supervisor told me about a complaint that a cat is going up to the 3rd floor at *27. The complainant has phobia of cats. She said that the cats (Cloudy and another young cat or kitten) used to hide behind the flower pots. Now she has moved them closer together and has covered the gaps between the pots. She will try the vinegar, mothballs and spray bottle method to discourage the cats from going up. Told her to let me know if she sees anyone feeding upstairs… once someone had placed cat food right in the middle of the corridor outside her unit.

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A Peaceful Moment

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September 2, 2010 · 5:20 am

Kiki tipped

Poor Kiki had to go through the operation before being tipped…

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Naughty Stitches restrained

Cool Down Time

Twice I had to put the laundry basket over him today! Both times he was starting a fight with Billy Boy.

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