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Undercover Mouse

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Cat-Feeding Perks

Sooo comfortable!

Curved seat and back… lower back support!

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Cats can’t scratch cars!

Dawn fell off the fridge yesterday. My fault, because I disturbed her by opened the freezer door. She got up and placed her back paw where the door was supposed to be… lost her balance and started sliding down back first and desperately trying to cling to the top of the fridge with her front paws. Her claws are long and sharp.. not trimmed!

Out of curiosity I checked the fridge… not a single scratch in the smooth and shiny surface! So don’t tell me cats can scratch cars!

By the way, Dawn is fine. I managed to slow her slide a little by pressing my body against her… could probably have grabbed her by the front paws but that might have injured her as she is a heavyweight!

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Lora passed away


Rest in Peace

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Lora may not make it through the night

Lora had been warded for more than a week, she tested FIV positive and later was also found to suffer from Diabetes. I think everything possible was done…

I do so hope against hope that Lora will make it and be able to enjoy a good retirement! Leng was even going to start her on the very expensive Interferon!

Please pray for Lora!!!

Anyone who would like to contribute towards Lora’s medical expenses please send cheque direclty to the vet. Any amount will help and be greatly appreciated!

Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd

15 Venus Road,

Windsor Park Estate,

Singapore 574302

Phone: + 65 6556 0268

Please indicate: for “Lora” under Leng’s Stray Cat Account

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Pinky waiting for his new home to be ready

The adopters came to view Pinky … and they liked him. Now waiting for the Le Gate window grills to be installed. Went back to pick up Pinky after my feeding round to keep him safely indoors until his new home is ready.

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Town Council’s attitude towards cats

Read this somewhere:

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to pay for the damages caused by these twigs and branches!”
    Town Council to Car Owner: ” You siow and gila har! You park in public area at your own risk wat!”

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to remove these bloody cats in case they scratch my brand new 40-grand car!”
    Town Council to Car Owner…: “Okie dokie, no problem. Will give some work to the cleaning supervisor who is also a pest controller!”

    A joke, ridiculous!!!…yet sadly this reflects the attitude of many Town Councils! The part about the lady who wanted the cats removed because they might scratch her 40K car is no figment of fiction… it happened!

    Sadly some MPs reflect the same attitude. A neighbour who saw her MP because she suspected that her cat was caught by pest controllers was told: “If there are complaints then the cats must be removed, doesn’t matter whether they are strays or belong to someone”.

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